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Unusual asks numbers... 22, 51,61,65 please!!! Always like to ask people these things

22: Do you go to the gym?

Nope! I spend enough time running around on the playground, so I usually tick the physical care box down 5 days a week x3

51. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn’t real?

Funny thing, my parents taught me from the get go that Santa wasn’t real. I never thought he was real, ever…

61. Have I ever peed in the woods?

Yeah totally! <3 I can’t remember any specific occurrence but yeah, I know I have.

65. What do you wear to bed?

Usually just loose-fitting boxers, or nothing at all . 3. Not to be lewd! I just feel uncomfortable wearing clothes in bed, including pajamas…

Thanks. Not only for making me smile when I thought it was impossible, but for just simply saving my life. Pewdiepie will always have a special place in my heart. He taught me to never give up on your dreams no matter how silly they might seem. Lately I’ve been having a rough time but I know I’ve always got someone there to catch me when I’m falling. Suicide is something I’ve thought about, and even attempted. But now I have something to look foreword to. A new video. A sliver of hope he’ll answer my tweet. (This isn’t my photo I don’t know who’s it is. Sorry if it’s yours i just loved the edit)


Omg forgot to share this one with you guys. Peed myself just a lil bit while matching my clean PR @ 165lbs. 😂💦🤘🏼 #KeepItTight #PottyTraining

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  • Harry:what's your father doing?
  • Draco:telling off Sirius
  • Harry:what did he do?
  • Draco:he peed on the carpet again
  • Harry:wouldn't it make more sense for your dad to scold him AFTER he's turned back into a human?
  • Lucius:look at me when I'm yelling at you, Black
  • Lucius:no, don't bother offering me your paw
  • Lucius:that does not work on me
I was showing my friend some screenshots from my Sims 4 game and they said I should make a tumblr post about it so here it goes

by Fall Out Boy

This one is called “awkward family dinners”

Poor Gilbert is the star in this one called “third wheel”…at least he has pizza

(my personal fav) titled  "Don’t give me that fuckin look, Doitsu. You peed in a bush at my brother’s wedding and now i’m this close to beating your ass"

“Feliciano, you do not go swimming in a pool full of flower petals with your brother-in-law”

and the sequel

“Oh boy Feli better watch out he’s coming to whoop yo ass”


and finally 


  • me, a chronic pain haver:my whole body hurts!
  • a friend:have you tried hydrating more?
  • me, a chronic pain haver, later on:my whole body hurts and I've peed 12 times!

I’ve had to apologise to a 14 year old boy for my friends’ behaviour because he’s attractive for his age and they were scaring him. Well, I think they were…
But for once I’ve decided to be slightly mature and apologise to someone AFTER me and my friends have emotionally scarred them. That’s an improvement on not apologising at all, right?

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