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Stroke of Midnight- Chapter 6  ~part 1~ (Pennywise x reader)

This chapter was a lot longer than what I usually put, so I just went ahead and did it in two parts. Enjoy.

When you woke up, it was almost 9 a.m. You groggily sat up in bed. Your eyes hurt from crying and only getting a few hours of sleep.  Thankfully it was Sunday, so you didn’t have to go to work. You got out of bed and picked up your shredded shirt off the floor. After tossing it in the wastebasket, you dug around for some fresh clothes. You settled on a fitted light yellow shirt and light blue jean shorts. You really didn’t feel like eating breakfast, but your stomach was rumbling, so you forced yourself to eat a bowl of cereal. You glanced around your empty house. Not even the silence felt comforting.

You hadn’t ridden your bike in a couple of weeks, so you decided to take it out for a morning ride. It was a nice sunny day. You decided to ride out to the woods to enjoy the peace and comfort of nature. On the way you passed the old, decrepit Neibolt house. Its yellowed, overgrown yard was dotted with sunflowers, the only spot of brightness that came from a house that looked like something from a horror movie.

As you rode, your spirits rose exponentially. You started nearing Lovers’ Bridge, which meant the woods were just beyond. As you got closer, you saw a group of teenagers right before the bridge. You slowed to a stop as you recognized them. The Bowers Gang. Henry Bowers was bent over in front of someone. A short someone. You heard the kid yell. Without even thinking you got off you bike and walked closer. You saw a glint in Bower’s hand. His knife. The kid yelled again.

“Hey!” you hollered.

The whole group turned towards you, including the boy that Bowers was terrorizing. You recognized him instantly. It was the boy from the library.

“Let him go!”

“Hey, Henry, look who it is. Stuttering Bill’s cousin,” said Vic.

The boys started guffawing and making cat calls. While they were preoccupied, the boy from the library squirmed out of Belch and Vic’s grasp and jumped over the railing.

“Go after him, Patrick!” Bowers screeched.

Patrick jumped over the edge. Bowers pointed at you, his face contorted with rage. “Get that bitch!”

You knew now that you had messed up. You started running in the opposite direction, but you weren’t fast enough. Vic and Belch caught up to you and grabbed you. You screamed and fought against them as they drug you over to where they had had the boy. The two of them pinned you against the bridge railing.

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The Truth About Forever

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader ft. Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: Romance, Implied Smut?, Angst, Slice of Life
  • Words: 6.3K
  • Description: There are a lot of things you know. You knew the water in the lake was the clearest, most fresh tasting in the world and that lavender hyacinth graced every hillside, peeking through patches of wild grass and forest green shrubbery. You knew the weather was pleasant enough and the air clean enough even for someone with a body as weak as yours to sleep peacefully under clear moonlit nights. You know a lot of things, but there was one thing you didn’t know…

 “Jungkook and Y/N forever…” Seokjin reads the little inscription on the corner. “Hey, this person even has the same name as you, how weird.”

Reverof is a quaint little town located on the shores of a large freshwater lake, one of the largest in the world. Settled back in a bygone era, known as the early stages of the industrial revolution, it has long past its steel producing, machine manufacturing days and has now become a top vacation destination due to its invitingly mild weather and stunning natural scenery. People from all over the country flock to Reverof annually, spending their holiday weekends camping by the mountainside, hiking through its charming forest trails, gazing at its magnificent waterfalls, and sailing on the surface of the lake’s ocean-like vastness.

The lake was so big; the other side of the shore was not visible to the naked eye. Anybody visiting would think Reverof was just like a city by the ocean, and being a lakeside town, it did have most of the attractions a seaside port city would offer, but of course there were a couple of differences here and there. Reverof didn’t have rocky cliff shores that jut out to be met with aquamarine waves, but instead pine tree covered slopes that gradually reached out into the clear water. It didn’t provide the signature salty breeze and blushing beaches at sunset, but it did have the gentle musky scent of a forest after the rain and colorful pebble covered shorelines.  

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In Training ~ Arcanine

This is the first fic in my Crossover Pokemon/Wrestling Series. Please bare with me, as I haven’t played Pokemon since I lost my 3DS a year and a half ago. {However, I did have help from the wonderful @i-kneel-for-king-loki }

Description: Dean Ambrose is a trainer and comes across an Arcanine and manages to capture it, he then brings her back home and trains her.  

Warnings: Smut, Mentions of being abandoned in the past. 

Notes: There’s a lot of pet names in this fic. I always THOUGHT arcanine looked like a tiger with a lion’s mane, but it’s a dog type pokemon. The pet name Kitten is in this A LOT, mostly because when it comes to Dean Ambrose, I’ve always had a kitten kink. So don’t bother sending me hate if it is to tell me that Arcanine is a dog, I already know. Also, there is a part in this fic that my inspiration came from one of @kailynnyukari21 fics, it’s the part that involves the ‘treats’. 

Totally Random Note: This is I believe.. The first fic I’ve written without anyone else helping me, besides with knowledge. No edits from anyone else, simply had @i-kneel-for-king-loki and @imagines–assemble read over it to make sure it made sense and looked good. I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself in this fic. 

Also, this may be a bit longer than my other fics. I didn’t really care to look at the word count. ANYWAYS, let’s get this goin’. I hope you enjoy! 

My Tiny Tag List: @imagines–assemble | @valeonmars | @superrezzy00 | @cynda-wrasslin | @cynda-kiwi | @wildandfreepinkv0dka | @dontbeamenacetotheforce | @kopykat18 | {These are tags of people that took interest by Sharing, Commenting, or Liking my post for the Series. If you wish to be tagged, TELL ME!}

You were out in the middle of an open field, wandering around without a care in your head. You were hunting around for food and possibly some dropped items. Peeking around through the tall grass in the field, you saw trainers passing by. Making sure you wouldn’t get caught, you turned and went the other way to continue on your little scavenger hunt.

Dean was making his way to a field that was usually ignored by most trainers. He knew better, he’d been pegging after this gorgeous Arcanine that he wanted for his own. Every time he’d try to catch this pokemon, she’d always manage to escape. He approached the field and narrowed his eyes as he gazed over the blades of tall grass, looking for any sign of movement. He held the leash and collar that he had firmly in his hand. He finally caught sight of very little movement, and it happened to be near him. He grinned and licked his lips as he put the leash and collar in his pocket and clenched and unclenched his hands. He removed his leather jacket and set it on the shorter grass quietly so the creature wouldn’t hear him. Ambrose then made his way into the field stealthily. 

You were sniffing around for items, having come across the usual everstone. You growled softly and tossed it aside, finding it useless. Your ears perked up as you heard slight movement, causing you to look around closely to see if you saw anything out of the ordinary.

Dean bit his lip as he saw you looking at your surroundings, holding his breath and staying hidden as he realized he’d been the cause of you being cautious. He released his breath as he saw you go back to searching for dropped items. He smirked and dug into his pocket for a rare candy and tossed it a few feet in front of him, crouching down low as he waited quietly to see if you’d take the bait. 

You sniffed the air again and caught scent of candy, licking your lips as you growled, as if claiming it and letting the other pokemon nearby know that it was yours. You grinned as you caught sight of the candy you’d smelled and licked your lips again. Approaching the candy and picking it up, you unwrapped it and popped it in your mouth, purring softly as the flavor took over your mouth, wiggling your ass happily.

Dean caught sight of the Arcanine he’d been after for so long, gasping very softly at its beauty up close as he quietly fished out the collar and leash he’d put in his pocket. There was no way in hell that he was going to let her escape this time.

He watched as she wiggled her ass, growling quietly himself. He attached the leash to the collar, wrapping the leash around his hand firmly as he held both ends of the leather collar he’d chosen specifically for Arcanine. He saw her get on her hands and knees, which is when he chose to strike.

You turned your head as you heard movement nearby, about to stand up again, however, you were being held down in the grass, hearing a man growling. You turned your head to gaze at the trainer, catching sight of gorgeous blue eyes. You felt as he put the leather collar around your neck and buckled it. He’d taken care not to make it too tight, nor too loose.

Dean smiled triumphantly as he helped the creature up and grabbed her by her chin, gazing into her deep brown eyes. His breath caught in his throat, as did hers. He gently stroked her cheek with his thumb, cupping her face in both hands, repeating the motion with both thumbs now. Not once did his gaze falter from hers. “I-I can’t believe I finally caught you..” He whispered in disbelief, as if he was questioning if you were really there with his collar on. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful..”

You bit your lip and flushed deeply as you noticed how close he was and at his last words. You nuzzled your cheek against one of his hands, purring softly and closing your eyes.

Dean smiled softly and watched you nuzzled his hand. “Have I been lucky enough to catch an affectionate kitten?” He chuckled softly when you turned your head to give a few kitten licks to his palm. He pulled you close to him and gently held your chin, pressing his thumb against your lower lip, earning him a soft purr. “Does my pretty kitten have a name she’d like me to call her?”

You nodded lightly and smiled softly, hearing his breath hitch as he took in the sight of your bright, beautiful smile. “Y/n.” You spoke softly. 

Ambrose nodded and gave a sweet smile. “I’ll make a tag for your collar sometime with it on there, but I’m not gonna forget such a beautiful name. It matches your beauty perfectly..” He spoke softly to soothe you as he knew you were probably nervous about being a fresh catch. “Does my kitten want to come home with me so I can train her to be a good girl for me? Huh?” 

You nodded and bit your lip shyly. “Y-Yes please.” 

Dean chuckled and walked over to grab his leather jacket from the ground. Turning around as he was about to put it on himself, he saw you shiver and frowned. “Is my baby girl cold?” He asked, walking over to you. 

You shook your head no and hugged yourself. You didn’t want to seem weak already, afraid that if you did, your new owner that you’d quickly grown attached to might release you.

Dean shook his head and walked up to you, placing his jacket over your shoulders to warm you up. “No need to be scared, sweetheart. I’ve been after you for a while. I’d never release you. Even if you were weak, I’d keep you and train you to strengthen you.”

You flushed lightly and slid your arms into the sleeves of the jacket and growled happily at the welcoming warmth, not to mention the scent of your new trainer that happened to flood it. You gripped the opening of the jacket and pulled them together, hugging yourself as you were dazed by how comforting the warmth and scent were.

Ambrose smiled, watching as you were acting like a kitten getting high off catnip, just due to his jacket. He wrapped his arms around you from behind and gently kissed your neck, lightly nibbling and suckling at the flesh. He wanted to mark you as his already, but he didn’t want other trainers to hear your sounds. Those precious sounds were only meant for his ears. He was a greedy, protective trainer, but he was also caring. He wasn’t too sure if he was loving, considering he’d hardly been shown love himself.

You whimpered softly and leaned back into his body as he held you tightly. Feeling his strong, rough hands running over your soft flesh as he started to lick at your neck gently.

“Mmn.. My kitten tastes pretty good.” He said softly, sending shivers up your spine. He chuckled and smiled, rubbing his hands up and down your sides as he warmed you up. When he figured you were warm enough, he hoisted you up and over his shoulder.

“Ah! Y-You don’t have to carry me, s-sir.. I-I can walk on my own.” You said softly, clawing at the back of his shirt gently.

Dean smiled and bit his lip, playfully spanking you, then petting one of your ass cheeks, a yelp escaping you, then turning into a purr. “‘S alright, princess. You can call me Dean. I’m not one for the ‘sir’ shit. I’d rather hear my name coming from those luscious lips and hear it spoken in that beautiful voice of yours. As for you walking, hell no. I’m spoiling my precious kitten.. Not letting you walk on those pretty little feet of yours until we’re back at my place, darlin’.” He smirked and approached his car, setting you in the passenger seat.

You blushed and gazed up at him with your deep brown eyes, biting your lip, surprised how Dean was treating you. You’d always heard that some trainers were so horrible to their pokemon, only using them for battle, neglecting them when they became bored with them, or just out right releasing them when the pokemon had grown attached to them.

Dean noticed the confusion in your eyes and frowned. “Has my kitten been treated badly by a previous trainer..?” He questioned softly, meeting your gaze firmly.

You shivered as you thought back to your previous owner and whimpered. He’d used you for his selfish purposes, never truly cared for you, and when he’d felt you’d grown too weak for him, he had released you in this field and never came back even though he’d promised he would. You jumped slightly as you felt Dean wiping the tears from under your eyes. You hadn’t even realized that you’d started crying due to the flashbacks flooding your mind.

Dean sighed softly and leaned in, kissing your forehead lovingly. “Shh.. ‘S alright, baby.. I’m not going to treat you badly. I promise. I don’t usually chase after one pokemon, even when I come across others of the same breed.. but, when I caught sight of you..” He trailed off, searching your eyes for doubt in his words, and he found none. “I just had to have you.. not anyone else.”

You nodded and smiled softly. “T-Take me home, s- Dean?”

Dean chuckled softly, hearing you correct yourself. “That’s my girl.” He said softly and closed your door and ran to his side of the car and got in. He started the car and gazed over, noticing you biting your lip and twiddling your fingers. He gently took one of your hands and pressed a soft kiss to the back of it, giving a reassuring smile as he held it, starting to drive to his house.

You were gazing out the window in awe at the sights of the wide fields that you’d been zooming past. You gazed back at Dean with wide, curious eyes.

Dean chuckled and rolled your window down, laughing softly as you stuck you head out to feel the wind in your hair, you purred softly and smiled brightly. He smiled as well, seeing you so happy made him happy. From your actions, it gave him the impression that it’d been a long while since you’d even seen the world beyond that grassy field he’d caught you in. When he figured this out, he just knew he’d have to take you on trips to see the rest of the world. 

You giggled as you shook your backside happily and took in a deep breath of the fresh air. You’d looked around quickly as the car came to a stop, seeing as large house, your eyes went wide. Your new owner lived here? Out in the countryside where nobody could bother him?

Dean smiled softly and got out of the car, walking over to your side and opening the door. He picked you up bridal style again and carried you to the front door of his house. He unlocked the door while still carrying you, slowly opening it to show you the inside. Gently, he placed you down on the wooden flooring and watched as you jumped and yelped softly at the coldness to your feet. He chuckled softly and leaned down, placing a kiss to the top of your head. “Welcome to your new home, Y/n.”

You watched as he gestured to the interior of the large house. Gazing up at him in shock as he’d finally said your name instead of a pet name. Even your previous trainer never called you by your actual name. However, you were quickly realizing that Dean wasn’t anything like those awful trainers you’d heard about.

Dean watched as you cautiously wandered towards the main rooms.

You sniffed the air, finding foreign scents that you’d never smelled before. You saw the furniture in the living room and tilted your head like a cute puppy when they’re confused and wandered over. Crawling on top of the back of the couch, feeling the cool leather against your skin, you sprawled out and purred.

Ambrose chuckled and walked over to remove the leash from the collar and made sure the collar hadn’t somehow gotten tighter around your neck. He grunted in satisfaction as it still felt the way he’d put it on earlier. He made his way to the kitchen and came back out with some fruits to feed you.

“Would you like to see where you’ll be sleeping?” He crouched down slightly to meet your gaze with his blue eyes.

You blushed and looked around, having assumed you’ll be sleeping on the couch, the floor, maybe even outside. You nodded and got off the couch to follow Dean, he handed you one of the fruits he’d grabbed and grinned as he saw you devour it hungrily. You hadn’t found any food in the wild lately, except for that rare candy, which thinking back to it, you realized it was bait for Dean to capture you. 

Dean led you to the largest room in the house, which was the master bedroom. He opened the double doors that led into it and stepped aside for you to see. 

Your mouth dropped open in awe as you took in the size of the room, but then you realized he probably was wanting you to sleep on the floor with a blanket or something.

Dean set the remaining fruit on the side table and walked back over to you, removing the leather jacket of his that you’d been wearing. He then tossed you a shirt of his to pull on so you could be comfier. He smiled as he watched you pull it on. He thought you looked adorable in his shirt and earlier, in his jacket. Who was he kidding, you looked sexy and adorable in both things. He lifted you up and carried you over to the large bed, laying you down gently.

“Now.. I’d just love to feed my princess.. Is she hungry? You looked like you had quite an appetite.. I love a girl with an appetite.” He tilted his head in question.

You flushed bright red and nodded slowly, rubbing your stomach and licking your lips hungrily.

He chuckled softly and gently petted your hair. “Such an adorable little kitten. My sweet little kitten now.” He got up and headed to the kitchen to cut up some fruit and get some drinks.

You looked around the massive room and yawned softly, even with a growling stomach, you felt yourself becoming tired. Slowly, your eyes started to close.

A while later, Dean sat beside you on the bed after he’d set the tray of sliced fruit on the bedside table, along with the drinks. He gently stroked your hair, feeling you stir and whimper in your sleep. He frowned and tilted his head. He heard you starting to cry and realized this had to be you reacting to flashbacks. “Sh-Shit. Shh.. calm down, Y/n.” He pulled you into his arms as he tried to comfort you. He sighed when you started to fight him.

He pulled you tight to his chest. “Y/n!” He noticed you jolt in his arms and open your eyes, panting heavily. “It’s alright, I’m right here for you, alright? I’m your owner now. Not the person that abandoned you.. I’d never abandon you.. Alright?” He reached his hands out, caressing your face in his hands lovingly, gently stroking your cheeks with his thumbs. “You alright now, darlin’?”

You nodded lightly, feeling embarrassed at your little scare. You soon went from feeling embarrassed, to feeling hungry as your stomach growled rather loudly. Loud enough that even Dean heard it. You blushed bright red and placed a hand on your stomach, gazing up at Dean.

Dean chuckled softly and rubbed your cheek. “My beautiful girl is still hungry. At least you got to nap for a short while. Now I can feed you.” He smiled and held up an apple slice that had the peel removed and held it to your mouth. “Open up.”

Around an hour later, you were lying back on the bed, rubbing your stomach and purring happily as you were all full.

Dean had left to do the dishes and came back into the room, biting his lip at the sight he came back to. You were sprawled out on the bed, your legs spread open and you were rubbing your stomach. “Is my kitten all full and satisfied? Or would she like some treats?”

Your ears perked up as you caught the word treats and licked your lips, getting onto your hands and knees, crawling to the end of the bed to meet him. “I want treats, but I thought you were supposed to train me?” You asked softly.

Dean chuckled and removed his shirt, tossing it aside, slowly reaching down to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He kept his gaze locked on you the entire time. “I’m gonna train you, baby girl, don’t you worry about that. As for now though.. giving you treats is a way for me to bond with you. It’ll help us become closer, alright?”

You nodded and licked your lips as you watched his hands, watching as he inched closer to where you were on the end of the bed. You whimpered and nudged at his crotch with your nose, whimpering and wiggling around eagerly. 

Dean bit his lip and grunted. “Aww.. Does my kitten need help?” He smiled as you nodded and he slowly reached down, pushing his jeans to his mid thighs and took his cock out of his boxers. “C’mon, baby girl.. time to eat up.” He whispered in his raspy voice, being broken by a grunt, he looked down, seeing your lips wrapped around his cock as you gazed up into his blue eyes with your deep brown eyes. He groaned and bit his lip as he noticed the innocence that flooded your wide eyes even as you had your mouth full of his length. “O-Oh fuck.. Such a good kitten..”

He tangled his fingers in your hair, one hand reaching to rub your cheek with his thumb as he gazed into your eyes. “Does my princess want her trainer’s treats? Huh? Use your words for me.”

You released his cock, slowly dragging your tongue along the pulsing, sensitive vein along the underside of his cock, earning you a rather loud moan. “Yes please. I want my owner’s treats. Please give them to me, Dean?” You begged softly and took his length back into your mouth, slowly deep throating his cock, gagging softly as you kept your eyes on him.

Ambrose groaned and tangled his fingers in your hair firmly. “F-Fuck.. Baby, gonna need you to brace yourself.. your mouth just feels too fucking amazing.. so wet and warm..” He grunted and bit his lip hard as he began a rhythm of thrusting into your mouth, gasping softly as your throat began to tighten around his girth. “H-Oh fuck.. S-such a good girl for me.. yeah.. you just love feeling my hands in your hair and how gentle I am with you, even when you’re on your hands and knees like this, don’t ya?” He licked his lips as you nodded. 

You growled and moaned to force vibrations upon his cock, earning a gasp and loud groan from him. You used a hand to massage his balls as you continued to suck on his cock. 

Dean panted softly. “F-Fuck.. Princess.. Mmn.. You ready for your treats now, huh?” He chuckled softly when you gazed up at him with pleading, wide eyes. He held your head firmly in place and felt the head of his cock press and rub against the back of your throat. Throwing his head back and groaning loudly as he released deep in your throat. “O-oh god..” He panted as he moved his hands away and to his sides as he watched you swallow everything and even lick him clean, making a show of licking your lips as well.

You looked up at him and smiled softly, biting your lip shyly as you felt a puddle forming between your legs, whimpering and laying back on the bed as you tried to rub your legs together for friction.

Dean noticed your actions and bit his lip, only to lick them hungrily as he began to imagine what you tasted like. He broke into a grin and ran his fingers through his hair. “Aww.. What’s the matter, darlin’? Need some relief? Ya want your trainer to help you release a little?” He crawled onto the bed, licking his lips again.

You whimpered and nodded frantically, clawing at the bed sheets as you thrust your hips into the air desperately. “P-Pleasee..”

Dean grinned and reached for the waistband of the bottoms you were wearing and tugged them off quickly, tossing them to the floor. He leaned in, nuzzling his nose against your clit through your tiny black lace thong, earning him a gasp and whimper from you as you curled your toes and grasped the bed sheets. 

“Yeah? Does my kitten want her perfect little pussy to be devoured by her new owner? Huh, baby? Use your words like a good girl.” He stuck his tongue out, licking a stripe up the thong, teasing his saliva through the fabric of the thong.

You gasped and whined softly. “Y-Yes! It feels s-so good! P-please eat my pretty little pussy.. It-it’s so wet for you already, Dean. Make me yours.. Mmn.. T-train me to be a good girl for you..” You trailed off shyly, a bit embarrassed.

Dean growled and tugged the thong off quickly and held it to his face to sniff at it as it was drenched with your essence, smelling so sweet to him. He grunted and tossed them aside, diving into the area between your legs again. Gripping your thighs firmly, he dove in, starting to lick, nip, and kiss at your lower set of lips, growling and moaning softly as he tasted your essence. He felt you trying to thrust up into his face, grunting as he reached an arm across your abdomen to hold you down firmly as he went back to devouring your delicious little cunt. 

You cried out as you felt him devouring you, whimpering as you couldn’t move your hips. You thrashed as much as you could. “D-Dean! O-oh fuck!” You couldn’t even arch your back. 

He grunted and moaned as he felt your walls tightening around his tongue. He took a breath and grinned as he gazed over your form, admiring the writhing mess he’d turned you into. “Yes, baby girl? You wanted something?” He used two of his fingers and stroked your lower lips, very slowly sliding them into you. He heard you gasp and moan softly. “Yeah? You like that, baby? Hmm? C'mon.. Use your words like you’ve been doing.. You’re such a good girl for me..” He cooed as he began to pump his fingers in and out, curling them to hit that certain spot.

You cried out as you arched your back slightly, still being held down. “Please make me c-cum.. Please please please..” You begged, which caused him to speed up his fingers, feeling as your walls clenched around them. 

Dean leaned in and kissed your inner thigh as he continued thrusting his fingers. He changed to biting and suckling to leave a mark on you near your most intimate part, basically his way of claiming you for his own. “Yeah? You want me to make you cum for me, huh?” He removed his fingers, making a show of licking them clean as he locked eyes with you.

He grinned mischievously and licked his lips. “Such a fucking delicious pussy.. I can’t get enough..” He leaned back in and buried his face into your pussy, licking and suckling at your pussy hungrily as if he were a starving man. He held you firmly in place, arm over your abdomen again as he used his other hand, the pad of his thumb to rub furious circles on your sensitive bundle of nerves.

You cried out and reached down, tangling fingers in his hair and tugging harshly as you felt yourself release into his mouth, panting heavily and collapsing back on the bed. 

Ambrose moaned softly as he licked you clean, sitting back on his knees as he licked the pad of his thumb and then his lips. “My princess feel better now?” He crawled over to hover over you, looking down at you. He frowned when he saw you shake your head. “What do you need, princess? Tell me. Don’t be afraid. I wanna make my princess feel better.” He laid on top of you lightly, stroking one of your cheeks.

You bit your lip and took the initiative, leaning up and kissing him deeply. His eyes widened in shock, but he quickly returned the kiss, running a hand along your side and gripping your hip. 

He gently broke the kiss, breathing softly. He turned your head slightly to reveal your neck, then he quickly went after it. Holding the other side of your neck firmly as he held you in place, biting and suckling roughly at your flesh. He was determined to leave marks on you that every other trainer and pokemon could see, being his way of marking you as his. He growled lowly at the thought of others seeing his marks on you, it was getting him harder. He began rutting against you desperately as he continued to work on your neck. 

You gasped and clawed at his back, earning a moan from him as he pressed into you. The scratching caused him immense pleasure. He pulled from your neck, seeing the love bites he’d left there, smirking as he was happy with his work.

He grabbed the shirt of his that you were wearing and pulled it off of you, tossing it to litter the floor just like the other articles of clothing. He removed your headpiece and ran his fingers through your soft hair. He then moved to remove the top to your outfit, also unclasping your bra and tossing both on the floor.

You bit your lip nervously as you were now completely nude in front of your new trainer. He got off the bed, shoving his jeans and boxers down to pool around his ankles and stepped out of them. He then crawled back onto the bed and hovered over you, spreading your legs open, placing your legs over his shoulders. “Is my princess ready to feel me stretch her tight little pussy? I bet it’s so tight that I’ll have to hold myself back from coming right away..” He moved a hand to his cock, rubbing it teasingly against your lower lips. 

You whimpered and wiggled your hips. “F-Fuck.. Mmn.. P-Please, Dean..” You begged, gazing up at him as you gasped, feeling as he slowly thrusted himself inside you.

Dean grunted and bit his lip. “Oh fuck.. So damn tight..” He groaned as his head hung forward, panting as he had to stay still. “So fucking wet for me too, my god..” 

You threw your head back against the pillow and panted heavily. “Ah! Y-You’re so big.. Mmh..” You tried to move your hips to get more friction, yelping as you felt a spank to one of your ass cheeks.

Dean growled lowly. “My baby girl wants my cock that bad, huh? Then I better give it to her.” He ran his tongue over his bottom lip and started to thrust deep into you, earning loud moans from you as he gripped your hips firmly. “Oh fuck.. That’s it.. Take it, baby.. Mmn.. That feel good? Yeah.. Gonna train my kitten so good, that she’ll always be a good girl for me..” He growled and started to pick up his pace.

You bit your lip, trying to hold in your sounds of pleasure, however, Dean wasn’t having any of that. He growled and began to thrust into you more roughly, making you gasp and cry out for him. He grinned. 

“That’s my good girl.. I wanna hear all those beautiful sounds, got it?” He smirked when you nodded and he released your hips, moving your legs to wrap around his waist as he leaned in closer to you, pressing his body against yours as he kept his pace rapid. He growled and leaned down, claiming your lips in a fierce, passion filled kiss. 

You whimpered into the kiss, your walls already contracting around his girth as he was being relentless. You broke the kiss and released a scream of his name. “Ah! Dean!” You gripped his biceps firmly, digging your fingernails into his flesh to create crescent shaped indentations. 

Dean groaned loudly and gasped. “Fuck! Your pussy is gripping me even tighter now, Y/n.. Is my princess gonna cum? Cum for me, baby girl..” He thrusted as deep as he could.

You felt him go even deeper and screamed again, feeling your orgasm crash over you. You panted heavily and grew limp under him, but he clearly wasn’t done with you, as he kept thrusting. Biting your lip, you gazed into his eyes. “C-Cum for me.. Please, Dean?” You whimpered as you felt another climax approaching already. You arched your back as he held your body close and sped up his thrusts again. 

Dean growled deeply. “Fuck.. Fucking take it, Y/n.. I’m almost there, baby..” He bit down on your shoulder as he kept his thrusts firm. They began to become sloppy as he was nearing his release. He grunted and gasped as he felt your walls grip him tightly as you released again and he practically roared out as he finally reached his end. “Oh fuck! Take all that cum, baby.. Mmn..” He slowly thrusted his hips as he rode out his release. He then collapsed on top of you, not letting all his weight rest on you, he leaned in and took your lips into another passionate kiss. 

You ran your fingers through his hair and kept your legs wrapped around his waist loosely. You gently broke the kiss, gazing into his eyes, biting your lip shyly. “Never been treated so greatly by a trainer until now.. Please don’t ever release me?” 

Dean smiled and used both hands to cup your cheeks in his hands, gazing into your eyes with a stern, serious, and loving gaze. “I’ve already told you.. I’m never letting you go, Y/n.. I’ve never been this desperate for a pokemon before.” He spoke softly and rested his forehead against yours. “You’re stuck with me, baby girl.” He ended that statement with a loving kiss and didn’t break it. 

You took in every word he’d said and smiled into the kiss. He told you that you were stuck with him, but you knew that you’d be alright with that. This was your new life, and with a trainer like Dean, you knew you’d be well taken care of, and loved beyond your wildest dreams. 

Buttercup pt 3/?

A/N: And here we start to see something a little deeper between Sweet Pea and Sophia

Word Count: 2136 (sorry not sorry)

Warnings: Gang violence.. maybe swearing, but I don’t think so.

As always, feedback is welcome!

Part One / Part Two |Part Four

Before students had even started to file in that following Monday, Rachel and Sophia were meeting with Principal Simmons at South Side High. The man was clearly confused as to why somebody with such high standing at the nearby prep school would come to the South Side. Even so, he couldn’t deny that having someone like her in the mix might give the school some more notable achievements. If she makes it, he thought to himself.

Several conference calls and faxes later, the transfer was approved. It was not quite second period and so Principal Simmons offered her the opportunity to begin classes that same day. Rachel looked hesitant, but Sophia smiled.

“No time like the present, Principal Simmons.”

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im on anonymous because im incredibly shy but jack, for a long time i have related to you and your struggles in some degree, especially with trauma. you make me feel better that despite this, you actually keep going and you still have hope left to go back to your time, and it really... it really makes me feel better

It was drizzling this time. A light sheet of cold blanketing itself over the clearing of dying grass. The sun peeked lazily through the haze of gray clouds, not yet ready to show its face.

The lone warrior sought shelter under the branches of a shedding tree, both standing collectively stood by itself in the middle of the field. The shelter, however, was sparse, thus offering little to protect him from the precipitation. The wetness did not bother him much, no, but the chill did. It always had.

His device cried its familiar chime from its place in his back pocket. For whatever reason–perhaps because of the weather’s mood, or perhaps because of his own mood–the sound was plaintive, small, as if it was having a particularly bad day. It was understandable, since these kinds of electronics did not take kindly to water. He took it out and turned it on.

The messages left him speechless, despite him being generally so. The screen of his device was cluttered with people urging him on to not lose hope. It was…almost awe-inspiring, to see how strongly they were holding onto their hopes in hopes of aiding him in his mental struggle. He could vaguely remember, in the vast vestiges of his troubled mind, his father’s voice, reminding him that he was not alone in this fight or in the next. And he was grateful.

He turned off the device.

Pattering droplets struck the surface of his helmet, increasing in volume as the coming storm intensified. Jack removed his helmet and faced the sky, eyes closed. The soft rumble of his voice escaped his throat.

“Your kindnesses…never cease to amaze me. Even from afar, your words grant solace.”
He said to the din of raindrops, which answered him with nothing but loud hushing.
“Thank you.”

as we roll down this unfamiliar road

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a dad!10k fic (aka 10k trying to take care of a toddler)

There are quite a few things in the world that 10k still doesn’t understand. Cell phones that no longer work, but are seen pulled from Addy’s bag every so often to look at for a moment, almost lovingly. Chocolate; how something so ugly looking could be so delicious. Zombies. Computers.

Kids. He definitely doesn’t understand kids. Not even his own.

In the year since his own baby was born, he’s been learning. Both of you have. With help from Warren and Addy, who haven’t had kids, and Doc and Murphy, who have, but didn’t really raise their own. Charles Mackenzie, named for two of the men that meant the most to you and 10k, a year old with a head full of black hair, has two parents and a bunch of uncles and aunts to raise him. It’s not a traditional upbringing.

Still, with all the help, 10k finds himself confused. Mostly is how Charlie seems to have an insane ability to maneuver out of anything he finds himself trapped in.

“10k. We’ve got a runner!” Addy calls, peeking out from under the hood where she and Doc are bent. 10k looks to you, and, seeing you’re perched on top of the car on lookout while the group fixes the car, realizes he’s going to be doing the chasing today.

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Day four - Housewarming

  Headcanon that Sam and Dean’s first kiss was in a tree house.

  Sam had been invited to one of his classmates’ birthday party. John had agreed to Sam going on the condition that Dean came too.

  The party was pretty lame. More like a six-year-old cake-and-candy party than a fourteen-year-old “rave”. When the discussion turned into an argument on whether they should play Spin the bottle or Seven minutes in heaven first, Sam discreetly left the living room and went to the back yard. The tree house hidden behind the oaks was the perfect place to hide until it was a decent time enough to head back home. He climbed up the tree carefully and examined the habitation. They had never had a tree house. At least this party would bring something new to Sam’s life. The interior was small but Sam wasn’t that tall for his age and he easily made himself comfortable, reading the comics the owner had left behind.

  He was lost in the 46th issue of Superman when he heard his name called outside. He peeked through the small window. Dean was standing on the grass, alone.

  “I see you there, kiddo. Do you plan on coming down?”

  “What are they playing?”

  “Truth or dare. Kinky version.”

  “I’ll pass.”

  Sam settled back in his corner. He wasn’t surprised when Dean’s face appeared at the entrance of his shelter.

  “That’s understandable. C’mon, move, make me some room.”

  Dean settled next to Sam, one knee brought to his chest, one elbow on the window sill. Sexiness incarnated. He searched for something in his shirt pocket.

  “Brought you a gift for your super private housewarming party,” he said before throwing Sam a bag of Skittles.

  “Nice. Did you steal it?”

  “No, they were on display. In the kitchen. In a locked cupboard.”

  Sam opened the bag anyway, shaking his head at his brother’s insolence, and took a handful of candies before throwing some at Dean.

  “So, truth or dare?” Dean asked, smirking around the Skittles in his mouth.

  “I hate you. Truth.”

  “There was no pretty girl you wanted to kiss tonight?”

  “No.” Sam didn’t know why, maybe it was the sugar rush in his system, but he went on. “There’s only one person I want to kiss, all the time. Spoilers, it’s not a girl.”

  Dean frowned, taken aback. “Are you coming out to me?”

  Sam played with the bag of candies. He didn’t even know himself. All he knew was that the person he wanted to be melted with happened to be a guy.

  “Maybe. Would it change something?”

  Dean took a second to answer. “I guess not. Who is it?” he asked with a tight voice.

  “Truth or dare?”


  “Why did you join me here?”

  “Because I was bored. Truth or dare?”

  Sam smiled smugly. “Dare.”

  Dean bit his lips and thought. “I dare you to tell me who’s the guy you wanna kiss,” he finally said, proudly.

  Sam rolled his eyes. “That’s cheating, Dean, everyone knows that. Truth or dare?”


  “Truth is lame.”

  “Alright. Dare.”

  “Kiss me.”

  And to Sam’s surprise, Dean did just that, holding Sam’s jaw in a possessive hold, emerald green eyes shining in the dark before he closed them to devour Sam’s mouth.

  “Truth,” Sam panted when they pulled back.

  “Who is it?”

  “You Dean, always you,” Sam whispered before melting his lips with Dean’s once again.

  And they kissed for what seemed like endless hours, comfortably tangled together in the old tree house.

—-BRB dying from the cuteness. OHHHHHH Sam and Dean + Truth or Dare is such a headcanon of mine. They played it all the time. The only time they could be open with each other, Even now, I think, sometimes they sit in the library at the bunker and trade truths and dares back and forth. Oh, yeah. This is too precious for words. LOVE IT

A Tale of Nymphs III

Guys, thank you so much for your lovely comments :) Here’s the new chapter with the dramatic title I SERVE DEATH, lol. I kind of don’t know whether people actually want to be tagged, so if you do, just tell me! I’ll include you from next time on.

Here’s the link to the first two chapters. The next one is called “Claiming” and I’ll post it as soon as I can!                                    

                                        Chapter Three: I serve Death

Lucien stands frozen amidst his soldiers that are only now catching up to them. Andras calls something over to him. He seems light years away. Lucien can barely hear him. There is only his own heartbeat, pulsing louder and louder in his chest.

And the girl in his arms. Nothing but her face, her lips, her golden hair; nothing but those three words she has uttered before she went unconscious. I know you.

I know you, too, his heart sings. I have known you since the beginning of time and will know you until this world is nothing but ash and wind. You’re mine. My opposite and yet my other half. Hello, you.

Some part of Lucien registers that Andras orders the men away. He registers the quietness around them, he notices the green patches in the ground where the snow is melting and little grass stalks peek through the ice; the spots where she has touched the earth.

But then his mind focuses on her, really focuses on her- and the first shock at holding his mate in his arms is replaced by the shock of holding his mate in his arms and her being hurt. She’s wet, her lips are blue, her skin feels cold. Bruises are all over her body; her knee is bleeding. Not to mention that she is unconscious.

Because of him.

“Andras”, Lucien chokes. “She’s my mate.” He slowly looks at his friend, trembling slightly. “This nymph. She is my mate.”

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Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates and Happy Holidays to everyone who doesn’t! I was really excited to post this yesterday, but decided to wait until I could post on Christmas day.

This was inspired by @greenfire2908art‘s post about Nesta’s behavior surrounding Feyre and Rhys’ mating bond. Thank you so much for letting me use your idea! I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope you like it anyway! Also, because you asked for whoever wrote the headcannon to tag you: @t-ryukraven


Cassian was completely infuriating.

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The Demons Apprentice 4

yes another update. I’m just as happy as you guys whenever i upload more parts. haha okay so let me hurt your hearts some with this, and (idk spoiler not really) that comic takes place in this part so thats nice

easy writing there pfft 

anyways enough of me talking, RREADDDDD:


[part 4-]

At the Mystery shack:



Location incantatores.

Mentes reformationem.

Potens daemonia.

Potionibus , omnis hexagonis , evocatio, profligare , et rotarum orbes.

Diabolus regna.

How to Speak Latin for Dummies.

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Colorless; SasuSaku
Rating: K

“…it’s red.”

His face wasn’t amused as Naruto continued to explain what the color red was like.

“Umm, well– tomatoes are red and you like them. So chances are, you’ll like the color red, teme!”

Sasuke finally exhaled a sigh, “You’re really bad at this, dobe.”

“Fine! I like to think that red goes hand in hand with something hot. Like your fire ball jutsu, that’s hot and red. Does that make sense?”

“Hn,” his best friend sucked at explaining what different colors looked like. He felt his face heat up, and he instantly knew from the feeling, that his face was red. Sasuke looked in the opposite direction of Naruto.

This was Sasuke Uchiha, born into the Uchiha clan and inherited the Sharigan; the bloodline of his clan. Yet, he wasn’t able to see colors. His life was that of different hues of blacks, grays, and whites– the three shades he knew all too well.

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Elise was completely ecstatic when she arrived to Auradon. It meant that she was finally able to be with her friends and siblings. The perky little blonde was already looking around for anyone she knew, that was until she had spotted someone across the way causing her to dash over in a panic. “Stop!!!!!” she cried out, kneeling on the ground in front of them putting her hands protectively over the teeniest tiny little flower peeking up through the grass. “You almost stepped on this poor little flower.”  

Snow - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

“Newt, it’s snowing!” You cried, rushing over to the window to peer outside.

“So it is!” He replied with a crooked smile, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

It had snowed that night, and the ground was covered with a coating of powdery white snow. The pine trees had a thin coat of white on the top of some of their branches, and a few tiny icicles hung off the tips. Far below, in the valley your house overlooked, the town looked like it had just come out of a winter wonderland.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” You murmured, eyes roving over the grove of trees that was in your front yard.

Newt nodded, moving behind you and resting his chin on the top of your head. “Can we go outside?” He raised an eyebrow at your question, hearing the excitement in your voice. “It’s awfully cold, love.” He glanced down at you with concern.

“I know.” You exclaimed impatiently, moving away from him towards the entry hall of your home. “Please?” Your puppy eyes quickly faded into a slightly evil grin, “I’d totally beat you in a snowball fight!” Slipping into your heavy winter coat, you shot him another pleading look.

“Oh, alright…” He caved, grabbing a hat and a pair of thick blue wool mittens. “And I’m definitely winning.” He had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

Outside, you felt the cold air nip at your cheeks and nose. Looking behind you at the footprints you were leaving in the snow, you could see just a smidge of green grass peeking through. You felt like the smile on your face had been there forever. Suddenly a handful of snow hit your back, startling you.

Whirling around, you saw Newt standing there, a tell tale dusting of snow still sticking to his mittens. “Oh, it’s on!” You bent down and scooped up a chunk of snow in your hand. Packing it into a tight ball, you drew you arm back and let fly. The snowball landed with a satisfying splat sound on the back of Newt’s head as he was picking up his own.

“Ha, take that -” You were cut off as you were tackled to the ground.

“It went down the back of my shirt!” Newt whined from on top of you, covering the both of you in a light dusting of snow.

“Dork.” You laughed, reaching up and moving his mop of hair out of his eyes where it had fallen.

The healthy pink tinge that was already covering his cheeks from the cold darkened, and he ducked down to plant a short (and very cold) kiss on your lips.

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There’s a reason why high school is called high school.
It’s for the highest kids, whether they’re the
highest achievers, the highest height-wise, or–
the colloquial highest.  Y'know.  Weed.
I’ve seen kids turn out their pockets for an answer
or an ounce.
I’ve seen kids return from the bathroom
with red-rimmed eyes after
crying from a bad grade
or getting a quick fix.
Different means to the same end of catharsis.

Because in high school, there are the kids who
want to be there and the kids who don’t,
but honestly, no one wants to be there.

Mornings become having to step on
burning dog shit daily,
an old trick that doesn’t fool you anymore.
Afternoons become examining each asphalt pebble
in the worn, potholed road for what symbolism
its nuances might present.
Nights become negative exponential curves
even though your workload is approaching positive infinity.

You see the kid who went to school here
two years ago, working in the cafeteria
and you wonder if you’ll make it out of this
worn-out sink drain,
if you’ll follow through with what society
expects of you and get into the college
you kind of want to go to and study the things
you think you might want to do,
because the hardest decisions you’ve
ever made in your goddamn life are
1) filling in bubble A or bubble C and
2) flushing the Adderall tablets your friend
sold you during finals week because
it wasn’t the trigger you wanted to pull.

You hear about the girl who went to
rehab for the second time last year
from letting the alcohol take her words
and regurgitate them into her cheerleading stunts.
We’re sixteen year olds trying to put our lives back together
before they’ve even started.

You smell the unmistakable aroma of coffee
in your first period class:
our circadian rhythms tuned to daily lattes,
a healthy major key of full sleep to a minor
of five average nightly hours.
We are tired, we are sick, we are the future.

You taste stale cafeteria food
upon your tongue and realize
your friend hasn’t touched hers,
just cuts designs into the styrofoam plate
with her plastic knife, sharp as her hip bones
you’ve noticed in the locker room
the thought to ask her if she has eaten
is unfathomable, nonexistent:
you only wish that, like her,
your body can mimic a pencil.

You touch the football field during gym;
the grass peeks through the spaces between your toes
and you think ‘god, this must be what it feels like to be real.’

It’s the night before graduation,
and I’m thinking about the highest kids–
the ones whose necks are heavy with braided cords,
the six-footers who are the last to get their diplomas,
the red eyes that will mesmerized by the way the
'15 charm on their tassel seems to glimmer in the light.
I’ve seen a lot of change these past four years,
in others and within myself.
This will all be a memory in a matter of minutes:
make the change something worth remembering

—  a.c // the commencement speech you won’t hear

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Jon x Sansa - everything changes, everything stays the same (maybe some Ned/Cat parallels)

006. Prompt Fill

[ jon x sansa ]

They swore that they weren’t going to try to be Ned and Catelyn.  In a way, they thought that they would never measure up to them even if they’d tried.

But Sansa takes her mother’s chambers and Jon takes his uncle’s.  They don’t want to name their children after their brothers and sisters, so Myranda and Samwell, and are born during the long winter, and Jeyne is their spring babe, born just as the grass peeks through the snow.  Only after the children are walking and talking do they realize they’ve done just as Ned and Catelyn had–named their children for their friends.

Jon swears he could never be like Ned, and he’s not, not at all. But now and then Sansa thinks she’s ten again, when she stops by his solar and sees him bent over bits of parchment with their castellan and maester.  Sansa doesn’t think she could ever be as good a mother as Catelyn, but when she’s taught the children their letters, she can think only to send south for a septa.

It’s not the Winterfell they grew up in, but it’s home all the same.

I’m not sure if this is going to be canon or not, but I saw this prompt and saved it for a while, then saw it again and knew I HAD to write this. Enjoy another Sheraton Saturday! The novella is currently being edited, so hopefully I will be able to start posting it in a few weeks.

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!!!!!ayato, naki, tsukiyama, and uta get dragged into a game of none other than hopscotch by their s/o - what happens? do they even actually do the game? its all up to u~

Ayato watches in curiosity as his partner kneels on the ground with a piece of chalk in their hand, drawing a strange, geometric pattern onto the ground. “What’re you doing?” He questions as they stand up and toss the chalk aside, rubbing their hands on their pants. Smiling at him, they proudly declare, 

“Hopscotch! Wanna play?” They hold out a hand for him and he stares questioningly at them, and then to the pattern etched out on the ground.

“No.” He says, turning around and walking away. His partner stares after him—before sprinting at full speed and tackling him onto the ground, laughing when he screams.

Naki happily accepts when his partner draws it out on the concrete outside Aogiri headquarters—today was a gloomy day with the smell of rain hanging off trees and the sparse grass peeking up through cracks in the concrete. It’s just another normal game of hopscotch, until Naki suggests attempting to play the game together and with only three legs. He ties their right and his left leg together with his tie, after expanding the squares to fit the ‘extra leg.’ 

They try to make it through the game, but in the end, they both fall flat on their faces because Naki jumped just one second after his partner did. He ends up crying because of his nasty scrapes as they pat his back gingerly.

Tsukiyama is baffled by why his partner seemed to intrigued to play a children’s game—they weren’t exactly a child themselves, and neither is he. But he is a monsieur, so he graciously accepts the game, even though he didn’t know the rules at first (mainly because as a kid, Tsukiyama spent most of his time honing his abilities and…being a general nuisance to everyone he knew). After a quick demonstration from his partner, he eagerly plays along, throwing in the strange twirl from time to time.

Uta blinks, staring owlishly at his partner upon their suggestion of playing hopscotch. Wasn’t that a game for children? He declines and they open their mouth to complain. He shushes them by kneeling down and taking the piece of chalk from their hand, smoothing out the lines his partner drew and sketching out a design from the lines—weapons they didn’t recognize from other cultures with flowers blooming cleanly through. “There,” He hums with satisfaction. “Your lines were bugging me so I ‘fixed’ it up a little.”

“A little?! You completely got rid of the lines—” They exclaim with dismay as he grins cockily.