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Gym Class

I think you guys might like this story. It happened earlier in the week. I have gym class and that day I had drank a lot of water before the class. Typically I change into my gym clothes and go to the bathroom before heading out to the gym. But I was running late and only changed so I wouldn’t be marked tardy. I had changed into short yellow gym shorts and had white panties on. You could see my panty line and when I bent over you could see that they were white. But those were the only shorts I packed so I had to deal with it.
I didn’t think much about not going to the bathroom when I changed, probably because at the time I didn’t have to go. But within the period of like 45 minutes I slowly felt my bladder filling up and began to feel uncomfortable. Having to pee in gym is horrible because my class will always jog around the gym for the last 10-15 minutes of class. While jogging, each step jolted my bladder and made it weaker and weaker. By the time I had 2 laps to go, I was in a panic thinking to myself, “ oh geez, if I start to pee…even a little, its going to be noticeable because these shorts are see through enough, them getting wet would make it even worse…AND since they are so short, I bet when some pee runs down my leg you’ll see my leg is wet. Fuck.”
Halfway through my final lap, my bladder couldn’t take the pressure of each step anymore. I felt my muscles failing and giving in to my full bladder, my crotch began to get wet and pee slowly began escaping my shorts and ran down my legs. I desperately wanted to stop jogging and grab my crotch in an effort to stop peeing myself but I knew that would draw attention to me. I kept jogging and peeing for maybe 7 seconds before I was able to clench my bladder muscles together again. By now I was on the home stretch of my jog, which meant the bathroom was only minutes away. I wanted to see if my little accident was noticeable so I looked down at myself, I was still jogging, and saw my upper thighs were glistening where the pee had escaped my shorts. And my crotch was noticeably darker than the rest of my pants and my underwear was more visible than anywhere.
I finished my last lap and walked over to the door. Panting from running and almost peeing myself, and trembling a little, because I had to go so bad, I leaned on the wall and quickly wiped the pee from my legs. I stood, leaning against the wall with my legs crossed for about a minute before the teacher said, “alright, everyone who is done can go change out”. When I heard this I was so relieved. I quickly got off the wall and hobbled down the steps to the gym floor. The steps were almost as bad as the jogging was on my bladder but I was able to keep control. I fast walked to the other side of the gym and busted into the girls locker room. I was the only person in there and I was the first girl in the class to finish jogging so I knew I had the locker room to myself for a little while. At most 10 minutes. Which was fantastic because I knew I didn’t much time at all, if any, to get to the toilet. I make my way through the locker room, at this point I was so scared because I wasn’t sure what to do. Run to the stalls and probably pee as I run, which would leave a mess for the others to see. And I knew couldn’t stay in the stall until everyone left because others would have to go too so I’d leave the stall and it would clearly evident I pissed myself. Or take my time and concentrate on not peeing…which I felt was about to be impossible to do. So I decided to make a mad dash to the stalls. I stopped holding and ran. I made it about 5 feet from the stalls and right next to the showers when my bladder muscles failed. I stopped dead in my tracks and started peeing, slow at first, but as I stood there, trying to stop the flow, I began to pee faster and faster. I felt my butt getting wet and warm, and trickles of pee ran down my legs and into my shoes. As I grabbed my crotch and clenched my bladder muscles, I began to panic because I knew I was about to give in 100% and at any moment the rest of the girls could come in. So I looked to the right at the showers and ran into one.
The showers were closed off and private so I decided to finish peeing myself in there, hidden from everyone else. I relax and let out a little gasp as pee floods my pants, hissing into my underwear and gym shorts. My butt quickly gets wetter and wetter and pee began running down legs, which was a lot cause you know how short and small gym shorts are, they were soaked in seconds. Pee went into my socks and shoes. 1 minute later, as people started coming into the locker room, I stopped peeing. I was soaked and warm. I looked down at myself and saw my pants and underwear were soaked in pee. My white panties were clearly visible, I mean my shorts were 100% see through at this point. My socks and shoes were wet and my legs were shiny and sticky with pee.
Realizing that there was no way I could leave the shower without being seen, I decided to take a shower to clean myself up and pass time. I took off my shirt and bra and left everything else on. I took like a 5 minute shower, and when I was finished I poked my head out of the shower to check that I was alone again. When I confirmed with myself that the locker room was empty, I ran out of the shower, topless and with my wet pants and shoes on and went ever to my bag and dried off. I put my bra and shirt back on and grabbed my spare shoes, socks, and pants I had on before gym. I looked through my bag for spare underwear but I couldn’t find any. “Great, wth am I going to do now?”, I thought to myself. So I ended up drying my underwear as best I could with my towel. And I dried them up pretty good I thought. They were just cold and a little damp. They had a faded yellow color to them too. So after drying them as best I could I finished getting dressed and put on my blue skinny jeans. (Actually blue, not denim blue, if that helps to visualize them)
The rest of the day was uncomfortable with cold, damp panties on. I would check my butt from time to time to make sure my pants weren’t getting visibly wet from my underwear. But with all the sitting I had to do for the rest of the school day I did notice them slowly get darker after class. If you looked long enough you could probably tell, but I knew it was fairly noticeable. Luckily my underwear dried by the end of school.
Hope everyone liked the story! It was a crazy day!😂

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Can u be my best friend pls

Bish I am friend to all, even little bee even though they make me pee myself sometimes but they can’t help it the yellow boys just gotta do they job, yknow provide for a little bee family put little babay bee through collage and help babay bee feel proud of himself and his little bee culture and yknow enjoy life. So I kinda like being pals with everythin

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Shopping diarrhea

I went for a few drinks last night. I didn’t get too drunk, but I managed to pick up a cold halfway through the day and I ended up going home a snuffly mess. I felt worse when I woke up this morning. I had a coffee, which made my insides hurt a bit, then I got a sudden need to poo. It was making me feel unwell to hold it though, so rather than get dressed and head outside, I went to the toilet, but stopped it at the point were it got quite loose. My bowels were screaming for more relief but I held it and went back to bed.

My stomach was not happy with me for doing this. I kept getting the need to fart when I knew it wasn’t going to be a fart, but I wasn’t in the mood for going outside to mess myself. I managed to wait for an hour then I realised there was diarrhea in me wanting to come out and it’d be a shame to waste a good opportunity.

I peed carefully before I left, noticing that my underwear was already slightly stained from holding it in. I kept the same underwear on (white), put on some black jeans, and put a coat over my pajama top so no-one could see I was still half in my pajamas. I left the house and wandered to the nearby shop.

At the shop, there was quite a few festive shoppers around, even though this wasn’t the main shopping area of the city. It is more like a small shopping arcade. I went into the supermarket and picked up a couple of things I needed. There was a cute girl on the checkout, and quite a few good looking women around, one behind me had a girl who looked around 10 years old.

As I queued, I let out a small fart. It was warm and wet, and I knew it was more than a fart but it was difficult to tell. There was an immediate smell. I was alarmed to see that the woman and the girl was standing very close to me, and I didn’t realise they were so close. The woman said to the girl ‘was that you?’ and the girl replied no. Straight after this I moved forward to get served.

The girl serving apologised for making me wait in a robotic way, even though I was only waiting for about 15 seconds. She smiled at me, and I smiled back, releasing my bowels a little. There was a definite movement, and I felt a soft ripple of mess filling my pants quite quickly. I stopped though as it was so wet that I worried it would show through the back of my jeans. It was dangerously wet.

I bagged my shopping in the bag I had taken with me, releasing a little more mess as I was walking away, and I felt my legs get wet. Uh-oh.

I walked home, feeling behind me to see if I was wet. I couldn’t feel wet, but the mess was barely solid at all. It quivered as I touched it lightly. It was running down my legs a little so it was a race against time to get home.

As I neared the house, I pushed again as a couple of teenage girls walked towards me. This time it was audible, and my pants ballooned out. It was an explosion and the wetness was everywhere now. I knew my pants were sagging badly but I didn’t want to check as it would make it obvious. I also peed a little here. I walked past the girls, feeling the mess run down my leg and pool into my socks. What a disaster. I wish I looked back here but I was too nervous.

As I crossed the road to my house, a female jogger ran past from behind me. I wondered how it looked from the back. I entered the house, pushing again but getting no more mess out, only a little more pee. 

I checked myself in the mirror and the stain wasn’t noticeable but the bulge certainly was! It was huge.I pushed it a little and it ran down my legs even more so I retreated to the toilet. There is no doubt that the jogger saw the huge sagging bulge.

I spent so long cleaning up. The toilet floor was a mess as I dripped everywhere when I took my jeans off. My pants were utterly ruined, soaked through. I’m amazed that the jeans didn’t soak through too, but I think it was because the big explosion was so near the end. 

I forgot to mention, both my flatmates are away for a week. That’s why I was able to get away with this! It’s the first time since I moved here that I’ve had the house properly to myself.

Underwear is in the washing machine now. Might have to bin them as the stain might not come out.


The Conjuring 2 (2016) - James Wan

5 bullets on this film:

  • I usually like James Wan’s films, but I really hate commercial horror movies with too many special effects and the usual cliche story about a family who is haunted by a demon and blah blah blah. While I was waiting for The Conjuring 2, I had hope in my little heart. I thought ‘hey, maybe it’s gonna be an original movie!! It’s James Wan, afterall’. OH, DAMN, I WAS WRONG. The Conjuring 1 and The Conjuring 2 have literally the same plot/dialogues, only with different characters. 
  • The cinematography is good, but I didn’t really like the setting. It looked like the writer searched for ‘London during the ‘70s’ on Google and clicked on the first link that showed up.

  • I think the film would’ve been scarier if the ghosts/demons hadn’t appeared, because makeup and special effects are a huge turn off. Like, when you imagine a demoniac creature only in your head it’s super scary, but then, when it’s shown on the screen, it’s ‘meh’.

  • Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson were awesome, and the girl who plays Janet (Madison Wolfe) was really good. I saw some pictures of the real Janet and the actress looks almost exactly like her, it’s incredible. 

  • It was scary, but not ‘I can’t go to the bathroom because I’m scared of seeing satan on the mirror’ scary. That demoniac nun made me pee myself a little, though. And if you believe that the Enfield poltergeist was real it gets even scarier. I’m not gonna say I don’t believe it, because I don’t want any demons haunting me to prove their existence. Demons, back off. 

There’s A New Baby *Neymar imagine*

You know what I don’t like, vomiting. I mean I know there are people in the world who don’t like it also but, I like to believe I’m the worst person you could do that around.

For one I would probably, try and get as far away from you. And second I’d probably do it to but on you. However for me to be the one throwing up was worse.

So you could imagine how I felt throwing up at 4 in the morning. And being alone when it happened was even worse . But that wasn’t the last , it was just the beginning.

I was throwing up for the whole day. And thank God Neymar hadn’t noticed because then he’d get worried and, try and get me to the hospital when nothing is wrong. “Hey babe, what do you want to eat tonight?” Neymar asked opening the fridge

I turned in my seat. “How about we have take out? We haven’t had that in a while” I said

He thought about it. “Alright, sure what do you what?”

I smiled,” Chinese please”

He chuckled. “Um Ney I’m going to the bathroom really quick” I said

He nodded and sat down on the couch. I hurried to the bathroom but not to the point where he would notice something different.When I reached the bathroom, I threw up. 

I washed my face, and brushed my teeth. When I got back out, Neymar was just closing the door. Neymar held up, the Chinese food. “Hungry?” 

He smiled, and I grabbed the plates, “Alright, lets eat!”

We, sat down at the table. And as soon as Neymar opened the first box, something just came over and I just had to throw up. I stood and ran up, and towards the bathroom. “Y/N! Are you okay?” Neymar asked running behind me

I threw up, and felt Neymar pull back my curls.He rubbed my back, and said soothing words.When I finished throwing up, I sat up. And I felt tears stream down my cheeks. 

“Babe why are you crying are you okay?” He asked crouching down in front of me

“I-I-I don’t know, I’ve just been throwing up all morning” I said

He smiled, I looked at him like he was crazy. “Why the hell are you smiling!?” I asked

“Did you ever think you could be pregnant?” He asks

“Pregnant? How we had sex- Holy shit! I knew got my period” I said realizing

“Well why don’t you take a test?”

I put my head in my knees, this can’t be happening. “Look I texted, Rafaella to buy you one everythings gonna be okay” He said

I looked at him, “This can’t be happening”

He stood up and put his hands in front of me to stand up. I took his hands and he pulled me to his chest. Kissing my forehead, “I love you and no matter what happens I love you “ He said

We waited in the living room, and Neymar kept giving me things to drink. “Neymar I’m going to pee myself before she even gets here” I said pushing away the next drink

At that moment, Rafaella came in the house. “Hello love birds” She said coming in

“Where’s the test?” Neymar asked

“Okay Mr.Rushy, here” She said handing me the box

Neymar gave me a smile. I went into the bathroom, and looked at myself. I started doing a little pee dance, and then I peed on the stick. When I finished I placed the stick on the box, and washed my hands. 

I unlocked the door, and Neymar jumped up. “Did it finish? What’d it say?” He rushed out

I chuckled, “Slow down there, buddy. I have to wait 3 minutes” I said

Rafa waved from the couch, “How are you feeling?” She asked

“Eh, I’m okay just I feel it coming up again” 

She nodded, and went back to watching TV. We waited and I felt like we were waiting forever. Finally Rafa, stood up. “Times up”

I looked at Neymar, to see him smiling at me. “It’s going to be okay Babe” He said

I nodded and went into the bathroom, counting to three I took a deep breath and looked. Positive.

I walked out, and they stood up. “So what did it say? Am I gonna be an Aunt?”Rafa asked a smile on her face

“Neymar, are you ready?”I asked

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to be a Dad?” I said

That’s when it hit them and Rafaella screamed, while Neymar hugged me so tight I thought I’d die. “Congratulations!” Rafaella said


you can always try to dry them under the air-drier.

A 250 kilo undetonated bomb from WW2 was found barely a mile from where I live in Munich. Mein Boo texted me just as I was about to get home from finishing setting up my classroom that a team of experts was going to detonate it. The police evacuated and cordoned off a 300 square meter area. It was supposed to detonate about 45 minutes ago, and I was told I should’ve heard it from my apartment, but nothing yet.

They found another WW2 bomb a few months ago outside the city center, steps away from where a friend of mine lives. No harm came of that, but it looks like as the city continues to update and maintain its infrastructure that more will be found.