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Magcon Imagine- Jack G / Cameron- part 1

Part 1

A/N: so this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. Please message me what you thought. Please no hate. Thank you, ily💕 (part 2 coming soon.)


Y/N’s P.O.V.

Just another boring day in Omaha, nothing to do, nothing at all. Jack (J), my twin brother, is out with my parents buying… I don’t even know what. Sam, one of my best friends, is probably still sleeping, even though it’s about 3 in the afternoon. Claire (best friend that is a girl.) is probably shopping or at Starbucks, and in all honesty I don’t want to spend the rest of the day at the mall, and sometimes she can be kind of a bitch. Then there is Jack (G), my other best friend (and Jack’s J best friend too) I don’t have any idea where he is. Other than Sam, Jack (G) is the person I always go to when ever I need something, anything from advice to help with school work to a person to go see new movies with at the theater to the person who I can take clothes from without bring murdered (Jack (J) would kill me if I even breathed on his precious clothes). Right now I am just home alone watching Paranormal Activity 4, I have watched this movie so many times, the majority of them with Jack (G). We always watch scary movies together normally around midnight to 4 in the morning, it’s just something we always do.

Now I am really wondering where Jack (G) is, so I pause the movie. I try calling him once, twice, three times, four times, five, six, seven, eight. Eight times, where the hell is he? Honesty I have no idea. I guess he’s probably just sleeping or watching tv or something. He’ll eventually see that I called. With that I just turned off my ringer, set down my phone, grabbed a bag of sour patch kids (my obsession) from the pantry, turned off all the lights, sit back down, and resumed my movie.

After watching for about an half hour, I got really bored again, and went back to the pile of dvd’s and grabbed a movie of the very top, that is still wrapped in plastic, The Conjuring (A/N: I don’t know if this is on DVD yet so…yeah). I have only seen this movie once, in theaters with Jack (G), so I decided to put it in.

About a hour in, I was wrapped up in three different blankets and shaking in the dark room. This movie was scarier than I remembered it to be. Good thing I was home alone because if Jack (J) or my parents were home, they would probably think I was insane, but they actually already do.

I was just sitting there watching the movie, when I held a really loud noise in the kitchen. What the hell was that? I got up still wrapped in my blankets and went into the kitchen. It was really dark, but I could still make my way around. There was nothing in here, nobody except for me.

I walked back into the living room, and sat back down, but something was different. Wait… WHERE ARE MY SOUR PATCH KIDS?!?! As I was looking around on the ground and the sofa, a person screamed really loud in the movie and that scared me so freaking badly that I fell over the back of the sofa and landed on the hard wood floor. Ow, that hurt.

I got off the ground and sat back down on the sofa. Then out of nowhere I hear a person yell really loudly right behind me. I then screamed as loud as I could and feel forward onto the ground still screaming.

The next thing I hear is someone cracking up in fits of laughter. Hold on… I’d know that laugh anywhere.

“JACK YOU SCARED ME SHITLESS!” I yelled at Jack Gilinsky, who was still laughing hysterically.

“Oh my god Y/N! You should have seen your face” he said “SAM DID YOU GET IT ALL?!” He yelled

“Yep, all of it” Sam said as he walked down the stairs, jumping over the last three steps.

“What?” I said utterly confused

“I got that entire scene that you just through on tape.” Sam said casually while he was still watching it on repeat. “Oh my god Y/N this is going on vine right now” he said as he posted it onto Jack’s vine account. “Well” Sam said as he through Jack’s phone to him “I have to get home, so see you both at school tomorrow” and with that he walked out the front door.

I then hit Jack as hard as I could on his chest. “OWW!!! What was that for?” He said.

“That was for making me almost pee my pants” I said while laughing at the scene that just unfolded.


Jack G’s P.O.V.

Why is she so beautiful? Why can’t I just call her mine? I wish more than anything that I could have Y/N. I wish we could be more than just best friends. I wish she could she me as more than just her twin brother’s best friend. I wish I meant more to her. I wish I meant as much to her as she does to me.

Her smile is probably the most beautiful thing in this entire world. Her laugh is more perfect than anything that I have ever heard in my entire life. And overall she is completely flawless in my eyes, what she calls imperfections or flaws, I call amazing little details that make Y/N herself.

I don’t have the guts to tell her how I fell, but I am scared that if I don’t tell her soon, I will never get the chance to at all. But I am more scared that she won’t feel the same and that I’ll ruin our friendship.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

*the next morning*

I woke up the next morning at 6:30 so I could shower before I had to leave for school. I grabbed the outfit that I was going to wear and placed it on my bed. It consisted of a daisy floral skirt, tall white over-the-knee socks, dark brown combat boots, one of Jack’s (G) black sweatshirts that I stole from him, and a simple white tank top to go under the hoodie.

After I shower, dried my hair, and changed into the clothes I laid out, I went over to my vanity desk and applied my everyday makeup. Just some eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, and a little bit of cover up over some places.

I then went downstairs and grabbed a bowl from the shelf and filled it with milk. Then grabbed my favorite cereal Y/F/C (your favorite cereal) and dumped it in the bowl. After eating my breakfast I went back upstairs and grabbed my school bag and all of my homework that I had over the weekend.

When I came back down stairs it was already 7:45. Jack (J) was sitting at the counter on his computer scrolling throughs twitter and eating his breakfast.

“Jack we have to get going like right now. It’s already 7:45.” I said to him. School starts at 8:10 but the drive from our house to school is about twenty minutes or more.

“Yeah okay.” He said while closing his laptop. “Hey Y/N, can you go upstairs and grab my phone off my side table?” He said

“Why can’t you? Your legs obviously work. Just do it yourself” I said to him

“Y/N” he said whining “pleeeeaaasseeee” he keep saying

“Fine, but I don’t see why you can’t do it” I said turning around and going back upstairs. While I was in his room I heard the front door slam shut. “Wait what… Hold on” I thought to myself. I looked over at jack nightstand and his phone wasn’t there, but instead there was a pink sticky note in its place. “Very manly Jack” I thought. I went over and grabbed it. It said : “Y/N I’m not your chauffeur. You are 18, it’s time you get your drivers license.” Yes I am an 18 year old girl, who is a junior in high school, who doesn’t have her drivers license, sue me. But I can’t believe Jack would leave me home without a ride to school. My parents were already at work so I can’t get a ride from either of them.

But one person might be able to so I picked up my phone and dialed his number.

“Hey, have you left yet for school?” I asked

“No not yet, why?” He asked

“Jack left me, again. Can I ride with you? Please” I said

“Yeah sure, come over to my house. I’m almost ready to leave. ” he said

“Thank you so much. You are amazing!”

“Yeah, I already knew that” he said chuckling

“Thanks. I’m leaving now” I said, then I hung up.

He only lived 5 doors down from my house, so I was over there in less than a minute. He was leaned against his car waiting for me.

“Hey thank you so much for giving me a ride”

“No problem” he said “anything for a damsel in distress. And by the way you really need to get your license.” He said to me as he laughed.


A/N: so that was part 1. Please send me feedback or message me. So, who do you think the guy is? The first person that guesses correctly will get to be a character in the imagine (btw, I think it’s going to be pretty long and have a lot of parts.) Thank you💕

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omg from shane's new vid with ingrid on vessel: "S: Tell us a secret; I: Well everyone knows that I've pooped my pants but i just recently peed my pants while running; S: why what happened?; I: well i was running because i was trying to get to the toilet, I was with hannah and she was making me laugh, and she was also taking a picture of me while i was running away peeing my pants; S: oh no, we're gonna need to see that picture; I: that's what lesbian sex is like; S: really? I'm in!"

OH MY GOD! That’s hilarious!