pee bottle

  • Germany: great! We're in a minibus going to the meeting and stuck in traffic!
  • France: well, it's not that bad. We're most likely going to get out in about twenty to thirty minutes or so~
  • England: ...we're in India.
  • America: welp, good thing I bought snacks and empty plastic bottles.
The signs as actual things that happened in my old highschool
  • Aries: chases the school management around the building with a metal bat
  • Taurus: bunks physics by hiding in a cupboard for an entire double period
  • Gemini: cheats on every exam by preparing and slipping into her sleeve a tiny handbook that is about two inches thick but no taller than a finger
  • Cancer: comes to school early purely to paint accurate murals of the naked female form in all the school toilets
  • Leo: gets into trouble for writing 'Your Mom' as an answer on an exam
  • Virgo: nearly gets suspended for initiating a massive glitter fight that involved more than 30 students and lasted an hour
  • Libra: throws a banana onto a nearby rooftop and spends the rest of the semester examining and analyzing the behavior of the banana
  • Aquarius: pees into a juice bottle at a class party
  • Pisces: drinks the pee-filled juice bottle at a class party
  • Scorpio: smuggles a baby python into school and loses the python in a tug of war with the head art teacher, who now has it as a pet
  • Sagittarius: gets kicked out of the class for highfiving another student because highfiving supposedly promotes sexual feelings
  • Capricorn: gets deported from the country for stealing an iphone