i hope in the future oranges can be opened like iphones n all u need to do is swipe right to unlock it im sick of peelin ‘em i’ve had it

do u ever like… peel an orange and u know its gonna be a shitty orange but u keep peelin it anyways because the inevitability of death continues to press inexorably onward so u might as well eat this shitty ass orange


Peelin off my skin etc.

anonymous asked:

dunno? somethin bout him peelin apart? I really couldnt say. It does seem weird. closest I got to this disturbed w homestuck was maybe caliborn biting off his own leg but like still? I dunno why this was so freaky. maybe cause the arts more detailed?

the blurry version is scarier for me because of our innate fear of the unknown

Don’t you know your queen
Flower bloom at my feet

Don’t you know your queen
Riddled with disease
Don’t you know me

No family is safe
When I sashay

Don’t you know your queen
Wrapped in golden leaf
Don’t you know me
Skin sewn on sheets
Casing the barracks
For an ass to break and harness
Into the fold

No family is safe
When I sashay

photo by Hedi Slimane