pedestrian question


“What’s the matter, Dean?” You call from the second story window, watching as he stares at his seran-wrapped Impala in dismay. “Did you leave your balls in your purse?”

Dean swears, whipping his pistol out of its holster and aiming it at you. “That’s it! I’m killing her!”

“Dean, no!” Sam shouts, grabbing his arm and looking around worriedly at the bystanders.

“She messed with baby,” Dean argues. “Sam. She messed. With Baby.” 

And I am not letting you shoot her in front of twenty pedestrians,” the younger Winchester retorts.

Dean looks around surreptitiously, glaring at the pedestrians in question. “Fine,” he mutters. He glares up at you. “You’d better watch out, Y/n! This means war! And when I get up there-”

“Ooh, I’m terrified,” you say drily. “Absolutely terrified. So, Dean, tell me something.” You reach into your pocket and pull out his keys, laughing at his stricken expression. “How difficult is it going to be to chase me when you can’t drive your car?”

“No way.” Dean starts patting down his pockets, looking at Sam in horror. “You’d better give those back-” He cuts off when he sees you’re no longer at the window. “Damn it.” He glares at his brother. “You should’ve let me shoot her.”


American Horror Story: Coven - The cast and crew talk Season 3 and guest star Stevie Nicks performs “Rhiannon” and more for TV Academy members on Friday, June 6, 2014.

Stevie Nicks was clearly the draw and the star of the event, and deservedly so – her memories of the show and the contributions she made (the idea for the “Seven Wonders” music video cold open for the finale) were by far the most lively and interesting parts of the panel. That she also performed two songs was, honestly, gravy.

Stevie Nicks said she thought her part would be “ a walkthrough in a black dress” to say “Hello, Witches!” and when she arrived at her New Orleans Hotel and learned there was a script, she was quite surprised but rose to the challenge and sincerely loved every minute. She also felt they should have bought the house they filmed the witch school in, because it was gorgeous.

These industry events would be more interesting if they just let the writers, producers and actors chat about their shared histories on the show, rather than answer the generally pedestrian questions about the experience. The best parts were the spontaneous jokes and conversations between the panel members, while the moderator-led discussion was pretty blah.

Of note: Gabourey Sidibe is a very funny lady who will take a question and run with it; Sarah Paulson, unsurprisingly, has excellent stage presence; Jessica Lange took a while to thaw but once she did she was delightful; Ryan Murphy would like to know Angela Bassett’s skin secrets; Angela’s wardrobe was inspired by a fierce New Orleans clubgoer in a jumpsuit from Rainbow; Denis O'Hare liked the acting challenge of not speaking and chose not to speak off-camera, as well.


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