peeing myself a little

A 250 kilo undetonated bomb from WW2 was found barely a mile from where I live in Munich. Mein Boo texted me just as I was about to get home from finishing setting up my classroom that a team of experts was going to detonate it. The police evacuated and cordoned off a 300 square meter area. It was supposed to detonate about 45 minutes ago, and I was told I should’ve heard it from my apartment, but nothing yet.

They found another WW2 bomb a few months ago outside the city center, steps away from where a friend of mine lives. No harm came of that, but it looks like as the city continues to update and maintain its infrastructure that more will be found.


Chandra Week: Chandra Ablaze!

The iconic firebrand, Chandra Nalaar.  

I adore Alexi Briclot’s work.  And as I’ve mentioned a few times, he’s a hell of a tough act to follow.  So when I was asked to create Chandra’s planeswalker card for Zendikar, there was a mighty mix of elation, terror, inspiration, self-doubt.  I drooled, I cried, I pee’d myself a little.  

Being the first major character I got to illustrate, naturally I asked my wife Kat, who is herself quite a firebrand, if she’d like to be the model.  If you’re ever at an event with us, be sure to get Kat to sign your Chandra Ablaze.  She promises not to light your cards, or anything else, on fire.

I did a little bit of 3D modeling for this one; very basic stuff.  Mostly I just wanted to get the hose and the chainmail jump-started without having to work out a ton of perspective and tedious precision.

For more on the process, I’ve got a video timelapse of this piece you can watch here: