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okokok i need to come up with something better how's. this. "Here, take my coat, you look cold"

Sankt Petersburg is cold. This is not unusual. What is unusual is Victor’s miserable state. He’d left his coat at the rink, and it was probably completely closed now. While he did have his wallet on him, his keys to his apartment (and the rink) as well as his phone were in his coat.

Not to mention Sankt Petersburg is cold, and now he’s cursed himself to going home in this miserable weather. He jogs as quickly as possible, trying to keep himself warm. His breath puffs out into the air almost like steam, and he can’t hold back a shiver as he waits at a crosswalk.

Suddenly, there’s a tap on his shoulder. “Here, take my coat. You look cold,” someone says in English.

Victor turns around in surprise, the first thing he registers being a fluffy-looking burgundy coat. “Pardon?”

The coat is lowered, and Victor is taken aback at the man offering it to him. Short black hair, brown eyes, clearly Asian features. His English sounds flawless. “I think you need it more than me,” he says.

“I can’t possibly-” Victor hesitates, of course. He’s more used to the infernal weather than this foreigner, surely. “That’s very kind of you, but…”

The pedestrian light signals to walk.

“I have a ride waiting around the corner, so I insist,” the man says. “Please, take it.” He drops it in Victor’s hands and walks past him onto the crosswalk.

Victor shivers again, hesitating still. He follows after him. “How will I give it back?”

“You can keep it.” Once they’re on the other side of the street, Victor watches, at a loss, as the man walks in a different direction from him now.

“At least give me your name?” Victor calls. He wants a name to put to this kind Samaritan.

He sees the man pause, a smile on his lips when he turns around. “Yuuri!” he replies. He looks immaculate for some reason, in that moment. The lightly falling snow contrasts with his dark hair and dark outfit, and the smile transforms him in a way that makes ‘He’s beautiful’ cross Victor’s mind.

He opens his mouth to give Yuuri his own name, but he is already gone.

Victor ends up donning the coat on the way home. It stops him from shivering, and smells the way that all clothes do when they’re freshly laundered. Comforting. He manages to show the doorman his ID to be let in and get the building manager to open his apartment for him.

Yuuri stays on his mind the whole time. Victor knows it’s foolish to think so much of a random encounter, but few people give away their coats so easily. Especially ones as nice as this one. He remembers the smile, the offer, the gentle way he’d spoken. The kind insistence that Victor take the coat.

What kind of person is Yuuri? Did he like dogs? Why was he in Sankt Petersburg? From Japan, or America, or where?

Deep down, Victor wants to meet him again. Return the coat, maybe ask him for a coffee and get to know him better.

He wants, and it’s silly, but he can’t help it.

The next day, Victor wears the coat on the way to the rink. If he looks around for Yuuri on the way there, well, only he knows that.

Yakov berates him for leaving his coat and everything at the rink last night — as well as Yuri for not noticing before he had left and locked up. Victor hardly notices, too light on his feet about Yuuri and his kindness.

It takes Mila shaking him while he’s tying up his skates for him to snap out of it. “Victor, you didn’t have your phone last night, right? Then you haven’t heard of what happened to Politician Duma.”

Victor frowns. He cares little for politics and politicians. “No, what happened?” he asks anyway.

“Someone blew up his residence!” Mila steals his phone and unlocks it, tapping in something before shoving the screen in Victor’s face. “Everyone’s talking about it though because it was some internationally wanted criminal, and no one knows the motive.”

The face that looks at Victor is blurry, likely from some low-res security camera shot, but a jolt of recognition goes up his spine. The person has slicked-back dark hair and pale skin, and the collar of a black shirt pokes up from their burgundy coat.

“He’s called Eros apparently. This is the best picture they’ve gotten of him, so it’s being televised everywhere.” Mila pauses. “Is something wrong?”

“Nothing,” Victor says. “Nothing at all.”

The burgundy coat burns a hole in his awareness now. The pockets had been empty when he had checked, not a single sign of the owner’s identity. Had Yuuri even been a real name?

As Victor gets on the ice, he feels his hopeful fantasies crumble. Was it really kindness, or did he want to get rid of coat to throw authorities off his track? Was I just convenient? he wonders.

If his skating has a heartbroken tint to it that day, no one dares to comment.

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The Scenic Route

MariChat Week 2 Day 1: Kisses. Didn’t think I’d pass this up, did y’all? *flashes Certified MariChat Trash badge* FEATURING: The Sidekick!Adrien AU.


Twenty-one year old Marinette Dupain-Cheng walked the lamp lit streets of Paris on her way home from work. As she passed an alley, an engine revved. Headlights blazed to life and half blinded her. She shielded her eyes. “Chat Noir,” she cried, “what would Ladybug say if she caught you stalking civilian women in the dark?”

He pulled up beside her, the LED screen on his cat helmet’s visor set to a mischievous smirk. “You tell me.” He patted the seat behind him. “Need a ride? We can take the scenic route.”

“I’m tired, kitty. Aren’t you tired?”

“Oh, absolutely. The life of a trust fund baby is so exhausting.”

Marinette put her hands on her hips. The LED visor changed to sad kitten eyes. She laughed and slung her leg over his bike. “Fine,” she said. “I didn’t feel like walking anyway.”

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Saturday Submitted Recs #2

These are fics suggested to me throughout the week that I post in a large collection. Make sure you send fic recommendations BEFORE SATURDAY, otherwise they’ll show up on next week’s list. I close the inbox around Friday 9PM GMT so I have time to read through suggestions and put together the entire list.
Thank you to everyone who suggested fics for this week! 

even Time by DiAnna44 9k
After minutes, hours, days, weeks, Victor finally pulls back, but that passion, that fire, that love that usually exists within his eyes are filled with disgust, with sadness, with horror, and if Yuuri was anybody else, he might have mistaken those feelings to be aimed at him, but Yuuri isn’t anybody else, and has been with Victor for months now, almost a year, knows him almost as well as he knows himself, and Yuuri can see that Victor is disgusted with himself.
homophobia/slur cw

2nd fic cannot be verified because the author’s works/account violates something from the guidelines.

I Want to Skate like Him by IdunAurora 27k
“Coach me, Yuuri-sensei, please!”
At age 27, five time consecutive world figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki decides to retire. He has barely made it home to Hasetsu before he finds an eager and all too enthusiastic silver-haired Russian on the doorstep of Yu-Topia Akatsuki, demanding Yuuri to coach him. Well, it’s not as if the Japanese legend has been able to get 23-year-old Viktor Nikiforov out of his mind since the young man enchanted him at the GPF banquet in Sochi months earlier, anyway. Also, Yuuri’s smirks should be illegal. Viktor is certain he has spent more time imitating a tomato than he has been skating.

An Honest Accident  by undermyumbreon3k
After Yuuri completes his Short Program in a figure skating competition, he finds that he didn’t exactly finish it perfectly. Victor tries to comfort Yuuri and help him work through the embarrassment.

dear true love by cityboys WIP
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break. They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan.

On My Love by RikoJasmine WIP
For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.” Yuuri often thinks of his life as Before and After Viktor Nikiforov, the marking point being the day Viktor swept into his life and turned his world upside-down. After many years together, an accident leads to Yuuri suddenly waking up in the Before—back in Detroit, before the GPF, before he ever knew Viktor as anything other than his childhood idol. As if it had all been just a dream.

another girl in another time by cityboys 11k
According to the multi-verse theory, there is another Sara out there who has her life together. In this world, though, she’s just a high school senior with detention to attend, a prom to contemplate and a twin to reconcile with. 

of eros and of dust by cityboys 2k
It’s nostalgia, maybe, or Phichit’s kind, knowing smile, or just an unconscious need to talk about it—but he starts talking as the pedestrian lights turn green. About the Eros routine, about Victor, about the ring, about skating.

when the walls come down by cityboys 2k
Being with Yuuri, sometimes, is like a game of tug-of-war. 

your love is my turning page by cityboys 4k
Victor and the hours he spends waiting, reflecting and figuring things out.

sight of the sun by cityboys 6k
It’s still new, reaching inside himself and finding nothing but love there, and a yearning for life—for the rest of his own life—that’s never been this sort of present before. It’s still new, just like the band on his own ring finger is still a wonder, just like seeing Yuuri’s own band has not stopped giving Victor such a dizzying rush of emotion every time he sees it, days after the wedding. Wherein their honeymoon brings Victor face-to-face with a lot of firsts in his life.

2nd fic from the first ask could not be verified because the author’s works/account violates something from the guidelines. 

World’s End Holiday by komagayda
For whatever reason, for whatever unknown reason, the moment that clock hit zero Yuuri Katsuki was entirely alone. 

Recommended from Private Messages

You’re Not Alone by Symbio WIP
When Yuri’s biggest secret comes out, he’s devastated and pretty sure his career is ruined. But with support and understanding from Victor and Yuuri he faces the media backlash. He’s determined to let nothing get in the way of the quickly approaching season but it seems the world is throwing obstacle after obstacle at him.
transphobia cw 

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One Love

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One Love

Ft. Kihyun (Monsta X)

One shot

Fluff | Angst | Smut

I pull my jacket over my head to shield myself from the sudden down pour. It was just my luck to have it go from a bad day to the worst day ever in the matter of just fifteen minutes. Frustrated with my bad luck, I look up at the sky, anger forming in the pit of my stomach as I curse at the heavens for letting everything bad come bite me in the ass, not just once but twice in one day.

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Personal Concerns (1/3)

back at it again with the always self-indulgent full circle au ٩( ᐛ )و 


“Right there,” Satoru says, feeling a little rude as he points straight at the ayakashi shuffling away toward the opposite side of the park. “You don’t see it?”

Taki is squinting, face screwed up in concentration. Her hands are balled into fists in her lap.

“Only sort of. Its edges are all vague. There isn’t really a shape to it.”

“Same here,” Tanuma says. “It’s more like a blurry shadow than anything else. But my head doesn’t hurt, even with it nearby, which is already progress.”

Satoru stares at them for a long moment, then looks back toward the spirit. It has a distinctive shape, long and skeletal with arms that hang so low its tapered fingers brush the ground with each step. It moves stooped over—as tall as it is, Satoru thinks its height would be alarming should it decide to straighten its spine. It seems a little anxious to get away from their prying eyes, head ducked and slooping shoulders bunched.

He doesn’t really blame it. The ferocity of Taki and Tanuma’s stares would make anyone uncomfortable. 

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a summer sort of girl

or…four times Lena didn’t know and the one time she did.


It feels colder in National City than it ever did in Metropolis. She’s not altogether sure why. It’s almost as if the wind is sharper, as if the sun’s rays only barely manage to reach the skyline of the city, their warmth being snatched away by the girl in the cape. Sometimes, as she walks to L-Corp (her building she reminds herself forcefully), she thinks the trees shiver in the breeze and their leaves chatter in the cold as they fall to the ground, crushed by commuters who remain oblivious to their screech of pain.

Then again, her mother has always said she has quite the imagination (and an unfortunate flair for the dramatics).

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Official Ranking of Cadbury Easter Products
  • Mini Eggs: Holy. The textured candy shell, the cronch, the smooth chocolate insides; perfection. I would commit several murders for a single handful of mini eggs.
  • Caramel Egg: Amazing. So good. Like a Caramello bar in egg form. Would cross a busy highway with no traffic lights or pedestrian crosswalks for a caramel egg.
  • Chocolate Egg: Good. Would never turn one down. Smooth chocolate filling somewhere in texture between a caramel and a cream. I'd jog a little for one.
  • Creme Egg: The worst. Horrid. Putrid. Gritty-ass too-sweet awkwardly-colored filling makes my teeth hurt. Tastes like regret. I would move to the desert for the rest of my life to escape these seasonal abominations. I get very angry that this is the only variety marketed at other holidays, as they release ones with green filling called "Screme Eggs" for Halloween. Awful.

Yabacho,Nagoya,Japan/名古屋・矢場町 by nagatak


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Word count: 4, 450 words

(Sorry, just good ol’ fluff in this one. I hope our min suga feels better soon. :> )

An elderly couple stood in front of you as you swerved your car, attempting to avoid them. The pedestrian lights had turned red but the elderly couple had not realised. You hurriedly got off your car as you helped the couple off the road.

You sigh in relief as the old couple thanked you. Just as you headed back to your car in the empty streets, a bright light hit you. As you gathered your thoughts, you realised a car was speeding towards you in the cross section. You tried honking at him and starting up your car to no avail. The driver was obviously not paying attention. Before you know it, your ears were blocked and the scene went silent. You felt a piercing pain throughout your body. Your head was throbbing as you struggled to keep your eyes open.

As your eyelids become heavier, you caught a glimpse of a male figure with seemingly pale skin and raven hair walking towards your sight. You opened your mouth in hopes to call out to him. With all the strength you could gather, you let out a shriek before your line of vision darkens and the aching pain you felt on your body was no longer relevant.

‘You’re Kim So Eun, 20 years old from Seoul right? Your time of death is 1.41am.’
You heard a man mumbled behind you. As you shook your head to gather your thoughts, the man’s words finally hit you.
'What… what? I’m… what?’ You questioned.
'Here we go again… hi kim so eun, my name is min yoongi. I am death.  It is unfortunate for me to let you know that your life has ended. However, we noted that you have been a good person throughout your lifespan and hence will be granting you 3 wishes before I lead you along to the afterlife.’ The man spoke in a rehearsed, feigned enthusiasm manner with a blank look on his face.
'So… You’re the gream reaper?’ You questioned.
'Is that seriously all that you’ve gathered despite everything I’ve said?! And no.. what are you? 5?! I am not the gream reaper… They don’t exist.’ His tiny eyes widened as he spoke.
'Forget it, come on, we’re running on a tight schedule. Try not to look at the scene, trust me, your own bloodied body is gonna haunt you for a long long time.’ He said as he grabbed you by the wrist.

You stared out the window as you warmed your hands on a cup of hot cocoa the grouchy man had given you 10 minutes ago. Your head was spinning and you felt like you were about to throw up as you try to wrap your head around everything that has happened in the past hour.
'You know you can cry and scream and do whatever you want right.. nobody in the cafe can see us. We’re dead after all…’ he gawfled at the irony of his own statement.
'This can’t be happening.. I’m too young to die… I have my entire life ahead of me!’ You protested.
'Well lady. People die every single day. Death never judges, you can be 10 or you can be 100, it’s predestined. And that’s life isn’t it? Damn I’m so funny!’ The corner of his lips raised into a smirk. He was obviously proud of his jokes.
'Why are you so crude and sarcastic? I expected Death to.. to I don’t know. Be a little more emphatic?!’ You were getting frustrated with the man sitting ahead. You could not understand how he could be joking about death while here you are trying to come with terms with your own demise.
'Sorry. It’s just.. it doesn’t seem as bad after you’ve been dead for awhile…’ he shrugged.
Just then, you realised that he too was technically not alive and judging from how young he looked, he probably did not have a long life either and you felt bad. You could see the pain in his eyes and you could not help but wonder how his life had been.  You squeeze your eyes shut in an attempt to focus on the current situation.
'So… erm Mr Min right… you said I could get 3 wishes?’ You asked timidly.
'Mm-hmm’ He nodded as he took a sip of his coffee.
'Well… can i visit my wake? My mother and brother must be devastated.’ You said as tears welled up in your eyes for the first time since everything had happened.
'I don’t think that’s a good idea. The dead should never be hung up with the living.’ He shook his head.
'I have to Mr Min. They’re all I have. I need to know they are fine before… before I can go in peace.’ It sounded funny as you spoke. You never imagined having this conversation. Especially not at 20 years old.
'Well if you insist… you seem pretty strong anyways. Oh and just call me yoongi.’ He said. With a snap of his fingers, you were no longer in the café;, you were walking down a narrow passage with sounds of wailing coming from the various rooms around you. Very soon, you realised where you were; the funeral parlour.
'Well go ahead, your wake is in the room right at the end. Just call out for me when you’re ready to leave. Just a tip, don’t linger too long.’ Yoongi said as he began to walk away.
'Erm Mr Min. I mean yoongi. Do you mind coming with me? I… I don’t know if I can do this on my own.’ You held onto the sleeve of his shirt.

'I guess… sure let’s go.’ Yoongi raised his hand to allow you to take the lead.
Your feet felt heavy as you headed towards the room at the end. You felt your head spinning again as you clenched your fist and took a deep breath before walking into the room.

The wake was decorated with pink tulips and light cheery music filled the room. In fact, it felt more like a gathering rather than a wake. You smiled quietly at yourself, glad that the wake was just how you would like it to be, if you had had a chance to plan out your own funeral. You noticed your best friends gathered around a table, red eyed and comforting one another. You let out a sigh as you walked on, unable to stand the painful sight of your friends crying over your death. Your steps slowed down as you looked ahead.
'That’s my mother and brother…’ You whispered.
'Well.. go ahead then.’ Yoongi replied gently.
You looked at him with furrowed eyebrows, slightly glad that he actually heard your quiet words.
You subconsciously straighten your skirt and ran your fingers through your hair just as you always did when you were nervous. Yoongi looked at you and the edges of his lips crooked up, except this time it was not out of sarcasm.

'Umma? So Joonie?’ You called out cautiously. Only to realised they are no longer able to hear you.
Your mother held tightly onto your favorite teddy bear as she wept. Your younger brother slouched forward as he wrapped his arms around your haggard mother. Both of them looked completely worn out. Their eyes were swollen and their voice were coarse. You knelt beside them as you attempted to reach out to them.
'Umma… I’m sorry I had to leave so soon Umma.’ Tears stained your cheeks. You felt a pulling pain in your chest, almost like your heart was getting ripped out. The sight of your mother hurting hurt you. You thought about all the times your mother had been there for you. The times she was there for you when you come running to her after you scrapped your knee as a child. Guilt overwhelmed you as you thought of the times you said hurtful things to her; just like the time where she found out you were skipping classes in high school.  You wished you could turn back time and take back everything you had said to her; you wished you could fall into her arms one last time.
You were now wailing as you shook your head in frustration and denial. Desperately calling out in hopes that your mother could hear you and realise that you were indeed here with her.
You felt a firm warm squeeze on your hand as you sobbed. You looked up to see yoongi holding onto your hand seemingly telling you he understood what you were going through.
'We should go…’ he said quietly.
You noticed his eyes were wet as you wiped the tears off your face.
'So Joonie you have to take care of Umma alright? Stop eating junk food and sleeping at 3am! You’re still growing for God’s sake!’ You rolled your eyes while you fought back your tears.
'Umma, remember to take your medication on time and rest okay. There is never ever enough money. Your health is more important.’ You called out to your family despite knowing they could not hear you. You took a last look at your own wake before catching up with yoongi. He snapped his fingers and the wake was nothing but a distant memory of yours. Before you know it, you were back in the cafe.

'Hmmm wish number two?’ Yoongi asked. Seemingly back to his crude, nonchalant way.
'Can I wish for anything?’
'Try me.’ Yoongi said with a proud smirk.
You squinted your eyes, amused by how Death was a lot more casual than you expected it to be.
'Well… I’ve never been in a relationship; it would be nice if I don’t know… I get to experience love?’ You shrugged.
Yoongi rolled his eyes. 'Typical girl.’ He scoffed before snapping his fingers.

'Yoongi… I think you made a mistake… why are we at a playground?’ You asked as you looked around.
'Just shut up and wait.’ He snapped at you.
Soon enough, you heard a familiar laughter of a girl in a pink dress running towards you. You carefully inched forward, heading towards the young girl. 

As you headed forward, you realised the little girl in the pink dress was a 5 years old you.
'That’s me…’ You said to yoongi.
He folded his arms and arched his head to signal to you to watch on.

'YAAAAAA. We hate girls!’ Two boys appeared as they ran towards the kid you.
'That’s.. That’s Park Woon Jin and his sidekick!’ You called out. Almost angry.
The young Park Woon Jin reached out for your pigtail and pulled on it.
'Hey stop it!’ Both the 5 year old you and the current you called out.
Woon Jin and his side kick then snatched your favourite teddy bear out of your hand. They each held onto one of its arm as they engaged in a tug of war.
'Stop it!’ The 5 year old you called out as you tried to snatch your teddy bear back.
'Let go of her teddy!’ You heard a voice call out.
A boy with pale skin and raven hair ran towards the scene. He was holding onto a stick as he began to hit the two boys.
The bullies yelped in pain and dropped the teddy as they tried to shield themselves from the unexpected beating.
'You’re gonna get it Min Yoongi’ Woon Jin called out before running away.
'Min… Yoongi? Hey the boy has the same name as you!’ You turned around looking for your grouchy Death, however, he was nowhere to be found.
'Don’t cry So Eunnie. The bullies are gone.’ The pale skinned boy comforted the young So Eun.
'But… Teddy is ruined.’ The young you cried as you picked up your comfort object.
'Well don’t worry, oppa will fix it.’ The young boy took out a safety pin and clipped it onto the bear with a half torn head.
'There. All better!’ The boy grinned with a gummy smile.
'You’re the best Min Yoongi. From now on you are my hero oppa!’
The young So Eun return a smile as she received the bear from the boy. She then proceed to arrange her skirt and ran her fingers through her hair.

Just then your grouchy Death reappeared by your side with your teddy bear.
'Here. I thought it might help you feel better…’ he said.
'How.. how did you manage to get it?’
You asked as you sniffed hard on your teddy. The familiar scent indeed comforted your racing heart.
'I see you fixed his head?’ Yoongi asked.
'Yes.. Umma fixed it some time after yoongi oppa fixed it. I was devastated when she did it. So I kept the safety pin on teddy’s bow. Here!’ You pointed to the safety pin as you smiled to yourself, the thought of your young hero warmed your heart.
Just then, you connected the dots.
'Yoongi… You’re Hero Oppa… right?’ You asked.
'Yeah…’ your Death said as he scratched the back of his head; flustered.
Memories of your childhood came rushing back. You recalled all the times you shared with your Hero Oppa; how both of you would wolf down your lunch after school just so you could rush to the playground to spend time with one another. You often parted ways dreadfully when your mothers called you back for dinner.

'Umma, when I grow up, I am going to marry Yoongi oppa!’ You remembered telling your mother one fine day as she combed your hair.  She looked at the reflection of the innocence in her young daughter as she rubbed her heavily pregnant belly.
'So you wanted to marry me when you grow up?’ The grown man who was seated next to you teased.
'What..  what?! Min Yoongi did you just like… read my thoughts?!’ You questioned.
'Come on.. don’t be shy… yeobo?’ Yoongi was now laughing. He clutched onto his tummy as his pale face turned flush.
'I order you to stop reading my thoughts!!!’ You hugged your body as if our physical body was violated by your Death.
'Alright. Alright I’ll stop. Yeobo.’ Yoongi teased once last time.
'In all honesty, I said the same thing as well…’ Yoongi confessed.
'Really?’ You asked.
'Yeah… I cried so hard when your family moved away. I prayed to God that I would never play again if He could bring Kim So Eun back into my life…’ Yoongi laughed at his own innocence as he looked into the distance.
'How.. how did you die?’ You asked.
'It’s kind of funny actually. I was in my final year of college. In fact, I was about to graduate premed with first class honors. I was so excited I felt like I was going to die. Except, I really did.’ Yoongi let out one of his ironic, sarcastic laughter again.

'I was walking to the taxi stand after a night of celebration with my friends. As I drunkenly stumbled around, a bunch of angry hooligan began shouting at me. Something about me staring at them? I waved them off and tried to mind my own business. But before I know it, I was stabbed. Once here. And once here.’
Yoongi pointed to his chest and his abdomen.
'As a premed kid, I knew I was pretty much done for. Suddenly my life flashed ahead of me. My family, my friends and well.. you.’ Yoongi confessed as he avoided your eyes.
'I’m sorry Yoongi. I’m so sorry… but… how did you end up as Death then ?’ You asked as you place your hand over yoongi’s palm. It was warm just like as it was in the wake.
'Well… turna out the bunch of hooligans were 3rd generation chaebols. So the bunch of assholes had their parents pay off the investigators and moved overseas to 'start afresh’. While here I am, filled with so much anger and indignity. I could not move on. I mean, I can’t move on. And when a soul is unable to move on, he or she becomes the servant of the afterlife, picking up other dead people. And before you know it.. 5 years have passed and I’m still stuck at this shit. Going through the same routine every single day.’ Yoongi scoffed.
'And then, when I was told to pick up a 20 year old, I couldn’t help but thought of how I felt when I first realised I was dead. Except, I never ever imagine the person to be you. You’re right, you don’t deserve to die. You were the most beautiful and kindest girl I had ever seen. I simply knew I had to protect you when I saw you at the playground that one time; even though the other boys were so much bigger than I am. But unless you want to become a tortured soul like me, I suggest you sort out your worries and move on to the afterlife.’ Yoongi looked at you with a gentle smile.
Just then, you saw the young Hero Oppa you once knew in the grumpy Yoongi that was looking at you. Behind his pained eyes, was a brave young man so familiar to you. You remembered how Yoongi was always standing up for the weak and that was exactly how you fell for him.
'Well oppa, I’m so glad you chose to study premed. I always knew you were going to be a hero of some sort, saving lives and making things better.’
'Thank you So Eun. That really meant a lot to me.’ Yoongi squeezed your hand.
'So for your final wish…’ You swear you saw a hint of sadness in yoongi’s eyes for a moment before it became the blank stare he constantly wore.
'What happens after you grant my last wish?’ You asked.
'Well.. you move on to afterlife where your soul rest in absolute peace.’ Yoongi answered.
'And you?’
'I continue with this shit. Until I don’t know, perhaps the day I get to pick up the souls of the assholes who shortened my life?’ Yoongi replied matter of factly.
'Oppa, how about you come with me?’
'So Eun ah, it’s not as easy as it seems. This vengeance and anger, it’s complicated. To be honest, I’ve tried to convince myself to move on so many times. But it never works. Eventually you just learn to live with it. Don’t worry about me so eunnie. You deserve to rest in peace.’ Yoongi shot you a reassuring gummy smile.
You knew yoongi was not okay. In fact, it hurts you just as much knowing that he was trapped in constant anguish. Your body began inching closer to Yoongi’s. Before you could even consider the consequences, your arms were wrapped around Yoongi’s as you sobbed into his shoulder.
'Silly girl. Why are you crying?’ Yoongi asked as he tenderly brushed your fringe away from your tear stained face.
'I don’t.. I don’t know. Oppa is a good person and I can’t stand seeing you hurt.’ You cried.
Yoongi inched closer and place a tender peck on your forehead as he rested his own head on yours.
Both of you remained silent for a while as your breathing synced up.
You tipped toed and reached towards Yoongi’s face. Looking closely as his soft red lips, you place your lips on his. It felt warm and comforting. It was strange, judging from how you both were technically dead and every story on death had taught you about how the dead is cold.
You broke away from yoongi’s lips, flustered.
'Well.. erm. It’s part of the second wish. I.. never had a first kiss and Hero Oppa is too young so I thought.. I thought..’
Yoongi pulled you closer and crashed his lips onto yours before you could finish your sentence.
'It would only be fair if I kissed the grown up yoongi.’ You attempted to complete your sentence as your words got muffled by the movements of Yoongi’s lips.
'Liar.’ Yoongi smiled into the kiss.
You recalled that yoongi could read your thoughts and tried to smack him on his arm. However, yoongi picked that up and grabbed onto your wrist.
'Min Yoongi stop reading my thoughts!’ You whined in between the kiss.
'Why are you still kissing me then?’ Yoongi smirked as his tongue glided across your lips, seeking entry.
You stopped fighting as you melted into his embrace; enjoying the warmth of his body and the softness of his tongue.
'Yoongi…’ You called.
'Mmm?’ He answered, still engaging in a passionate dance with your tongue.
You gathered whatever will power was left in you and pulled away from his soft lips.
'I have my final wish.’ You said.
'Oh.. erm what is it?’ Yoongi said, trying his best not to look disappointed. After all, he knew this was going to end. He could not be selfish and hold the girl of his dreams back in this painful, vicious cycle as Death.
'I wish for Min Yoongi to be happy again.’
'So Eun ah… don’t. Don’t use your final wish on me. You might just end up taking my place. So Eun ah. Please don’t. I really don’t know what is going to happen if you make that wish.’ Yoongi held onto your arms as he begged you; tears welling up in his eyes.
'Well I guess you’re not as almighty and all-knowing as you said you were oppa.’ You teased.
Yoongi squeezed your arms harder.
'I’ve made up my mind. My Hero Oppa has saved my life once, it’s my turn to return the favour. I wish that Min Yoongi aka my Hero Oppa will no longer be in pain and be able to rest in peace.’ You looked at yoongi in his eyes, you were afraid of the unknown, but you were determined.

Yoongi knew he had to grant your wish. It was your wish after all and he has technically no say over it. He placed his hand on your cheeks to wipe of the tears as he kissed you one last time. 'I love you Kim So Eun. I’ve always had.’
'I love you too Min Yoongi.’ You whispered as you try to remember his warmth.

Both of you held close to one another as yoongi moved his hand away from your face. With a snap of his fingers, you were no longer in the playground.

'Oppa? Yoongi oppa?’ You called out, afraid. You looked around your surroundings. It was empty. It was literally plain nothingness. You wondered if this was what yoongi had gone through and you wondered if this was the start of your journey as Death. Suddenly, you wished for the warmth of your Hero Oppa once again. It was cold in nothingness. You sat down and hugged your knees close to you as you shuddered. A single tear fell from your face. You were sad. You missed your family and your friends and your entire life. Most importantly, you missed Min Yoongi. Your sadness was instantly replaced by anger.
'This isn’t fair. Why do you have to tear yoongi oppa and I apart so soon after we finally reunited? Why did you have to make yoongi oppa pick me up? Don’t you have other Death collectors ?!’ You questioned into nothingness as you wiped the tears off your face.
'I’m so angry!!! Come out and fight me right now!’ You were shouting and crying; helpless and overwhelmed by emotions.

'Did you seriously just tried to fight Death?!’ You heard a familiar cocky, sarcastic voice call out to you.
'Oppa?’ You called out as you sniffled. You looked around as you saw a pale skinned, raven haired man walking towards you.
'Oppa?! Why are you here. Aren’t you supposed to be resting in peace?’ You were confused. Unsure if you should feel happy or sad that Yoongi was here in nothingness with you.
'Silly girl. This IS peace. We are in one another’s peace!’
'What. How? But.. but there’s nothing?’ You asked as you hurriedly reached out for Yoongi and clung onto him like a frightened koala bear.
'Well I guess you love me too much?’ Yoongi teased. His gummy smile was evident again. His tiny eyes crinkled. The pain in Yoongi’s eyes were gone. It was replaced by the cheerful, brave and righteous Yoongi you fell for 15 years ago.
'Hey! I can read minds too alright. And I know you love me too much too!’ You quipped.
'Oh right. I forgot somebody’s completely dead now too.’ Yoongi pulled you into a hug as he plants a warm comforting kiss on your cheeks.
'But as your sunbae in death, you still have lots to learn from me. For example, this is not nothingness. It’s peace. And it’s absolutely fantastic. Apparently, all you have to do is think about the things you want and it would appear. Try it!’ Yoongi nudged you.
'Okay Hmmm. I wish for a nice cottage.’ You whispered.
Immediately, a red bricked cottage appeared in front of your eyes, along with a garden of wild flowers and your favorite, pink tulips.
'What. I don’t want to live in a cottage…!’ Yoongi whined.
A tall, luxurious apartment building appeared.
'There, right on top in the penthouse, that’s where we’ll live!’ Yoongi’s eyes disappeared into a line as he pointed to the top of the building.
'But I want to live in a cottage oppa.’ You pouted as you looked at Yoongi with pitiful puppy dog eyes.
'Fine… we’re alternate…’ Yoongi ruffled your hair.
A familiar playground then appeared in front of the both of you.
'Hey! It’s where we first met!’ You called out excitedly as you ran towards the playground.
'And where we had our first kiss…’ Yoongi chimed as he caught up to you and pulled you in for a peck on your lips.
'Maybe… maybe this can be where we have our first something else as well?’ Yoongi asked with his signature cocky smirk.
'What?! No?! You pervert!’ You smacked yoongi on his shoulder. Completely aware of his uncensored thoughts.
'Stop reading my mind… and you should be glad I didn’t change your clothes into a sexy lingerie, Kim So Eun… I AM a young man with raging needs after all. ’ Yoongi replied with his usual confidence and nonchalance.
You rolled your eyes and place a kiss on his nose.
'Such a cutie!’ You ruffled his hair.
'Hey! I’m a manly man. I’m not cute.’ Yoongi insisted.
'Whatever you say… cutie.’ You smiled as both of you turned up in his penthouse. In nothing but the lacy baby pink lingerie Min Yoongi had pictured you to be in. 

‘Surprise, Min Yoongi!’ You quipped.

How wet can you get?

Originally posted by marilynmay

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: smut

Word count: 911

A/N: Well this was really fun to write. Hope you enjoy my first Dean smut :))). Have fun! :))))))) ♥


You, Sam and Dean were investigating a case in Oregon. You went to the library to find some information in the history of the town, while the boys went to the hospital to check on some victims.

After you got what you needed you left the library. Outside was pouring rain and you were 20 minutes away from the Motel you were staying at. You had no umbrella and the Impala was as always with the boys. The only thing left to do was walk through the rain.

“Great!” you mumbled to yourself before starting to walk.

After walking ten minutes through that horrible rain that seemed to be endless, you stopped to a pedestrian crossing. The light was red and it seemd to you that it will be red forever. The raindrops were everywhere and a big puddle was growing in front of you.

Suddenly you heard an angry and hurried engine sound coming from the right of you. Before you could look in that direction, the car was already in front of you. As it passed by you, its wheels lifted the rainwater from the puddle right on you. It wasn’t enough that you were already wet, so God decided to give you another “shower” to wash your sins away.

As you felt the cold water on your skin you turned your head in the direction that the car was heading. You couldn’t believe when you saw a black Impala from ’67. Well, who in the world could the bastard driver be? Of course, the one and only Dean Winchester and his brother Sam on the right seat. Yow were going to kill Dean.

As you entered the motel room you saw Dean sitting on the bed, while Sam was doing some more research on his laptop. When Dean saw you he couldn’t help but start laughing his ass of.

“What happened to you?” he asked still laughing.

“You happened!” you yelled at him and looked at him with a death look.

“Well, I didn’t know you can get so wet. Do I really have this effect on women?” said Dean sarcastically.

“You know what, Dean?! You are such an asshole!” you said heading straight to your bag to get some clothes to change into. You could hear Sam silently laughing while Dean stopped because he didn’t like your attitude.

“Well princess, I’m sorry I don’t know what I did. Maybe you could at least tell me.” Dean shouted so you could hear him from the bathroom. You heard him, but you acted like you didn’t.

“Dude, I think I know why she’s mad…” said Sam.

“Surprise me.” Dean said rolling his eyes.

“I think she was the girl we wet at that pedestrian crossing…” Sam answered.

“Shit!” exclaimed Dean throwing himself on the bed on his back.

You could heard the entire conversation and you couldn’t help smiling. You decided to have a hot shower so you undressed yourself and turned on the hot water.

After five minutes of sitting under the water, you heard the door of the bathroom opening. You thought it was just your imagination until the door of the shower opened too.

You open your eyes and you saw Dean naked. He joined you in the shower and you were trying so hard not to look down. You were both looking straight into each others eyes.

“Excuse me, what are you doing here?!” you said trying to sound bothered of his presence, but it didn’t bother you at all.

“Apologizing for… you know… getting you all wet.” Dean responded.

“Oh, so you decided to get me wetter, right?” you sarcastically said.

“Y/N, we’re in the shower, of course you are wet, but if you are talking about pleasure wet, than… yeah… that’s kind of what I want.” Dean said and you could feel his hand moving on your hips.

“What about Sam?” you asked while Dean was kissing your neck.

“I sent him out.”

After his answer, he started to lick and kiss every part of your body, making you feel amazing. He started sucking your nipples and you let out a moan as you arched into him. After exploring your whole body, Dean stopped to that very sensitive spot. He started sucking it real slow so you could get used to the feel of his tongue in between your hips. He started sucking harder and harder and you started moaning and saying his name through the heavily breathing and loud moans.  

After making you feel wanted, Dean lifted you up in his arms and kissed you hard. You grabbed his hair and kissed him passionately. You were in his arms as he opened the shower door and carried you to the bed. He laid you on your back, your wet and full of water drops wetting the sheets.

He kissed you once again before going down to your hips and lifting your legs up. You moaned at the feel of his hard and long dick entering your body. He slowly moved his hips against yours. The feel was amazing and you let yourself go. You started moaning and shouting his name louder than the last time and that was letting him know he was doing a good job.

He leaned over your body and started kissing you while also working on the lower part of you two.

“I forgive you!” you whispered before letting another moan out and biting and licking his ear.