pedro isztin

“Revisiting the pain, joy and suffering that our psyches are stamped with no matter how small or large those experiences are as a child. Memories prove that we are not alone.”

This photo is one of a group called ‘Transformation’ which is a section of a project called 'Destino’ by Pedro Isztin. I used these images for research into the use of personal elements in a self portrait. What interested me was the way the photos have been positioned. Have the body parts been specifically chosen for a purpose? The mysterious element is engaging, and the idea in itself is so simple yet so powerful. Childhood pictures are so important to everyone, whether that is for a good reason or a bad one. Isztin has perfectly summed up that the power of the memory is so severe. This one is my personal favourite because I love the way the photo of the grandfather is the spitting image of the grandson. It forms a link between the two and identifies the key ideas behind what it is to be a family.