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Lazy Mornings

It was early morning, the first columns of sunlight streaking through the blinds, when a wail of a young infant broke the peaceful silence.
You groaned, burying your head deeper into your pillow, willing the child to sooth itself. The arm thrown across your waist shifted as the man next to you grumbled his annoyance. The duvet was pushed back, the cool air of the room stealing away the precious heat trapped throughout the night.
“Daddy’s coming,” your husband yawned, heavy feet dragging as Tom made his way through the house. You heard the door to the nursery open with a soft ‘click’, and after a minute, the wailing stopped. The door opened again, and the scooting of tired footsteps mapped their way back into the master room.
Peeking from beneath your feathered barrier, you saw Tom rocking a sleepy Ella in his arms, mumbling claiming nuisance down to his now peaceful daughter. Cautiously, Tom crawled across the bed, settling near you head, back against the bed frame. Ella was cradled, head on his shoulder, as Tom shifted around to get comfortable.
“We got to be quiet,” Tom told her, pulling the duvet back over his legs, “so very very quiet, okay baby girl?” Ella, of course, gargled in response, not knowing her words yet.
You rolled onto your side, cheek pressed against Toms thigh as you looked up at your two thirds of your family. Toms head was against the wall, his eyes closed as he dozed although he continued to rock Ella, who was drooling over his neck. She was watching him with full interest, fingers grabbing his night shirt, tugging the fabric in different directions. When she felt your eyes on her, she cooed happily, leaning over to try and get to you. Queue a moment of sheer panic as your daughter fell towards your face, your husband scrambling to keep her upright and you trying to manoeuvre to catch her.
As you moved up to sit next to Tom, he handed her over, and she sat happily on your knees, gargling nuisance as she smiled up at you both. Neither of you said anything, instead pulling stupid faces at her to get her to giggle and clap happily.
This went on for a good five or so minutes, before her head started to drop with fatigue. “I think little missy is tired,” you whispered, slowly moving down the bed to lie down. Tom followed, and Ella lay between you both, one hand grabbing Toms shirt and the other tangled in your hair. The two of you sighed, content as you watched your daughter taking peaceful breaths, having fallen back to sleep. Tom wasn’t long after, trying to fight back yawns but failing. After cuddling close, arm over you two, his eyes closed and he was once again asleep.
That was something you were jealous of, how quickly he could sleep. After traveling so much for work and promotions, Tom could go to sleep near enough anywhere. He had fallen asleep once at a dinner party, much to the hilarity of you and Rachel, who took enough photos to fill a gallery.
You weren’t all to far off going to sleep, your eyes heavy, when you heard a floorboard creak in the hallway. You groaned before lifting your head. Alex stood, in his Fantastic Four PJs (thanks to Harrison), rubbing his eyes tiredly.
“Come on then,” you whispered, and that all it took for him to clamber onto the bed. Tom woke with a start, pulling Ella closer to protect her, as he rolled on his back. He sent a sleepy smile to Alex, who moved into the place Ella had been lying. It took a moment of shuffling, but soon everyone was comfortable, Ella cuddled into her Dads chest whilst Alex was spread out between the two of you.
You all lay like this for a good hour, hearing the birds chirp outside, the sun becoming brighter. You had been dozing most the time, running soft fingers through Alex’s curly hair. Moments like this, where the fame which came with the families name was far away, this is what you truly treasured. No one had to pose for the cameras, had to think of what to say, ensure that they said the right thing at the right time, no, this was what you lived for.
“I need to pee,” Tom grumbled, eyes still closed and arms wrapped protectively around his kids.
“Noooo,” you whined, pouting in his general direction although you knew he wasn’t looking. You didn’t want him to go, because that meant the start of your day. The kids would wake up, demand food, and then play, and then more food, and then ask questions, and then to go see people, and ask why is that there? why does that look like that? “Can’t you wait a bit longer?”
“Babe,” he shuffled, eyes opening as he turned to look at you, “I’ve been holding back the last hour, I really need to pee.”
You sighed dramatically, mentally preparing yourself for the day.
“Sorry,” he winced, slowly sitting up. As if on queue, Ella woke up at the movement, and quickly started whining out of hunger: Alex woke too, wondering what was going on, before asking for pancakes. You glared at Tom, who gave you a sheepish grin as he handed Ella over.
“Your cooking breakfast!” You called after him, as he quickly darted out of the room.

Real Tord Omorashi.

This Omo is based off of the real Eddsworld crew, not the cartoons. Slight Tom/Tord.

       The Norwegian man, that went by the nickname, Tord was on his way to the home of his best friend, Edd. Edd had planned a small get-together for all of his friends when Tord had failed to get along with his second, closest friend, Tom. Tord was certain that he would never be able to warm up to Tom even if they were cremated together but Edd really had his heart set on all of his friends getting along so Tord just could not bring himself to say, ‘no’ to his very-best friend. The Norwegian winced slightly in discomfort at how painfully-full his bladder currently was. He had to pee quite a bit before he left the house but since Edd’s house was only a short walk away from his own house, he decided that he could hold it until he got there. After gently knocking on the door to Edd’s house, Tord patiently waited, on the doorstep for his friend to let him inside.

       “Ah, Tord! Glad you could make it!” Edd chimed, adjusting his glasses with his infamous, sweet smile.

       “Of course, I would not miss it for the World…” Tord flashed his friend a shy smile in return. He leaned over slightly, to the right to see who all had attended Edd’s get-together. Almost everyone he knew was there: Matt, Bing, Tim, Elliot, Eddy, Paul, Patrick and of course…Tom. Tord nervously shrunk down when Tom stood up from the couch, sending a venomous glare in the Norwegian’s direction as he did so.

       “Well, come on in!” Before Tord could even have a chance to register what had happened, Edd placed his arm around the Norwegian’s shoulders and forcefully pulled him into the living-room of his house. Tom sneered slightly at the Norwegian’s shy behavior as he mentally questioned why Edd had portrayed him as such a gun-wielding, psychopath in his cartoon series. Tom had actually been afraid of Tord when Edd had left the two alone with each other for the first time. Imagine his disappointment when he realized that the Norwegian was nothing more than just some socially-awkward, quiet kid.

       “We were just about to watch ‘Twenty-Eight Weeks Later’!” Once again, before Tord could register what had happened, Edd was practically pushing him toward the couch, toward Tom.

       “I know you two got off to a bit of a rocky-start but now’s your chance to bond! Play nice!” Edd half-joked before once again leaving Tord alone with Tom to retrieve the snacks and drinks for the movie from his kitchen. Tord shyly glanced up to make eye-contact with Tom, returning his nervous gaze to the floor with a small whimper once Tom had narrowed his eyes at him in response. Tord shifted slightly as the nervousness he often felt around the other boy had increased his urge to urinate. He had actually forgotten that his bladder needed to be emptied up until now but he decided against excusing himself to Edd’s toilet out of an irrational fear that Tom might mock him for having a bladder that needed to be emptied like any, other human-being.

       “You are incredibly hopeless…” Tom scoffed at the Norwegian’s awkwardness before returning to his seat, on the couch with a roll of his eyes. Tord frowned as that comment had done nothing to sooth his self-consciousness. The Norwegian awkwardly took a seat on the couch, next to the Brit. It was no secret by now that he and Tom were not fond of each other in the slightest but Tord was still willing to attempt to form a bond with the Brit for Edd’s sake.

       “I hope you two are getting along in here.” Edd tried once again as he and Matt returned with a bunch of snacks and drinks in hand.

       “Hardly…He’s so boring!” Tom spat, causing Tord to shamefully avert his gaze to the floor.

       “Tom! Stop being so rude!” Edd scolded as he took a seat on the couch, next to Tord. Matt squeezed himself onto the couch, next to Edd as Paul and Patrick stole the recliners and Edd’s remaining guests crowded on the floor, around the couch. Bing got the movie started before joining a majority of his friends on the floor and the not-so small get-together of friends began to watch the movie. Poor Tord could barely focus on the movie as his desperation to relieve his full bladder had increased from uncomfortable to unbearable.

       A small whimper escaped from the Norwegian as he nervously bit his bottom-lip and shifted in discomfort. He knew that he would not be able to hold in his urine through the entire movie but he decided that he would wait until another boy had gone to the bathroom so he could offer to accompany him. He just silently prayed that whoever that boy was would not be Tom.

       “Hey, what’s the matter with you?” Tom questioned about twenty minutes into the movie when Tord had reached the point of desperation where it was impossible for him to sit still.

       “H-Huh? Oh, I am just a bit restless from sitting here for so long…” Tord whimpered out a lie as he tightly crossed one of his legs over the other.

       “Okay?” Tom cocked an eyebrow at the Norwegian’s response. He just found Tord to be so socially-awkward, that it was almost uncomfortable to be around him. Tom could not help but notice how Tord flinched and winced in discomfort with another pained-whimper at the fizzy sound of the Brit cracking open one of the numerous cans of soda that Edd had brought over to the coffee-table for everyone.

       “Oh, I see what’s going on here…” Tom whispered with a small smirk.

       “H-Huh? What do you mean?” Tord questioned after a while once he was absolutely certain that Tom was speaking to him.

       “You have to go to the toilet, don’t you?” Tom teased, his smirk growing more sadistic when Tord’s face had reddened at the accusation.

       “W-What? N-No…I told you, I am just a bit restless…” Tord attempted to lie once again but the strain in his voice had completely given him away to the Brit.

       “Oh, really? Because you look like you’re about to pee yourself…” Tom teased as he gently poked the other boy in the side of his abdomen. Tom’s face began to heat up as well at the strange but pleasant sensation he was beginning to feel in his nether-regions at the sight of Tord recoiling in agony in response to the poke that had just been delivered to his side. Was Tom getting aroused by Tord trying not to wet his pants?

       “Does the big, bad, scary Commie have to go potty? Maybe you should ask Edd to make an Omorashi Hentai, starring you…” Tom continued to tease the poor boy.

       “C-C…Cut it out…” Tord whimpered. Luckily, the other boys were too absorbed into the movie’s plot to notice the two’s rather, inappropriate conversation but Tord decided that he would hold in his urine until the movie was over, just to prove a point to Tom. After over an hour of whimpering and fidgeting, the movie had finally ended, much to Tord’s relief.

       “Tord, could you help me with the dishes?” Edd requested, just as Tord thought he was free to relieve himself.

       “O-Of course, Edd…” Tord reluctantly agreed, provoking a snicker from Tom. He was still too shy to admit his desperate need to everyone else, especially Edd, even if he did feel like so much as a cough or sneeze would cause him to lose control of his bladder and wet himself in front of everyone he knew. The sensation of sticking his hands in warm water along with the gentle, splashing noises and the sound of running water were almost too much for the poor Norwegian as he assisted his friend with washing there dishes. Poor Tord had to cross his legs as he stood at the sink just to keep from losing control right there, in front of Edd, though a few leaks did manage to escape, dampening his boxers a little bit.

       Once they had finished putting away the last of the dishes, Matt had entered the kitchen to strike up a conversation with Edd about the recent animation he had released. Tord took this opportunity to finally sneak off to the bathroom but just as he thought he would finally be able to relieve his painfully-full bladder, he quickly discovered, much to his horror that someone else was in the bathroom.

       “Just a minute!” Tom called from the other side of the door. He then snickered mischievously as he turned on the sink. He really did not have to use the bathroom, he just wanted to pick on the socially-awkward, Norwegian boy that he just happened to share a mutual-friend with.

       “Oh no…” Tord squeaked at the sound of the running water as he quickly shoved his hands into his crotch to suppress the torrent of urine that was threatening to burst through.

       “No-o…” Tord whimpered as he dropped to his knees, hands still buried tightly into his crotch. He was too late, the torrent of urine he had been holding in for hours finally burst from the tip of his member and soaked the front of his Kaki-jeans with a loud, hissing noise that echoed throughout Edd’s hallway.

       “O-Oh my…” Tom had exited the bathroom at this point and had immediately begun to laugh at the poor Norwegian’s predicament. The sight of Tord’s wet crotch, however had caused that strange sensation to return to his member once again.

       “Again, Tord? I told you to stop being so shy about telling us when you need the toilet…” Edd scolded as he approached his Norwegian-companion to help him up. Tord wanted so badly to just die as he immediately began to cry softly from humiliation.

       “Again?! You mean this happens regularly?! Does he have the bladder of a puppy or something?!” Tom teased, causing Tord’s crying to become more hysterical.

       “Tom!” Edd scolded once again as he pulled his Norwegian-friend into a gentle hug.

       “It’s okay, Tord…Let’s get you cleaned up…” Edd attempted to sooth the sobbing-Norwegian as he lead him toward his bedroom.

       “What?” Tom questioned when he looked up to see all of his and Edd’s mutual-friends, including Matt glaring at him with a look of disapproval.

       “That was kinda mean, Tom…” Matt replied sternly.

       “Oh, come on! He was so awkward! He was practically begging to be messed with!” Tom tried but everyone merely walked past him to help Edd comfort Tord. Tom may have found the real Tord boring but at least he could get some entertainment out of him the next time he was forced to be around him.