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“It’s October in Manhattan, the kind of fall day where the sweaters have emerged and the scarves are starting to be wrapped instead of draped. I’m in town covering another story entirely, and in the middle of the press conference I get a text. ‘Coffee?’ The text is from Diana of Themyscira. The text is from Wonder Woman. Twenty minutes later I’m at a café in the Village, and she’s already there, sitting at a table off the sidewalk, book unopened in front of her. The staff knows who she is. Everyone knows who she is. She can dress down, but it makes no difference; your eye is drawn to her as if pulled on a fishing line. Pedestrians pause mid-stride, double-take. Some approach. Some continue on their way. She smiles. She is gracious. She signs napkins when people ask for autographs. (…)”  – Wonder Woman In Conversation by Lois Lane (Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special)

Ahhhhh okay so this is a little bullet-fanfic a wrote inspired by the amazing creation of @juuria :her video, The String. (Go check it out! And check out her channel! She makes amazing Hamilton animatics and other awesome stuff!!)

 It’s so beautiful and I really wanted to write something for her characters Jamie and Blanka! So uh, here’s a little fic. Hope you like it~

Fanfic: Casa-Blanka

Jamie and Blanka head off to their first date~

Lavender, Blanka noted. Jamie smells like lavender.

In the back of her mind, Blanka made a mental note of how creepy that sounded, but as for the moment, her thoughts were preoccupied by the comforting warmth of the girl in her arms. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the prominent rosy shimmer of her— no, their string. Their string. The red string. After so many years of watching that string stretch off into oblivion, she could finally see the other end.


“I’m here.”

“I missed you.”  

“Me too.”

A small rumble from the other girl—Blanka realized she was laughing.

“This is starting to get a little dramatic,” Jamie mumbled into her shoulder, then pulled away to look her in the eyes. She was smiling, exhilarated, luggage drooped around her legs from where she had dropped them in surprise from earlier. She certainly hadn’t expected her soulmate to come crashing into her arms and squeezing the life out of her. “You’re one strong hugger,” she noted.

Blanka shrugged. “It’s been a lifetime and two years, what’d you expect?”

“To get a little warning earlier than two seconds before you come crashing into me.” Jamie laughed again, picking up a duffel bag with Blanka taking the other. She turned to check her backpack and then, satisfied that everything was intact, began the laborious walk out of the airport with her soulmate.

The two hailed a taxi, got inside, and had a little conversation about what had been going on in the past two years. It started out a tad awkward with neither knowing exactly what to say, but was easily fixed by Jamie’s brave attempt of “…So how’s the weather doing?”, resulting in another round of laughter and an actual conversation taking place.

Depositing Jamie’s luggage at her house was quick enough task. They took a little sofa-break before Jamie suggested they go on with that date they had planned.

Blanka was a little more than baffled, protesting against Jamie planning to tire herself out instead of getting some well-needed rest. Eventually, after a some persuation, she relented and the two decided to hail another taxi.

“So, soulmate,” Jamie said as the other was waving for cab. “Where are we going?”

Blanka froze. She hadn’t exactly planned that far ahead…

“I…um, don’t know.”

Jamie blinked. “What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I didn’t… I don’t exactly k-know…. I didn’t exactly plan on where to go, okay?” Blanka admitted, embarrassed. She had briefly considered pulling her hoodie over her head before Jamie took her hand with a comforting smile.

“It’s alright, soulmate! We’ll just go into town and see where we can hang out.”

Blanka couldn’t help but smile. Jamie was just so natural sometimes, far better than her. She was falling for this girl even more with each passing second.

“Heh, okay. Oh—here comes a cab!”


“Do you like Italian pizza?”

“Hell yes! But… it doesn’t seem like there’s any place to sit.”

Blanka huffed. The place was way too crowded for this time of year. Well, it was a Saturday, so it was a given families and couples would be running around looking for a place to eat. Traffic was heavy, pedestrians lined the streets, and restaurants were jam-packed with patrons. Every fast food place in town had more people than they had seats—not any ideal place for a first date. Or any date for that matter.

Blanka didn’t really have any intention of ‘wooing’ Jamie, or giving her a candle-lit romantic experience, but she really wanted the both of them to have a good time. She feared the hunt for a place to eat would prove more stressful than fun, but Jamie had managed to keep an upbeat smile as they trudged through the streets.

Suddenly, she was pulled to a stop.

“What is it?” Blanka asked. “You found a place to eat?”

Jamie tilted her head for a second, thinking it over, before asking, “You like buffet-restaurants, right?”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Good, why don’t we eat here?”

Blanka stared at Jamie for a while, a bit confused- and nervous- of her cheeky grin, until she followed the other’s train of sight and saw the restaurant plaque.


All you can eat Buffet!


Jamie snorted, attempting a half-hearted apology, then proceeded to giggle her heart out. “Oh my god, I can’t believe we found a restaurant with your name on it,” she gasped between laughs.

In all honesty, Blanka wanted to be mad, but couldn’t help but giggle herself. She’d lived in this country her entire life and never had she heard of a restaurant called Casa-Blanka. Such luck finding it on her first date with her soulmate.

“Come on, let’s go,” Jamie urged upon calming down. “I think there are a couple of seats over there. Ha ha, this is perfect!”


Blanka had already been seated at their table along with her soulmate, but then Jamie had told her to wait for a bit and rushed back towards the buffet table.

Five minutes later, the girl returned with two soup bowls piled high with mounds of iced cream, almost rainbow-like with the flavor variety.

Blanka’s eyes widened dramatically as she took in the sight. “Oh my god….”

“I know, right?” Jamie chuckled and set down the bowls. There was more ice cream than their actual meals.

“W-where did you find them?”

“There was like a row of them in the back. I saw them just before we left, so I had to rush back before they were all out.”

“Well it looks like they’re all out now.”

“Well, anything for my beautiful soulmate!”

Blanka flushed beet-red at that. Jamie offered a little giggle at her expression, though her cheeks were tinted a bright shade of pink as well.

“Well, you’re taking this a lot less awkwardly.” Blanka attempted a little laugh of her own and began scooping up her meal.

“Well it’s true,” Jamie declared, and began spooning her rainbow tower of ice cream. Sensing that her soulmate was about to question her, she simply said, “It’s going to melt.” Before digging in.

Blanka offered a smile at that, and went for her own ice cream tower.

“You know,” she said, between mouthfuls of the creamy sweetness. “I think you’re beautiful too.”

Jamie blushed, then offered an adorably bright smile. “Thanks, soulmate.”

Ahhhh idk what I’m doing i hope you enjoyed reading this! (I know this should really be on my writing blog but idk uwu )

I spot a photograph that makes my breath pause in my chest, my cheeks flushing. My heart does a double take in my chest—

It’s the picture of me yesterday, holding my camera in one hand, and our winning contest photo in the other. Just like Victoria’s, the pedestrians are lined up behind me, but…

What I think sticks out the most is the dorky smile I have.

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Video: Dance: Ten; Looks: Three - A Steve Rogers Tribute 

Description: A (short) autobiographical look at Steve Roger’s life, told through the lens of A Chorus Line. This video is equal parts parody, good natured objectification, and genuine Steve Rogers appreciation. I was walking home from work when this song came on shuffle, and almost automatically I pictured a Steve music video set to it.  The rest, unfortunately, is history.  You’re welcome, and I apologize. 



So here goes nothing! Hahaha! here’s the second part!

Michael clifford as your bestfriend, what do you say?

We all have that one cousin who attracts your guy friends

Y/C/N - Your cousin’s name
Y/N - Your name

Oh gad! I just read it, *pedestrian lane, not line 😂