peel from reality

vorel-of-the-swole-clade  asked:

You may not be the best person to ask about modern stuff but I need to share my sick deck idea cause it's cool and probably could work in other formats! It's all about Peel from Reality and Eternal Witness. You cast Peel targeting E. Witt and an Opposing creature to bounce them and then replay E. Witt to get back the Peel. Rinse and Repeat! Sorry if this is random I just really wanted to share!

Nah, that sounds like a really interesting deck idea. I’m not sure myself, though I think 5 mana per cycle for the combo might be a little much? Maybe. Not sure, tbh. Especially without a win con. BUt as someone who regularly builds decks without a win condition in mind, I’m hardly one to talk. 

I think it’s great that you’re looking to build Modern decks outside the really big popular decks that always win all the time like Tron, or Affinity. Even Storm. Like, just looking at cards in that context of ‘oh, maybe this would be cool’ is something that, I think, needs to be done more to maintain the health of the format. There may be some subtle super combo (like Amulet Bloom) that no one has seen yet because the key cards is a wacky common. I’d love to see a decklist for your idea once you get it down because it seems so interesting