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word count: 1,128

You were recently on one of marks video for a skit! And you were so so proud of being apart of it. You and the squad helped design this skit. People on twitter were only spouting positivity about it!

Amy warned you about not looking at youtube comments. That even though theres positive comments on twitter there is so much shit on youtube. But you thought maybe you would see advice or more positivity. You just wanted to know you were doing something right..

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But basically it’s a collection of a drama cd series featuring Leon and Takumi (and I believe Kamui and some of the other royal retainers?) The whole set includes in-game voice data, a four page booklet, two IC stickers, four cds (drama) and one cd (the voice data) – all compiled together in the special box seen above.

It comes out at the end of September (9/20) for 12,400 yen ($118 USD)

SHIT MY RP PARTNERS HAVE SAID 4 [sentence starters]

“you precious and beautiful, naughty person.”
“nothing better for a hangover than another drink.”
“ I miss making out with people. I wanna make out with a stranger.”
“i need some dicking in my life again.”
“just ignore my penis and we’ll be good.”
“ew am i actually flirting with you.”
“I let the guy who was buying me drinks come home with me, and when he got to the door I was like, ‘well, goodbye’ and closed the door.”
“I just wanted him to pay for my uber”
“SOMEONE ACTUALLY WANTS MY ASS FOR MORE THAN SLOPPY DRUNK KISSES. i never thought i’d actually say that shit.”
“Taking a nap is like pressing the reset button on your day it’s amazing I love it.”
“nope. fuck you all. i hate you. i don’t love you. at all.”
“come love messily on me for the whole world to see.”
“i can’t let you all think that i love you, now can i?”
“i’m a fucking booze hound swimming in alcohol. so it’s a type of mermaid.”
“man i’m gonna get some good dick.”
“fam i can be salty about anything.”
“go peeeee.”
“ew no. why. pour some water on that salt.”
“i think she uses discord for game things like ur supposed to”
“let my legacy live on forever in a textpost meme”
“'shitty af'probably won’t fly with this professor”
“shoulda put rum in my coke”
“I eat nothing but garbage all day everyday, at least it seems that way.”
“how dare that grape tumble away”
“both my cardboard cutouts just fell on top of me.”
“my hair is so straight, unlike my sexuality.”
“i’ll always follow food.”
“i just rediscovered shrek memes and i’m not happy with myself.”
“i appeared cause there was gay stuff.”
“i’m tearing into this sandwich then i’m gonna get my life together.”

BTS Gang AU (Part 3)

Ok guys, I think this is the last part now (or until my brain comes up with a new idea hah) 
I hope y’all like it since I actually wanted a more happier ending? lol

Well enjoy :’D 

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 / Part 5 /Part 6

Warnings: violence, bad language

I’m sorry for any mistakes I was to lazy to reread




I looked at the man who was holding a lighter.

I was lying on the cold floor, covered in blood. I didn’t know how I have survived this.



“Y/N, are you still alive?”

“Yes” I whispered weakly.

“Ok, listen” I heard Taehyung saying trough the speaker in my ear. “Their going to kill you. then we can get what we want”

I started to breath heavily. Panic and anger was filling me.

“I’m sorry”

I slowly tried to sit up and saw the man still playing with the lighter.

I need to fight for my life.

I heard a door opening and the other members that have done this to me where coming back again, with fresh cloths on, washed off my blood from their skin.

“Alright, we already know who brought you here and they will be here soon I guess” the leader of them said and kneeled down to me.

“It’s actually such a pity to kill such a pretty girl” he smiled and touched my chin.

I spit at him.

He just whipped the red liquid away from his face.

“Youngjae, let’s heat it up” He stood up and made a movement for the man with the lighter.

I looked behind him to see where he was but he was nowhere to see.

“Youngjae?” The leader turned around and the other members looked for him.

I let out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the sound of something hitting the floor was heard.

I looked to the right and saw  the man’s body lying there.

“Ok what the fuck is going on?” The leader said and got hold of his gun.

Out of nowhere another man fell down while screaming.

I slowly stood up as I heard something green falling down on the floor.


“Oh shit”


I looked for the exit.

Peep. Peep.

The man was holding me back but I kicked him away.

Peep Peep Peep.

The peeping sound was dangerously loud. He tried to push me back in the room. I screamed and kicked him harder and pushed him against a wall to get out of the building.

Peep Peep Peep peeeee-

I threw myself on the wet gras as the building behind me exploded.

Burning things where flying around. I cried out as something landed on my back.

I slowly stood up and looked back at the burning mess.

“I have survived.” I smiled and tried to walk but fell down again.


I looked up and saw Jimin standing there in shock as he saw me, trying to hold my balance.

He run to me and held me as I was about to touch the ground again.

I saw Namjoon and the others looking for something between the rubble.

“Here!” Hoseok yelled and gave Namjoon a black box.

They hurried up to opened it and Jungkook bought a laptop to them.

I chuckled.

“All this shit for this?” I said and tried to push myself away from Jimin but his grip was to tight.

I watched them opening the box, nerously putting the CD in the computer.

“Finally” Namjoon smirked and waited to see what was the secret code.

“That’s strange” Jungkook said as he typed in the password.

“What is it?” Hoseok asked.

“There is nothing” the younger one replied and Namjoon looked pissed of at them.

“Are you fucking kidding me??” He said and violently took the laptop away from him.

I stood up with the help from Jimin, looking at them with a grin.

“The fuck is wrong with you” Yoongi noticed me watching them. “ I tought you are dead”

“You wish” I said and pulled a USB Stick out of my jacket. “are you looking for this?”

I made some steps away from Jimin and held it up in the air.

“Y/N- what- how?”

“You think I didn’t know that you would kill me huh?” I smirked and shook my head. “I copied everything you need on this”

Namjoon clapped with his hands making everyone looking at him. “Nice one Y/N, really nice, but I’m done with playing so give me the stick and I will probably not kill you for this!”

“You better listen to him” I heard Seokjin saying.

“What do I get for this? My life won’t be like it was before you bastards kidnapped me”

“You can get a better life” Namjoon suggested “We’ll give you a whole new life”

“Can you please stop lying? She knows that you are going to kill her even when she gives you this fucking code!” Jimin said angrily.

I looked surprised at him.

“Yoongi you know what you need to do” Namjoon sighed.

I looked at him and waited for him to get me but instead he put an arm around Jimin ’s throut and held the gun on his scalp.

“No!” I cried, not knowing what to do.

“YAH!” He yelled and tried to get out of his grip.

“So?” Namjoon said and and held his hand out for me.

“I’m doing this for you” I said and looked at Jimin.

I moved slowly forward to them as suddenly I heard something from the speaker in my ear.

“Don’t you dare to give them this”

I stopped my track.

Taehyung!  I have totally forgotten on him!

“Hurry up!” Yoongi yelled as he saw me looking at them.

I bit my lower lips nerously, waiting for Taehyung to do or say something but there was nothing.

Suddenly I saw people dressed in black coming our way.

Hoseok followed my gaze and saw them too.

It didn’t took them long to circle around us with their weapons pointing at us.

“Oh” Namjoon chuckled. “Our old friends”

“Taehyung where are you?” I whispered.

Out of the blue he stood in front of me, in the same uniform as the men around us.

“Nice outfit Tae~” Namjoon smirked and made his way to him.

“Give me the USB” Taehyung said and I quickly dropped it into his hand. “Let him go Yoongi” he commanded and took his gun out.

“Taehyung just give me this FUCKING STICK!”

“Y/N get lost. now!” he eyed me and I saw that he was serious.

I tried to run as fast as possible but I was still weakened from earlier.

Breathlessly I collapsed again and laid there for a bit to rest for a bit.

Suddenly everything seemed to make sense to me.

Taehyung was the secret agent form the beginning. He tied to steal the password so that they won’t have a use off it, I’m sure he told Namjoon that I could “help”, but instead I would just be a support for Taehyung. That’s why he tried to save me, and even Jimin.

Oh god.

“JIMIN!!” I shouted, knowing that he won’t even answer me.

I stood up and tried to walk back but one of the men dresses in black tried to get me away from there.

I tried to see what was going on as everything was quiet.

out of the blue someone grabbed me and pulled me over his shoulder.

I hit the man’s back and called for help.

As we were a bit further away he placed me on the ground.

“Jimin!” I said surprised as I finally saw the persons face.

I hugged him tightly. “I tought you won’t come back”

He put his index finger on his lips to tell me to be quite.

“I’ll give you a better life” he whispered kissed my forehead.

“2.24 Misson complete.” We curiously looked tough the bush.

“I repeat mission complete. Returning back to the base.” I watched Taehyung talking to a walkie talkie.

His army and him left in a black van.

“What is going to happening now?” I asked.

Suddenly I felt something cold on the back of my head.

“Better ask yourself what will happen to you”

I turned around but only saw Jimin stabbing a knife into Yoongi’s leg.

Jimin lifted me up again and ran out of our hiding place.

“Park Jimin” I heard someone yelling and then shooting at us.

“Once you enter you can’t leave!”

Aaaah I just can’t see Jimin as a bad boy

just look at this cutie~

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Your Touch Part 1

Hey would you please write an austin imagine where you’re friends with the guys and one day you all go out together and you share moments with austin (like touching hands and stuff ). Then he asks you to drive you home and then you end up in bed and it’s really gentle and sensual sex with a lot of kissing and touching and stuff 😊😊 I’d love you if you could write that for me 💛

Sorry this is shitty. The second part will be better…hopefully


I locked the door to my house and ran down to meet my friends. Hopping in the car, I was greeted by loud hellos and a lot of smiles. 

“So, where to first?” I asked Phil, the one who was driving. 

“First we’re gonna have some lunch!” he told me excitedly. I smiled at that because I was very hungry myself. After a few minutes of driving and loud conversations, we pulled into one our favorite restaurants and headed in. Austin sat next to me and gave me a warm smile.

“How have you been?” I asked.

“Pretty good. Yourself?”

“Same,” I told him with a laugh. After a short pause, he leaned in close to me.

“You look really nice today, by the way,” he said. I blushed a bit, but thanked him. Austin was probably my best friend out of all the guys. We hung out a lot and we were always just really comfortable and relaxed with each other. Him complimenting me like that wasn’t anything new, but always loved when he told me sweet things. Coming from him they always jsut seemed so…genuine.

We ordered our food and made more conversation, laughing obnoxiously and acting like idiots. A few people gave us looks, but we didn’t care. God, this was why I loved hanging out with these guys so much. After finishing and waiting for a few others, I felt Austin’s hand graze my leg. His touch sent shivers up my spine, but when I looked over he was just smiling at me, his cheeks pink with a cute little blush. 

After lunch, we decided to go mini-golfing. We were all so bad at it, so there was no point in trying to take any of it seriously. We yelled discouraging things at each other, messed with other peoples’ shot, blocked the hole, screwed with their concentration, and so on. 

“Guys, shut up, I’m trying to putt!” I yelled, laughing as I did. They let out a few giggles, but kept quiet. I looked down, my face hurting from smiling so much, and tried to focus on the ball. Just as I brought my club back to tap it, a pair of large hands grabbed my hips, the fingers digging in and causing me to laugh hysterically. I turned to find a laughing Austin. “Austin, stop!” I begged as he tickled me. “I’m gonna- peeeee!” 

“You’re so ticklish!” he replied in a fit of chuckles, finally releasing me. I tried to catch my breath and give him a death glare at the same and it wasn’t working. We calmed down and he gave me a lovely side hug as an apology, his lips brushing my hair ever so gently. Throughout the rest of the game, our hands would brush or I’d knock into him slightly. His touch was driving me wild.

“I vote we get ice cream,” Alan said as we headed back in with our putters and golf balls. There was a loud chorus of agreements. Our group made its way to the front and ordered our treats. I got a delicious ice cream cone.

A delicious ice cream cone that Austin did not hesitate to sneakily and gently shove into my face the first chance he got. My nose was covered in the sticky goodness as he sat there laughing at me.

“Austiiiiiiin,” I whined, giving him my puppy dog eyes. He sighed, caving in and going to grab napkins for me. He gently wiped off my face and gave me a grin. I shook my head and then dipped my finger in his sundae and spread it down his cheek. Austin gasped and I started giggling.

“Not. Nice,” he said, glaring at me playfully. I just laughed and smiled at him, sticking out my tongue. 

“That’s what you get, mister,” I replied. He shook his head and wiped his own face off, throwing away our trash. 

“Sooooo, whose down for the beach?!” Tino asked excitedly as we headed toward the cars. We all cheered and piled in, eager to get to one of our favorite hang outs. After a short drive, we reach our destination and hopped out, running for the sand and the waves. Phil grabbed some stuff out of the trunk for us to enjoy, like a frisbee and football and a blanket to sit on. We kicked our shoes off and went for it. 

After running around and playing games for a bit, I decided it was time for a break. I headed for the waves, standing in to my ankles and looking out over the water. The sun was starting to set and this was one of my favorite sights to see. I always felt so at peace. 

“Hey,” Austin said softly, breaking my reverie. 

“Hi there,” I replied, not looking away. He stood next to me for awhile without saying anything. The silence was actually comfortable.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he asked. I nodded in agreement. I felt him inch closer to me and smiled to myself. Soon enough, his arms was resting nicely around my shoulders.

“Today has been wonderful,” I told him. 

“Yeah. I think everyone has had a lot of fun.” We stood for a bit and I laid my head against his shoulder. Everything felt so perfect, so in-place. I couldn’t shake the feeling of content washing over me no matter how hard I tried. After a bit, Aaron’s voice broke our moment.

“Guys! We’re heading back, dark is falling!” he called. Austin kissed the top of my head and squeezed my frame with a happy sigh before we turned around and headed for the car. The ride back was relatively quiet, most of the boys worn out from the long day. We grabbed some quick food for us to munch on before arriving back at Phil’s house.

“Bye everyone! We have to do this again sometime soon!” Tino shouted, getting into his car. The others shouted their goodbyes and started to head for home as well.

“I’ll drive you home, Y/N,” Phil said, moving to get back into his car. 

“No, I can do it!” Austin interjected quickly. I looked at him, raising my eyebrow and giving a smirk. “You- you’ve driven all day today, man, and you’re already home. Besides, it’s pretty much on my way,” he saved, rubbing the back of his neck. I smiled at his efforts to not look nervous.

“Thanks, man,” Phil said. “Y/N, I’ll see you later?”

“Yeah! Thanks for today,” I told him, hugging him goodbye. I walked to Austin’s car and got in, smiling to myself. When he slid into his seat, I looked over with a grin. He gave me a wink and started the engine.

Staying st my cousins and she’s got a trundle bed for her toddler (it’s my old bed & bedroom furniture from when I was leetol) so I’m sleeping in the lower one while the munchkin sleeps up top and she’s been known to wake up in the middle of the night yelling GOTTA PEEEEE so I’m prepping to be stepped on in 3 hours in the middle of deep sleep

anonymous asked:

Helloo~ Can I have a scenario/imagine with GoM+Hanamiya(if you write for him) using those cup phones (the ones that are just cup and string that you can use in different rooms) Love your blog so far, Keep up the good work!

Thank you lovely, hope you’ll like it, it was rather hard to write this idk lol

Akashi Seijūrō: Akashi was working in his office when the door opened. Your nephew hand sneaked in, placed a red cup on the floor and closed the door, letting pass just the string of the cup. You had left him with Akashi to go grocery shopping so Akashi decided to play along an took the cup, bringing it to his hear
“[Name] told me not to annoy you when you are in here but I need to pee and and … I don’t find the bathroom” it sounded like he was going to cry and Akashi panicked. He dropped the cup and suddenly opened the door, finding your nephew on the floor, glassy eyed with a trembling chin.
“Shit. Don’t cry”
“I need to peeeee”
“Come with me but don’t cry please, and don’t tell [Name] that you cried, okay?”
Aomine Daiki: Aomine could be quite childish and that made him popular with kids. And for kids you meant your little twin brothers too, both adorable but devilish.
You were tiding up the kitchen, after they had decided that a cooking contest was a fabulous thing to do, despite neither of them knowing how to boil an egg, when something hit your back. A red cup was on the floor and from the open door slightly ajar you could see Aomine snickering with your brothers. They had another cup near their mouth, probably thinking they were being as sneaky as ninjas.
“I’m not doing this”
“Come on babe. It’s more fun than you think”
You rolled your eyes and picked up the cup “Yeah, I doubt that” but you brought it to your ear anyway.
Hanamiya Makoto: “This is fucking stupid”
“Hanamiya, if you swear one more time …” your eyes were sharp and unforgiving and Hanamiya groaned when you slapped the red cup in his hands. Suddenly, the voice of a child came muffled from the other “The phone is ringing” the little girl said, dragging the last g in a sing-song tone. Hanamiya sighed heavily and took the plastic cup to his mouth slowly, feeling it as heavy as a brick. He turned to look at you for a second and sneered “This is the last time we babysit your niece together” and then spoke in the cup with a sarcastic tone, feeling so stupid he wanted to slap himself “Who’s there?”
Kise Ryōta: Just like teens and women, kids literally threw themselves at Kise’s feet. Your niece was no exception. And as much as you did not want to admit it, you were jealous. They were leaving you out of their games, but you had also to say that it was endearing, to watch a grown ass man and a little girl play with phone cups from one side to the other of the living room. You took your phone and snapped a picture.
“Oi, [Name]cchi, what did you do?”
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
“I’m talking about the picture”
“Whaaat?” you asked coyly, but it was already all over your social networks.
Kuroko Tetsuya: “Do you like the purple cups or the green cups?” Kuroko’s sweet tone made you grin. Kuroko had been working at the kindergarten for only a week but all the kids were already trailing after him like obedient puppies.
All the kids and Kuroko were in the middle of a rather entertaining conversation, when a boy suddenly popped up “We should phone, [Name]-sensei too” you raised your eyes from the paper work you were doing just in time to catch the purple cup before it hit your face.
One of the kids was making a ringing sound, all of them plus Kuroko were looking at you. You rolled your eyes with a grin and brought the cup to your ear “Hello?”
Midorima Shintarō: Midorima liked to think of himself as a patient man, however your nephew was trying to do anything to prove him wrong. And the worst thing was, you had been teaming up with him for the whole afternoon. He sighed “Do I really have to talk to him through this?”
“Yes” Midorima flashed you a nasty look “Look, It’s not my fault, he doesn’t listen to anyone unless we talk to him through the cups”
Midorima sighed but complied anyway, and you decided to take a picture just to annoy him more. He looked so constipated afterwards that you cancelled the picture out of pity.
Murasakibara Atsushi: You had never thought that Murasakibara could be overly dramatic, however you were wrong. “How are you feeling?” talking into that plastic cup felt so childish you almost giggled but then remember that Atsushi could hear you and bit your lip.
“I feel like dying” you rolled your eyes “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s just a cold” you got up, sticking your head into the room “These cups are ridiculous too, y’know?”
Murasakibara back was to the wall near the door, cup balanced on his knees. He passed a hand on his eyes “I don’t want to infect you”
“Whatever, do you want soup?”