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December 5, 2016
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CROSSING by ajpscs
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© ajpscs


The Tale of Two Cities according to Heiko and Stephi - Part 80

After pedestrian lights and pedestrian crossings we will keep the subject and show pedestrian zones this week. Most pedestrian zones are shopping streets, like in our photos. On the first photo you can see Schildergasse in Cologne and on the second photo you see Kaufingerstraße in Munich. I could write about both of these two streets but I have a déjà vu… hmm or did I already made a post about the shopping streets?  
Anyway, this post isn’t about shopping streets it’s about pedestrian zones and I think everything I could tell about pedestrian zones is obvious.
This week’s praise to pedestrians and no critique this week because I’m in a good mood.


RUN by ajpscs
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Shibuya Scramble Crossing © ajpscs

things about america that confuse me (and when i say america i probably mean austin):

  • tax isn’t included in the price??? i first noticed this when i only got one arizona ice tea, that was supposedly 99 cents, but i had to pay a dollar and 8 cents, and i was so confused
  • wall-to-wall carpeting
  • there being intersections with stop signs in all four directions. like back home a stop sign on one of the forks means other forks have priority, apparently not in america. what is even the point?
  • it’s february and the temperatures are at about the mid-to-high summer temperatures compared to back home
  • why is bread so expensive?
  • a restaurant has to be almost posh to have things you eat with utensils. there are probably weeks i don’t use any utensils
  • the pedestrian traffic lights are counting down to the light turning green for the cars. back home they are counting down to the light turning green for you, and i almost died on my first day here because of that, because i started walking across the street when the counter reached 0
  • 7/11
  • the roads are so wide
  • you people need so much space. why does my two-bedroom apartment need two bathrooms? what’s the deal with walk-in closets?
  • the thing in the sink drain that minces things, i am so scared of it

155/366 : Station Square by Hidehiko Sakashita
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June 3, 2016 Camera: Sony A7II Lens: Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8G Adapter: Rayqual NFG-SαE adapter #366project2016

Well if this ain’t me..

Kuroo was always a fan of Pokémon so he was beyond ecstatic when the new app came out. After downloading the app, he quickly tossed on some light clothes and was nearly out the door before he remembered one crucial thing he was missing. He dashed back to his room and fished through all the miscellaneous junk he had before finally finding his Ask Ketchum hat.

Kuroo stuffed the old hat onto his head, slipping it on backwards so his fringe hung out. Before he was out the door, he called out, “Ma, I’m going out for a while!” While walking, Kuroo was absolutely thankful that he lived in Tokyo. The big city’s map was littered with countless Pokéstops & gyms and a large variety of Pokémon popped out at him..

It was also funny to see people of all kinds out and about with their phones out, undoubtedly playing the same game. Kuroo stopped at a crosswalk, hitting the button to change the pedestrian light. He stared down at his phone, a frozen Pokéball stuck on his screen. He furrowed his brow, not understanding what was happening when someone also waiting for the crosswalk cried, “Not again! The servers are down!”

Kuroo looked up at the stranger and back down at his phone only to see the blue screen announcing that the servers were indeed down. He sighed and slipped his phone into his pocket, attention returning to the stranger. He couldn’t help but notice how cute they were and he felt a sudden urge to discuss Pokémon with them. As they walked ahead with the pedestrian light, Kuroo found himself trailing behind them, an introduction forming in his mind.

Akaashi stood at the bus stop, minding his own business. It was amusing to see everyone playing the new Pokémon Go app and the Fukurodani setter felt a slight temptation to download the game himself. A small smile would find itself upon his lips whenever he saw people enthusiastically spending time outside.

On the side of the street, a bicyclist pedaled past with their eyes switching from watching their surroundings to the phone in their hand. It occurred to Akaashi that this could potentially be dangerous for the bicyclist or others around them but this thought was banished upon seeing a water bottle tumble out of their bag.

He quickly scooped it up and called out, “Excuse me, you dropped this!” The bicyclist seemed to have heard him as they glanced over their shoulder to spot their lost bottle and slammed on their brakes. They wheeled themselves around, smiling sheepishly. “Thank you. I’ve been biking so long to hatch these eggs that I probably would have dropped from dehydration.”

Akaashi’s fingers touched theirs as he passed them the bottle and he swore electricity flowed through at the contact. He met their gaze with a smile, his face growing warm upon noticing how attractive they were. “It’s not a problem. Glad I could help with your.. egg hatching.” His slow phrasing emitted a laugh from them and Akaashi found himself blushing further.

Oikawa stomped his foot upon seeing that his gym was overtaken yet again. “Seriously?! I just conquered that one like five minutes ago!” The Aobajousai captain turned a complete 180 and marched back towards the park. Upon getting back into range of them gym, he furiously tapped on the gym icon but his fury immediately melted away into fear.

Someone at a higher level than him was the one to dethrone his Wigglytuff and the Pokémon they placed at the head was a.. Gyarados?! He gulped at the sight of the water Pokémon’s high combat power. He stared at the new gym leader’s avatar and surveyed their name.

Looking up from his phone, he spotted a person sitting on one of the park benches not so far away. Oikawa realized with a start that the person in front of him was identical to the avatar he saw. Sliding up to them with a small frown on his face, his flirtatious nature kicked in as he carelessly tossed an arm around their shoulders.

“So,” His voice dripped with slight venom, added from his competitiveness. “Are you the one who stole my gym from under my nose-” His taunt died on his lips as they turned to face him, eyes wide at the sudden contact with a stranger. Yet their eyes captivated him instantly and found himself lost in them. A few moments later, it finally occurred to Oikawa that he had been gazing into a stranger’s eyes for much too long and his arm was still around their shoulders. He nearly panicked. Shit..

Iwaizumi was well aware of the new app game, having primarily hearing of it from a certain setter, and its popularity. Oikawa had dragged him into playing the game (deep down, he didn’t mind; Pokémon was a big part of his childhood too!) but the Aobajousai ace held one victory over his best friend’s head and that was that he was of a much higher level.

But he found his phone settled in his pocket for the meantime while he waited for the train. His phone was nearly out of battery and he decided not to waste it. He had arrived to the station only to miss his train by a mere few minutes. His annoyance at the situation was mild; it was somewhat his fault for being late.

However, something slamming into his back nearly caused him to whip around and bark at whatever it was but the noise of something clattering to the ground accompanied by a squeak of surprise silenced him. A person seated on their rear stared up frantically at Iwaizumi, their phone scattered a few inches away from them. “I-I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

They scooped up their phone and surveyed the screen, a small grin appearing on their face momentarily. Iwaizumi waved away their apology before sticking out his hand, offering to help them to their feet. As he pulled them up, he couldn’t help but notice two things: the stranger was undeniably attractive and they had caught a Pokémon before bumping into him. “’S not a problem,” He grunted, a blush forming on his face in result to holding their hand. “Just be more careful, okay?”


Yabacho,Nagoya,Japan/名古屋・矢場町 by nagatak