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Much Ado About Nothing video game

So I was just thinking about Shakespeare themed video games and I thought it would be really fun to make a game based on the play Much Ado About Nothing.

Basically it would be an adventure type game and you would play a number of different characters through different parts of the story. You would have scenes in which you control specific characters interspersed with free time in which you can choose any of several different characters to play and do side quest, mini-games, etc. that can affect how well or poorly other scenes go.

Your main goal is to get Beatrice and Benedick to fall in love with each other. You can do this in a number of ways such as choosing the right dialogue during scenes and conversations with the characters or planting evidence that suggests they love each other. The trick is, you cannot observe the status of their relationship directly, but instead must guess based on how they talk to each other and what did they say about each other.

You get to play a number of scenes such as:

  • Play as one of Beatrice’s or Benedick’s friends and convince Beatrice or Benedick that the other loves them. This is done mainly by making good dialogue choices. However, Beatrice or Benedict is trying to hide while listening to you, and the more surprised they are, the harder it is for them to be stealthy. If they see that you have noticed them, they will leave in embarrassment and the scene ends early. (This is not a failure, it just means you don’t get to bump up the relationship score as much as you could have.) 
  • Play as Don Pedro during the masquerade ball and try to woo Hero for Claudio. 
  • There are a number of scenes in which you can play as either Beatrice or Benedick and try to come up with the best insults. (No overall effect, just for fun.)

There are several side quests you can go on that can affect the main plot:

  • Play as Balthazar and take music lessons (this improves the romantic atmosphere of the tricking Benedick scene).
  • Play as Don John plotting to make it look like Hero cheated on Claudio. (This makes people more likely to believe John’s story and allows you to play as John during the scene in which he “proves” her infidelity.) 
  • Play as the watch (either dogberry or verges) to investigate the “cheating”. (This allows you to play as either character after Hero’s “death” and reveal her innocence.) 
  • Play as one of Beatrice’s or Benedick’s friends and talk to Beatrice or Benedick to figure out what sort of things you should say to make them fall in love. 
  • Play as Benedick and take Beatrice up on her offer and actually follow through on the duel with Claudio. (This improves their relationship.)

Those are just a few ideas. Does anyone think that sounds like a fun game? Because I think it does lol


Imagine #68 Girls team VS Boys team

You were the captain of the female Barcelona team and you just went to train. You loved playing football since you were little and being in a big and famous club like Barcelona was a dream come true.

You and your team just walked out of the changing room and saw the boy’s team walk off the pitch, probably just finished their training as you saw Lucho go to his car. You were a big fan of all of them and you all knew each other, because you met at a private party of the club.

“Morning ladies, going to train?” you heard Jordi Alba.

“Of course, we’re not as lazy as you guys” one of my teammates said joking.

“Oh please, we just finished a two and a half long training,” Marc said.

“Well you guys sure need it,” You answered winking at him and everyone started laughing.

“What is that supposed to mean (y/n)?”

“Oh nothing.”

“We can totally win against you,” Neymar said as he heard the conversation.

“Someone is being too confident” You said and looked at Neymar who was looking at you proud of himself. “Try it then” You threw the ball to Neymar and so it began.

You all walked to the pitch and started your line ups. Since half of their first team wasn’t there, because Messi, Suarez, Sergio and Mascherano already went home you knew you had much better chance to win. You knew they were good, but you couldn’t stand hearing them say that they can easily win against your team.

As the game started, you already had the ball, you dribbled through Rafinha and then Marc, but as you passed the ball to your teammate, Pique reached it. Pique passed the ball to Dani, then he ran through everyone and the ball was now of Pedro, he shoot the ball, but didn’t score.

Later on, it was all about trying to score and win. As you were finally, in front of the goal, alone you had a great chance, but suddenly Neymar was next to you, he was faster than you were. He grabbed your shirt and somehow you fell and so did he, but he was on his knees on top of you.

“That’s a foul!” You shout at him mad.

“Sorry amor. I don’t like seeing you run away from me.” Neymar winked as he tried to tell you something with that, but right now, you didn’t care about anything except to score.

“Hey love birds, the game is not over yet!” Adriano said as you pushed Neymar and his grin away.

“I’m not letting you win!” You said to Neymar and ran to the ball.

As the game was almost over and it was still 0:0 Neymar got the ball and he started dribbling, going through everyone and you ran towards him, slide and took his ball, but he fell.

“Someone likes playing rough. I like it.” Neymar laughed as he was on the ground. You smiled and didn’t say anything you just ran towards Ter Stegen, it was just the two of you now. You made it through Pique and Marc and finally scored.

“Yeah!” You shout as ran to your teammates, but Neymar was in front of you and he lifted you up, “Good job!”

As he let you down you rn to your girls and they jumped on you and since you decided that the first team to score is the winning team, the boys lost.

They laughed at you and walked to handshake.

“Good job girls” Dani said as he walked away to go under the shower. After him they were all gone and so were the girls, who decided that it was enough football for the day.

“You were good” you heard Neymar behind you as you were putting everything back to his place.

“Well Neymar Jr. it’s not always easy to win against girls” you said still not facing him.

“But it’s easier to win if there is a prize at the end”

“True, but sadly we didn’t make a deal about any prize so you have to get over yourself.”

“C’mon let’s play. Just the two of us, one on one.”

You looked at him confused now and laughed at his stupid idea. “And what is the prize?”

“Well if I win you go out with me on a date” he said as you rolled your eyes.

“And if I win you have to post a picture of my entire female team on Instagram and say your team lost against us”

You two shake hands and walk back on the pitch. It was all about who would score first. It was hard because Neymar knew how to play with the ball and dribble all around. However, you were a good defender and he couldn’t get to the goal.

“Still not tired Neymar, you are such a bad looser,” Rafinha said as he walked out of the changing room with Rakitić laughing.

“He’s not tired because he wants to get the girl” Dani laughed walking behind them as Pique followed, “Ah Neymar you are already in love!” Pique shouted and Neymar finally looked at them but they were already far away.

“Oh F*ck you guys!” Neymar shout back, but realized that you took his ball and made it to the goal and scored.

“I win!” You said as you walked to Neymar giving him the ball. “Can’t wait to go on Insta” you winked and walked to get the ball back in the box and got in your chaning room.

When you finished your shower and walked out of the stadium to get to the car you noticed Neymar standing at the door. You smiled and walked pass him.

“Wait” Neymar stopped you as he grabbed your hand.

“I’m not playing again, you lost”

“I know. But what about my prize?” Neymar said as he made you blush.

“Well… since you were good, you can get it for the effort” you smiled as he put his arm around your shoulder and waked with you.

“Where do you want to go?” Neymar asked as you got in his car.

“To be honest, I just want to go eat somewhere, because I’m starving.”

“As the winner wishes” Neymar winked and the two of you left to get lunch together.

Eu lembro de te encontrar no metrô e não saber o que fazer com as mãos. Lembro de um anel pendurado num fio de cetim. Lembro de você olhar fixamente pra minha boca enquanto eu falava. Lembro de sentir, pela primeira vez em tempos, paz. Lembro de você dizendo “a gente se libera pra se gostar”. E eu gostei de você, gostei da sua voz, que parecia quase triste, quando disse isso.Eu lembro da luz, que não era da lua, mas não podia ser melhor. Me lembro de sentir frio, e minutos depois sentir calor. Um calor no peito, que irradiava pelo corpo, pulsava nas veias. E eu lembro disso com um sorriso no rosto e lágrimas nos olhos! Hoje, 365 dias depois, nós estamos aqui, juntos. JUNTOS! E você sabe melhor do que ninguém, que “eu nunca vou fazer um ano com ninguém”. Não sabe?! Mas eu fiz, nós fizemos, e isso é mérito seu. Obrigada Pedro Balle, obrigada! Obrigada por cuidar de mim quase como se eu fosse uma menina indefesa, e talvez eu seja mesmo uma menina indefesa. Obrigada por me ensinar a me aceitar, e me enxergar. Mesmo com que já tenha se passado um ano, eu ainda sinto por você aquele velho clichê das borboletas no estomago. Eu ainda fico sem jeito com  os seus galanteios, e ainda sinto vontade de chorar toda vez que você canta pra mim. Isso não é amor, é alguma coisa muito maior e melhor. O melhor dos presentes que eu poderia ganhar, foi você quem me deu. Chama-se FELICIDADE. eu te amo muito! Mais do que eu pensei que poderia, um dia, amar alguém. Me promete que fica mais um ano?! :“)


DROP IT LOW. I’m glad this is a three minute loop. 

WTF is Metal Sonic doing there?

  • marc relentless with his saves and his beautiful pass to leo
  • neymar with a stunning goal and remarkable chest ball skills 
  • pedro with nothing but passionate determination
  • bravo saved lives as usual 
  • suarez with a stunning bicycle-kick goal
  • busi was a beast, pointed passes and great defense 
  • lionel with a hattrick, breaking records, matching records, and making his penalty (thank you universe) 
  • adriano fierce and on top of his game
  • masche out to kill them all 
  • rakitic giving it his sweat and blood
  • xavi, nothing but a master of passes 
  • lucho is doing a magnificent job