pediatric surgeon

“dr. nikiforov are you even listening to me”

“did anybody ever tell you that you look really good in those scrubs?”

“yes. you did. like 25 times a day" 

(part of a yoi medical au that @chantedeer and i are working on in which yuuri is a pediatric nurse and victor is a pediatric surgeon!) (yes, yuuri is wearing poodle scrubs) (you’re welcome)

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HI Lady Kay! I'm a huge fan of your blog! When you were in your third year of medical school, did people constantly try to convince you to pursue pretty much any other field besides surgery? I'm a woman interested in gen surg residency, but I seem receive discouragement from almost any non-surgeon I talk to. I want to pursue what I love the most, but it's definitely unsettling when so many people are basically telling me that I will be a lifelong workaholic with a bad home life. Thoughts?



It’s something that makes me so angry that people still think about surgery. Women in surgery can be anything they want. They can be moms and wives. They can rescue puppies or climb mountains. They can be cardiothoracic surgeons and pediatric surgeons and oncologic surgeons. They can have two XX chromosomes or not. They can like to own fancy shoes or like to wear nothing but jeans. They can wear lipstick to work every single day or never wear makeup any day of their lives. 

Women in surgery are amazing and can do anything they want. 

People on the outside don’t get that. 

But as someone on the inside – let me tell you – I am going to get everything. 

I am a surgery intern. One of the years that is notorious for being the hardest. And yet… I’m buying a house and getting married. I find time to go for a run a couple times a week and I cook meals for myself. I manage to read about one book a month that’s not about medicine. I’m writing on this blog right now. 

I am going to get everything that matters to me. 

I won’t say that there haven’t been compromises and sacrifices. I don’t do quite as many different things as I used to before I was a resident. I’m sure you’ve noticed I don’t blog as much anymore. I read fewer books. Sometimes I decide I don’t care if my hair was washed two days ago because dry shampoo exists and it’s pulled back all day anyway. 

About a year ago - I had an ampersand tattooed on my ankle to remind me of the word “and”. I will always have a lot of “and”s involved in who I am. 

I am a surgeon AND a wife-to-be AND a cook AND a writer AND a friend AND a daughter AND a sister AND a runner. 

And I’m only adding to those things. If I’m lucky, soon I’ll get to add AND a mother, AND a researcher AND a teacher AND a whole lot of other things. 

Being a surgeon is one thing I do – sure it’s a really incredible thing I do – but it’s only one thing I do. I do a whole lot of other things and being a surgeon is not the only thing that defines me. 

Women in medicine and women in surgery are amazing. We are a great many things – and backwards ideas that we have to “give something up” are sexist and antiquated. Ideas that say we can’t be all we want should be shut down. 


When I was a kid it went from being a pediatric surgeon, to being a fighter pilot, to being an actor. There were a million different things I could have chosen or wanted to do, but the path of an artist was the one that pulled me the most. I did local theater and plays in school. I think there was a sense of entertaining—being on the stage, making people laugh, making people cry—that I was drawn to. It was also one of those things like, “I can do this for a very long time.” My job is always going to change; the characters that I’m playing are always going to change. I look forward to playing a grandfather at some point.


Miracle baby born still inside its amniotic sac

The tiny baby was born 26 weeks prematurely, with its placenta and umbilical cord still inside the bag of fluid. He had to be removed by a caesarean.

In Video, child was yawning inside his amniotic sac, before being freed by a doctor. He can even be seen wriggling around and moving his arms. A doctor can later be seen snipping the amniotic sac open. As the baby comes out he gives a little cry as he takes his first breath.

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Hamilton Grey's Anatomy AU
  • Washington: Literal sweetheart, badass chief of surgery. He literally built his hospital from the ground up. Level-headed general surgeon (literally Richard Webber)
  • Burr: Arrogant and cold, head of cardiothoracic surgery. Thinks he's Hot Shit™ just because he graduated med school early.
  • Hamilton: Orthopedic trauma surgeon. Tiny, tiny man who breaks bones for a living. Truly Non-Stop™. Chief Washington has to physically kick him out of the hospital at the end of every week. Constantly hooking up with Laurens in the call rooms and thinks that their relationship is subtle, but the whole hospital knows they're fucking.
  • Laurens: Surgical oncologist specializing in pediatric surgical oncology. Gets Too Attached™ to patients. Parents and patients love him.
  • Hercules Mulligan: Pediatric surgeon who's best friends with Laurens. Has a soft spot for the kids and gives them piggy back rides everywhere.
  • Lafayette: Trauma surgeon who did his residency in the military. Adorable badass who's best friends with Peggy and is always flirting shamelessly with Hercules.
  • Angelica: Cardiothoracic fellow who's technically a better surgeon than Burr and is always fed up with him. She's planning on stealing his job once she finishes her fellowship.
  • Eliza: Neurosurgeon. Seems like a sweetheart, but will cut a bitch (literally).
  • Peggy: EMT that's constantly working in the hospital's ER (that's how she knows Lafayette).
  • Jefferson: Prissy private practice plastic surgeon that's double certified in ENT. Occasionally called in to do work at Washington's hospital. Hamilton despises working with him and has had actual temper-tantrums when they have to share an OR.
  • Madison: Neurosurgeon at Jefferson's private practice. Smol, nervous, and literally always sick??? Dating Thomas on the DL.

(4/6) “I want to be a pediatric surgeon. Our friend Mark is a surgeon and he told me all about it. Being a pediatric surgeon will be hard because you never want to hurt kids. You just want to cuddle them and hold them. But saving them is most important so it’s something you have to do. Also blood doesn’t bother me like it bothers my brother—and he’s sixteen! One time he got blood work done and he was so scared that he curled his toes and his hands. It doesn’t bother me though. I even had my surgeon film my surgery for me because I wanted to see his techniques. When I asked him, he was like: ‘Nobody’s ever asked that before.’ And I said: ‘Please? We can use my brother’s GoPro.’”

Grace’s life was saved by an experimental antibody that was funded by a group of parents who raised $2,000,000. We are currently holding our own fundraiser to help the team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in their fight against pediatric cancer. This money funds the science that saves the lives of children. There are three days left. Over 35,000 people have donated so far and we have raised over $1.3 million. It would be amazing if we could reach 50,000 donations by the end of the series. Even if it’s a small amount, please consider donating:

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Sino motivation mo sa pag-aaral mo? Or I mean ano nagiging motivation mo?

Tbh, I’m asking God every night tuwing magdadasal ako na naniniwala ako na gagawin niya akong doktor, hindi lang dahil sa sobrang naniniwala ako na kaya ko at sobrang gusto ko to, dahil ibabalik ko rin sa kanya lahat through free medical missions plus sobrang maawain ako sa mga bata lalo na yung mga walang pang opera kaya life goal ko maging pediatric surgeon sa isang public hospital if ever #RoadToMD

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Ahhh, I so need the continuation to that masturbation fetish drabble! That was awesome!

thank you so much!! i’ve changed this slightly, but the idea is still there :)
part one

Clarke joins Raven at the bar every Saturday night for the next two months. Bellamy is there every night, serving them with a wink and a flirty smile that never fails to make Clarke blush. They’ve managed to have a few conversations, and she learns that he’s getting his PhD at Ark University and wants to teach History, and the only reason it’s taken him so long is because he’s had to take care of his younger sister, Octavia. He learns that she is on her way to becoming a pediatric surgeon and loves drawing pictures for the kids in between shifts. 

Raven makes it her job to push the two of them together, always making a point to wave him over for another round then leave to go to the bathroom, or commenting on how awesome Clarke’s breasts look in the shirt she’s wearing. (Bellamy nearly dropped the martini he was holding at that point.)

But Clarke can’t stop feeling like a sleaze whenever she looks at him, because she’s known who he was for two whole months and she still gets off to his shows twice a week. 

It’s almost better now, honestly. She knows what his voice sounds like, she’s memorized the curve of his lips, and she even knows what he smells like since one night Raven got too plastered and they both had to help her to the car. When she watches him now she’s able to visualize the expressions he might be making, how the muscles in his shoulders might tense and how he might bite his lip when he comes.

It’s definitely better now.

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In any other case, he might’ve agreed with her.  But she was being ridiculous.  There wasn’t a world where he’d just let a violent patient touch her.  Was he supposed to just watch?  He rolled his eyes, pausing as they approached an empty nursing station.  “If you think that I’d let him touch you, you’re insane.  Anyone would’ve done the same thing.  I know you can defend yourself, that’s not the point.”  He spoke firmly, voice lowering when he started again.  “It was your call to end things, Hayley, not mine.  You don’t get to treat me like shit because you walked away.”  He straightened, glancing at the OR board.  “You’re scrubbing in with me at 4.  See you in OR 5.”  He muttered before sidestepping around her to check on his patients.  He was a pediatric surgeon with a specialty in trauma, soon to be Chief of Peds.  He didn’t give her special treatment; he needed her on this case, she had good hands.   


Nazanin Kent was born to Jahmir and Angela Kent on August 13th, 1988. She was preceeded in birth by her brother Jasper (33) and followed by her sister, Nazirah (19). The Kents raised their children in a mix of Persian culture, mostly introduced to them by Jahmir’s mother, and African-American tradition. New York is host to many different beliefs and cultures and the Kent children were encouraged very young to find their niche. Choosing to follow in his father’s footsteps, Jasper is a pediatric surgeon in one of Staten Island’s finest hospitals. Nazirah is currently in school working on a bachelor’s in computer science, feeling more at home behind a computer than anywhere else. Always a close knit family, the Kents have a tradition of coming together for the holidays, the older Kent children take turn alternating with the parents to host everyone.


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1. If you could be any animal what would you be?

-A lioness!! ooh or anything with wings

2. What’s you favorite song right now?

-Probably Closer by Tegan and Sara

3. Favorite taste? (ie. sweet, sour, ect.)

-Sweet all the way

4. What’s your biggest fear? :)

-I’m pretty claustrophobic so imma go with that

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

-Pediatric surgeon or a baker

6. What’s the last dream you remember?

-Truth be told, all I have are nightmares so probably shouldn’t describe them

7. Sunny or cloudy?

-Sunny!! I love laying on the floor in a sun spot

8. Do you have any pets if not what kind would you want?

-I have a kitty cat. But I really want tons of lizards and snakes and a rat

9. What’s you special talent/passion/interest?

-Definitely baking 

10. Favorite season?

-Spring! There’s always tons of baby deer around 

11. Cake or pie?


1. What’s your favorite place to be?

2. Hot Cocoa, coffee, or tea?

3. What would be your dream job?

4. Favorite color?

5. Snow, rain, or sun?

6. Would you rather have an ocean adventure or a forest adventure?

7. What’s your favorite animated movie?

8. What’s your favorite school subject?

9. What do you want your superpower to be?

10. What’s your favorite dessert?

11. Do you like the country or the city or the ocean?

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