peeing my pants laughing


Requested by: zombielove13

You wiped at the tears in your eyes as you laughed, “Stop it! I’m going to pee my pants!”

Crowley chuckled besides you. “You should have seen how stupid his face looked.”

You turned towards him. “Let me guess. It looked like this.” You gave him your best impression of Dean being confused.

He tossed his head back and guffawed. “That is exactly how he looked!”

Sam and Dean walked out of the house they had been searching and walked up to you. Sam sighed, “What are you two giggling about now?”

The moment your eyes fell on Dean, you bent over in a new bout of laughter. Sam and Dean looked at each other, then at Crowley.

Dean growled, “What did you tell her this time?”

Crowley smiled slyly at him. “About the time you ‘accidentally’ called an escort service instead of the Dominos.”

Dean’s jaw tightened. “We both know you thought it would be funny to give me the wrong number.”

You gasped out, “Was her name really Crystal with a K?”

Dean stomped past you two, making sure to slam into Crowley’s shoulder. He murmured, “Whoever introduced Y/N to Crowley is getting shot.”

Ok, Keystone Motel

We can all agree that Ruby’s faces were hilarious.  I personally was peeing my pants laughing the whole time watching the episode.  I love the Eternal Flame baby and all her face expressions, but I think the funniest part in the episode was when the waitress brought out their food.

After what had to have been at least 12 hours of Ruby losing her shit, the waitress puts food in front of her and she’s like 

“WTF she do? You interrupt my rage for this?”


Get to know me Meme [Favorite Friendships]: (2/5) Lea Michele and  Jonathan Groff.

“To my best friend, Jonathan Groff: I could write a whole book on how much I love you, Jonathan, and how grateful I am for your friendship. Thank you for always making me laugh so hard I pee my pants, and for being by my side when I needed you most”— Lea Michele

“She is a rockstar and has a strength inside of her that is so inspiring, i’m so proud of her”   —Jonathan Groff. 

hook up lines.

mary had a little let me rub your boobies.
roses are red violets are blue i wanna get you pregnant.
on your mark, get set, suck my dick.
rocks, paper, take off all your clothes.
sticks and stones may break my bones, i wanna jam my penis in you.
my apartment smells of rich mahogany. you should get naked.
are youuu the batman? i want to lick your nipples!

you get a little giggle, then you get a little wiggle….in the pants!

Older(ish) Cartoon Movies

I just watched for the first time Treasure Planet and Rode to El Dorado and watched for the first time in years, Quest for Camelot. I cried, laughed, believed in dreaming, never giving up, and you are what you want to be. These movies are now going down in some of my top movies of all time. They have taken the spark of hope in me that made me strive for my dreams, and rekindled it. I love them to the depths of the Earth. I’m sad that they all ended. Also in all of this, I proclaim it loudly, and am not ashamed to the fact that these movies are amazing, and they changed my life. These movies though they may not be as big as other disney and pixar movies, its was these types of movies that made me start dreaming.


guy on a buffalo

teach me your mysterious ways