I could introduce Rev. Dr. John Perkins of the Spencer Perkins Foundation and all of his contributions, accomplishments and books but all I’ll say is that out of all my stops so far his building was the first gender neutral restroom. Now LET ME HEAR YOU SAY HEYYY MRS BIKO! #folkslikeus #PEEINPEACE #mrsbikoworldtour #sugarbaby


I am in an activism and feminism class and we ran a campaign on gender neutral washrooms on campus for all of my university colleagues to be able to relieve themselves safely.  We ran a campaign in the common area of the university that is high traffic and asked students that stopped interested in what we were talking about to make a bathroom sign that they would like to see on a single stall gender-neutral bathroom door so that anyone and everyone could use it.  Here are a few results.  With the finished products we gave the students tape to post the signs up on a door that was in the atrium. The image was breath taking and made a lot of people stop and think as well as educate some people who maybe weren’t aware of the issues on campus for ALL students straight, gay, lesbian, trans, intersex, questions or even people who just feel awkward in public washrooms. ALL PEOPLE ARE ENTITLED TO PEE SAFELY AND #PEEINPEACE