peek at chu

Halloween Prompts
  • We don’t know each other very well, we chose outfits separately, and accidentally went to a Halloween party with a couples costume on. 
  • Person A is dressed as Pikachu, and Person B won’t stop using the pickup line, “I just wanna Pik-a-chu!” (peek at you).
  • One person dresses up as a robber and the other dresses up as a police officer. The “robber” is getting arresting for stealing the officer’s heart.
  • The annoying Couple A, is dressed as Zeus and Hera. Couple B points out how Zeus cheats and Hera sends out snakes to kill people while simultaneously pointing out how much better their costumes are.
  • Person A and Person B are fighting over whether to have classic Halloween costumes or be puns.
  • We are in love, but we dressed up as people who hate each other for irony.
  • Alternatively, we hate each other but accidentally dressed up as people who love each other. Accidents don’t just happen accidentally.
  • You come to a Halloween party with a beautiful, well-thought costume and I showed up with an “error 404 costume not found” shirt.
  • We wanted to be candy together but you showed up as a Skittle and I showed up as an M&M.
  • You sung Spooky Scary Skeletons to cheer me up, but I hate that song with a passion.

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!~

Today is a day to take a step back and remember to love and appreciate your family because they will always be there for you and love you no matter what! Today, let’s learn some words pertaining to Thanksgiving in Korean!~

*remember to try and sound out each word before peeking at the romanization!~

추석 (chu seok) Thanksgiving
가족 (ga jok) family
호박 (ho bak) pumpkin
파이 (pa yi) pie
칠면조 (chil myeon jo) turkey
포도주 (po do joo) wine

넌출월귤 소스
(neon chul wol gyul so seu)
cranberry sauce

*Daily Tip: Thanksgiving is the direct translation of 추석, but it is important to note that in Korea, Thanksgiving (추석) is celebrated in September!

Hope this helps and happy studying! Everyone stay safe and have a great day!~

Gravity Falls Coven AU Drabble; The Society

“Our Divine Lady of the Endless Void blesses our humble Society, as we rid this world, or at least our town, of the Menace of magick. A magick infested community has given our town much grief through the years. We at the Society aim to help those who wish to forget the troubles and tribulations caused by this excess of sin and hedonism, until one day, the world will be returned to its natural state.

We meet every Wednesday evenings, location and time changes every meeting and details shall be sent to subcribers of our newsletter and email”

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ASC w/Day6 in a nutshell

- Young K claiming he likes being called Brian but being saltier than a pretzel when he says “my stage name is Young K but no one calls me that…no one ever calls me that”
- Sungjin is actually Bob the Builder
- Pink sweater
- Wonpil and Dowoon straight up flirting
- We all want Dowoon to sing but I don’t think any of us were expecting a children’s song or “are you Pokemon because I want to peek-at-chu”
- Everyone being cute with their baby cat imitations and then there’s Jae’s unamused “MEOW”
- yes hello, impromptu vocal session to make you cry


1. Am I dead? Because you must be an angel.
2. Are you shampoo and Moroccan oil? Because you’re giving me body.
3. Your dad must be a baker because you got some nice buns.
4. Are you a mofi case? Because you’re giving me extra juice.
5. I only have three months to live.
6. Are you cat food? Because you smell like something I do not want.
7. Help me I’m lost can you give me directions to your bedroom?
8. Are you homosexual tendencies? Because I don’t wanna tell anyone about you until I’m ready.
9. What is that in your eye? OH ITS A TWINKLE.
10. Are you hot topic? Because I’m uncomfortable when I enter you.
11. I’m gonna need a library card because I’m checking you out.
12. Are you lady gaga because you make my heart pop.
13. Are you a Pokemon? Because I wanna peek at chu.
14. Are you an Easter basket? Because I wanna hold your eggs.
15. Are you Beyoncé? No, but I still wanna take you on a date sometime.
16. Are you social anxiety? Because you haunt my every waking hour.
17. Are you a fast food sandwich? Because you’d be a mcgorgeous.
18. Are you a Starbucks coffee machine? Because I was pretty excited about you at first but now I see that you have a lot of problems.
19. Are you hardwood flooring? Because I prefer you over carpet because you’re easier to clean.
20. Are you road kill? Because I wanna take you home for dinner.
21. Are you stupid? Because you look stupid. Like you wouldn’t know a lot of things.
22. Are you Wyatt? Because you won’t leave me alone.
23. Are you Wyatt Blue? Because you are hairless and so annoying but I love you.
24. Are you caffeine? Because I can’t go a day without you.
25. Are you dead? Because you give me the necrofeels.
26. Are you an octopus? Because those are eight things I do not like.
27. That outfit looks great on you, but I think that I would look better on you.
28. Are you LTE because you’re really unreliable.
29. Are you from Tennassee? Because you’re the only ten I see.
30. Are you gluten free? Because I want your glutes on me.
31. Are you from Mississippi? Because I misses your pee.
32. Are you Big Bang Theory? Because my parents love you.
33. Are you from San Diego? Because I wanna eat Sandy Egg Waffles with you.
34. Are you ear wax? Because I can’t get you out of my head.
35. Are you from Florida? Because I want you on the floor, duh.
36. Are you Bjork? Because I don’t understand you but I think you’re pretty cool.
37. Are you a window because I want to look through you.
38. Are you Dashcon! Because you’re so mysterious.
39. Are you in the movie Chicago? Because I watch you a lot
40. Are you a nun? Because you are nun like any other.
41. You must be Starbucks because I crave you, five times a day.
42. Are you Hollister? Because you’re dark and smell like cheap cologne.
43. Are you a python? Because you look like you could unhinge your jaw and swallow something very big.
44. Are you a juice cleanse? Because everybody seems to think you do a lot but I don’t really think you do.
45. Oh I lost my teddy bear! Can I sleep with you?
46. Are you rich? No really are you rich?
47. Oh wait! I left something, it was my heart.
48. Are you stuffed crust pizza? Because I only want you when I’m drunk.
49. If I was a superhero I wouldn’t be Batman, Superman or Iron Man. I would be your man.
50. Can you feel this shirt? It’s boyfriend material.
51. Are you a big tidal wave? Because I want you to drench me with your liquids.
52. I stole a kiss what you going to do about that?
53. My love for you is like diarrhoea. It is out of control and so so messy.
54. Are you the Tinder dating app? Because you repeatedly let me down.
55. Did you just fart? Because you blew me away and the entire room kind of smells.
56. Are you gay?
57. Are you a refrigerator? Because there is something rotting inside of you.
58. Love me!
59. Are you a parking ticket? Because I wanna fuck you.
60. Are you an internet meme? Because I’m going to get annoyed with you very quickly.
61. You are so repulsive but doesn’t mean I don’t wanna repeatedly pulse on top of you.
62. Are you Throat Coat Tea? Because I think you know where this is going.
63. Are you a dietary supplement? Because I eat you everyday and it makes me feel better about myself.
64. Are you a Palm Tree? Because I am coconuts about you!
65. Will you take off all of your clothing? Thought I’d ask.
66. Are you Chapstick? Because I wanna rub you all over my mouth.
67. Did you just poop on the floor? Because I saw a turn on the floor and I was wondering if it belonged to you?
68. Are you the new Mario Kart? Because I want you so bad.
69. Are you Megan Fox? Because you’re hot.
70. Are you a bunny? Because you hopped your way into my heart.
71. Are you an Ice Cream Truck? Because I don’t trust you with my children.
72. *Explicit*
73. Are you an apple? Because I wanna be the worm that’s inside of you.
74. Are you my mom? Because I am so into your cooking.
75. Do you know who Pizza Hut is run by? Because they are doing a great job at making pizza.