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Hide & Go Seek
  • Baby, cuddling into daddy's chest: Mmph, I missed you daddy.
  • Daddy: I missed you too baby. You like this new jacket?
  • Baby: Mhm! I can bury my whole face in there.
  • Daddy: Silly. Do you wanna play peek a boo with it?
  • Baby: Nuh uh.
  • Daddy: Hmm, hide and go seek? Are you gonna hide in daddy's jacket?
  • Baby: Noooo.
  • Daddy: Why not baby?
  • Baby: Because I'll get lost and I won't see my daddy and I'll get super scared :c
  • Daddy: Aww my little girl! 💝
Some Daddy Jacob Headcanons
  • He’s the fun parent
  • You have to hide the cookies away from him
  • He is completely proficient in babby talk
  • He totally does the “choo-choo” train sounds during feeding time
  • More food ends up on his face and clothes than on the baby’s
  • Seriously who’s the one eating here
  • You wonder if he enjoys “peek-a-boo” more than the actual baby with how much he plays it
  • Did I mention one of his favorite sounds is giggling babies
  • And said giggling is from him tickling their tummies and tiny feet, and scruffy, tickly kisses he smothers them with
  • Literally. Do not hand this man a baby if you do not want them to be tickled. He has no self control
  • Softly singing lullabies as he slowly sways side to side (▰˘◡˘▰) 
  • And the second he holds them against his chest they quiet down
  • like what the hell h ow 
  • He loves watching their mesmerized faces and amused expressions as he gets super animated and carried away with his singing
  • He totally doesn’t mind being the designated parent to get up in the middle of the night every night to calm your crying baby
  • He won’t admit it but he actually loves holding them snugly against his chest at 3am, rocking them back and forth as he hums a soft tune 
  • Hands down the best storyteller ever. 
  • Children are asleep every time 10/10 highly recommend how he do it nobody know but you ain’t about to ask questions
  • More than once you’ve caught him lounging, hugging your baby fast asleep on his chest
  • And chances are he’s asleep too, so you end up covering both your babies with yourself a nice warm blankie  *:・゚✧ヽ(〃^◡^〃)ノ
Haikyuu!! Characters React To: Babies.
  • Hinata: WUAHHHH ITS SO TINY! *Baby starts to cry* EHHH??? TAKE IT BACK!
  • Kageyama: *Glares* *Baby starts to cry* Success.
  • Sugawara: *Is literally holding all the babies* Children are so fantastic!
  • Daichi: Oh? You want that toy? Practice your receives more and you can have it.
  • Tsukishima: Ew.
  • Yamaguchi: W-Why does it cry every time I get close? I swear I'm not that scary..
  • Tanaka: *Plays peek-a-boo with a baby and accidentally smacks it* SHIT.
  • Yachi: *Baby starts to cry* *Yachi starts to cry as well*
  • Takeda: Who's a good baby? *Tosses child in the air and catches them* You are~!
  • Ukai: *Tries to do the same as Takeda* *Nearly drops the baby* Holy shit balls man-
  • Kuroo: So.. Are these just like cats or?-
  • Kenma: *Hands a violent video game to the baby* Drool on that, and there will be one less parent worrying about day care.
  • Lev: BABIES! *Dives at them*
  • Yaku: LEV DON'T DO THAT-
  • Oikawa: Do you think you're cuter then me? Well you're not. So you can shove it you little gremlin you-
  • Iwaizumi: *Holds the baby like a volleyball* This is how you do it, right?
  • Ushijima: You should've come to Shiratorizawa.
"I gotcha."

It was Jason Todd, of all people, who finally got the baby to fall asleep. Jason Todd, the gun-toting, reformed mercenary, abrasive, “even death couldn’t kill me”, brash, most in-your-face member of the family.

They had tried everything.

Dick had played peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake with the baby. He had tried tickling, cuddling, silly voices… but the baby had only cried even more.

Tim had put on some classical music: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin… claiming that it would make them both sleepier and smarter. The baby began to scream.

Steph had dangled various toys in front of the baby’s face, making weird faces at it and cooing ‘who’s a good little baby?’ over and over and over until the others told her to STOP. 

Damian had attempted hypnosis on the little human, and when that failed, insisted that they give it a dose of tranquilliser from the batcave; an idea that was considered, then quickly shot down.

They had called Babs, who protested she knew nothing about babies, but suggested they ‘feed it or something’. No amount of baby formula stopped the crying, which was, by now, distressed and once again verging on screaming. 

Alfred had even stepped in, fussing over the child as he felt behind the neck to check the baby’s temperature. He asked the routine questions regarding nappies and feeding and such. He put the child down in the cot, suggesting they try the ‘controlled crying method’, and chided them for spoiling the baby by answering to their every beck and call. But after fifteen minutes, even Alfred had to admit he was at a loss. 

Bruce was called as a joke, but as soon as he heard the baby’s crying in the background he said “I can’t take anymore!”— his voice sounding slightly desperate, if not forced— and hung up on them.

Cass came the closest of all of them, gently dancing around the room with the baby in her arms, humming softly. But as soon as she stopped, the crying started again.

Then, Jason arrived. 

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A Cancer describes falling in love:

Falling in love is feeling the warm breeze envelope you. It’s feeling giddy with laughter. It’s when you have a crush on someone and for the first time in forever, for some reason, the stars align and your crush likes you back. Falling in love is springtime. It’s stepping into a bath tub when the water is just right. Fire, passion, red, all emotions described in books, but instead love is blue and purple in all the right places. Love is soft, like a puppy’s fur. Love is calm and serene. Love is when the ocean rises and tickles your toes. Falling in love happens slowly and unexpectedly. You are in love before you ever noticed it started. Love is watching a baby play peek-a-boo. It’s a feeling of accomplishment when beating your high score. Love is tender and if you listen carefully, you can hear it’s heart beating. 

fun ways to cheer yourself up number twelve

play peek a boo with babies in the park

they have no concept of object permanence so as far as theyre concerned you are performing actual magic right there in front of them and they get so excited

its the best

How Pitch Perfect 3 should start:

The first shot is of Beca with her hands covering her eyes.

Then the camera pans out and we see a small child, a little girl around a year old directly in front of her. She’s playing peek-a-boo with the baby and Beca says to the toddler:

“Where’s mommy?”

And the baby looks behind Beca and smiles extra big then points to something behind Beca. Beca turns around and sees Chloe walking towards them.

Beca picks up the baby and walks towards Chloe, who grabs the baby from Beca when they get closer.

Beca leans in and pecks Chloe on the lips.

“Hey mommy,” she says to Chloe.

“Hi mommy,” Chloe says back to Beca before she gives her a peck on the lips back.

Then that 2 minute scene just plays on repeat for the hour and a half, with some Bella’s interacting with the baby in between…

  • Rick: *Holding the baby Morty in his arms* What the fuck do I do with the thing
  • Beth: Play peek-a-boo with him, I bet he'd like that
  • Rick: ... *He sighs and plays peekaboo with the baby Morty* Peekaboo!
  • Beth: Alright that's enough bonding time for you, give me my son before you hurt him or yourself.
Just Like Her

When the baby was born, Karma thoughts he looked just like him - with red-haired and a pair of mercury eyes.

However, those pair of eyes were much softer than shimmering with mischief like him. Probably inherited from her.

They named the baby, Dharma.

To take care of Dharma was such an easy task. He didn’t cause much trouble to any of them - much to his relief. Karma loved him even more each day and she never forgot to shower his face with kisses each morning.

He loved being pampered by his parents.

He rarely smile despite Sugino was making weird faces or Kayano attempted by playing peek-a-boo. They said he was a chic baby (hard to please) and Karma couldn’t ask more. He definitely inherited those trait from him - much to her dissapointment.

Well, he did smile - only to them whenever both them were engrossed with their work and he wanted an attention.

The only time Karma knew he has a dimple was when she picked him up at daycare after work. Karma was there - witnessed it and can’t help but to capture those moment before framed it on his office. He wondered from whom he got it.

He turned six and he looked even more like him. Even Nagisa was taken aback with their similarities but Karma reassured him he was more like his mother - gentle and like Science more than anyone else.

It was during he caught a cold and she had to work outstation that Dharma had to took care of him.

He brought a bowl of porridge and medicine for cold on the tray before sending it to his room.

His small hand took the damp towel and replaced it with new one on his forehead. Then, he sat on the edge of bed before rambling about what happened at school and how he got an A+ for his science experiment.

Karma listened to him intently like he always did to her. Seeing his enlighten face makes him forgot momentarily about his sickness. He thoughts he was just like her once she opened up to him.

He wondered if they are going to have another child - would it be like him instead?

His question was answered later when she got pregnant with their second child.

This time, it was a reincarnation of Manami but her behaviour was more like him.

Object Permanence, and why I'm laughing and rolling my eyes at myself right now.

I was going to start with the following disclaimer:

“Since I’ve noticed that most of the time when I write a rough draft of a post and save it to publish later, I usually forget about it, so this post in a liveblog of my epiphany and not 100% perfectly organized…”

Then, considering what the post was to be about, I laughed at myself a lot in that “OH OF COURSE, THAT EXPLAINS IT!” way.

So anyways, I saw something in the actually autistic tag and it hit me: object permanence! Of course! I’m not an expert but what I know offhand about this concept is enough to make me think it’s at least loosely related to a lot of issues I have with organization and executive function tasks.

(Object permanence: basically the most common way to explain it is when babies are at the “obsessed with peek-a-boo game” stage, it’s because they DON’T yet have object permanence, and therefore when you cover your face, or hide a toy, they think it has disappeared from existence since they can’t see it at the moment, and they are so surprised to see that you do, in fact, come back when they see you/the toy again. They eventually understand that even though it’s not in sight, it still exists (objects are permamently existant).

How does this relate to me as a 26 year old adult grownup? I think it’s why I have always preferred to store things in sight (as opposed to organized in a drawer or put away in the closet or whatever). If I can’t see it at any given time, I forget where it is.

I have to keep my meds on the counter in the bathroom otherwise I’ll forget to take them. I have to write a note with important things to do and leave it where I will for-sure see it, or I’ll probably forget.

I start the laundry and shut the laundry room door, and completely forget that it’s going. I’ll start making soup and if I get distracted by something that takes me into another room I’ll lose track of time and forget that I need to watch for the soup to be ready.

If I start to clean my room (organizing the closet is the biggest one) and leave the room and get actively into something else, I’ll go back in my room that night and “Well, shit. My entire bed and floor are literally covered in stuff that needs to be put away, but it’s midnight and I want to sleep so I’ll pile it all on the floor and finish tomorrow.” Then I get distracted the next day and forget. Repeat cycle: that’s why my room was always a huge mess as a kid.

It’s not exactly object permanence in the way I learned it, but I see a big connection, at least until I read more about the idea… unless I forget to. Hahaha!

I Can’t Wait.

I can’t wait to piss off my facebook friends when U post a million pictures of my kid.

I can’t wait to spoil my kid with unconditional love & kisses.

I can’t wait for all the late nights.

I can’t wait for the cuddles.

I can’t wait for the smell of fresh bathed baby.

I can’t wait to play peek-a-boo.

I can’t wait to hear my baby laugh with joy.

I can’t wait to here “I love you Mommy”

I can’t wait. 

bts on public transport

yoongi: always has massive headphones on and never looks anyone in the eye. epitome of the resting bitch face.

namjoon: is reading a different book every day. you’re not sure if he actually finishes them.

jimin: always the first to give up his seat for grandmas and pregnant ladies. smiles brightly at anyone who looks his way.

taehyung: plays peek-a-boo with babies, has long-winded conversations with strangers’ children, and asks to pet all the dogs.

jungkook: always has his hood up and is scrolling through his phone. looks terrifying. turns out all he’s doing is looking at memes.

hoseok: has earphones in and is always bopping his head. bumps into people when he absentminded dances. once had an impromptu dance battle at a train station.

seokjin: buys a lot of snacks and eats them on his morning commute. sometimes offers his extra food to old ladies and homeless people.