Ay, finished! Wanted “Andromeda” to reflect the composition of my early Mass Effect work~

I decided to put them on Havarl since it’s the Angaran homeworld and they’re kind of the new big race in the game. As for the choice of 3 party members… I’m just racist against humans and already had a Krogan prominently in the first piece I did :D

Shoved the Nomad and Tempest in the BG too, although you can’t actually deploy the former on that planet… hahaha xD


mass effect — parallels (tropes?)

can be considered a continuation to this post


so that post about how starfleet officers need permission from both their superior officer and their medical officer before they can sleep with an alien came back on my dash, and I thought I’d explore what it would mean for shepard if the alliance had the same rule…

mortification. that’s what it would mean. luckily, chakwas is a Cool Mom.

and for comparison, ryder - 

…lexi’s also a Cool Mom but she’s the type of overly prepared Cool Mom who asks you loudly in front of your friends if you’ve “got protection” when you go out then proceeds to pack extra into your bag when you clam up in horror