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omg what are people saying bout alexa? :o

I’m just going to copy an extract of a post direct to kultkween that’s basically a compilation of what the Alexa hate is now.

“I myself question Alexa fans. I mean, she’s fucked a pedophile and a bunch of rock stars and admits to love being a groupie. She’s famous for the people she fucks. She famous for being skinny and pretty. She’s famous for being the nightmare that she is. She is NO Charlize Theron, NO Evan, and NO Amanda. Even Kate Bosworth has some acting talent behind her, despite her media whoring. What does Alexa have? Nothing but a skinny body, who’s a starfucker and has labels and designers kissing her ass for being pretty, skinny and fucking some famous guys. Maybe you should listen to Gwyneth Paltrow’s interview with Howard Stern from a few months back. She put Jennifer Lawrence on a pedstal when talking about her ex- husband Chris dating her. Talk to her about her husband Chris fucking around in their marriage with Kate and Alexa and Gwennie changes her tune. That’s another thing Kate and Alexa have in common - they have a thing for married men - Chris Martin.”

Basically they keep saying she’s a “famewhore” and that she uses her boyfriends to gain more fame (which is pretty funny because she was in fact famous before she dated her first “famous” boyfriend aka Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys). 

If you want to know what else they use to insult her you can read this ask xx