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Can I get you started on your opinion of Kim K?? What you said about Kanye was awesome, I'd love to hear what you think about Kim!

I’m mainly just angered by all the hatred that is directed towards her for very stupid reasons. In an article discussing why she is the “worst role model ever” her appearance is constantly brought up, especially her body shape – which is completely irrelevant. People criticise for HER being ‘vain’, ‘fake’ and ‘shallow’ and then judge her on her appearance and the fact she’s had plastic surgery? It’s none of our business and certainly not an argument point as to why she’s a bad person or role model. She does not exist to be a perfect role model for young girls, she is an independent woman who can do and wear what she pleases as long as it doesn’t actively harm anyone, (just as so many people criticise Miley for the same thing, when she is under no obligation to tone herself down for the sake of the worried parents whose kids are listening to her music and watching her videos) she is expressing herself and doing what she wants to do in order to feel more attractive and confident, and we have no right to police her decisions on what she wants to wear or do with her body.

People criticise her for her previous relationships and short marriage to Kris Humphries, but would it really have been more admirable for her to stay in a relationship she wasn’t happy with? I admire her because she knows what she wants and she strives for it and will not settle quietly with something she’s not content with (also it’s worth mentioning she gave DOUBLE the value of her wedding gifts to the Dream Foundation – that’s around $200,000 -  because she felt so guilty about her short marriage) People criticise her for her father who she is not responsible for in any way, for the fact that she become famous due to a sex tape (which was leaked without her consent) and criticised for making the tape in the first place and for being photographed for Playboy, which were both her choices and even though Playboy is problematic it is wrong to chastise her for these choices, it is downright slut-shaming. She is criticised for having “no discernible talent to speak of.” IMO Kim K is the equivalent of Duchamp’s Fountain or Tracey Emin’s My Bed – pieces of art created unconventionally, without paint, pencil or any raw sculpture matter but which are provoking, striking, frustrating, misunderstood by some, but undeniably brilliant and intriguing. She is not famous for acting or singing or any other traditional celebrity role, but she is addictive and absolutely fascinating in the way she has managed to come so far and become such an icon just because people are interested in her life and watching her be her loud, over-the-top, often ridiculous self. “If I had a great voice or was a great actress, that would be amazing. But I’m realistic: my skill and my talent is marketing.” Not many people could hold an audience so tightly for so long just by being themselves with no obvious talents or accomplishments, but to me that is paradoxically talent and accomplishment in itself. People loath her for her family’s wealth, for her dramatic personality and for her control over her own body and sexuality. People adore and loathe her simply for existing. She is an excellent business woman, she is the queen of self-branding, the queen of endorsing and promoting her family name. 

She is criticised for ONLY(?!) donating 10% of ALL her earnings to charity, (consider that she made $200million from her app alone in just one year) when so many celebrities (and people who criticise her) don’t bother donating despite their wealth and do not come under fire for it like she does. It’s her choice to donate and as long as ten’s (up to hundreds) of thousands of pounds are going to charity we shouldn’t criticise what percentage of her earnings that makes up. She supports the following charities: Alzheimer’s Association, American Foundation for AIDS Research, Diamond Empowerment Fund, Dream Foundation, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Elton, John AIDS Foundation, Generation Rescue, I Heart My Girlfriends, Make It Right, Mattel Children’s Hospital, Operation Once in a Lifetime, Race to Erase MS, Skin Cancer Foundation, Soles4Soul, Salvation Army, True Colors Fund, We Advance; she has volunteered serving the homeless Thanksgiving meals and speaks out and donates to impoverished women’s groups. She also shows that women still have a right to their sexuality even after they become mothers, she is reclaiming the ‘soft porn’ images we see of women every day and owning it with a big smile on her face, she’s shown how a woman can take a betrayal of trust and turn it around and make something positive out of it – “If I want something, I’ll make it happen”.

People let that tape define her existence even though it happened years ago which is extremely sexist and unfair, Ray J never suffered the same disdain and backlash because of it – she is blamed for making the tape in the first place and called every female-sexuality-shaming slur under the sun for having sex and filming it? Hello, she is a grown woman who has sex, so what???? People happily watch porn all the time but as soon as an individual woman makes a name for herself from it she is suddenly a whore. Ok. She is CONSTANTLY criticised for the amount of time and money she spends on her appearance and the number of selfies she takes, people despise her for her confidence, women who love themselves that much are threatening and terrifying. She was bullied in the tabloid for putting weight on after becoming pregnant (helloo????) but refused to be affected by it and continued to be healthy for her child “Get a life! Using pics of me 15lbs skinner (before I had my baby) comparing to me now! … Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to lose weight (especially the last bit of weight) & your body totally changes! Making fun of me pregnant & making fun of me trying to lose weight now shame on you. I’m not perfect but I will never conform to your skinny standards sorry! … Don’t give young girls a complex!” When bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey threatened to beat her up for being thrown into fame for a sex tape, Kim publicly responded to her politely, even complimenting her, instead of sinking to her level. Of course she isn’t perfect (her link to Saartjie Baartman in her Paper Magazine photos for example, and she’s said some problematic things too – as has EVERY CELEBRITY and PERSON EVER) but she is a strong woman who has made the best of a humiliating situation, utilized her strengths, and refused to back down, and I just don’t think she deserves all the hate that she gets.


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