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what's the most unexplainable thing that's ever happened to you?

that’s hard to say, but once I had hallucinations that there were goblins outside my bedroom door waiting to eat me and I was so scared i couldn’t leave my room to pee so I peed in a water bottle
the next morning I couldn’t find the bottle

  • I had a nightmare about the time when I was in pre-k and we were so scared of our loud, violent teacher and she told us not to ask to use the bathroom and so one kid I was friends with stood up, peed himself, and then cried and he was inconsolable and we were 6-is. growing up in a conservative christian private school system was incredibly traumatizing and I'm still dealing with the emotional damage of spending my entire pre-pubescence there, and then being ostracized, bullied, and finally expelled for being lgbt in 7th grade.

today in religion we were talking about angels and our religion teacher said whoever can name the most angels gets five extra credit points on the test and all these kids tried and they only named like two but when I went I named nine and my teacher started to cry because she thought I was this huge religion and angel lover when really I just know the angels names from supernatural


My hands feel a bit better so I tried to get back into drawing again. TrIED