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A day at the Theme Park

Have some headcanons that @antisocialgamertrash and I came up with; for a power rangers one-shot I’m writing. It’s a work in progress so if you have any other suggestions feel free to add them.

  • Billy made everyone maps of things he thinks they would like (they are colour coded and everything!) He has a schedule that they all try to follow. 
  • Jason drives with Billy in the passenger seat. Kim originally sat on the right side but Trini and Zack were already arguing so she was forced to sit in between them, sharing an earbud with Trini and being coerced into being in Zack’s snapchat stories. They stop 3 times because Trini needs to pee and Zack wouldn’t stop hanging his head out of the window. 
  • When they finally arrive Kim and Billy get the tickets. They get them slightly cheaper because the guy at the ticket booth tried to flirt with Kim. Billy accidentally announces it to the group and for the first 10 minutes of walking around Trini has her headphones on playing very aggressive music. 
  • Trini sits on Kim’s shoulders when they approach the stages with performers. 
  • Zack tries to go on stage but Jason stops him. It doesn’t stop Zack from singing louder than the actual performers and dancing like a mad man whilst Billy films. Jason has to drag Zack away by his collar when they realise he was dancing closer and closer to the stage. 
  • Zack skips out of Jason’s grip with a cheeky “don’t be jealous Jay Boy.” which results in a blushing Jason and Kim teasing him with “red is really your colour Jace.”
  • Kim later pays for that comment when Jason makes her go on a haunted house ride with him and Zack.
  • Trini buys the picture of Kim screaming as a plastic ghost springs out of the corner as Jason is looking into the camera likes he’s on the office. Zack is mooning the camera (she frames it and puts it in the ship).
  • When they reach the roller coaster Trini tries to run but Kim promises to hold her hand during it. The guard rail may be dented when they exit the ride.
  • They spend at least 20 minutes debating over what food to get. It gets worse when Jason tells Zack he can’t possibly eat 10 hot dogs. They have a competition. Kim rolls her eyes and eats her pizza. It’s Trini who actually wins the competition.  
  • They make Trini sit infront on the water ride and it’s an all out war when they go on the bumper cars.
  • Trini wins Kim a stuffed tiger toy to make up for hugging her after the log flume. Kim doesn’t tell anyone that she named the tiger Trini.
  • Kim drags them all into a photo-booth. It’s very cramped but she insists and no one can resist her pout (Billy can but she asked him nicely and it makes her smile so he doesn’t mind).  
  • They all get ice cream at the end of the day, they all somehow manage to get ice-cream flavours that match their ranger colour.
road trip with monsta x

• lots of car games (I spy, guess the license plate, etc.)
• you’ll end up reminding him not to pick up strangers or hitchhikers
• would buy all kinds of souvenirs from places you go to
• like a t-shirt that says “I went to ___ and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”

• he would document everything: loads of picture taking (selcas, signs on the road, food from the convenience store…)
• would make sure you see as many fun sites as possible
• sing-along (very loudly) to every song that plays on the radio!
• would book cheap hotels 

• he’ll be ready with the maps (should you require it), trash can, first-aid kit, cleansing wipes, batteries, chargers etc. 
• would argue with the GPS “I think we should turn right.” “No, I don’t trust it”
• very planned and organized trips 
• would make up road games with you 

• “are we there yet?” “i’m hungry” “I need to pee.” 
• would stick his head out of the window when he’s in the passenger seat
• kind of a reckless driver; might fall asleep in front of the wheel
• would get lost (probably) and refuse to ask for directions

• would take charge of all the music played throughout the journey
• “I’m the driver, I’m in charge of the music” *wink*
• would probably drive so far that you can’t afford to get back.
• would drink a lot so he would also stop a lot to pee

• he’ll be pretty much asleep most of the time probably
• or would be complaining that the backseat is not very comfortable
• nighttime road trip ends up into stargazing!
• “I got you this flower from the gas station”

• would want to try different kinds of food everywhere. Food trip!!!
• so the car would end up with lots of rubbish 
• wouldn’t consult a map or GPS so of course you’ll get lost but you’ll discover so many cool, new places
• “It’s all part of the adventure!” 

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what's a long roadtrip like with the band?

Murdoc: He absolutely hogs the radio and blasts blondie and kate bush the entire time. He also does most of the driving and his road rage is top notch
2D: He’d probably need to pee every five minutes and he’d stick his head out the window like a dog
Noodle: Is on snack duty and takes it deadly seriously
Russel: There is no way this poor man would be able to survive a road trip, he probably just takes a couple of sleeping pills and is out like a light

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hey please dont say stuff like "boy oh boy i sure wish i had a dick so that it would BE EASIER TO PEE LMAOO" cos like, its kinda rude ?? to trans men ?? at least to me anyway

“How can I make this joke about a girl wanting a penis so she can more easily pee out of the window of a moving train about me hmm”

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Three whole days in Ghana. Were you impressed?

THE BLOG 09/21/2011 05:10 pm ET | Updated Nov 14, 2011
Why Ghana Is Not A Tourist Friendly Place To Visit
By Karen Curley
I think travel makes you a well-rounded person and can help us appreciate what we have in America. As an American, I’m used to having a certain comfort level. I like having a hot shower, food and, yes, even air conditioning. If you are traveling to Ghana don’t expect any of these things. I went to Ghana on assignment for a newspaper and stayed in Accra, the capitol city. Even though it’s a developing nation you would expect that the capital would have some amenities. It did and it didn’t.

Only twenty percent of Ghanaians have flush toilets in their homes. People have no choice but to urinate right in the middle of the street — a real eye opener. I was riding in a taxi with my roommate and all of a sudden we stopped and our driver got out. I thought for sure we were going to be kidnapped and sold off to the highest bidder. (I have seen way too many horror movies.) I looked out the back window and our driver was peeing on the side of the road like it was nothing. He got back in the car and off we went. I will never get that picture out of my head. There is no sanitation system there. Sometimes the smell knocked me back ten feet.

The poverty over there is heartbreaking. One day I was walking around the city and happened upon an abandoned railroad station called Kantamanto. Over four thousand homeless people were living there. All around, people were wandering around half-dressed begging for food or money. There was burning trash and feces everywhere. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. The people over there do not know how to react to white people. When I was walking around the market I was constantly poked and prodded like a lab rat. I think some wanted to touch me because they had never seen a white person. Just trying to look in one of the outdoor markets proved an impossible task. I couldn’t even walk a foot without getting my clothes pulled on, my butt poked at, or my back hit. And forget about taking pictures. No one likes having their pictures taken. If the police catch you taking pictures, which they call snapping. Even if it’s just a building, they pull you to the side and tell you to stop. I was told that sometimes they even take you in to their police station for interrogation.

If you want to go to the beach forget it. The beaches there are disgusting. The water is filled with trash and it’s not even clean enough to go swimming. I witnessed a waterfall of trash going right into the ocean and no one seemed to care. You can’t even take a nice walk on the beach because everyone is poking you or trying to be your so called “friend.”

To be honest, I did go over there to work. I had a lot of great work experiences and some of the things I saw really changed my world perspective. I’m glad I went over there. But I would definitely not go over there on vacation.

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Yea, I kinda was actually. Ghana is a developing country and it is not exactly a safe place. Combine the elements of danger and discomfort, a yellow fever vaccination, and making the effort in the middle of filming…. I do think she deserves a nod. I would not go. I think it speaks to her commitment to this organization, her level of humility, and sincerity of compassion. 

Genuine human being point earned…. Nothing but net. 

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Andrew and neil sleep on the bus.

I wrote this in like 20 minutes and I am so tired so I hope it’s ok!

The Foxes’s bus was at the tail end of a traffic backlog caused by a massive pile up. Cars were going nowhere whilst a flatbed truck’s load of steel poles lay across the fronts of steaming cars that were crunched at the back from the ensuing crashes. Wymack was on the phone to the match officials trying to work out what was the absolute latest they would be able to turn up to the match. Thank god for building in some contingency time, was all he could say.

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Wow that was close!

This is my first story so please be nice, hope you enjoy.

It was getting late and Mike knew he had to be up early the next day so would have to leave his colleagues to stay within a chance of catching the last bus home, he looked at his watch and realised it was 11:30 which meant only 10 minutes until that bus left, he said his goodbyes and made his way out of the door. He glanced over at the men’s bathroom but since there wasn’t a lot of time had to reluctantly give it a miss. His bladder felt pretty full as well so he knew this was going to be a close call and with all the drinks he had he knew it was going to get worse! He could feel all that warm pee sloshing around as he walked but remained focused on catching the bus, it was only a few minute walk so he knew he would be there soon.

He arrived at the bus station in good time and the board said it would arrive in two minutes, unfortunately with no seats available he had to resort to standing which proved a little difficult, he could feel his bladder pressing against his jeans making the situation a little worse and with a lot of people around he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. He tried to stand as still as possible squeezing his bladder muscles tight but could feel the desperation building. A wave of desperation hit him causing him to walk around slightly and he could feel the pee rushing towards to the tip of his dick, he quickly squeezed it with his hand in his pocket and gritted his teeth praying for the moment to pass, a few drops escaped and he let out a gasp then looked around but luckily no one seemed to notice. His heart was racing and he felt hot but slowly the desperation started to fade and his breathing returned to normal but his aching bladder did not. The pain was still there! Eventually the bus came and he climbed on and went straight to the back out of eyesight of people so he could concentrate on holding the torrent of pee from coming out. He was wiggling his legs looking out of the window as the minutes passed by and the desperation grew stronger. He felt every bump in the road and it was becoming more painful. He was really starting to worry whether he would make it home. The bus was getting closer to his stop so he slowly stood up and made his way to the front, he kept his thighs together tight while he stood there and his hand in his pocket squeezing the tip of his dick not really caring who could see anymore. He got off the bus and had a few minutes to walk to get home which were agonising, the whole time he had to keep hold of himself his bladder was pulsing and he could feel his muscles getting weak as a few more drops escaped, he almost started to run at this point. He could see his home not so far away and he thought “come on I can make it” he ran up his driveway and crossed his legs tight and rammed his hand in his crotch while fumbling with the keys in the other hand, he was breathing heavy and shaking as the door flew open, he slammed it behind him and bolted upstairs to the toilet. He ran inside and pulled his zip down while desperately dancing around, he pulled his dick out and before he could aim properly his bladder gave way, squirting warm pee on the floor, the seat and the back of the toilet, he released a massive sigh of relief as the ordeal was over and his heart beat returned to normal. He closed his eyes and rolled his head back as his bladder emptied splashing into the water below. He knew that was a close one!

Positive (An Ezria fanfic + Spencer)

Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz have been married for two years.  He proposed on Labor Day in a not-super-sanitary bar called Snookers, but for Aria Montgomery it was perfect. It was them.  He slid her a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird and she found a ring taped to the inside. He didn’t even have to ask, but she patiently waited as he poured his heart out and her eyes filled with tears.  They were married in June, and by July the pair was packing up 3B to move to New York City. They kept Ezra’s apartment, though.  She said it was for when they visited Rosewood, but he knew she couldn’t bear to part with it. And honestly, neither could he.  That was about two years ago.

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  • Aries: Listen. I will literally fight you. I am NOT going down with a fight. Come back when I'm sleeping or something.
  • Taurus: I've been ready for this my whole life...but can I at least bring a sandwich and my Rolex with me? No? Fine
  • Gemini: You've got the wrong person you've gotta let me go please please hey what's that- that's right! A distraction!!! *runs away*
  • Cancer: Let me ask my mom
  • She said no
  • Leo: I'm literally not ready like I still have a lot of potential to live up to? Please let me stay I can't go yet
  • Virgo: I never thought you were an actual figure, just a metaphor or something, yeah I'm not going with you this is sketchy
  • Libra: Okay just let me pee first *throws self out of window* *ends up going with grim reaper anyways*
  • Scorpio: You're like my long lost twin brother why you gonna do this to a family member
  • Sagittarius: Death is just another adventure........that I am not ready for
  • Capricorn: Ahh yes the sweet embrace of death
  • Aquarius: No wait I gotta tell my friends that you're real, because if you're real then there's an It's just an abyss???? That's not even fair
  • Pisces: Is the soundtrack of hell Iggy Azalea on loop

ERIC: Alright, listen up! Everybody, may I have your attention for a moment!

ERIC: I know this might be a little confusing to some of you, but you can rest assured that we are working to solve the problem.

ERIC: Just relax and it’ll all be done with soon enough.

ERIC: Now unfortunately, we don’t know how long it’ll be until we’ll get to stop, so if you have to take a piss, please do not hesitate to pee out the window. Bonus points if it splats against the glass.

ERIC: If you’re a girl, just hold it in because nobody wants to see your gross lady dicks hanging out from the side of the bus, okay? Have some decency for chrissake.

ERIC: Now, on to taking a shit. Unfortunately that might be a little harder to pull off, but we do have a bucket near the back of the bus, and with determination and maybe having to wipe with some paper towels, we can make it through th–

CRAIG: Excuse me! Do you mind telling us what’s actually going on here?

CLYDE: Yeah, we passed the school like ten minutes ago!

ERIC: Clyde, you have to admit this is like a million times better than going to school.

CRAIG: Not if it involves riding in a bus controlled by Stan and Kenny!

ERIC: Hey! Stan’s an excellent driver, and don’t you dare judge Kenny’s gas pedaling skills!

CLYDE: Since when does Stan know how to drive a bus?

ERIC: Maybe if you lazy pieces of shit spent more time hanging with us instead of fingering yourself all day long and being super duper boring, you’d know!

TWEEK: We don’t hang out with you because you do crazy shit like this!

ERIC: We don’t need comments from the peanut gallery, alright? We’ve got this handled. Don’t do anything stupid, we’re trying to save your asses.

CLYDE: We weren’t even in any danger until you guys got involved.

ERIC: Listen, Stan, Kenny, Kyle and I weren’t the ones waving around guns and knives trying to hijack the bus! Those are the bad guys, not us!

CRAIG: No, but you were probably the cause of them trying to do anything in the first place!

ERIC: Craig?


ERIC: Craig!

CRAIG: What!

ERIC: Shut the hell up and let the men take care of this.

CRAIG: That’s it, I’m done caring. I tried to care but I can’t now.

CLYDE: I was actually looking forward to school today…

TWEEK: At least now we don’t have to do that history test. I didn’t study at all!

CRAIG: Yeah but now we’re probably going to end up hurling off the side of a cliff or something. We’re heading right into the mountains.

CLYDE: I still have an internet signal. Don’t worry, Craig. The day is saved. We can still answer more questions.

CRAIG: Oh, joy. You’ve really brightened up my mood.

TWEEK: I could use the distraction.

CLYDE: Yeah, I’d rather die with my wife and anonymous children than to die with just the people in this bus.

CRAIG: I hear you.

Anon asked: Prompt. Dean meets Castiel’s family and Gabriel and Lucifer decide to pull out the baby pictures and embarrass the crap out of baby brother.

Castiel cursed as his fingers fumbled with his tie. He struggled with the fabric for a good five minutes before Dean had pity on him and stepped in.

“I still don’t know what you’re so nervous about,” His boyfriend said, fixing the collar of shirt. “I wasn’t nervous when you met my family.”

“Your family isn’t full of homophobic assholes,” Castiel mumbled, looking down at Dean’s hands. The other man sighed and pulled Castiel closer.

They had been dating for almost a year when Castiel’s parents called, demanding to meet Dean. In all the months that they had been together, Dean had only ever heard Castiel mention two brothers, so he had just assumed that Castiel’s parents were dead. It turned out that they and his oldest brother Michael had cut Castiel out of their lives after he came out.

“Hey.” Dean lifted his chin so that he could see Castiel’s eyes. “I don’t give a damn about them. We don’t have to go if you don’t want to.” Castiel hugged Dean tightly.

“Thank you for putting up with me. I know I’ve been a wreck for the last week.” Dean ran his thumb over Cas’s cheekbone.

“You’re cute when your nervous.” Castiel laughed a little and Dean smiled. “Come on. Let’s get this over with.”

He kissed Castiel quickly then took his hand and led him out the door.


Dean shifted under Castiel’s parents’ glares. He had never felt so hated by people he didn’t even know. Castiel held his hand silently, not looking away from the hole his eyes were burning into the carpet.

“Hey, Cassie,” Castiel’s brother, Gabriel finally said after a few long, silent minutes. “Why don’t you show Dean-o around the house before dinner?”

“Okay.” Castiel gave his brother a thankful look and pulled Dean out of the living room before his parents could object. He led him to his old bedroom and leaned against the wall.

“I’m so sorry,” He said. “I hate that they’re like this.”

“It’s not your fault,” Dean insisted, pulling him to his chest. Castiel hugged him back and buried his face in his neck. There was a knock on the door and it cracked open to reveal half of Gabriel’s face.

“Are your pants still on?”

“Yes, Gabriel. What do you need?”

“Me and Luci want to meet your boy toy. We even brought party favors.” Castiel’s eyes widened when Gabriel came into the room with Lucifer in tow and a photo album in his hand.

“Take that vile thing back down stairs,” Castiel warned.

“Cassie, don’t talk about Gabriel that way,” Lucifer smirked. “Dean, would you like to see some old photos of Castiel?”

“Oh, hell yes.” Castiel watched in horror as his boyfriend sat on the bed beside his brothers to look through the album.

Castiel’s parents had been away a lot when he and his brothers were growing up so the nannies started the albums so that they would miss a moment. There were pictures of Castiel running around naked, of him in his Halloween costumes (there was a particularly embarrassing bumble bee costume with antennae, a stinger, and all), there was even one of him peeing out of the second floor window (he had been following his older brothers lead but they didn’t see that.)

He could feel himself turning more and more red every time Dean laughed. How could they do this to him? They were supposed to be on his side.

“I think they’re cute,” Dean said, tugging Castiel into his lap and pointing at a picture of Castiel and his brothers sleeping in a big pile of limbs and pillows and blankets. “Especially that one.”

Before Castiel could respond, there was a knock on the door. A maid opened it and poked her head in.

“Dinner’s ready, guys,” She informed them.

“Thank you.” She nodded before pulling the door shut again and leaving them alone.

It was a long and awkward night, but Castiel left with the photo album that his parents never even opened tucked under his arm, Dean’s hand in his, and a plan to ask Mary about old photos of Dean the next time they visited her and John.

31 lovely moments of my ordinary life
  • 1. The first sip of your morning coffee or tea.
  • 2. A long, hot shower.
  • 3. A fully-charged battery, replay button and your favorite song.
  • 4. An empty to do-list.
  • 5. Sticking into your daily budget.
  • 6. Knowing that you have made a difference or inspired someone.
  • 7. Sleeping as long as you want.
  • 8. Taking jeans off, and changing into sweatpants.
  • 9. Finding a short-cut to your destination.
  • 10. Getting told that someone misses you.
  • 11. Seeing an old couple still crazy in love.
  • 12. Wearing your favorite outfit.
  • 13. Realizing how much you have grown in the past year.
  • 14. Doing what you love.
  • 15. Waking up with perfect hair.
  • 16. Watching the classic Disney movies or going through an old yearbook.
  • 17. Being supported by the people that love you despite your flaws.
  • 18. Finding a healthy solution to your sweet tooth.
  • 19. Anything free.
  • 20. The comfort of being in your own home.
  • 21. Spontaneous adventures.
  • 22. Feeling the warmth of the sunshine, freshness of the wind or the relaxation of the rain.
  • 23. Going through all the photos that you took that day.
  • 24. Holiday music from the radio.
  • 25. Finishing a book in one sitting.
  • 26. A compliment from a stranger or from someone that you look up to.
  • 27. Being forgiven.
  • 28. Laughing so hard that your stomach hurts, no noise comes out and you are about to pee your pants.
  • 29. Getting the window seat on a bus, train or plane.
  • 30. The first bite of your favorite meal.
  • 31. Realizing how amazing your life is.
  • by http: //

K but what if the newsies went on a really long road trip and Spot ended up driving

“Are we there yet?”
“I swear on everything that I’ll invoke the power of the goddess of Brooklyn if you don’t shut up because WE’LL GET THERE WHEN WE GET THERE!”

“Spot, I gotta pee.”
“For god’s sake, Les, just piss out the window. I don’t even care anymore.”

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i remember this time i was hearing noises in my bathroom in the middle of the night so i got scared af even tho i had to pee so i ended up peeing in a plastic Forever 21 bag and i didnt wanna sleep with it in my room so i threw the pee bag out my window hoping that it'd land in the bushes and burst so i'd just pick up the bag the next morning and the pee would be in the ground and shit but i missed and the bag of pee landed in my pool and i never told anyone

oh my god