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Positivity Oil

I made this blend without checking correspondences first. I just threw together all my citrus oils because I love the smell of citrus. Later I checked the correspondences and went “Huh, those work decently together in a magical sense.” Play with the proportions as needed, this isn’t an exact science. Just add oils until you like how it smells. Maybe you like sweet orange more than lemon. idk. You do you, boo.

  • 3 drops lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops grapefruit esssential oil
  • 1 drop sweet orange essential oil
  • Sunflower oil base

-Lemon is associated with washing away any negative gunk in both a mundane and a spiritual sense
- Grapefruit is also used for cleansing and purification
- Sweet orange brings love, luck, money, and blessings to the business or home.
- Sunflower oil is associated with the sun, solar energy, happiness, and positivity (also has very little scent of its own, for maximum citrusness)

It’s mostly an oil I use for cleaning/cleansing, with just a smidge of extra niceness added to it. And sometimes I just put some in an oil warmer for no other reason than citrus scents make me happy.

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The Contest - Chapter 1

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 1 is a slow build, Smut to come, Fluff for now, Swearing, Flirting, Sexual tension, Teasing, Dirty Talk, Language, NSFW, Mjölnir kink, Bucky Barnes

Word Count:

Chapter 2

A/N: Bucky has been a little pouty while I wrote a few Sebby stories so I want to give him a little attention.  My last two Seb stories have been smut intense so I thought I’d test out some lighter fare.  Props to all the writers who take on Avenger stories on a regular basis - this has been a challenge.

Thanks to all my twitter babes, @evansrogerskitten @ek823 @pearljamkaren  @thewife101cevans, @avenger-nerd-mom, @virtualgirlfriendsan and @mistressjenbradlee who never fail to inspire the smut. p.s. There’s some Chris  in here too ;) p.s.s. I figured out how to make a Master List page lol

Chapter 1: Master Of My Domain

Looking around the living room in the Avengers compound, you couldn’t help but smile.  The team had gathered to celebrate a grueling but successful mission and everyone was in great spirits.  The drinks flowed and laughter rang out as you, Tony and Thor performed a rather animated reenactment of the covert operation.  As the three of you shamelessly exaggerated the events of the past week to position yourselves as the stars of the mission, Natasha and Bruce heckled drunkingly from the audience. Steve and Bucky, not feeling any effects from the beers they were downing, intermittently rolled their eyes and threw beer caps in protest.

Collapsing on the couch beside Steve after taking your bows, a twinge of warmth spreads through your body.  Even though you had only joined the Avengers three months ago, you had quickly developed a deep connection to your team members. They were the closest thing to a family you had ever had.  Looking up at Steve as you nuzzle his chest, you smile gratefully at the man who had rescued you from your bleak captivity as a Russian operative.  Taking in your inebriated state, he frowns and wraps a strong arm around your shoulder, trapping you in a protective grip.

“You better slow down on the martinis,” Steve cautions.

“You’re such a big brother,” you chuckle, reaching up to ruffle his perfect hair.

God he was handsome.  You giggle, remembering the first time you kissed Captain America. His wet, full lips pressed softly against yours. It was so sweet, so gentle, so…platonic.  It was in that moment, you both realized you were better suited as friends than lovers.

Steve kisses your forehead and looks around the room.  "Well you’re drunk and I don’t want any of these punks to take advantage of such a sweet, innocent thing like you,“ he says jokingly, but with a hint of serious intent.  "Especially that one.”  He juts out his chin to motion to the handsome, solitary figure sitting across from you.

James Buchanan Barnes.

Just the mere thought of the super solider was enough to bring a stain to your cheeks and to your panties. Looking shyly over your shoulder, you sneak a quick look at Bucky who is silently peeling the label off his beer bottle while ignoring the lively chatter around him. Damn he looked hot tonight in his tight black jeans and t-shirt that perfectly outlined every hard muscle in his body. Your head spins as you drink in the soft curve of his lips and sharp lines of his cheekbones.  As your gaze runs down the chiselled sweep of his jaw to his neck, Bucky’s body suddenly stiffens.  Sensing your stare, Bucky’s head snaps up, his icy blue eyes bearing down onto yours.  You bite down hard on your bottom lip as a shiver runs down your spine.  Watching your reaction, a mix of frustration and pain wash over Bucky’s features.  He turns away and bolts from his seat, scrambling to join Nat and Bruce in conversation.

Heart dropping, you lower your head into Steve’s chest and sigh.  From the very first moment you had met Bucky - his calloused hand wrapped around yours in a forgotten handshake while he stared deeply into your eyes in stunned silence - he had awakened a part of your heart you thought had been destroyed.  But after months of trying to establish even a simple friendship had gone nowhere, you resigned yourself to the fact that the attraction wasn’t mutual. He seemed to ignore you at every turn, only acknowledging your existence when it became necessary for training or during a mission.  Steve’s constant explanations that all Bucky needed was more time to get past his trust issues were wearing thin.  You sensed there was something deeper at play but you just couldn’t figure out why Bucky Barnes hated you.

Before you can reassure Steve that Bucky can barely stand to lay his eyes on you, let alone any other body part, you hear Tony scoffing loudly at Cap’s claim.

“Innocent my ass,” he drawls. “There ain’t nothing innocent about those noises coming from her bedroom at night.”

“What?  Wait no,” you protest over the ensuing hoots and catcalls. “I’ve never had anyone up in my room.  I haven’t even had sex since I moved in here.”

You regretted the words the second they left your lips.  Out of the corner of your eye, you see Bucky turn his full attention to the discussion and take a few steps closer to you.

“Bullshit,” coughs Natasha.  "Guys are constantly hitting on you when we go out.“

“What about that really cute doctor that keeps asking you out?  Bill…umm Bob…no Ben!”

You glare hard at her, silently willing her to stop.  She innocently takes a sip of her drink and raises an eyebrow at you before glancing sideways at Bucky.

“Who the hell is Ben,” Steve and Bucky shout in unison. You flinch at the sound of Bucky’s tense voice. Turning to face him, you’re greeted by his blazing eyes and the sight of his metal hand forming a tight fist.  This uncharacteristic show of emotion aimed squarely at you makes your head swim.

“Ben is no one, he’s just this guy I met,” you stammer in confusion, your eyes locked on Bucky’s.  "We haven’t gone out on a date or anything.  I’m not interested in Ben.“

Upon hearing your exasperated confession, Bucky’s eyes soften and his lips curl up into a slight smile.  The blood is pounding so loudly in your ears, that you barely hear Tony’s response.

“So if you’re not getting your rocks off with Doctor Ben MD,” he asks slyly “then which one of us is making you so hot and bothered every night that you need to, ahem, relieve the tension?”  Tearing your eyes off Bucky, you look over at Tony.  You begin to roll your eyes hard as he wiggles his eyebrows and shoots you an over-the-top seductive look.  Not to be outdone, Thor pushes out his massive chest and strikes a regal pose.  Bruce meanwhile fidgets with his hands before giving you a shy smile.  Turning to Steve for backup, you’re surprised to see him playing along - looking up at you through his long lashes with a sweet, puppy dog face.  You punch his arm in disgust.

“Et tu, Rogers?”

Not daring to glance over to the one person you know can make you come undone with just a look, you miss the wide smirk on Bucky’s face.

“Puu-lease,” you growl, gaining your composure. “I can control my urges…”

Pausing, you catch Tony’s gaze making its way down your body and you are struck with urge to turn the tables.  Rising from your seat you walk over to him slowly, hips swaying.  Leaning over to provide him with an unobstructed view of your ample cleavage, you take the martini from his hand and murmur seductively, “which is a lot more than I can say about you Stark.”

Tony swallows hard as you straighten up to take a sip of his drink before raising it to toast to your willpower.  "I however, am the master of my domain.“

Groans fill the room.

“I understood that reference,” chuckles Steve proudly.

“Hold up sweetheart,” snickers Tony.  "Are you trying to tell me that you could go longer without having an orgasm than moi?“

"That’s not what I meant Tony,” you huff, shaking your head as you make your way back to your seat. “But sure, I bet you would crack way before me.”

A devious smile spreads across Tony’s face.  "Challenge accepted.“

Confused looks are exchanged amongst the other team members while you narrow your eyes at Tony, waiting for him to deliver the punch line.  He just continues to smile.

Steve rubs his forehead.  "Tony, tell me you’re not suggesting that you two have a contest to see…”

Tony cuts him off with a wave of his hand and jumps to his feet.  "No, not just the two of us, we are all taking part.  Don’t forget, it’s my turn to organize the team building exercise for the month.“

"You are crazy if you think I’m going to take part in this deranged experiment,” exclaims Bruce.

Natasha tilts her head to the side and runs her hand up Bruce’s chest. “Don’t think you can hold out Banner?”  He laughs nervously in response.

Ignoring the protests from the team, Tony buttons his jacket and begins to pace back and forth, silently in thought.

“I’m in,” volunteers Bucky as he sits down next to you.

Tony points to Bucky in appreciation.  "Now there’s a team player.“

Bucky looks straight ahead, avoiding your shocked expression as he takes a long swig of his beer.

"OK, here are the rules.” Tony announces with a flourish.

“No orgasms of any kind - whether achieved by manual or oral stimulation, intercourse or by using any type of device - will be permitted during the contest period.”

“Players will refrain from touching other contestants suggestively, outwardly seducing them or from walking around in an unacceptable state of undress until after the contest is over. Sexual innuendoes and basic swearing and/or dirty talk will be allowed in the general context of our day to day banter.”

“There will be no external stimuli allowed in the compound.  So no strippers, porn, groupies, etcetera.”

Steve leans over to Bucky. “We have groupies?”  Bucky shrugs his shoulders.

“And now to make it interesting,”  Tony says with a smile.

“The first two people to drop out of the contest will have to cook all the team meals for one month.”

“Oh god, please don’t let it be Natasha,” jokes Steve, narrowly dodging an olive thrown by the red-head.

“The third person eliminated will have to organize the monthly team building events for the rest of the year.  Good luck topping this one.”

“The fourth person eliminated will execute any weekly social activities requested by the team for the next four months.”

“The fifth person eliminated will file the weekly team status reports for the next three months.”

“I want you to get that one Bucky,” Natasha says gleefully.  You try not to laugh as you picture Bucky hunched over a computer swearing while he stabs the keyboard with his two index fingers.

“And for the last two standing.  The winner will be entitled to request, within reason of course, three favours from the runner-up that can’t be refused.”

Tony pauses to look at you. “You do own a bikini right?  You’ll need something to wear while you wash my cars.”

You raise your middle finger. “Bite me.”

Bucky silently chuckles at your words.

Bruce clears his throat and adjusts his glasses. “So, just how will we, ummm, determine if someone has well, you know…”

Tony looks around the room with an expression of pride.  "F.R.I.D.A.Y., initiate the Climax Protocol.“

"Protocol Climax has been initiated.”

Steve chokes on his drink.  "What the hell is the Climax Protocol?“

"The Climax Protocol is a program developed by Tony Stark to identify the occurrence of an orgasm within a subject,”  answers F.R.I.D.A.Y. while the team sits in complete silence.  "The program measures the activity in areas of the brain impacted by sexual arousal including the nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area, amygdala, cerebellum, and the pituitary gland along with the levels of neurochemicals present.“

"You’ve gone mad,” says Bruce as he scrutinizes Tony with a look of bewilderment.  "What on earth possessed you to create this program?“

"It’s for science,” answers Tony matter-of-factly.  "I even have portable devices for us to wear when we leave the compound.“

"Wait,” stammers Steve.  "Not those silicone bands you made us wear on that mission in Budapest?  I thought those were to monitor our heart rates.“

"Well, technically yes they do, among other things.” Tony purses his lips tight to suppress a laugh while he watches Steve’s face turn pink.

The team erupts with laughter and once again a celebratory mood fills the room.

It’s almost midnight when the team starts in on Thor’s cask of Asgardian mead.  "The drink of the Gods,“ exclaims Thor as he pours you another glass of the potent brew.

You sink into the couch with your drink, wedged cozily between Steve and Bucky, who strangely enough hasn’t left your side since the talk of the contest started.  After months of barely giving you a passing glance, suddenly having Bucky so close kicks your senses in overdrive.

Silently drinking your mead, you try hard to focus on the conversation Steve and Bucky are having but you can barely form a simple thought as you breathe in Bucky’s scent and feel his taut body moving next to yours.  The low, sexy timbre of his voice is like a siren song, drawing you closer to drown in his ocean blue eyes or become mesmerized by the way his lips move when he speaks.  Your mind starts to drift, imagining how sweet those full lips would taste, how they would feel as they made their way down your body. Wetness pooling between your legs, you start to imagine Bucky’s warm, wet mouth on your pussy.

Deep in your fantasy, you at first don’t think anything of it when Bucky leans into you several times during his conversation with Steve.  By the time you realize he’s been inching his body closer to you with each pass, his thigh is already pressed up hard against yours.  As he reaches across to playfully punch Steve’s shoulder in response to something he said, Bucky deliberately brushes his metal arm across your breasts, sending a jolt of electricity down to your core.  He chuckles lowly as you moan into his ear.

"You alright doll,” he says with mock concern as he watches you squeeze your thighs together.

“Or do you need to head back to your room to take care of that?”

Ignoring the scowl on your face, he casually drapes his arm behind you on the back of the couch and starts to lightly trace his metal fingertips on your bare shoulder.

“I was hoping you wouldn’t go down so quickly on me.  Well, at least not until after I win the contest.”

He tilts his head and winks at you.  You blush deeply - half from arousal, half out of anger at his smug cockiness - and cast your gaze down to avoid his stare.  Eyes drifting to his lap, a smirk starts to spread across your face.  You look up at him coyly through your lashes.

“How cute are you Barnes, talking the big game,” you purr as your hand coasts up his thigh and stops just sort of a bulge that’s forming in his tight jeans.  "You should really give that tongue of yours a rest though, for when you lose of course.“

"You’re going to need it for what I’ve got planned for that smart mouth of yours.”

Your hand dips slightly between his legs and squeezes his thigh.  His eyes flutter closed for a brief instant but snap open quickly when Thor calls out his name.

“Young Bucky,” he roars.  "Are you worthy to possess the power of Thor?“

You both look over to see Tony, Natasha and Bruce gathered around Thor’s Mjölnir.  Bolstered by the mead, they were each taking turns to see who could lift the hammer from the coffee table.

Bucky shakes his head laughing, "Not even close.”

“What’s wrong soldier,” you tease.  "Can’t get it up?“

"Try me doll,” he murmurs, throwing his arms wide open in invitation while he sits back smiling.

Before you can answer, the team begins to loudly cajole you into testing your worthiness. Standing up from the couch, the effects of the asgardian liquor washes over you and you find yourself swaying back down towards your seat.  Two hands quickly wrap around your waist to steady you.  As you reach down to squeeze what you assume are Steve’s hands, you feel the touch of cool metal.  Looking down, you’re met with Bucky’s smug grin and the feeling of his fingers moving down your backside.  You clumsily swat his hands away and stagger over to the Mjölnir.

You have never been this close to Thor’s hammer and you find yourself in total awe of it’s power.  As you absentmindedly begin to circle the tip of the handle with the pad of your thumb, you look up to see Bucky watching your movements closely while biting down on his bottom lip.

“Well this could be fun,” you think chuckling to yourself.  Hearing your laugh, Bucky furls his brow and leans forward, hands clasped tight with his elbows resting on his thighs, waiting to see what you have planned.

“Mmmmm, so hard and long,” you sigh as you begin to run your fingers up and down the leather clad handle, your eyes fixed squarely on Bucky.

Bucky crosses his arms and leans back on the couch, shaking his head while he forms his lips in a tight, disapproving smile.

“It’s so big, I can barely get my hand around it.”

Fingers wrapped tightly around the handle, you begin to move your hand up and down slowly.  You give Bucky one more smile before you close your eyes and throw your head back.  Obscene, breathy grunts start to spill from your mouth as you tug at the ridged shaft.

You smile as you hear Bucky start swearing in Russian under his breath.  You bring your head forward and open your eyes to meet the amused looks of your teammates.  You give yourself a mental high-five when you notice Bucky has strategically placed a large pillow in his lap.

“Like I said Cap,” mutters Tony, rolling his eyes at Steve, “innocent my ass.”  

Turning to Thor, you smile sweetly and shrug your shoulders.

“Guess I’m not worthy to rule Asgard.”

Slightly dazed, Thor picks up his hammer and bows in front of you.

“That my lady, was a performance worthy of a King.  If you would…I need to…I must go now.”

Natasha sidles up beside you as you watch Thor make his way to the elevator.

“Damn girl, are you trying to kill Barnes,” she whispers approvingly.  "He looks like he’s ready to explode.“

"That’s the plan,” you return with a wicked grin.

You chat with Nat for a few minutes before heading back to the couch to sit beside Bucky who is trying hard to avoid eye contact.

“Are you ok doll,” you goad, patting the pillow on his lap. “Or do you need to go take care of that?”

You see a slight smile cross his lips.

“I hope you’re not ready to give up Barnes, ‘cause I’m just getting started.”

“No way babe,” he murmurs, turning to lower his face within inches of  yours.  "After that little show, I’m making you my mission.  I can’t wait for you to make those pretty noises for me all day long with that dirty porn star mouth.“

He reaches up to run his thumb across your lower lip.  You struggle to suppress a moan.

While you’re deciding whether to slap him or suck his thumb into your mouth, F.R.I.D.A.Y. interrupts your thoughts.

"Thor Odison has achieved climax at approximately 1:12 am.”

After a few seconds of silence, the team erupts in laughter.

anonymous asked:

Hi! If you weren't busy can I request Damian x reader who ends up as a big sister figure and dick gets jealous with all the time they spend hanging out? Please and thank you!

omg I totally did not mean for this to be so LONG but my imagination was like “I got u anon” and I gotchu babe! 
I really like this! 

Title: Roots

Theme: brother sister bonding

“Damian, I thought you were going out with Dick?” You asked, pausing in the doorway to see the youngest Robin hard at work in his sketch pad. “What happened?”

Damian didn’t even pause, continuing his lines. From what you could deduce, it was a nature scene of some kind. “If you must know, Grayson cancelled. Said something came up.”

Scowling, you figured that that something was named Jessica, a girl your friend had been prattling on about for a week. Entering the room, you sat on the couch next to Damian, reaching down to pet Titus. You let the silence engulf you, looking out the window as the sound of Damian’s pencil angrily scratching against paper filled the room. As much as he hated to admit it, he really did look up to the first Robin quite a bit.

You took in Damian’s appearance; sneakers on, laces tied, coat on the edge of the table. Dick must have just cancelled on him, and you shook your head at his tastelessness. Attempting to be tactful, you turned to Damian and carefully proposed an idea. “It is a nice day out; what if we took Titus for a hike? Greenland park is only 15 minutes from the city, and fresh air will do Titus good.”

Proposing outings with Damian’s animal posse was always the best way to go; he loved them more than anything. You observed out of the corner of your eyes as the furious pencil slowed to a stop, Damian glancing out the window. You held your breath.

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Periods - Tom Holland

Because that time of the month is the time where you find yourself wanting Tom Holland a little more than you already do during the rest of the month. 

Warnings: Blood and typical period things, swearing

Word count: 2.3k

Waking up to a pool of sticky scarlet soaking through your pajama pants and white sheets was not ideal. Yet on this very unfortunate morning, that is exactly what had gotten you out of bed. You groan as you realize what had happened overnight. 

“Shit” You crawl out of your bed, careful to avoid the stains and cautious not to create any more mess. You whisper a small ‘thank god’ under your breath as you realize that Tom had already left to go on set for the day. Meaning you could get everything taken care up before he and Harrison get home. 

You shiver as you undress, the Montreal weather still taking some getting used to. You clean yourself up, soaking your sweatpants and underwear in cold water and hydrogen peroxide. You then strip your shared bed of its blankets and sheet and soak the blood worn patches in the same solution. 

Throwing your clothes and bedding into the washing machine, you close the lid and it starts with a satisfying hum. Leaning over the now running machine, you stifle a groan as a wave of pain rumbles through your lower stomach. 

“Fuck” You mumble. You really did not want to have to deal with your period right now. You were not expecting to have to, as you seemed to be early by a few days. Normally, you were the type of girl who could do almost everything when on her period that she would normally. But normally, you were prepared for your time of the month, and today, being as surprised as you had been, you felt no motivation for anything at all. Also seeing as you had just moved house, to live with Sam and Harry as well as Tom and Harrison. 

You were just thankful that none of them were home at the moment. 

You purse your lips together as your cramps get worse. You had never gotten cramps this bad before. You threw your hair up in a bun and made your way to the kitchen. Grabbing a whole tub of ice cream and a spoon, you search for Advil but find none. 

“Stupid new house” you sputter. You wander into your living room where you cozied into the corner of your couch and flipped through a few channels before finding something decent to watch. 

You soon fell into a light sleep, your tensing muscles keeping you from a deep slumber. After not being able to find comfort, you begin to search the quaint house for anything you could use as a heating pad, wanting anything to ease your stomach. But you knew very well that you did not have a legitimate heating pad, nor one of those large rubber water bottles. 

So, you opted for a plastic one. Taking it from the fridge, you drank as much as you could before pouring the rest down the sink. Turning the spout to the hottest it could go, you wait for the tap to heat up. In a few moments, steam rises from the faucet and you fil the thin plastic with the burning hot liquid. 

Screwing the cap on tight, you peel the paper label off the bottle and place it on your lower stomach, finding a small comfort in that. 

Drifting once more, you are startled by the sound of the door opening. Your eyes fluttered for a moment but closed again because of your drowsiness.

“Awe” You vaguely hear your boyfriends voice, but given that you were halfway to sleep, it sounded miles away, much like a dream. As Tom walked near the couch, he noticed you were sleeping. He also noticed a somewhat distressed look on your face. Not quick sickly, but he knew something was going on. He squatted down on the edge of the couch, brushing a strand of hair from your sleeping face, studying it. 

Having dated for nearly two years now, it didn’t take the young man long to figure out what time of the month it was. Because being the amazing boy he was, he knew your cycle. 

“A bit early huh,” He said under his breath, remembering to last month on the day your period started. He also remembers all of the supplies that you have at home. Things that he knew that the five of you living in the new house did not have quite yet. “Shit” He knew how bad your cramps get when you don’t have the proper medicine and how cranky you can become when there is no food. 

He gets up from his position, tucking you in tightly, careful not to wake you. Tom grabs his coat and boots from where he had taken them off just moments before. 

“Harrison” He quietly calls up the stairs where he knows his friend is. Harrisons bedroom door opens. 


“I’m going to the shops, Y/N is feeling poorly. Don’t wake her up please.” 

Harrison nods, asking Tom to grab a few things for him as well. 

As Tom enters the small grocery store, he grabs what he knows you love. Things like hot chocolate, a tube of cookie dough paired with a carton of milk. Tom grabs three tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, one for each of your favorite flavors. He makes his way to the bakery where he takes a single slice of red velvet cake from a display. He shuffles around the food isles for a few more minutes, picking up some more sweets and things for himself and Harrison. 

He then searches for two bottles of medicine. One of Advil, and one of a period medicine he has seen in you cupboards many times before. He finds a large electric heating pad as well. 

Tom takes small steps when entering the feminine hygiene section of the store. Hoping that he doesn’t look too awkward and out of place, he looks for the all too familiar pink box. He had never boughten them for you before, but he had seen them in your bathroom and had been shopping with you when you have picked them up. He finds what he thinks to be the right box when he realizes that there were many selections and different types of tampons all within the same brand. The boxes looked the same, but many said different things. 

Tom chases after the few images of the box that he had in his brain. He couldn’t remember the specific details, so he took two boxes of what he thought to be the right ones off of the shelf and tossed them into his cart. 

He noticed a few looks coming from different people around the store, but he no longer mined with the thought of you at home, in a house with four boys, on her period. 

As he made his way to the checkout counter, the friendly young girl smiled sweetly at him and his choices. 

“Sister, mom, or girlfriend?” She asked as she began scanning the food. “Because whoever the girl is, she’s lucky” She chuckled, as did Tom. 

“Girlfriend, actually” He stated. “She lives with my brothers and me, this is the least I could do” Tom explains. 

“Well, she is very lucky” She bags his items, telling him his total. 

“If I’m being honest, I’m the lucky one.” He loved gloating about you. To this, the girl grinned in awe. 

“Well, I assume that she’s waiting for this” She hands him his bags. “You have a great rest of your day” 

“Cheers love, you too” 

Tom drives swiftly back to the house where he finds that his younger brothers have returned home as well. He hoped that they had not disturbed you. When he finds that the house is quiet as he walks in, he takes that as a good sign. The sets the handful of bags on the counter in the kitchen and makes his way to the living room where he finds you still asleep. He watches and your face contorts and you shift in obvious pain, showing through even as you sleep. 

He wakes you by rubbing your back and shoulders, kissing your cheeks and forehead. 

“Darling?” He asks are you stir. 

“Hi, Tommy” Sleep slurs your voice. 

“I’m sorry to wake you but I got you some things.” He tells you. 

“What?” You question, sitting up slowly. “What kinda things?” 

You rub your eyes as Tom rushes to the kitchen, returning with a multitude of plastic bags. The first thing you notice is the neon pink box of tampons. 

“Tom” You gush. “How did you know-” 

“Because I know” He mumbles softly. 

“Well, you didn’t have to get all of this stuff babe that’s too much trouble. I have stuff I was fine” You rub his cheek. 

“No, you don’t.You don’t have your heating pad here, you don’t have your medicine, you don’t have your favorite sweets, and, you’re living with four boys. I was the one who wanted you to come with me and it is my job, to make sure that you have all of your stuff. I felt awful when I realized you didn’t have anything” 

Your eyes began to water. 

“Goddammit” You rub your eyes harshly. Tom chuckles. “okay okay, show me what you bought,” You said excitedly. You could tell that he was proud of himself for making you happy. 

He watched as your eyes lit up at all of the chocolates and sweets that he had boughten you. Tom takes out the two bottles of pills, handing them to you. You smile as these are the exact same kind you have at home and that he somehow remembers the name and exact brand. You dry swallow a single Midol pill and set the bottle aside along with the Advil. Just as your stomach started the ache again, Tom pulls a large heating pad from the final bag. 

“Oh my god I literally love you” You wrap your arms around his neck. You take it from his hands and begin to get it settled on your stomach. You lay back on the arms rest of the couch, pulling your feet up and excitedly tapping them on the cushions. “Plug it in plug it in plug it in” 

Tom grins at the happiness in your voice and on your face. He hurridly unravels the cord and reaches to an outlet just the side of the couch. You push the notch all the way up, waiting for the heat to radiate your pain away. You pucker your lips as a signal for him to kiss you. He leans over the couch, placing a peck on your chapped lips. 

“Thank you,” You kiss him again. “I love you” 

“Anytime love. You should choose a movie, I’ll go put the stuff away and I’ll come give you cuddles, ” His voice changes to one that is utterly adorable and makes you wanna squeeze his cheeks. “What do you want to eat first?” 

“Cake!” You call after him. He returns a few moments later with the rather large piece of your favorite cake and a fork. You use your arms to push your self up as he hands the dessert to you, climbing to your side. 

“Did you find anything good?” He asks, looking at the large TV. You smirk as he begins to recognize the movie. One of his firsts. 

“No” He drags. 

“Hush, it’s one of my favorites,” You tell him off, mouth full of bright red cake. Tom huffs, trying not to smile at you. Occasionally, you would give a forkful of the sweet cake to Tom. As you watch the movie, Tom opted on watching you.  You watch the tsunami hits the resort that holds baby Tom and his family. He notices you wincing as him and Naomi Watts are hurdled through the water. 

After you finish your cake, you snuggle further into the blankets and Tom. His back is pressed against the back of the couch while you rest on your side in front of him. He rubs your stomach under the hot pad. Spooning, Tom drifts slightly and is woken by your soft tears. His eyes find you sitting up in front of him. He slides up from his place ending up by your side, wondering what was the matter, what he needed to fix. 

Your eyes fixated on the screen, water pours down your cheeks as the three brothers find each other after the tragic events that had split them apart. A soft chuckle rumbles through Tom’s body. 

“Every time” He mumbles. You gently smack him. 

“I love this scene you know that” You sniffle, leaning into him. A small sob escapes your lips as their father enters the screen. Tom’s arm that was wrapped around your shoulders squeezed you into him more.

Your tears dry as the movie comes to a close. 

“You ready for bed love?” 

“Yeah about that, there are no sheets on the bed, there was a bit of an incident this morning” You hide your face in embarrassment. 

“I’ll take care of it, love, you go get ready for bed” He helps you off of the couch, running to collect the sheets and blankets. You unplug your phone charger and heating pad and make your way upstairs. You plug the two back in again near your naked bed and wander into the bathroom where you freshen up. 

You re-enter your bedroom to find Tom struggling to make the bed. He knows that there is a very specific way that you opt to do it, but that is the reason that he always lets you make the bed. 

“Here let me help you” You giggle. Together, you make the bed and snuggle in together. 

“I hope you’re feeling better love” He kisses you. “goodnight” To this you grin. 

“Much better, thanks, Tom. Night” Tom continues to rub your stomach until he falls asleep, and by then, you had already passed out. 

The joke
  • Cassian: Az look what I got
  • Azriel: What is it?
  • Cassian: It's lotion that turns your skin blue.
  • Az: ...ok?
  • Cass: Im going to use it to prank Nesta.
  • * places lotion in Nesta's bathroom*
  • [ later ]
  • Nesta: Where did this come from. I hate the scent of * squints* beach paradise.
  • * leaves in Amren's bathroom since she likes the summer court*
  • Amren: oh it's lotion.
  • * uses *
  • Amren: WhAt ThE FuCK
  • * peels off lable*
  • Label: Gotcha Sweet heart
  • [ later ]
  • * Amren storms into gym where Az and Cassian are training *
  • Amren : CaSSiaN I'm going to stick my foot up your ass!
  • Nesta to Az: what happened to her?
  • Az: no idea
  • * sounds of fighting and cassian begging for mercy in the distance *
  • Az: Absolutely no idea.

christmas miracles || stuart twombly (smut)

word count: 6,045

warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), multiple orgams, bed sex, unestablished relationship

author’s note: day 3 of smutmas is here with mr. stuart twombly! aka my boyfriend (but honestly which one of dylan’s characters isn’t my boyfriend????) i love this one so much, so please, let me know what you think! happy holidays!

pairing: stuart twombly x reader

holiday masterlist.


It was Christmas Eve and Stuart Twombly sat at the kitchen table in his L.A. apartment, his laptop, packets of papers from work, and an amber glass full of beer on the wooden surface. The whiskey eyes behind the back rimmed glasses of his read over the words he’d just barely typed up, making sure everything was still looking good.

He glanced at the time displayed on his laptop screen, sighing and picking up the bottle. “Merry Christmas to me.” It was already past midnight. He could’ve sworn it was only nine thirty. He’d gotten home from finishing up some work at Google HQ a few hours ago and immediately went to starting his next project. His pink lips wrapped around the brim of the bottle as he tilted his head back, getting a mouthful of the cold, bitter liquid.

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believe in me, part three

i finally did it, here’s the third and final part to believe in me!!! thank you all so much for reading i appreciate all of you so so much. i hope you like it ((:

part one | part two


questions, comments, concerns

Harry’s knee bounces up and down, hands clasped and resting on his legs as he watches her from a chair across the way. She’s crying quietly, curled on his couch, a blanket draped over her. He had put on the TV so she’d have something to distract herself.

She sniffed, “Can you stop staring at me?”

Harry keeps staring, "You really shouldn’t be here.”

"You already let me in.”

It was true, he had.

She had been standing there in his doorway, looking all helpless, and he immediately forgot he was upset with her, stepping to the side so she could walk into his flat.

But now, now he was angry again.

"Do you even care that you’re putting me in the middle of this again by being here? God knows what Jeremy would do if he found you here.”

She looks at me like this thought never occurred to her. "You’re right.” She stood up immediately, walking to the door where her suitcase was. “I’m sorry.”

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No one could specifically be blamed. Louis went out in search of his dreams, and Harry supported that. The love was still there - probably would always be - but so was that horrible gap wedged between them.

Two nights before it happened, Harry went drinking with Liam - their first time out together since Louis left - to some shady bar downtown, one of the only local places Harry knew he had enough cash for without having to stop at an ATM, his bank account nearly empty, anyway. He rested his forehead against the sticky bar top, closing his eyes. He knew Liam was staring, regardless.

“It’s like. I had so much faith that we could have made this work. Faith that no amount of distance between us could make a dent in who we are together. But.” He sat up, mindlessly peeled the label off of his beer bottle, gone warm already. “Faith wasn’t enough, I guess, and science got in the way. It’s a scientific fact that Louis and I are separated by 4,781 miles, by eight hours, by millions and millions of people who are living between us and, just. Science won.”

Liam didn’t say anything to that, simply placed his hand on Harry’s shoulder and squeezed, ordered him another drink. It was the exact right thing to do for the exact wrong situation.

The day they decided to end it was a freezing cold October afternoon. Harry had on a sweatshirt, wool socks. They were Louis’.

“What happened to all of this being temporary,” he whispered into the phone, nervous to say it any louder. “The only thing that’s starting to feel temporary is…”

“Us,” Louis finished for him.


It felt like relief, really. They’d barely been going through the motions, pretending as if it was working, and when they hung up the phone, Harry didn’t feel like crying, didn’t feel sick, didn’t feel angry. He felt nothing. He took a shower, went for a walk, let the cold air numb his face, numb his fingers and toes and his already numbed mind.

The overwhelming agony came three days later.

It hit him like a tidal wave, knocking him over. Drowning and alone was the only way to describe it, Harry thought that first weekend without Louis, then nearly laughed. He’d been alone for a year. How was this any different?

He made an ass of himself during those first few weeks. He texted Louis absolute nonsense, just as a reason to reach out, putting in more effort than he had in months. When the meaningless texts didn’t work, he tried angry words. Immature, yes. Effective, no. He moved onto apologies around Thanksgiving, leaving Louis a string of sorrow voicemails, each one more pathetic than the next. Louis didn’t reply to a single message, everything gone unanswered.

The night before Louis’ birthday, Harry drunkenly typed out Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too.

Louis never replied.

Harry hadn’t expected him to.

d0g-bless  asked:

If you're still doing the VLD Lovers Dictionary: Shidge + Quench

[*shows up 15 years late with Starbucks*]

Quench, verb

  1. to slake, satisfy, or allay (thirst, desires, passion, etc.)

Twenty-five years on this planet have been enough for Katie to form a few hypotheses about her life.

The first, she thinks as her hand weaves through the jungle of glasses to grab her scotch, goes a little like this: If Hunk is tired enough and she and Lance use their best puppy-dog eyes on him, then he’ll concede and go out to the bar with them.

Sure, Hunk had made a fuss about using his “only weekend off to go to a bar instead of veg on the couch and watch Alton Brown,” and he, like all of them, has bags under his eyes from the last two weeks of overtime in the lab, but Hunk always made going out better. They were the Dream Team, the three of them, and, as Lance always insisted, “You can’t knock down the Dream Team to a duo.” As they all knew, that was akin to a sin in the Book of Lance McClain.

With the first of her hypotheses confirmed for this trial, she’s left with the second: If Lance drinks at least two beverages containing 35 ml or more of rum, then he will start talking about relationships. Tonight proves to be yet another tick in the “Validated” box as Lance begins chattering on about his newest crush - “No, Hunk, not the guy from the grocery store,” - on the girl who’s apparently been running on the treadmill next to him at the gym all week.

Maybe it’s the smoky haze of her first scotch on the rocks, or the bite of her second as she sips at it, but she’s distracted and entirely unprepared for the moment when Lance turns his prying gaze on her.

“So, Pidge, what about you? What lucky guy-or-possibly-robot was your first love?”


She doesn’t like the way he’s grinning at her over his sugar-and-rum monstrosity, like he’s a shark and she’s fresh sushi.

“Who was the first person you fell in love with?”

If she weren’t drinking a $12 scotch, she might have spit it out all over the table. She does just about choke on it. Her lips pull tight as she forces herself to swallow. Takes another sip.

Normally the fun in proving this hypothesis was watching Hunk or Lance go all moony-eyed over whoever they were interested in or dating. The romance chatter was tolerable because it almost inevitably led to Lance doing something ridiculous after his third or fourth drink. It was hilarious, getting to recount all of Lance’s antics on her Overwatch server the next day. The other players ate it up.

But this? This is not funny. It feels like a violation of the scientific method, being turned into a variable in her own hypothesis.

Lance waggles his eyebrows at her like they’re on some kind of sitcom. She gulps at her scotch, then looks to Hunk for back up. Hunk suddenly seems very occupied with peeling the label off his beer bottle. Great help there.

Katie turns her head, pretending to look at something across the bar. “I haven’t been in love,” she mumbles.

“What was that?” Lance asks in a tone of voice that leads Katie to believe that he heard exactly what she said.

She slumps down in her stool until her chin rests on the table. “I haven’t been in love,” she says, voice a shade clearer.

As expected, Lance erupts into motion. He slams his drink down on the table. The thud is loud enough for a few of the nearer patrons to look over in curiosity - or amusement, Katie would wager.

“Absolutely unacceptable!” Lance announces. “There’s no way that you, my witty, genius, beautiful - if not somewhat unfashionable - friend has never stirred feelings of deep passion in the no doubt nerdy heart of some poor sap.”

Katie squints at him from the other side of the table. “Overalls are fashionable,” she starts, relishing as Lance shudders at her words. “And as it is, it doesn’t really matter how many people have fallen head over heels for me if I haven’t felt the same way.”

Lance huffs. “Typical Pidge answer. You’ve probably left a trail of broken hearts that goes all the way back to primary school.” Hunk has the audacity to nod along.

“It’s not a big deal, Lance.” Before he can protest, Pidge slides off of her barstool and grabs her empty glass. “I’m sure you’ll find someone with a much more titillating love life soon.”

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Title: Anti-Monster Spray
A/N: so this lovely anon was interested in the monster spray used in this fic and how it was first used on logan! never fear, i’m all here for patton taking care of these guys and all about logan

Tag List: @undertakershairline @mewsicalmiss @romananalogicality @rose-gold-roman @thegoldenmink @the-prince-and-the-emo @theawesomestofsauces @jellyjam24 @sabriel-fanboy-83 @the-sanders-sides @amazable01 @milk-withtwosugars @bbcanimefangirl @analogically-prinxiety @asexual-trashbag @calz-craze @gayfagg @gracefullyinsanedancingunicorn @phandemoniumclub @virgils-anxiety @natalie-wheres-the-tampons @hrtnsolofytube @greymane902 @ashrain5 @fandom-screaming @mira-jadeamethyst

Patton watched Logan carefully one evening, eyes narrowing every time the logical side’s head dipped down and jerked right back up.  Logan barely could his eyes open, and the way he curled in on himself was classic to a tired Logan.  But, it was only 8 o’clock, and Logan’s normal bedtime was 11.  What on Earth was wrong with him?

That night when all the sides retired to their rooms, Patton trailed behind Logan.  He peered in Logan’s room and watched him just…lay there.  Logan tossed his arms over his eyes, but he didn’t fall asleep. Eventually he flung up out of bed and paced around, opening his closet door and shutting it again, and even tugging his blankets farther over the edge of the bed.  Never did Logan turn off the lamp on his desk, which confused Patton greatly.

One, two, threeee – Ding, ding, ding!  Patton covered his mouth to smother his giggles.  Logan was afraid of the dark!  How cute!

Pat would have to do something to help him out.

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Witch Tip

I love saving jars and things to make spell jars out of or keep herbs, seeds, etc. in, but I’m picky and I hate the adhesive that is left behind when you peel off the labels. 

Easy fix! 

~ Coconut oil

~ Baking soda

Just mix these two together, until it’s a thick paste. Most of the time is requires double the baking soda of coconut oil used. Then, just wet your jar and apply some of the mixture and scrub with both your hands, a wet rag or sponge, and the adhesive will come clean off! And there you have it - a clear jar that will make your spell jars and herb jars look pretty. Hope this helped!

Friendly Neighbor- Part 1

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in: who has the nicest yard, the best neighborhood barbecues, and the best holiday decorations. Dean has always loved besting you, and letting the rest of the neighborhood know who’s on top.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops. The banter stops, the silly trash talk stops, and Dean seems completely oblivious to you now. Finally!

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Word Count: 1700ish

Warnings: None, yet

Your lawn was in desperate need of attention. The grass was a little too high, and the last two days had been windy enough to blow the first of the autumn leaves to the ground. It made you sigh as you walked to your car, thinking about how you’d have to find the energy to mow and rake the leaves after work today.

And then you remembered that you didn’t. It could wait a couple of days until the weekend if you wanted it to.

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novakfandoms  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Sam x Reader height!kink drabble where the reader is 5'0? Tysm! 💕

gif submitted by @lizmalfoywayland

Tall, like they’d grown up by some sort of nuclear plant - that was how you liked ‘em. When you were minding your own business at the local dive bar was when you least expected the actual man of your dreams to walk up and squat on the stool beside you. You watched him for most of the night, eyes glancing in the direction of his long, slender fingers, attached to giant hands. You knew before you even saw him standing up, he was tall

“I’m Y/N.” You finally tipped back enough burning liquid to build up the balls to say hello. 

“Sam.” He smiled quickly, then went back to peeling his label. You watched his fingernail dip behind the paper and pull it from the sweating glass.

“You know, they say peeling the label off your beer bottle is a sign of sexual frustration.” You tilted your head and raised your brows at him.

“They say the same thing about chewing ice.” He shrugged, watching as your jaw crunched down on an ice cube. 

“Well then, they’re at least half right.” You slowly poked your tongue out over you lower lip and drew it back in, teeth replacing it and digging into the soft skin. Sam’s mouth drew up in a sly grin as his dimple popped and he spun on his stool, turning toward the door. 

“How tall are you, somewhere around five feet?” He noticed your feet barely hitting the rung of the barstool. 

“Yeah, five exactly. Why? How tall are you?” You played with the cherry stem sitting on the bar top, acting like it wasn’t eating you alive trying to guess how tall this incredibly handsome man actually was. 

“Six feet, four inches. Hit a growth spurt kinda late and just… shot up when I was around 23.” He chuckled. “I’m hoping tonight is the night I stop peeling my labels, and I think maybe I can help you stop chewing so damn hard on that ice.” Holding out his hand, he stood and watched as you jumped down off your barstool and laced your small fingers with his, the line of his cock growing even more rigid against his pants as he looked down at you, realizing just how dwarfed you seemed to be standing next to him.

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Wooooo ok so @sweetiron, @ponykind, @pelenor and I had an Undertale themed party last saturday! 

1. Flowey made by me, vines hung by @sweetiron I enjoyed making this a lot it’s probably going to stay up in our house forever (or until the next house inspection or party)

2. A useless pile of snow! Yeah ok this makes me feel… a little bad but we needed somewhere to put drinks! There’s an ice wolf stuck a little higher up the wall. 

3. Spider bake sale!!
I designed cider labels, had them printed on sticker paper, peeled the labels off some alcoholic cider bottles and stuck these on. There’s even little Muffet faces stuck on the top of the caps. This was one of the main things I wanted to do for the party and I still have a bottle sitting on my desk that I can’t quite bring myself the drink. 
Croissants were just bought ones, but the lovely @sarahttaylor decorated the spider donuts and gave them to us even though she couldn’t stay for the party. She’s the kindest friend too pure for this world. 

4. Simple snacks! The friendliness pellets were these sugar covered marshmallows which sounded great, but they tasted really strange. After a while you got used to them but we thought it was very appropriate for a Flowey themed thing.

5. Cinnamon bunnies (I tried to ice them with bunny faces but it didn’t quite work so I gave up and just put a bunch of icing on), Snowman pieces (white chocolate rum balls) and Temmie Flakes (honey joys made by @sweetiron)

6. Dog treats (shortbread) and abandoned quiches (mini quiches that we bought)

7. Hot Dogs! Well, cocktail frankfurts with no bun… we got a little lazy but Sans would approve! Also little mini Spaghetti nests! Plus Glamburgers, which were a little rushed (at this point I had been cooking for almost 8 hours and the party was in full swing) but I’m happy with them! Rock salt for glitter!

8. Sans’ pet rock cake. It’s covered in sprinkles. And OF COURSE the obligatory Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie.

We also had a lot of characters printed out and stuck around the house, pretty sure we had every fight-able monster at least. Plus some of the bead sprites I made! 

The whole thing was so much fun even if I tired myself out by cooking so much!

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 52: Decisions

Sam Winchester x Reader

1250 Words 

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“You know, I think I’m, uh…Sam, can you give Y/N and I a minute?” Dean asked, surprising you. Sam glanced between you and Dean, before sighing and heading outside. As soon as he was gone, Dean moved, sitting down next to you at the table.

“Y/N, are you sure this is the right thing to do?” Dean asked you, and you nodded.

“I know it will be hard for him, but I think it’s in my best interest.” You explained, even though you still felt a pang in your heart at the thought of it. “I’m not meant to feel love, or any of the other emotions, and I think I need to head back to my roots.”

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