Super Fancy Small Cosplay Props

Hello! Do you have trouble working with Worbla? Not sure how to make fancy armor decorations, or can’t find the perfect small pendant online to match what your costume calls for? 

I haven’t seen too many tutorials floating around about working with plasticine and Worbla, but it’s something new I started trying out recently and I’ve been getting very good results with it! So I’m making a tutorial, to share my progress with people! Featuring Jesse McCree’s hat from Overwatch. 

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  • rhett: im gonna peench ya if ya get em wrong
  • link: cool so that means i can peench you if i get them right
  • rhett: what, no
  • link: okay i will
  • rhett: no link that's not the rules
  • link: too bad *pinch pinch*
  • rhett: link i will fight you
  • link: bring it on brother ;)
  • me: get a room

It’s back.

anonymous asked:

Whenever Rhett's body language warns link not to touch him I want to peench him. Why would you deprive us of the rhinkies, Rhett. But it makes me think maybe we have been spoiled lately and some restrictions now and then keeps it exciting maybe :3

Haha, maybe. I just think that Rhett doesn’t like to be the receiving end of manhandling but when he gets to do it to Link he loves it. :D