Here’s my ‘What in your bag’ for Gusto Nash (from the Parallel Universe Save).

Gusto has,

  • a Mysims doll (Poppy - but Chaz McFreely is her favorite)
  • frog puppet because you never know…
  • colored pencils
  • a coin purse shaped like a frog
  • a fidget spinner (is that what those things are called?)
  • strawberry lip balm because ‘she’s almost a woman now’
  • a friendship bracelet
  • an old banana peel
  • a school notebook
  • a mad-libs book
  • bubble blower
  • her favorite Choco-Bears animal crackers (she’s started carrying food because Tony’s always hungry when they play together.)
  • a sweater (but only because her aunt Maggie makes her - NOT because she’s cold.)

(also, how cute is this hula hoop pose by @josiesimblr?)

Guiérda’s Philtre

Used to arouse enamor and playful infatuation – given to a potential sweetheart or lover to sway them to your favor, romantically, sexually or (maybe) platonically

This recipe sounds very bright and not something I would have come up with – but that’s the beauty of it, I didn’t have to! I transcribed it from a recipe given to me by my newest Spirit Teacher: hence the namesake. Given I am not currently shopping for love, I figured I would post it here (with her permission, of course) and see if all of you could get any use out of it. Be mindful, I haven’t tried this recipe, so I cannot vouch for its effectiveness – but Guiérda’s recipes haven’t let me down yet, I don’t see this being that one that does so.


  • Hollyhock Flowers (dried and powdered; I’d say Hibiscus could be used in place of)
  • Honey
  • Blooms of Alisma lanceolatum (though I’d say any wetland, flowering fern might do)
  • Very dry, white wine or (dry, not sweet!) vermouth
  • Orange Rind/Peel
  • A Sprig of Fresh Thyme
  • A Pinch of Crushed Anise Seed


  1. In a clean, glass bottle (of any size) rinse first with spring water or the water of a moving (clean) creek. Allow this to dry, then add in just enough honey to coat the bottom and come roughly ½ inch up. To this, add, in order: Hollyhock powder, the orange peel, Anise seeds and just a scant bit of wine/vermouth to get things moving. Spin the bottle to combine the honey with the vermouth, warming it slightly if need be.
  2. Cap or cover the bottle and allow the mixture to sit overnight.
  3. The following day, pour in a small amounts of wine/vermouth incrementally, swirling with each addition to ensure proper mixing. When the mixture nearly fills the bottle, add in the fresh blooms and thyme, then shake gently. From the bottle take a drink, and allow the contents to fall from your mouth back into the bottle – basically backwash, there’s really no sweet way to put that. Cap/Cork.

Best served chilled, if drinking straight, or can be sneaked into food or drink of any kind. I’d say it would keep (refrigerated) for no more than a week.


Before an After for Topaz, now known as Peela Pukhraj! I decided to stick with more yellows than browns while still staying true to the original design. I wanted to give her some more interesting shapes! She’s inspired by Circles and Diamonds, in case that isn’t clear.