peen shaming

I always feel like Tumblr's anti-circumcision advocates are somehow peen shaming me

Like, lets be real. I wasn’t mutilated. I wasn’t indoctrinated into any religion by my irreligious family. I have in no way really been disadvantaged from being foreskin-less. In America, the only dudes I’ve ever really meet who are pissed they’re circumcised are gay dudes who are really, really into foreskins (granted, this may reflect on the type of people I meet and talk about such things with). 

I’m totally aware there are strong points on both sides, and issues that don’t really affect people in first world countries. But like can we ratchet down the rhetoric on this, drop the underlying insinuation in some of the discussion that uncut dicks are just better (its never cute to let your little sexual preferences inform your politics), and stop thrown’ shade at mah dick?