Truck crashes into pedestrians in Glasgow

Emergency services attend the scene of the crash in George Square in Glasgow, Scotland. There are reports of a number of fatalities and substantial casualties after a bin lorry appears to have crashed into pedestrians.

Photography by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

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“We walk much slower when handling a cell phone (even moreso while texting than reading), and we’re not very good at sticking to a straight line. Not surprisingly, we tend to keep our heads down, our necks immobile, and our arms locked at our sides. We don’t swing our arms, which can be a crucial part of staying balanced while moving.”

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A Chinese city came up with a solution to pedestrians on their phones: Give them a lane

Chongqing, a city in Southwest China, has utilized mobile phone lanes — similar to bike or taxi lanes — so that its phone-addicted citizens can walk around without fear of crashing into other pedestrians or cars. 

Specialized transportation lanes are common in many cities, and this appears to be the trend’s newest frontier. Engadget reports that the lanes can be found on Foreigner Street, and as the photo below appears to depict, they’re the first mobile phone sidewalks in China.

This might be a good idea — or not