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While we're talking ab old tumblr sins, can you explain dashcon?? Im so curious and scared

Ho buddy, I don’t have all the details memorized, but I’ll give ya what I know

Dashcon was pretty much a convention for tumblr, a crowdfund and everything was raised for it to start and for people to hold tables and such. ($4,000 was the main goal) There was even going to be a live show of something super popular at the time, Nightvale (or, Welcome to Nightvale is the full title I think).

Well they ended up cancelling, and in an attempt to sooth any upset con-goers, they offered an “extra hour in the ball pit”

nothing special, just your average tiny ball pit in a very empty room

This also had ended shortly because someone peed in the pit? I think? and that was a huge mystery™ that tumblr hasn’t solved. Then some emergency fundraiser happened where $17,000 USD was raised, many assumed it was a scheme and a blog @17000dollars​ came into life as a response on how that much money could actually be used. The whole thing was a tragedy from start to finish.


Tumblr tried to make a con, it didn’t go well

~Mod Wolfrun

day 2 of having pepper: she peed outside of her litter box this morning and my bf and i couldnt figure out why. shes a house trained 6 year old cat and we took every precaution: keeping her litter the same as she had it at the shelter, no lid on the box like she had at the shelter, placed the box somewhere that was convenient for her but also a ways away from her food……….and then my boyfriend figured it out.

u wanna kno what the only problem was?? i didnt pat down the litter enough. whenever she stepped in it, her paws sank and she lost her balance bc shes so small. within 20 mins of my bf patting it down and evening it out for her, she used the litter box for the first time and has continued to use it ever since.

like. of all the problems i was prepared for. her one big problem was that i didnt pat her litter down enough for her. what a little princess. i love her so much.

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Do you have/know if any spell jars (or any other type of spell) that could help a feral cat be comfortable in her new home? We've had her for about a month after adopting her from a shelter, and she's very fearful and distrustful of us. We're taking her to the vet in a week to see if they know a better way to help her, because everything we've tried so far has backfired completely (including advice from a different vet). I feel so guilty for how stressed out she always is :(

Oh goodness, no. I don’t think I have anything for this! I can offer a little bit of advice maybe? We adopted our older cat a few years ago, and she was literally so stressed out, she climbed up into the heater (the thin tall kind attached to walls) peed on herself and then got stuck. We had to literally take the heater apart to get her out. She was honestly to stressed and afraid all the time and it honestly took months to get her to warm up. Having hiding spots for her is helpful, so if she is afraid she can hide. Even having a bit of a separate space for her (we had a sort of larger closet that we kept open she could be in if she wanted to, and really loved my wife’s old roommate’s bedroom also bc she wasn’t home as much) Just letting her work it out and letting her get used to it. Patience is key, especially if she is feral or stressed or came from an abusive home, it’s what she knows and it will take time for her to understand that it’s okay and that she is safe. Nice little things for her, maybe toys, treats, maybe catnip (it makes one of my cats wild and one super calm and snuggly) a little house to hide in, etc could help. And honestly, when she does decide to be friendly (there will be moments!) pet her and speak softly to her. I know it’s a horrible feeling when your new fur baby isn’t comfortable, but she should come around. It took ours months but once she did she trusted my wife so much and is now the neediest, cuddliest baby you can imagine. 

I wish I had something magical to offer, I’m really sorry. All I can say is patience, give her time, she will warm up to you. <3

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Just imagine if you have a boy and the first time harry gets peed on ❤❤


Changing his diaper, not even really paying attention because he’s reaching over for a new diaper or something. And talking quietly.

“Thereeee now. Gonna make you feel much better, hm? Nice and clean. Daddy’s gonna fix you right up and–HEY!” He feels it before he sees it, but it’s happening. His son is letting it all come out, right onto Harry’s shirt.

“HEYYYY,” Harry says, holding up the new diaper to shield himself. “Gotta watch where you’re aiming that thing! All I ever did was love you and you repay me like this? S'not very nice!”

You can hear Harry talking and pop your head in the door. You can’t help but start laughing when you see the sight before you. “Everything alright?” You ask.

Harry puts down his shield and picks your son up, still diaper-less. “Little bugger peed on me and y'laughing!” The smile on Harry’s face shows he isn’t really upset at all, but his face still looks distressed.

You laugh, walking over to take your son from Harry. “Awww,” you coo at the baby. “What a good boy!” You nuzzle your nose against his and Harry’s jaw drops.


You smile up at Harry then. “Why don’t you go clean yourself up. I can take care of him from here.”

Harry sighs, shaking his head with a little chuckle. “Fine,” he says, turning to leave. “But be careful with him. He’s like a fire hose!”

Damnit, I really REALLY worried about my pets. I’ve a lot of pets (dogs and cats), some are old and begin to have healths problems. It began for weeks…

First : My oldest cat, Majorette, fells less and less well, she sleeps a lot, became to be blind and lost her dynamism. Moreover she doesn’t live with me (I leave with my mom, since she divorced with my dad, my cat lives with him), and I don’t see her often unfortuanely… Even if she’s old (nearly 17 yo), I hope she’ll live a long time again.

Next : One of my dachshund, Chabada have diabeta, my mom told me that this weekend because she peed a lot (even if she go to the garden) and have blood on her pee. My mom and my step-father bring her to the veterinian and he told them she have this illness. Now she has medecines until the end of her life, but she’s a little better now (it’s positive).

Now : Today my dearest doxie Barbara (my oldest dog too) is REALLY sick, she doesn’t move since this morning and stays lie on the sofa. Usually she’s dynamic and plays with the cats. Now she barely looks at my mom and I. Moreover when I touch her she whimpers… My mom will call the vet today BUT I hope she’s not paralysed … If she has this problem she can’t live anymore… *sigh* I’m praying God it isn’t that.

February isn’t a good month for us..
Everybody has a health problem… My pets have and I have too..
So I’m sorry to annoy you with this post … But I need to talk about it.
But it is life.


Let the ritual begin 😂😂


So I finally peed my pants on purpose. Everything played out right for once in awhile! 😜 So I was wearing light blue skinny jeans with the pink and white stripped underwear from an earlier accident, (I posted that story) that has yellow stains on it from when I peed trying to get my pants off at school. And you could probably see my panty line, I’m not sure. Any way, at school I decided to stop going to the bathroom before I went to lunch. That way I’d have about 3 and a half hours to hold it and I would have lots of water during lunch. Normally after 3rd block, which is the class after lunch, I really have to pee so I knew I would be desperate after 4th. During 3rd I felt my bladder filling up and I slowly became more and more uncomfortable, the usual for 3rd block. But I made it through and made my way to 4th block. Throughout that class my desperation was growing and I was squirming in my chair, occasionally crossing my legs with my hand on my crotch. Doing whatever I could to hold it in. Then my friend made a joke about something and I burst into laughter which caused me to pee for like 4 seconds before I could stop. I look down to see a noticeable dark spot on my crotch. Class finally ends and I think to myself, “oh boy. I really have to pee. I think I can make it to the car..” Bell rings and I bolt out the door running/walking painfully to my car. Almost there, I feel more pee escaping and running down my leg. I keep going, hoping I can stop and that no one saw what happened. Once I sit down in my car, I see that there was a visible dark line down my leg…someone probably saw that happen I say to myself. None the less I am excited to finally pee my pants when I want. I head home with out peeing anymore, but I could feel my bladder muscles getting weaker and weaker. When I got home and hurriedly got out of my car I pee again for maybe 5 seconds. I bend in my legs and feel my butt getting warm and wet. I run inside and head upstairs to my bathroom, wet and desperate, clutching my crotch in extreme pain and jumping up and down. Unexpectedly, I sneeze and let go for 6 seconds, soaking my crotch and butt, pee running down my legs. I stop and grab my warm, wet crotch. Thinking to myself, “let’s have some more fun and lay down in bed. Not go now but keep holding and push myself.” So I go to my bedroom and lay down on my bed. I manage to keep holding for like another hour or so. My pants were mostly dried by now and there were some faint pee stains, more like an outline of the wet spots. Laying down with my legs crossed, I watched YouTube and getting so desperate I was shaking and whenever I moved, even a little bit, I would almost start to pee. But then something happened in a video that caused me to start laughing, and as I laughed pee started escaping into my pants, down onto my butt and on the bed. I immediately stopped laughing, sat up and grabbed my crotch, jumped off the bed and went to the door. As I “fumbled” with the door knob my bladder was slowly giving in and I felt short bursts escape into my pants. After a while I gave up trying to get out of my room and gave in. Pee exploded into my pants. I bend my knees and look down at a puddle growing at my feet. Pee was running down my legs and up my butt, darkening my pants as it went. Still peeing and shaking I slid down my door and sat in my puddle. I was on the floor peeing for probably 2 minutes before I finally stopped. I was soaked in pee, warm and sitting in my own pee puddle. I stand up and turn around to look at my backside, which was totally soaked. From my butt all the way to my ankles, my pants were shiny, wet, and dark blue. I Iook at my front and see lines of pee running my crotch into all different directions down my legs. The wet spot I had left on my bed was about the size of a text book and the puddle I had made was probably 2ft by 3ft or something like that idk. I then decided to keep those clothes on for the rest of the day, so I began to clean up my mess. As I write this my pants and underwear have dried. My pants have stains outlining the wet spots and my white, pink and yellowish stripped panties are now pink and yellowish stripped panties. I’ll probably keep the panties on till tomorrow. Why not😝. Hope everyone liked the story, I had a blast.

Christmas accident

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you got what you wanted. Thought I’d give you guys a little gift too.(spoiler alert) I wet myself earlier today 😊. To start off I was wearing red panties with blue bands, and light gray Nike yoga pants. My underwear is clearly visible in those pants, so I just wear them around the house. So all morning I was with family opening gifts, giving gifts and drinking a lot of hot chocolate and coffee. We all hung out for around 5 hours and during that time the thought to go use the bathroom never crossed my mind, I was busy having fun. Then as people began to leave, and the excitement died down; I felt the pressure and growing pain of 5 hours worth of hot chocolate and coffee in my bladder. I thought, “holy crap, I haven’t peed in like forever…I should probably go to the bathroom.” (I had no plans of peeing my pants btw.) So I went to the bathroom, but before I could reach it I was beckoned into the living room. Thinking I was just saying goodbye and Merry Christmas to the remaining relatives, I cheerfully turned around. Unfortunately it was my uncle insisting we go into town for an hour or 2 and look at all the Christmas lights. (I say unfortunately because I had to pee, not because of my uncle’s suggestion. The lights were very pretty and festive. Just thought I would say that in case anyone thought I had something against my uncle. Anyway, back to the story! 😂). So we all agreed we should go and so we went…and I still had to pee. While in the car I was kind of worried I wouldn’t be able to hold it until we got back home. We got to town and started walking around…and that did not help my situation, each step hurt my bladder more and more, and I could slowly feel it becoming weaker and weaker. I said to myself, “I can’t do anything that would help stop the pain…I don’t want to let a little out because my pants are see through enough as is. And come on, they are light gray, a dark spot would be so obvious…fuck..I’m so fucked.” Within 30 minutes I had to walk awkward and kinda stiff legged to try and soften the blow of each step on my overloaded bladder. Luckily that was the end of our time downtown as we decided to head on home. I thought, “thank god. I’m about to burst, I can’t keep it in without looking obviously desperate”. We got in the car and started the bumpy 15 minute ride home 😩🙄. We get home and I struggled getting out of the car and into the house without losing anything, I did it tho. Got up the front steps and inside dry. I then awkwardly half walked, half hobbled to the bathroom. When I get to the door, it’s closed..someone was in it. I said to myself, “oh this is fantastic! Just my luck to not pee for 6 hours, drink a shit ton, not want to wet myself, and am doomed to piss my pants!” At this point I did not know what to do so I knocked to see who was in there and how long they were gonna be. It was my aunt who said she was taking a shower. She had slipped on some ice when we were out and decided to call it a day I guess. It was bound to be another 45 minutes before I would get in there and I knew that wasn’t happening. I guessed I had another 20 minutes before my bladder would just become too weak to hold anything back. I decided to go to the basement and try and wait it out. But in private just in case I couldn’t. I surprisingly made it down the steps, but had to clutch my bladder the whole way down, taking it one step at a time. I lied down on the couch and went on my phone, trying my best to ignore my need to pee. 15 minutes later my legs began to tremble and my bladder became so weak that if I pushed on it, even just a little bit, I was sure I would burst. I said to myself, “Idk what to do. I really don’t want to pee my pants. Not right now. Fuck. Maybe I can make it up the steps and just tell my aunt I have to got to the bathroom, give me a minute.” So I cautiously sat up, and when I did, a few large spurts escaped into my pants, I couldn’t hold them back. I quickly crossed my legs and hunched over as I felt the warm pee fill my underwear and out into my pants leaving a spot the size of a fist. “Fuck, shit, fuck. No no no stop stop, pleaaasse.” I regained control and tighting my bladder muscles I stood up. There was a wet patch on the couch, about the size of a base ball and a dark half circle coming out from my crotch, with my red underwear clearly visible from behind. “I’m doomed, I’m freakin peeing my pants down here, dang it! Why Whyy?” I made a last ditch effort to get up the stairs. Stupidly, even tho I doubt anything would have helped myself at this point, I quickly walked to the stairs. But of course all that fast movement from my legs cause my bladder to give up, like a sigh of relief, pee gushed into my pants. I hunched over and crossed my legs. Powerless to stop the torrent of piss, I stood there in disbelief as I emptied my bladder. My pants were becoming very hot, and warm streams of pee ran down my legs and onto the floor. It went up my butt and what wasn’t able to be absorbed into my pants and underwear fell to the floor. I was shaking, as I was overwhelmed with warm wetness and relief. What had to be 3 minutes later I had finally stopped. I stood up straight and slowly looked down. I was worried about how big of a puddle I was going to have to clean up. And it was a Christmas Miracle (you could say). I had peed my pants over a drain. For those who don’t know some basements have drains in case of a flood I guess. So all the pee went down the drain, most of it anyway. I examined myself and the front of my pants were wet, all down my inner thigh and legs were wet, and there were lines branching off from there in different directions. I turned around to see my butt was soaked and I could see my underwear through the dark gray material. Being yoga pants they hugged my butt, hips and thighs even more now that they were wet. I pulled them down to see that only half of the front of my crotch was wet. And my crotch and my butt was soaked. I pulled my pants back up, and decided to hide the evidence of my accident. I stripped and put my clothes in the wash, cleaned up what little bit of pee there was on the floor. And put on a clean pair on panties, my favorite pair; the light green with bright pink band. And a white pair of yoga pants… Don’t even get me started on how visible my favorite panties are through those..
Hope you loved the tale! I’m still kinda mad about it, I really didn’t want to pee my pants but oh well. Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys!