Did you know around the beginning of the 1800s there was a sport for men called Pedestrianism.

It was literally “how far and fast can I man-swagger”

This was a sport. There was betting and training regiments and competitions. People loved this.

I love this.

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Remember that thing you reblogged about Kara going on Sesame Street as Supergirl? Imagine that, but with PETER going on as Spidey? (Or maybe fem!Peter? I'm always down for some more fem! Peter.)

This has been sitting in my inbox for ages because it is!! So good!!!!

  • Peter, recently inducted into the Avengers and with quietly soaring approval rates, is being hassled by the PR team. He has to do something. He has to prove that he’s more substantial than just YouTube footage and selfies with pedestrians post-battle
  • Peter does not want to go on a talk show. He does not to sit in front of a late night host and answer uncomfortable questions about how tight his spandex is.
  • He picks Sesame Street. Most of the Avengers have featured (especially Thor, 4 time guest star and a huge hit with children and parents alike).
  • Superheroes always draw in huge ratings, but no one quite expects the humble sincerity or dorky friendliness Spider-Man carries with him. The kids instantly like him, all bright colours and fun jokes. 
  • Peter talks about bullying. He talks about how he was bullied for a long time, and how anxious and helpless and small he felt, and how none of that was his fault. 
  • He talks about getting older and acquiring super-powers and suddenly being stronger than the boy that’d hurt him for so long, and wanting to hurt him back. He talks about how awful that had been, making someone else cry. Pain and mean-spirited revenge helps no one.
  • Peter talks about kindness and responsibility.
  • A stack of apple crates fall and land on Elmo’s bike. Elmo is trapped and scared. All the muppets try their hardest to help him up, but the crates are just too strong. On the other side of the street, Big Bird is busy trying to play a game with Peter. 
  • “Look,” Peter points over the chess board, “Elmo’s hurt. Someone should help him.”
  • “It’s not our problem,” Big Bird says, waving a hand. “We’re having fun right now.”
  • “But he’s in trouble and they’re not strong enough to help. Big Bird, we’re both strong.” Peter stands, and says, “We have the power to help, so we have a responsibility. If something bad happens, and you can help, if you can stop it, if you have the power to make someone’s life a little better, you should.”
  • Big Bird helps move the crates and hugs Elmo and kisses his injury better.
  • If they have time, or if Peter comes back (which he’s invited too; he quickly rockets to a favourite guest star), he talks about personal loss and how kids can deal with grief. He talks about how mean people will sometimes say mean, untrue things and how words can’t hurt you. Peter talks about being anxious and strong and brave every day.
  • Spider-Man would be a gorgeous addition to Sesame Steet, anon.

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M brothers driving for the first time?

  • Ruki: “So I can go on a yellow light, yes?” He floors it at yellow lights, wrecks the car. 5/10 driver.
  • Yuma: He uses the horn. A lot. He thinks it’s a way to make people get out of his way, and he uses it to make that point. 8/10 driver. 
  • Kou: “That was illegal but it was okay, right?” Nope. Kou just ran two red lights and hit a pedestrian. You guys had a lot of explaining to do to the police that day. 3/10 driver. 
  • Azusa: “This is…nice…driving isn’t so…hard.” He did great! Didn’t wreck, didn’t run any stop signs or traffic lights! 10/10 driver. 

1977 Dodge Aspen R/T
Engine: The 318 was the most common late-model series V-8 that Chrysler built. It might have been pedestrian in two-barrel trim, but in 1978 a Thermoquad offering (in California only), gave the R/T a standard V-8 some power. This original 5.2 liter lung was left in bone-stock trim when redone.
Transmission: the shifter coming through a floor boot is attached to an overdrive four-speed 833.
Differential: A 2.92 gear is in the back.
Horsepower and Performance: built for comfort, not for speed.
Suspension: OEM, with heavy-duty iso-mount front sway bar. The F-Body car was revolutionary in how Chrysler tried to quiet road noise, and was developed using clear plastic body replicas to discover stress-inducing mounting points and eliminating them via isolating mount separators.
Brakes: The factory set-up of front disc/rear drum.
Wheels: Part of the R/T package was Rallye rims and E70x14 tires.
Body: The body was solid, and all the Kohr’s did was clean it up; coolest item is the T-top roof and fold-down rear seat and carpeted trunk option. Front, rear, and wheel spoilers and quarter-window louvers were part of the R/T Super Pak option.
Interior: OEM standards, black vinyl buckets and a Tuff Wheel tiller comprise the front. The radio was a four-speaker AM/FM/8-track.
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Nanjing Road- Shanghai, China

The main shopping street in Shanghai, Nanjing Road is also one the busiest shopping strips in the world. The road is very long, with the most popular section being Nanjing Road East, which features a 1km long pedestrian only walking strip. Nanjing Road West is known for its more high end boutique stores, and is near to the famous Jing’an Temple. 

“The Director and the Dancer”-Chapter One

 Another Jynnic fic to add to the growing number of them on here. What can I say? I’m hooked. Hope you like it!

Title: The Director and the Dancer

Rating: T

Pairing: Jyn Erso/Orson Krennic (Jynnic)

Summary: Jyn Erso is a dancer in a night club on Coruscant. When the Imperial military is visiting the city, Director Orson Krennic comes to see her dance and is captivated by what he sees. Entranced by this beautiful dancer but loyal to his cause, the Director struggles to proceed with caution after this tantalizing encounter.

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2016 is bad and has desensitized me so much when I was turning down a side street some white dude bozo going like 70 in a 30 almost smashed into me and we had a whole swerving incident and it was entirely his fault bc he was supposed to yield at the crosswalk regardless of if there were pedestrians (which there were) and I just like.

Whatever. Kept driving, pulled up to a meter, got my shit from the store and came home and I’m just sitting here like. Man I almost died lmao whatever.

  • Mother
  • Florence + The Machine
  • How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Deluxe)

Florence + the Machine  |  Mother  |  How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

How I long for the autumn
The sun keeps burning deep
Every stone in this city keeps reminding me
Can you protect me from what I want?
The love I let in, it left me so lost 

Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned – I have sped up and illegally uploaded this most beautiful of all songs ever written.


…concept design and production art for ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ (2004) - scripted and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, produced by Toshio Suzuki, animated by Studio Ghibli & distributed by Toho - based on British writer, Diana Wynne Jones’ novel of the same name…