Woo! Looked at live stuff today in bio 2!~

UNFORTUNATELY, most of the live stuff I looked at was either to quick, or to quick and damn near CLEAR for me to get any good pictures, so only these two little guys this time.

Top pic we have micrasterias (400x), a member of the protists group of eukaryotes, and a type of green algae. Micrasterias is photoautotrophic, meaning it has chloroplasts, the little organelles responsible for photosynthesis.

Second picture we have pediastrum (400x), a colonial green algae (meaning a group of cells that like to live together, but are not dependent on one another for survival, in contrast to a multicellular organism, such as ourselves, where if you hack a chunk of YOUR cells off, they’ll die). These little guys like fresh water, and are really pretty to look at in a microscope. XD

I also got to look at chlamydononas, eudorine, gymnodinium, actinosphoerum, and euplotes, none of which were very good for getting pictures with my phone. Sorry guys, but I tried. Stay tuned for more slides, and later in the semester DISSECTIONS!