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Jeong Joon Hyung: The Boyfriend of a Feminist

1. Joon Hyung is not a guy you have to change for. He likes you, as you are. Pimples on nose and all. It always irked me that dramas like She Was Beautiful or 200 Pound Beauty or every other teeny bopper romcom in the States - looking at you She’s All That - always has this makeover scene where the frumpy heroine becomes a bombshell goddess. 

Bok Joo doesn’t have that moment. She doesn’t have a montage where her hair becomes all silky and she’s wearing heels and she takes off her glasses and why she’s a goddess.

Joon Hyung saw a Bok Joo that was in sweats, a weightlifter, with calluses on her hands. And he liked her for it, because what happened to Joon Hyung was not that Bok Joo became pretty and bam he liked her. 

What happened to Joon Hyung was that he got to know Bok Joo. How she was a kind daughter, a loyal friend and a good person. He got to know a Bok Joo who made his heart warm and that was what made her beautiful to him. 

Not her physical appearance.

And I don’t know about you, but that’s just really lovely for me. 

2. Jealous Joon Hyung is not asshole Joon Hyung. Most K-drama guys become macho-men I’ll pee over you like a dog because you’re mine when they get jealous. Jealousy, by itself is not bad per se. But jealousy that leads you to treat characters as objects (see Lee Min Ho in BoF, Heirs and now LotBS) it crosses a line from awwww so cute to ewwww I’ll get a restraining order on you. 

This is why jealous Joon Hyung is my favorite guy. Joon Hyung gets jealous because he likes Bok Joo and some other guy is chummy with her. But his response is:

a. To ASK Bok Joo, not to DEMAND Bok Joo not to see this guy again.

b. And when he realized his jealousy stemmed from loving feelings for Bok Joo instead of cooking up a sick reason to keep other guy away, he tells her straight. I’m jealous because I like you. Give me a chance. It’s all up to you. Do with me as you please. 

This is what’s good about them. Even jealousy is healthy for them, it’s a driver for them to address how they feel. 

3. Joon Hyung is not a knight in shining armor. He thinks Bok Joo is strong enough to fight her battles, but that doesn’t mean he can’t support her. 

He looked after her dad.

He did not kick up a shit storm when they had to be apart because she’s training for the national team. Instead he understood that to Bok Joo being an athlete comes first, and her family second and he’s happy to be there to help her with it. That’s what makes Joon Hyung such a loveable guy. He doesn’t demand that he be the center of your universe. He just wants to share the world with you. 

And after all the macho men who think it’s romantic to tell a girl to ignore her family and dreams and responsibilities and look at me, only look at me, Joon Hyung is a refreshing reminder that love is not selfish, love is not an or but an and. And that when you truly love someone your life opens up to include them in it.

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Okay so I noticed that a few (a lot tbh) writers and readers have this issue with trying to tag someone, but their url not popping up OR it doesn’t link and notify them. As a writer and reader, this is annoying and frustrating. So here’s what you (reader) can do!

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  • I had my blog flagged for NSFW because I would have the occasional nsfw post. For some reason (I haven’t figured out why yet) if you have this switched on, you won’t pop up in the search/tagging system. If you’re a hardcore adult-orientated blog, then it’s your choice if you want to keep your blog flagged, or be tagged in a fic.

If you (writer) still can’t tag the reader, then it might be because of:

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  3. Tumblr is being a sack of burning shit more likely than the two above

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An Alternative to “Bite Me”

Pale gray eyes with green flecks stared into Tony’s own. His muscles relaxed as something heavy pushed down on him like a weighted blanket. The owner of the eyes smiled crookedly in a familiar fashion. Everything about the person before him was familiar though. The stranger was younger than Stephen–the man who the person most resembled; although, that was no surprise, considering this was another Stephen from a different dimension. He didn’t have the white streak in his hair, and he still carried the devil-may-care attitude that Tony and Stephen had possessed in their younger years.

“Tony,” the younger Stephen purred. His finger hooked under Tony’s chin as he leaned in for what Tony thought was a kiss.

Tony’s eyes fluttered shut as pleasure rushed through his veins. Young Stephen’s lips hovered centimeters from Tony’s.

Tony wanted to kiss this Stephen. Everything screamed in him to do so; however, instead of closing the distance between them, Tony craned his neck and bared his jugular.

Young Stephen grinned like a cat who had cornered its prey.

Tony shuddered. Part of him panicked. Somewhere in the back of his head he knew what he was doing was dangerous, but a stronger part of him wanted nothing more than for Stephen to latch his mouth onto Tony’s throat.

Young Stephen leaned forward and two sharp fangs peeked out from his lips.

Young Stephen’s fang brushed Tony’s neck, and Tony bit back a moan.

“Get your own boyfriend, nosferatu.” Stephen–Tony’s Stephen–shouted from behind Tony.

There was a quick squirting sound, and water misted Tony’s neck and shoulder.

Vampire Stephen hissed and reared back from Tony.

One moment Tony had been weighed down on a cloud of happiness, and the next his cloud had vanished and he was trapped in the ever-changing flow of reality. Tony blinked as the world swirled around him and his knees buckled.

He stumbled backwards into the familiar chest and arms of his boyfriend–his Stephen. His Stephen who was holding up a spray bottle of water at the vampire version of himself.

“Am I still high off what he did to me, or are you really threatening him like he’s a dog that keeps peeing on the couch?” Tony asked.

His Stephen grunted. “It’s holy water, Tony.”

“Oh god, you are threatening him like he’s a dog.”

Vampire Stephen chuckled. “Always so humorous, Tony. No wonder I am unable to resist you in this universe just as I am unable to resist you in my own.”

Tony’s Stephen unleashed a spritz of holy water just a foot short of his alternate self. “You will resist him, or not only will you find yourself drenched in holy water, I will personally throw you outside when the sun is out.”  

Vampire Stephen held up his hands in a gesture of harmlessness. “I promise, I will leave your Tony alone.” He smirked then winked at Tony. “Unless, you want my attention, Tony.”

“If having your attention means I get my blood drained, then I rather not have it. Thanks, though.”

“All right.” Vampire Stephen licked his fangs. “Just keep in mind that a vampire’s bite is orgasmic.”

“Yeah, and so is my hand, and it doesn’t cost me any blood.”

Behind him, Stephen shifted and pointedly coughed.

Tony rolled his eyes. He patted his Stephen on the chest. “Also, my Stephen gives me orgasms for free too.”

“With my body and magic,” Tony’s Stephen grinned.

Tony rolled his eyes. “And people think I’m an egomaniac and competitive. At least I haven’t gotten into a dick measuring constant with my alternate self.”

“Yet,” both Stephens chimed.  

Tony grumbled. He’d tell them “Fuck you” except since the two could do literally just that, he kept his comment to himself. 

He did file the mental image of the two together away though. He’d save the fantasy for a later date. 

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Your mob "wife" Sidney minific was so good!!! 😭😭😭every single person in that scene had such a distinctive character and was so colorful! "Intern"!peter! Terrifying scar across his face smiling!mikhail! Oblivious teacher!sid!! Probably terrifying around his mob and sweet as a lamb and horrible at cooking!geno!! I,,, just love it! If you're still doing fic for it, can we have a scene for when mob geno and sid first met?? :)

(continuation to this )

“But the boss doesn’t celebrate Christmas,” Peter protests, even as Mikhail throws a vomit-green knitted sweater at him. Ugh. 

“Yeah, well, Sidney does, and he wants a potluck this year, so we’re gonna have to suck it up,” Mikhail says, then considers. “And for the love of God, please don’t make an embarrassment of yourself. We’re still on duty.”

“I never make an embarrassment of myself. Well, if not for this sweater,” Peter says, pulling on the shirt. There’s a dancing Christmas tree on it, with a sad smile and a cartoon dog peeing at its trunk. Peter feels like a clown. “And I’m not going to embarrass myself in front of Sidney.”

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“so dogs do have breakfast.” -cas probably

(inspired by cas taking crowley’s words relating to a dog’s breakfast quite literally like the precious cinnamon bun that he is)

In a letter to someone recovering from major surgery:
“Look for a different kind of toughness in yourself now. Like dogs that always pee on the same places, we keep going back to the same strengths (and weaknesses) in our selves whenever we’re faced with and trying to overcome new problems. But you are not the same person you were pre-illness, pre-operation. You’re someone else now with different strengths and weaknesses that resulted from that horrible experience. Whether you recognize it or not, this changed you needs a new, realigned perspective to continue. If for some reason a person can’t walk down stairs anymore, rather than waste their energy being fearful of this new limitation, better to spend that energy looking for an elevator. The same fundamental you still exists and always will, but parts have changed or shifted in profound ways that you must now discover and work from. Those old tried and true methods that got you through life in the past are no longer applicable. You should try to discard them, or at least give them less emphasis. Once you recognize and accept that, I think you’ll be on your way to new strength.
—  Jonathan Carroll
30 Day Writing Challenge Day 5: Rain

The first thing Yuuri registered when he woke up was the soft pitter-patter of rain outside.

He smiled. Rain meant he could stay in bed just a little longer, since Victor liked to drag him out for a morning run. He liked running, but he also liked the feeling of just waking up, when your bed’s still warm and it’s the most comfortable place on Earth.

Yuuri pulled the sheets up to his neck and burrowed into his bed. He felt so nice, so warm and boneless. He could almost fall asleep again…

An ice cold hand traced over his side.

Yuuri shrieked and tried to wiggle away from the intrusion. An arm wrapped around his middle and pulled him back against a hard chest.

Yuuri turned over and saw a slightly blurred Victor. He smiled down at Yuuri and bent forward to kiss his forehead. Yuuri smiled and pushed his face into Victor’s neck. The hickey he left there last night stood out on his pale skin.

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My 10 Basic Service Dog ‘Rules.’

These are the rules that our fosters and dogs must follow. These rules, in my opinion, help to create well rounded Service Dogs both at home and in public. Several of these rules I say should apply to pets as well.

So here we go, 10 basic Service Dog rules. They are in no particular order.

  1. No human food what-so-ever. The dog is not allowed to eat any food that has fallen to the floor while cooking or by accident. Nor should the handler or the handlers family feed the dog human food.
    The exception to this rule is for things like plain yogurt or such things used to help settle upset stomachs, help digestion, dietary requirements, etc.

  2. The dog is not allowed on couches or beds unless invited.

  3. The dog is not allowed to take ANYTHING from a human unless given permission. This includes everything from treats, to toys. We use the command “take.” 

  4. The only person allowed to interact with the dog when working (IE when the dog is wearing their vest) is their handler or the person holding the leash. (Trainers/Handlers may always interact with the dog.)

  5. Do not let the dog drag you to where they want to pee. They must go where you tell them and preferably on command. The latter part may take some training. Basically just say “go pee” or something like that when they are going.

  6. Do not allow the dog to mark. This has to do with training them to pee on command. (So useful for long trips, especially flying.)

  7. Do not allow the dog to clean themselves in public. (You know I don’t mean their paws.)

  8. The dog may NEVER jump on people to greet them. The only time jumping on someone is acceptable is for interruptions, alerting, etc.

  9. Do not play tug-o-war with the dog. This is because you want the dog to give you whatever their holding and not think it’s time to play.

  10. The dog may not leave a vehicle until given permission.

Edit: These are what we use for our dogs. Your dog isn’t a bad SD or you aren’t a bad handler if you don’t use all of these.

I adore you, enough to get dizzy

Character: Seungcheol/S.Coups (Seventeen)
Word count: 511
Summary: Kisses from S.Coups were powerful enough to leave you dizzy.   | #fluff #slightlynsfw #justheavymakingoutreally

/ / /

His lips felt like heaven against yours. There was a hand, his hand, planted on the wall beside your head. His other hand cupped your cheek, thumb stroking your lower lip when he pulled away for air. Then he went straight back to pressing his lips to yours, passionate and slow, something you had been craving for months. No amount of skyping while he was on tour could make up for having Seungcheol in person, in your arms, pressed chest to chest. You could feel his heart beating erratically, figuring he could feel yours doing likewise. He tasted of fresh strawberries, probably having ate them during the plane journey home.

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3...2...1...Let's Color Pie

Few works of science fiction have captured the fun, drama, and action of the space western as well as Cowboy Bebop. Few works of fiction, period, have developed such a unified sense of style either; music, editing, color, movement, all work in unison to provide one of the fullest experiences anime has to offer.

If you haven’t entered the world of Cowboy Bebop yet, then bookmark this page, go watch it, and come back later. You’ll be doing yourself a service. And you’ll also understand this article, which will be looking at the color pie identities of the six main characters. Buckle your seatbelts, folks, and let’s jam.

Spike Spiegel

Despite wearing a navy suit, Spike is stoked by the fires of Red mana. Spike follows his gut, having little patience for the investigative part of bounty hunting. He’s reckless, rude, brash, and bawdy, and that’s why we love him. Anger drives him to compete with the cowboy Andy; apathy means he won’t bother chasing down Faye.

Spike’s central narrative, however, reveals his strongest passion: Julia. Spike used to be a hitman in the Red Dragon syndicate, but fled with Julia to pursue their love. This doesn’t work out, but Spike still jumps at any clue of Julia’s location. Emotional loyalty is one of the Reddest traits there is.

Spike’s whirlwind emotions and martial prowess solidify him as a mono-Red character.

Jet Black

In his old life, Jet Black was a hardboiled detective on Ganymede. He earned the nickname “Black Dog,” because once he got a lead, he would bite down on a case and never let it go. As a lawman, Jet was mono-White. But a betrayal by a trusted colleague left Jet physically, and emotionally, damaged.

Jet shut himself off from others. His independence and self-reliance grew out of loneliness. A pragmatic Jet Black rose from the ashes of his police days, giving us a bounty hunter with many Black traits supporting his White ones. Jet still aims to uphold the law, but now he does so with the lawlessness of the bounty hunter. His friendship with Spike tests trust constantly, Jet always skeptical of the motives of others.

Stuck between his past ideals and a realization that the world isn’t so tidy, Jet showcases the conflicts within a White/Black identity.

Faye Valentine

Ceaseless flirt, addicted gambler, and people-user. Faye Valentine is a paragon of Black/Red when we first meet her. She teams up with the Bebop crew when it’s convenient for her, often double-crossing Spike and Jet. Faye is running from debt collectors, hitmen, other bounty hunters, and more. She trusts no one, letting her wild life and in-the-moment desires propel her through the cosmos.

In the middle of the series, however, we’re exposed to this other side of Faye. She was cryogenically frozen decades ago, awoken in a world with no memory of her past. We discover Faye’s central drive: finding her place in this new world of space colonization and outlaws. Faye works hard to dig up the mysteries of her past, diligently putting the pieces together. Ultimately, however, Faye realizes she can never reclaim that part of her life. She must continue to look to the future and reforge her life.

Jetsetter Faye Valentine is introduced as a hedonistic Black/Red character, but her character develops a subtle Blue streak as well.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

The hacker Radical Edward is certainly the strangest member of the Bebop crew. Orphaned on the ruins of Earth, Ed is a computer genius that uses her skills to solve numerous problems in the bounty hunter lifestyle. She’s centered in Blue, using logic, reason, and technology to hack her way into our hearts.

Except when she isn’t. Sometimes Ed seems like a genius. Other times she acts almost feral, growling and howling along with Ein. These are classically Green traits, though Ed also displays Green’s naïve willingness to accept what it sees as truth. She whines and screams, hugs and hassles, showcasing her emotional Red side as well.

“Eccentric” doesn’t quite cover Ed’s Blue/Red/Green personality, which eventually takes her from the Bebop as weirdly as it brought her to the ship.


Arguably the most loveable character on Cowboy Bebop, Ein the corgi that joins the crew early in the series. Most of the time Ein is busy doing dog things like eating and barking and peeing. You know, the Green stuff that makes animals animals.

But Ein has a secret. He isn’t just some Green animal. Ein is a genetically engineered data dog, meaning his brain and whatnot has been altered by science to be super-smart. Science making you a genius? Reeks of Blue. Ein is so smart that he’s even displayed better hacking talents than Ed. None of the crew ever recognizes Ein’s intelligence, leaving him to solve problems here and there unnoticed.

As a genetically enhanced genius-animal, Ein is solidly Green/Blue.


Vicious is Spike’s rival in the series, though they used to be best friends when they worked for the Red Dragon syndicate. This friendship fell apart, however, when a woman got between them. Both Vicious and Spike had a thing for Julia, and Vicious is the one responsible for thwarting Spike’s escape with her.

Remaining in the syndicate, Vicious soured over the years and became even more violent. He has a harsh personality, cutting down anyone who gets in his way. Without Spike or Julia, Vicious is left to fight only for his own power. He eventually usurps the leaders of the Red Dragon, naming himself the sole inheritor of the criminal organization.

Vicious’s brutality and lust for power darken him as a classically mono-Black villain.

See You, Space Cowboy

Traditional to the western genre, Cowboy Bebop doesn’t feature a whole lot of White-aligned characters. The frontier is a land of outlaws, violence, crime, and survival. Spike and Jet make a classic bounty hunter duo, one reckless and one careful. Faye rides in like a storm to shake things up, while the smarts of Ed and Ein help the crew through their adventures. Vicious fulfils a standard archetype, his cold demeanor foiling Spike’s animated nature.

Until next time, planeswalkers, *bang*

ishqbaaz 19.04.17 lb
  • lmao, pidddddi sa shivaay taking on 4 people as wide as he is tall, fucking ridiculous. 😂😂😂
  • if i had anika’s Awareness™ power, i’d be soooooo fucking pissed. like i JUST fucking got SHOT saving your ass 3 HOURS AGO, and you instantly went and got yourself attacked again?!!!?!! 
    • if the gundas don’t kill you, I SURE AS FUCK WILL. 😡😡😡
  • onlyyyyyy shivaay would have suchhhhh good hair after being hit over the fucking head. 🤕🤕🤕
  • lmaooooo he just drove in the middle of the group, didn’t even touch them and they all went flying in different directions. amazing. 😂😂😂
  • mahi ve be driving around shivaay like a dog peeing on something to mark its territory. ‘mine! don’t touch!’ 😆😆😆
  • lmaooooo gundas be like WHUT???? 😂😂😂
    • that one gunda (in red) is fully checking mahi ve out hahahaha 😂😂😂
  • saaaaaarukh khan. (meta reference to how much nakuul apes srk?) 😝😝😝
  • i love how he did so much planning that he brought sand WITH him. he was like 🤔🤔🤔 first i’ll make the line with the sand, then i’ll say my dhansoooo dialogue. it’ll be fucking awesome. 😎😎😎
    • pakka shivaay ka bhai hai. has a flair for the dramatic. 😌😌😌
  • ugh. men and their mard waale issues. so boring. 😑😑😑
  • “murder spot” has number of handy places where you can hide your weapons (like a SWORD. everyone just… has a SWORD lying around, right?) to gain strategic upper hand in murdering. 
    • ^ that’s going in the brochure for the place! 😊😊😊
  • oh ho what is with oBros and just… HOLDING ON TO SWORDS with their bare hands?????? 😬😬😬
    • now shivaay and mahi will have matching sword scars on their palms, that they got protecting their brothers. 😌😌😌
  • … isn’t this how omkara and gauri got married???? what kinda weird twincest subtext is this???? 😣😣😣
  • oh ho, yeh lo, this one also got hit in the head!!!!!!!!! 😒😒😒
    • but he didn’t pass out like shivaay did. mahi ve is so much better. in every way. 😊😊😊
  • jesussssss, mahi ve. why are you wasting your life if you have such skillz? go be a pro wrestler or something! like… once this is all over, tell shivaay to sponsor you and go be a part of WWE or something. 😐😐😐
  • ok bohut dekh liya maar dhaar. fwding. 😒😒😒
  • i know i rag on nakuul’s acting a lot, but man idk how he’s doing it, it’s really like they’re two different people. like he’s just playing them differently ~physically~ or something. 😶😶😶
    • i’m probably overanalyzing, he’s not even doingggg anything as shivaay, coz ffs, shivaay is unconscious. but idk, i really feel like i’m watching two different people! 😯😯😯
  • awwww man, mahi ve. why are you so good? that too, to this idiot??? he’s not gonna appreciate it. 😫😫😫
  • question: did mahi ve JUST find out that shivaay’s his brother???? like… he didn’t seem to be so loving towards him a while back? he was always calling him “kaanji aankh waala” then. and willing to get him captured by the commandos and face whatever the consequences of that were. so why such a sudden change????? 🤔🤔🤔
  • ‘kaho na pyaar hai’ waala bhai-love move. itne pyaar se toh omRu ne bhi nahi sehlaaya hoga shivaay ko. 😗😗😗
  • ok shit mahi ve is crying, and now i’m all teary. FUCK ME. FOR SUCH A STUPIDASS PLOTLINE!!!! 😥😥😥
    • it’s just that…  i’m really getting the feel that mahi ve is the bada bhai. shivaay has always been the Big Brother till now, and taking care of the others. now the Bigger Brother is here to protect him. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    • how is he managing to make shivaaaaay look YOUNGER than mahi???? what sorceryyyyy is thisss? 😦😦😦
  • oh man. mahiiiiiiiiiiii veee. i love you so muchhhhhhhh. you’re too fucking pure for this show and these horrible people. 😪😪😪
    • i need a fucking moment to stop fucking crying. fuck. 😭😭😭😭
  • finallllllllly, we see rudra put his muscles to use in the show. 😐😐😐
  • ohhhhhhhh boy. first word is “anika”. mummaaay is not going to like that. 😬😬😬
    • just like the last time when he woke up from the gunshot though! my man is nothing but consistent! 😊😊😊
    • this is going to culminate in another thing where anika leaves coz she doesn’t want to come in between mother and son, isn’t it? 😔😔😔
  • prinkRu know that shit is about to hit the fan. 😬😬😬
  • “waise main yahan kaise aaya?”
    “courier waala deke gaya aapko yaahan.”
    • lmaooooooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂
      • we laugh, but please note, this is not entirely implausible in the ishqbaaz universe. remember the time courier waale brought an unconscious anika to shivaay in a box? so delivery of people who’ve been knocked out is definitely a thinggggg in their world. 😗😗😗
  • ugh fuckingggg ranveeer is still alive and ok. whyyyyy??? if someone deserves to be attacked with a sword, it’s this fucker. 😤😤😤
  • fucking kameeni sucks. she just fuckinggg abandoned himmmm. she doesn’t deserve to be mahi’s mom. 😡😡😡
    • *submits the paperwork to officially adopt mahi ve* i’m his mom from this week on. me. now do your homework and eat your veggies, mahi ve. 👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽
  • ughhhhh OF COURSE shivaay is an unappreciative asshole about this. I TOLD YOU MAHI VE!!!!!!!!!! I TOLD YOU HE WOULDN’T APPRECIATE IT!!!! WASTE YOUR BLOOD AND TEARS ON SOMEONE WHO CARES. 😫😫😫
  • ugh fuck you shakti. 
    • seeing pinky and shakti realllllly puts a spotlight on why shivaay is the fucking way he is. he’s got the worsttttt qualities of them both. any redeemable qualities he has is an act of god (or more realistically: omkara’s influence), and no thanks to their neurotic parenting. 😒😒😒
  • anika be like “he’s baaaaaaad, but not veryyyyyyyy bad!” 😂😂😂

  • oh boy. Naam Khoon Khaandaan™ issues again. alllllll the way from 70 episodes ago. oufffffffffffff. 😑😑😑

People underestimate dogs so much like that little fella is gonna be your best friend man he’s gonna circle up on your bed when you’re sleepin and lick ur face when you’ve had a really shit day. He’ll try and eat tissues and occasionally pee on the floor and you’re gonna be like gr dog bad boy but then he’ll greet you at the door after a long day at work and u’ll be like his queen and his lord n saviour and then u won’t be so mad he ate your sandwich….you’ll just think wow, I have a best friend I didn’t even know about

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Fact: I have a dog called Marty, he is a 9 year old golden retriever boy who still acts like a 1 y/o puppy (he also pees like a female dog instead of putting his leg up)
He is the sweetest, gentlest, kindest doggo (unless you’re a cat)
he’s a cheeky goof who likes to pull stuff out of the bin and terrorise the neighbourhood cats
he is generally very clean, he dodges his own poos but one time he did piss on my rug and I’m still pissed with him for that
he is a dirt magnet who loves to lie in the two dirt pits I have in my backyard to cool off in the warmer months, thanks to this sometimes if you pat him too long your hands with change colour and he will leave streaks on the white walls aha.
We would wash him more but last time we did he started getting dry patches and itchiness.

I love him so much 💞

Starlight [2] [Sehun]

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Starlight 1

She looks familiar. She feels familiar. How come I can’t remember her? Did she tell me her name once before? What… was it?

I stared at her from afar. She was sighing so heavily as she stared out the window that drew in natural lighting. Whoever she was, she was beautiful. I don’t know who she is, but she made my heart beat faster than its ever been. But I’m too scared to approach her, what if I’m not good enough for her?

I glanced down at my own appearance; I was a simple guy in a hospital gown that screamed: I’m sick. Don’t come near me.I’m not normal.

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ask // masterlist  (requests are open!!)

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word count: 694 words

Warnings: smut scene at the start, rest is fluffy

a/n: based on the song Givin’ Up by Jason Derulo. You don’t have to listen to the song for this to make sense, I just got inspiration from it, also this isn’t my favourite but i wanted to post something bc i have training later tonight.

Derek’s bruising grip on your hips was sure to leave marks. You rolled your hips, eliciting a moan from him. He thrusted his hips up, meeting yours.

“(Y/N),” your name is shaky coming from him. He has his eyes on your naked form, trying not to lose his self-control. He ran his hands up and down your sides, leaving your hips and moving up to your breasts. You used his chest to steady yourself.

“Together,” you breathed out, and Derek moaned in acknowledgment.  His thrusts became messier and you bouncing up and down became sloppy. The moans from the pair of you were loud, but you didn’t care.

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(And by sweet moves, I mean running up and down the ramps with glee and dig-dig-digging.)