peek a boo baby

how to cheer up your little when they’re sad!

🐻talk to them about what’s bothering them! you should aaaalways do this (if your little wants to talk about it, don’t force them to!) sometimes, you just need to get it out!!

🐻pull them into your lap and bounce them! daddy calls it “horsie” cause it feels like i’m riding a horse! it’ll make your baby giggle sooo fast

🐻bounce them while holding them! it’s like a real baby (not that we aren’t all real babies!!) it’s so soothing and soemtimes i fall asleep when daddy does it 😪

🐻tickle them! if your little is comfortable with it, tickling them is always a fast way to cheer your baby up!

🐻wrap them in their favourite blankie! soft blankies = eternal happiness

🐻make the voices for their stuffies! my daddy does this sometimes: hold their stuffies up to them or near them, and make the stuffie talk to them! have your little answer questions and give their stuffie hugs, too!

🐻cuddle them! this one is kind of a no-brainer, but i thought i’d add it anyway—cuddles always make me feel better 😇

🐻give them a bath! if you and your little are comfortable with it, baths are always super soothing. let them play with bath toys while you wash their hair and scrub their back! pro tip: tell them you’re washing the sadness away, that honestly works for me…i don’t know why

🐻play with them! tag, hide n seek, dollies, cars, colour..anything! it’ll definitely make your baby smile!

🐻sippies, pacis… prepare them a drink in their sippy cup or their favourite cup, pop a paci in their mouth or your thumb, and (if they use them) put them in their coziest diapers! then, to top it all off, put them in a onesie or your clothes! super comforting! sometimes i put baby lotion on on top of all this, it always makes me feel soooo little 😍

🐻play peek-a-boo or patty cake! it’ll make your baby feel too little to be sad hehe

🐻play their favourite song or video! there’s this one video/song called MitchiriNeko March that ALWAYS works. it’s also a great way to put me into littlespace 💗

🐻talk to them in your carer voice & baby talk them! i speak from experience, it literally always works when my daddy does this. he says things like “who’s daddy’s little girl?” and “hi baby!!!” (little me likes it when daddy is excited to see her) and “tell daddy what’s bothering you.” (in which he pulls me into his lap and cradles me)

🐻put them down for a nap! sometimes all we need is some sleep to feel better💗

🐻put on their favourite movie or show, or watch a new one with them! distracting them from what’s bothering them is sometimes the only thing that will work.

🐻play their favourite video game with them! once again, distraction = key

Ship child design of  the

Nectos x Tenkei

ship (passion pumpkin >:3)

Since it’s otp i got really motivated to work on them.

The upper names are the names given by Nectos, he’s really into Halloween stuff so Peek and Boo are easy for him to remember and it’s the name they get called. Tenkei’s names are bellow a bit more complicated but with great meaning behind them >:3 (

The kids will probably love candy corn.

Tenkei belongs to @lenne13

Nectos belongs to me

Twin ownership belongs to both of us!


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Peek-a-boo Pikachu! Mama Kaminari learned the hard way that startling the baby was a bad idea. Denki still loved it.

Decided to draw another baby Denki for you all since it seems like you enjoyed the previous one as much as I did :)

anonymous asked:

Hello, can I request a situation where rfa+saeran+v+vanderwood is taking care of their first baby when mc is sick or tired. ?? You can ignore it if u don't want to ,Thank you 💕💕💕

So cute! Hope you enjoy these~


  • You were still managing Zen’s acting and taking care of your six month old
  • It was inevitable that your body would crash and you would get sick
  • Zen insists you needed rest, so he took off from work to take care of the baby
  • Usually he only plays with the baby and takes care of things after dinner
  • But this was full on taking care of the baby
  • Why was he crying? Where was that smell coming from?
  • Zen tries to do a bunch of things to make his son calm down like making weird faces and dancing around
  • Nothing seemed to work…until he started singing a song from his musicals
  • Of course, the diaper change was bad
  • Zen was gagging and wondering how such a foul smell could come out of such a sweet face
  • The worst part was the feeding
  • The baby loved to throw food, and Zen’s long hair seemed catch every chunk
  • But he somehow gets both himself and the baby cleaned up
  • They look so nice he sits on the couch and starts taking selfies with his son
  • The baby gets a kick out the different filters, and Zen is melting when he starts giggling uncontrollably at the puppy ears
  • You come out after you taking a short nap, and you find Zen and the baby knocked out on the couch
  • Your son is lying on his chest, his fingers curled around Zen’s shirt
  • And Zen lay a protective hand on his son’s back
  • You take a picture of the precious moment…just for you though


  • Yoosung noticed you’d been looking more and more tired when he came home from work
  • So, he told you to take the weekend and rest up while he took care of your four month old son
  • He gained a lot of over-confidence the first half of the day, because all the baby did was sleep
  • Then lunch time came…
  • He was trying to feed his son out of a bottle, but he wouldn’t stop crying
  • He didn’t know what was wrong or what to do
  • He just places the baby in a sitting position on the couch, kneels down in front of him, and just starts giving him a pep talk
  • The boy still cries for quite awhile…then he stops and stares at Yoosung in a confused manner
  • Relieved, Yoosung starts making some faces and the baby starts giggling
  • He’s finally calmed him down enough to feed him and burp him, which he does just fine
  • But of course, the baby eventually needs a diaper change
  • Yoosung thinks it’s going great, but just before he can close the diaper…he gets peed on
  • He feels really bad having to leave the baby with you so he can wash off
  • He notices the baby’s wispy hair gets into his eyes, so he ties up his hair in a tiny little bun
  • He does the same with his own, because obviously he has to match with his son
  • He puts the baby in a jumper and starts bouncing around with his boy until both of them get tuckered out
  • He puts the baby to sleep before hanging up some new decorations you got for the nursery
  • When you go to check on him, he’s asleep against the crib where he had been keeping an eye on his son


  • She noticed you’ve been coming into your shifts looking a lot more tired
  • “MC! Get me some pepper!”
  • So, one evening she tells you she’ll take care of the baby while you catch up on sleep
  • She thought it wouldn’t be that hard, but she was really wrong
  • She knew all the practical things about taking care of a baby boy…but she didn’t know how to make him laugh
  • She tried to make airplane sounds while feeding him
  • But all she got was a blank stare
  • She played peek-a-boo, even going so far to making weird faces and sounds
  • Still nothing
  • She tried puppets, blankets, stuffed animals, toys, but nothing seemed to work
  • She gives up and just pops in a DVD while the baby is calm
  • She talks casually, giving her commentary on the musical she’s watching, talking to him like an adult instead of a kid
  • When you finally come back, you see the mess of her usually neat living room
  • She sighs and returns the baby to you
  • But then she sneezes…and the baby starts laughing
  • She stares wide eyed 
  • “Jaehee…no.”


  • You got sick out of the blue, and you really didn’t want your baby girl getting sick
  • Jumin agreed to take care of everything until you got over the worst
  • He turned around for two seconds before he hears Elizabeth yowling
  • His daughter was “innocently” tugging on her tail
  • Jumin scoops her up quickly, “No! Gentle!”
  • The scolding makes her cry though
  • He feels a little bad, so he puts her on the ground and lays on his back
  • He just lets her crawl all over him
  • He gets some giggles out of her when she places a hand on his mouth and he takes it in his lips and growls
  • He puts her a princess dress and gives her a toy wand
  • Only she ends up clunking him in the head, making him cry out sharply
  • “Dear, what happened?” you call from your room
  • “Nothing,” he returns, though he can feel the lump forming on his head
  • He promptly takes away the wand, replacing it with stuffed cat
  • He’s an expert in diaper changing
  • He has a nose clip and everything is so precise, since his daughter somehow knows not to move around when he’s changing her
  • When nap time rolls around, he carries her over his shoulder and hums softly while walking by the large window
  • He actually hates nap time because he loves spending time with her while she’s awake


  • He noticed you weren’t yourself lately, and you admitted you were feeling a bit under the weather
  • He forced you to go to bed while he took care of your daughter for the day
  • The day starts out rough
  • He tries to give the baby her bottle, and she just won’t take it
  • “Why won’t you drink it? It tastes good!”
  • Not thinking, he sticks it into his mouth for emphasis….he splutters the milk out of his mouth
  • At least it made her laugh
  • After she finally eats, he props her over his shoulder and burps her…and of course, she spits up on him a little
  • After he cleans up, he decides she needs a bath too so he puts her in the sink
  • He gets to play around a little, and puts her hair into a mohawk and just talks to her about random things
  • She even coos in response sometimes
  • He still has errands around the house to do, so he puts in her one of those baby carriers on his stomach
  • He takes a selfie in the mirror and sends it in the messenger with #dadduty
  • Speaking of duty… he’s pretty good at diaper changing on most days…but not today
  • While he’s trying to get the wipes and the clean diaper out, the baby crawls away from him
  • He’s stumbling over the mess of toys trying to get to her
  • She gets into your room butt naked with him calling after her, “We do not go naked in this house!”
  • At the end of the day, you come out of the room to check on them
  • Your daughter is knocked out in his lap, and meanwhile he’s invested in some baby show because his brain is so dead at that point
  • You never let him live it down 


  • You were exhausted, and he could see another day of your usual schedule would end with you getting sick
  • So he shoos you off to bed while he takes care of your daughter
  • The baby is pretty relaxed in the morning
  • She falls asleep while he’s trying to feed her
  • He has some baby food on a spoon and she just face plants into it
  • She gets a little cranky after that
  • He just lays her down on a blanket and tries some toys, but they don’t work
  • So he starts blowing little raspberries on her belly, and she’s in a fit of giggles
  • He likes reading to her
  • He’ll put her on his lap and start with a story book
  • She points to some pictures and make some noises, and he’ll just go with it
  • “Yeah…that is a weird picture. I agree…Yep. My thoughts exactly.”
  • When it comes to nap time, he rocks her in his arms gently
  • His presence is soothing and she just nods off quickly
  • Although, when he puts her in the crib, she gets up and starts whining
  • She stops when she holds his finger
  • With a sigh, he just crawls in the crib with her and cradles her
  • When you come to see what’s happening, you just see two lanky legs sticking up from the edge of the crib
  • You have to take a picture, but you melt when you see the two of them curled up together


  • The moment you’re sick, he’s already making sure you’re resting
  • He promises to take care of your baby boy during the day
  • He still wants to cook you breakfast, so like Seven, he has one of those baby carriers while he’s prepping orange juice and cereal and things
  • He’s really bad at feeding the baby
  • When his son won’t take the spoonful of food, he just starts negotiating
  • “Please? Just a few bites. It might taste bad now…but later I’ll make you good food. Just one bite?”
  • You have to help a little with that, but he still sends you off
  • When the baby is in a more playful mood, V takes advantage and does a mini photo shoot
  • His camera is on hand and he even preps some backdrops
  • He’s good at getting a smile out of the baby with his strange faces
  • If they’re playing on the bed, he’ll pepper the baby in little kisses making him laugh
  • Also, peek-a-boo with the blanket
  • He’s so good at putting the baby to sleep though
  • He swaddles him in a blanket with little cacti on them and rocks them back and forth
  • If that doesn’t work, he’ll hum some old time songs gently
  • The baby is asleep a short while later

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Bangtan reacting to babies

Rap monster: [plays peek-a-boo with him and accidentally smacks it] SHIT

Jin: [holding 4 babies at once] wow! children are fantastic!

Jungkook: [baby starts to cry] [jungkook starts crying too]

Suga: [dresses him in a dog costume] you look 100 times better now

J-hope: [holds baby] [baby starts to cry] all. the. fucking. time.

Jimin: [throws baby in the air] [catches him] aww you cute little thing

V: [throws baby in the air] [almost drops him] hOLY FUCK DUDE

nekoastral  asked:

Thank you for my friends request! She likes it :3 can you do another? TFP Breakdown and Knockout, Mtmte megatron, and tfp predaking's cybertronian s/o find an orphan sparkling and wants to keep it, the guys reactions, what their s/o do to make their spark melt at the sight, and their reaction when the sparkling says their first word.

Yay! I’m so glad she enjoyed it :)


  • Will definitely want to keep the sparkling with you and does everything in his power to protect the smol from the war.
  • He’s actually always wanted a sparkling.
  • He loves it when your rock the sparkling to sleep, and will hug you from behind and sway with you. 
  • Breakdown straight up cries when the sparkling says their first word. Doesn’t even try to hide it.

Knock Out

  • Doesn’t want the sparkling, but still wants to keep them safe. You’re mostly responsible for the baby.
  • Regular check-ups. All the time. Also, he hates giving little baby shots. It kills him.
  • He likes to see his you play with the sparkling, so he can pretend- if just for a moment- that there is no war.
  • When the sparkling says their first word he’s internally squealing. On the outside he just smiles warmly.


  • You really want to keep the sparkling, so he let’s you. Only for you, love.
  • He becomes attached to them, like he knew he would. Soon the baby is like his very own flesh and blood metal and energon.
  • He hides you and the sparkling from Megatron. He is extremely protective, and is already making a plan to escape the Nemesis.
  • At night he wraps both you and the sparkling up in his wings while you recharge, guarding you all night long.
  • He is the proudest papa when the baby says their first words. That’s his little warrior. They will grow up to be strong and intelligent, just like their parents.

MTMTE Megatron

  • Is overcome with emotion when he sees the sparkling. He wants so badly to keep them, but he’s scared of hurting them. For a long time he doesn’t hold them.
  • Finally, you convince him that it will be fine. He’s oh-so-gentle and loving as he cradles the child. He gazes at them for a long time, optics misty.
  • He thinks it’s the most precious thing when you play peek-a-boo with the baby. It brightens his day 100%
  • When he hears the sparkling say “Meh-meh”- trying to say “Meg-meg” which is his name when you baby talk- he freezes. Then he laughs the most joyous laugh of his life and carries the baby around the Lost Light, getting everyone to listen to his sparkling as tears streak down his face.
little space!!

how to get your little into little space!!(this varies by little so it just a general guide)

tell them to get their favorite stuffy!

tell them to get their paci!

“baaaaabygirl /baaaaaaabyboy”

“hi little one”

ask them “whos my good little girl/boy??”

if they use diapers tell them to get their diaper on!

if they have pet gear then tell them to put on their pet gear!

tell them daddy/ mommy loves you!

“are you my little baby?”

play peek-a-boo! (bonus points if you make silly faces and noises!)

“wheres my little girl/boy?”

blow them a kiss!

give them a chore chart (use choremonster, amazing app)

~thank you!~ 

psa: NEVER YELL AT YOUR LITTLE!! use nice soft voices and if they are bratty use a stern whisper! it catches our attention better!

fangirlsbefangirling  asked:

May I request TFP reacting to a human baby?!?!?!

(The bullet points are probably going to come out as asterisks? Sorry)


* It’s… very small.
* He doesn’t want to touch it, in fear of hurting it, so he leans all the way down to squint at it. You have to hold it up so he can properly see.
* “Hello,” he says, and it starts kicking and making squirmy baby noises
* It’s the first time you’ve ever seen such an honest smile from Optimus.


* Oh, a baby. How wonderful! *sarcasm*
* Ratchet was planning on ignoring it, but you convince him to say hi
* He’s nervous. Very nervous
* He clears his threat and mumbles “hello, baby.”
* It squeals, and he chuckles.
* “I didn’t laugh.” He did.


* She’s a little surprised. She’s seen babies before, but she’s never met one. She didn’t expect it to be so small.
* She’s not as big as the others, so you let her hold it
* It’s…. cute
* Oh no. She’s falling in love with a baby oh no


* A baby?? A small human?? He’s never seen a baby before can he say hi??? Will it bite??? Can it talk??? What’s it’s name??? Where’d it come from???
* He’s so curious he wants to know everything
* He lies on the floor to try to get eye level with it, and they sort of communicate via gurgles and beeps
* He peek-a-boos with it for hours


* Aw, a baby! How cute!
* Can he say hi?
* He’s very polite to it, like it can actually understand what he’s saying
* “Nice to meet you baby!”
* He starts telling it how he’s heard so much about it and how he’s never met a baby before and do you like stories?


* Oh, wow! A baby! Can he - no that’s probably not a good idea he’d squish it
* He so wants to hold it but he knows he’s way to big, so he kinda just stands awkwardly to the side and watches it
* You tell him he can say hi if he wants, and honestly he’s so excited he can barely contain himself
* He leans down and coos and pulls faces and very, verrrrry gently pokes it
* He loves it can he be Uncle Smokey


* He has literally no idea what to do at all
* Talk to it? Touch it? Give it something?
* He says hi. Baby says nothing.
* He decides to break the ice by telling the story of how he and Bulk once got pushed off a cliff by Decepticons and had to swim fifty miles to safety
* Like, Jackie. No.

Blank Slate

You had called Spencer when you got off work, aware that today was only a paperwork day at his office. “We need to talk,” you had announced, then immediately bit down on your lip. Shit, you thought. Those four words were the best way to make a romantic partner anxious and you knew it, but you couldn’t help it! You and Spencer had been married for a little over two years, together even longer than that and you just had to tell him how you felt.

Just as you predicted, you could hear the confusion and anxiety in his voice as he responded. “Okay. Um. What about, Y/N?”

“It’s nothing bad, Spence!” You rushed to reassure him, “I just need to talk to you about something, you know?”

You could practically hear the gears working in his head, so you said, “Spencer. It’s nothing bad, I promise. Don’t worry, okay?”

He sighed lowly as he responded, “Alright. I’m still working on some paperwork, so I’ll be home in a few hours. Call you when I’m on my way.”

You thanked him and hung up.

“I want a baby.” There, you said it for the first time aloud. Oh, God, you thought. What if Spencer didn’t agree with you? He would be an amazing father, you were positive of it. He was amazing with Henry and just about every other kid he knew. Even the ones he didn’t know and just met in stores! He had played peek a boo with a baby a couple weeks ago while you were in line at a local café until the baby was laughing and smiling with joy in its eyes that mirrored Spencer’s.

It was that moment that really solidified your desire to have children with him. It had always been a far away thought, just a mere idea, but when he glanced at you as the baby laughed, he looked so happy with his smile engulfing his entire face.

You brushed those thoughts out of your mind as you headed home. You didn’t want to get your hopes up just in case Spencer wasn’t ready for kids yet.

As you arrived at the apartment, you quickly began doing busy work to occupy yourself. It had seemed like no time had passed at all as you were cleaning and organizing when your phone rang. You answered it to find Spencer on the other line, just letting you know he was officially done for the day and heading home.

You breathed in deeply as you two hung up and sat down on the couch in the living room so you could see and talk to Spencer as soon as he opened the door.

You began fidgeting and biting your nails as the minutes passed, working yourself up.

Ugh, you thought. You needed to calm down. Regardless of what Spencer said, he was still going to love you and you two would eventually have children. Just maybe not as soon as you would have liked.

It was at that moment that you heard a key in the lock, and saw the handle turning as the door opened to reveal Spencer.

He looked as nervous as you felt, you realized as your eyes traveled to his face.

You got up and walked over to him, enveloping him in a hug as you tugged him down to reach your smaller height. “Hi, Spence.”

He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek as he pulled away, “Hey, Y/N.”

You went back to sit on the couch as he took his jacket and bag off. You patted the seat next to you, motioning him to sit next to you.

You took another deep breath, preparing yourself.

“What is it, Y/N?” Spencer asked you, looking slightly worried.

“I want to have a baby,” you rushed out. You aren’t going to lie, you felt a little better just saying that.

Spencer remained oddly blank-faced as he responded, “What?”

You bit your bottom lip. “I want to have a baby. It’s just. I love you, you know? And I just really want to have a baby right now and I know we always thought we’d have kids later in life, when we felt more stable and everything, but I just can’t help it! I want to have a child and nurse it and hug it and wake up in the middle of the night to soothe it back to sleep and kiss its little cheeks and just love it wholeheartedly.”

Spencer waited until you were done rambling. “Y/N…I agree.”

His answer shocked you. “Wait, really?”

You were giddy before he even assured you. “Yeah-yes, I am! I never really pictured myself as being a great father, but I’ve been imagining it more and more since we got married. I’ve thought of you as a mother to my child and while I’m nervous at the prospect of being a father, I’m also excited for it. I wouldn’t want to be a parent with anyone other than you by my side.”

His response was better than you imagined and you threw yourself at him, laughing in shock. “This is amazing!”

He said nothing as he hugged you back, just imagining what your future child would look and be like. He wanted that child to have your eyes and smile and curiosity for anything and everything and optimism that would never go out. He wanted this child to be more you than him, in the hopes that they would never be burdened with problems and thoughts that haunt him every day.

But mainly, he wanted to do a good job with this blank slate of a person. He was scared to death at the prospect of failing this child.

But the excitement he felt at raising said child with you, the love of his life, outweighed his fear by long.

As you pulled back from the embrace, Spencer noticed your eyes brimming with happy tears and thought, ‘I wouldn’t want to go into this with anybody else.’