Pokemon Go Pedestrian Tips

So I’ve been thinking about some helpful tips for basic walking with Pokemon Go, since most people may not have been outside to do this walking thing in a while


I know the game already tells you this, but it’s probably the most important tip. Glance up every few seconds while walking. Stop if you’re trying to catch a Pokemon, but only if it’s in a safe position. A Pokemon won’t run away while you’re in the middle of crossing the street. It can wait. No rare Pokemon is worth getting hit by a car or walking off a cliff for.


It’s tempting, but don’t be checking for Pokemon or PokeStops while driving. It’s even more distracting than trying to text and drive. The best advice I can give is to just put and egg in an incubator, put your phone on the seat next to you with the volume all the way down and leave it there. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it, don’t think about it until you reach your destination. Being a Go passenger is a much safer option, but don’t ask a driver to slow down or stop to catch Pokemon or get PokeStops. Your best bet as a passenger in a vehicle is to just hit PokeSpots at corners when you’re at a red light. I’ve noticed several Spots are at intersections


It’s summer. It’s hot. Bring at least 2 water bottles with you on your Pokemon searches and when you drink half of your supply, either refill it or have that as a signal to turn back. You should be drinking lots of water when it’s hot out.


Most of us have realized that night time is the right time for servers to be stable. When walking in poorly lit areas, make sure you are wearing bright color clothes. When I was in driving school, one of my instructors said the main thing to be aware of at night is ninja pedestrians. Do not wear black or dark clothes at night, or get yourself a reflective vest. Carry a flashlight, or an LED light stick with you so cars will be able to see you even from a distance. make sure to always keep flashlights pointed towards the ground because you don’t want to blind a passing car.


You have a wide range to check into PokeSpots and Gyms. Don’t walk into someone’s backyard without their permission, especially at night. Don’t wander into private establishments like Town Halls, churches or police stations.


This is linked to the previous tip a little bit. Most PokeSpots and Gyms have some sort of historical relevance or are a point of interest. Libraries, churches etc. are all more likely to be a location than someone’s house. Look around a city or town that you know might have some historical statues or plaques around instead of a quiet neighborhood. Your neighborhood is better for trying to find the occasional Pokemon.


This last tip is for when you encounter a fellow player. The teams are meant to be a fun rivalry between players, so don’t be rude or nasty if you find someone from an opposing team, especially if you’re vying for position at the nearby gym. Pokemon is meant to bring people together, not be a metaphorical gang war.

If anyone has some additional tips they think would be helpful add them on as a comment and I may update this OP in the future