Pond water under the microscope reveals a variety of photosynthetic algae, including diatoms and green algae.

Of course, algae are not a monophyletic clade, i.e. they aren’t actually closely related to one another. Some algae are more closely related to plants (green algae), while others are as distantly related to plants as they are to animals (brown algae). 


oo28oo requested some eukaryotic algae pictures, so I figured I’d post some of my favorite ones I’ve found over the years! The individual names of the algae will pop up if you click on the photos 

As I mentioned before, many of these algae came from slimy and disgusting clumps of pond scum. They usually smelled pretty horrible, too! It’s only when you look at them under the microscope that you see the true beauty.

Edit: shout out to Pepperofthenickel for identifying the Scenedesmus in the bottom left as Scenedesmus dimorphus!