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1. who is jason more jealous of? tim or dick? he hates tim more i know, does that make him more jealous of tim than he would be of dick? also, did jason know that dick wasnt the 'perfect robin' or does he really think dick was the perfect robin. so as in, why does he dislike dick? is it because he feels he couldnt reach dick's standards that bruce put in, or did he put dick on pedstal himself and in his eyes fail to reach him. or did he know dick wasnt perfect and feels angry that dick is --

2. dick is still the better the robin. Also, who made dick grayson the perfect robinin Jasons eyes? Did bruce make it seem so, or did Jason himself out dick on apedestal and then feel as if he never reached those standards. Sorry if thishard to understand im still learning

Hmmm, well. I recommend reading this for a general overview of Jason’s specific relationships (however one-sided) with each of the Robins. 

1. I think Jason envies Dick more, because “dad always loved [him] best” and, stemming from that, Jason believes a) Bruce wouldn’t have let Dick die under those circumstances; b) if Dick had died anyway, Bruce would have killed the Joker for it. 

It’s more straightforward–Jason literally wants what he believes Dick already has. 

Jason hates Tim more, but the difference is that he doesn’t want to be Tim or have Tim’s role. He doesn’t want to be Robin and he doesn’t want to be Bruce’s partner again. While his Robin years are over, his craving for Bruce’s love isn’t. 

2. In my interpretation, Jason hates Dick in the sense of, “man, fuck that guy,” not, “I truly hate this person and want them to suffer eternally.” This is mostly shown in The Outsiders v3 #44, in which Jason a) trusts Dick to do the right thing with the intel that Jason chooses to provide to him; b) doesn’t actually want to hurt him, which he thinks was obvious despite showing up with a gun. He also sorta respects him, most evidenced by Batman and Robin v1 #23-25 in which they team up. 

When he was Robin, Jason was intimidated by Dick, because Bruce constantly compared them and Jason always fell short. It made Jason insecure in his role as Robin and fearful that it would be taken away from him if Dick decided he wanted it back.

However, he liked teaming up with Dick and showed no malice towards him at all, especially towards the end. Basically, his resentment towards Dick has more to do with Bruce than it ever would with Dick himself. 

Jason genuinely does think that Dick is the better Robin–Dick is the “one who worked out” and the “good son.” If Jason actually said all these things on panel, then they would have a bitter tone, but Jason does believe them on some level. 

To answer these in order: Yes, he felt he couldn’t reach the standards that Bruce set, which were based on Dick’s performance. No, he didn’t put Dick on the pedestal himself. I don’t think he ever saw Dick as perfect, but he thought Bruce might have felt that way, and he does think that Dick was the “better” Robin at the end of the day.

I hope this clarifies the situation for you!

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