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hnzoshimadas  asked:

grahamscott :' )

•Their ringtones for each other
- Warren’s ringtone in Nathan’s phone is the Bill Nye theme
-Nathan’s ringtone in Warren’s phone is “I’m not gay” by J Pee
•Their FB relationship status
- Warren’s is “In a relationship”
-Nathan’s is “It’s complicated”, Warren constantly asks him to change it.
•Whether they are addicted to couples selfies
-Nathan is constantly taking pictures of & with Warren
•Which of their friends is over-joyed shipper trash that they are together
-Max and Victoria literally live for them being a couple
•Who overshares intimate relationship details
-Nathan shares way too much
-Warren playfully hits him and gets really flustered
•Who steals the other’s clothes
-Warren steals Nathan’s jacket
-Nathan steals Warren’s t-shirts without telling him but Warren doesn’t even realize
•Who’s the PDA fan
•Who proposes
-Nathan proposes but Warren thinks he’s joking and then proceeds to sob uncontrollably

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