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If people are tearing down statues, does that mean we can finally remove that stupid girl statue that's in front of the Bull statue in NYC?

I like when that one dude added the peeing dog statue. That was gold. 

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grahamscott :' )

•Their ringtones for each other
- Warren’s ringtone in Nathan’s phone is the Bill Nye theme
-Nathan’s ringtone in Warren’s phone is “I’m not gay” by J Pee
•Their FB relationship status
- Warren’s is “In a relationship”
-Nathan’s is “It’s complicated”, Warren constantly asks him to change it.
•Whether they are addicted to couples selfies
-Nathan is constantly taking pictures of & with Warren
•Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together
-Max and Victoria literally live for them being a couple
•Who overshares intimate relationship details
-Nathan shares way too much
-Warren playfully hits him and gets really flustered
•Who steals the other’s clothes
-Warren steals Nathan’s jacket
-Nathan steals Warren’s t-shirts without telling him but Warren doesn’t even realize
•Who’s the PDA fan
•Who proposes
-Nathan proposes but Warren thinks he’s joking and then proceeds to sob uncontrollably

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hotness is a science; f1 edition

now for the completely useless shit-stirrer i’ve wanted to do for a long time: analysis why the drivers are attractive, if they’re pretty, and how are they pretty

going in number order and starting with everyone’s favourite teeth exhibition daniel ricciardo

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is he pretty: HE IS NOW. the boy was a disaster when he was younger but now he’s a fucking fertility god. honey badger more like HONEY GALAXY EYES like dangggg what colour are they. can i look into them forever. also that nose, it’s weird and ridiculous but so cute and def the biggest fertility god trait (that we know of WHAT WHAT). also that mouth. everyone loves that mouth. you know those fountains that have statues that pee? how the statues are hot dudes on steroids? daniel ricciardo is a live version of that.

what shade of attractive: beautiful fertility god.

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okay so. in the video game Suikoden for PS1, you get ornaments from fighting monsters, things like paintings and statues and vases. you identify them, and you can sell them for money, but you can also put them up as decorations in your castle’s bath house.

one of them is called “Peeing boy”.

it’s exactly as you’d expect. a stone statue of a boy peeing that you can put in your bath. you can have eight of them in your bath. eight Peeing boys. four on the boy side, four on the girl side. the Peeing boy has no regard for the gender segregation of the bath house.

imagine you’re going around fighting dragons and kobolds or killer rabbits whatever, and they’re dropping statues of Peeing boys, and you’re just like “why the hell does a piece of sentient ivy have a statue of a Peeing boy”

and your party leader is totally oblivious and calls it a"? ornament", and you take it to your antiques appraiser and he’s like “uh, yeah. that’s a statue of a boy peeing. it’s called a Peeing boy. i don’t know how you couldn’t figure this out.”

imagine you’re a member of this grand army attempting to liberate the nation from the clutches of an oppressive empire, but your leader decides to have Peeing boys installed as decorations in the baths. imagine talking to one of your fellow soldiers in the bunks about it. “our commander, he’s a great leader and all, but what the fuck is up with the Peeing boys”

imagine being an artist at Konami and getting instructions from your supervisor about your task for the week.

“okay, you’re gonna do some of the artwork for the antiques in the game”
“cool, sounds rad”
“you’re gonna be in the charge of the Blue dragon urn, Octopus urn, Persian lamp, Peeing boy, Kni–”
“wait, can you repeat that last one”
“what, Persian lamp?”
“no, the one after that. did you say a Peeing boy”
“yes, a Peeing boy. it’s a statue of a boy peeing”
“are we… are we putting that in our game”
“and i have to draw it”