pedestal of time

I Would Hate You If I Could
I Would Hate You If I Could

I hear you’ve been telling all your friends that you’re done with me
Like you always knew things wouldn’t work out.
And I’ve been hearing things from people that I don’t want to talk to,
Like it matters who you’re sleeping with now.

Can I erase from my mind anything that you said or
Any time that we spent with each other?
I don’t want to waste away another cell on a memory
When you’re just another meaningless lover.

Forget the nights that we spent laughing
Until the morning on your bedroom floor
Without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall.
Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled,
The smoke still on your breath,
Undressed and pinning you up to the wall.

And I swore I heard you talking when I was tossing in my sleep.
You were always trying to walk in circles around me.
I was out one night when I saw you and you froze me where I stood.
I would hate you, I would hate you if I could.

Forget the nights that we spent laughing
Until the morning on your bedroom floor
Without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall.
Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled,
The smoke still on your breath,
Undressed and pinning you up to the wall.

I would hate you but I’m not finished yet.

Even you, up on that pedestal, the time will come
When you will deconstruct yourself and remake what you are.
When it does you’ll remember me and the words I spoke
And wonder how you ever could have strayed so far.

tbh i don’t understand how there are people out there who think harry doesn’t show gratitude to his fans like??? tf harry always fucking thanks us whether it be on interviews, show appearances, and his tweets???? always thank us, reassuring us that he is available always, for us. he cares so much about us and he loves us, there’s absolutely no doubt about that

  • Rauru: Link... Wake up, Link, the chosen one... The Master Sword - the evil-destroying sword - that you pulled out of the Pedestal of Time, was the final key to the Sacred Realm. Link... Don't be alarmed... Look at yourself...!
  • Link: *looks at himself*
  • Link: I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of.

Pepper arrived just in time. It was now midnight, the perfect time to begin the ritual.
Lemonflowey was already there. He had taken the time to move all the candy and sweet treats that everyone brought in inside the enormous bowl and set it all atop a pedestal. Then he set five candles aflame and set them around the pedestal. By the time Pepper got there, he was beginning to recite the ancient words, which was causing the flames to unite together.

In the name of our mighty creator who created the life we live
In the name of our feared destroyer who thus takes life
I present to you an offering in which might please you
I therefore summon Cherry Morgana to rise and come bequeath me my wish
Come to me!

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INFJs seem to be placed on a pedestal all the time? Why do people think they are so special and so superior compared to the other types? Are the INFJs that you have met in real life are as "special" as what Tumblr thinks they are? Just curious and thanks for answering my question :)

Actual INFJs are not as special as tumblr projects on them. A big piece of this perception online is that they are rare like INTJs but perceived as kind, special snowflakes cause they are Feelers, despite being Fe which is quite different from the kindness many associate with Feeling types. 

Many teens and others mistype as this rarer type and push INFJ misconceptions online. The same goes for INFP and INTJ really. 

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Since Christmas I've (infp) developed a less-than-healthy crush + obsession on a person (enfp) that doesn't know I exist, lives on the other side of the country, is 4 years older than me, has countless other people looking up to them, and probably already has a significant other. It's so stupid but I'm torn between wanting to date them and wanting to BE them. It's really sad. How do I get out of this? Should I get out of this? I'm stuck. Thanks ❤

Hello Fellow INFP,

Well in all honest to goodness reality, we kinda have that problem of putting people on a pedestal at times and wanting to be with someone we can look up to. I don’t mean to sound weird, but often in my relationships I am the strong one. So if you can be in any kind of friendship or relationship that has someone you can look up to, is kinda awesome. I hope I am reading that correctly. My best suggestion would be prioritize what is important in your life and start focusing on that and slowly but surely things will start to over shadow the obsession. However, it never hurts to have a role model or in my opinion something to strive for. As far as I am concerned. 

I hope that shed a little bit of light! Message me as always love! 

-Best <3

On Viktor: Being Placed on a Pedestal

Yuri admits that he and Viktor never really talked before because he put Viktor on a pedestal. 

In another post I pointed out how Viktor was probably lacking a deep emotional connection which spurred him to leave Russia to coach Yuri. And the reason he is lacking that connection is that Yuri isn’t alone in putting him on that pedestal, the whole world kind of puts Viktor on a pedestal. He’s a living legend: untouchable, and the Reigning King of the figuring skating (no matter what JJ thinks). Viktor has been the doll of the figure-skating world since he was about 15, maybe even before that. He’s been in the spotlight for at least twelve years. He is adored worldwide, and loved by countless fans. In the words of Yurio:

Being on a pedestal like that, though, is not a positive experience. Maybe at first, it is. You feel so loved, and adored, for a while at least. But it can put someone under an intense amount of pressure.

Personal anecdote time: I have an ex that put me on a pedestal while we were together. To him, I was his perfect ideal of a girlfriend: a goody-two-shoes who didn’t drink or smoke, a good student, college-bound, etc. When we started dating, he made me feel so incredibly loved, and special. And I loved him for it. I was so fucking in love with this boy that I overlooked huge red flags like drug addiction, cheating, compulsive lying, and emotional abuse. We dated for two years, and for a lot of that time I felt adored, and loved. He made me feel like this amazing person, that was going places, and going to do great things. Even after things turned sour, I didn’t want to see just how low the lows were, because the highs were so incredibly high. And I didn’t want to lose that.

It took me a while to see it, almost three years: He was more in love with the idea of me, than the actual person I was. All the adoration was only offered when I was fulfilling his ideal of who he thought I was. I wasn’t supposed to drink, or smoke pot, or get depressed, or have doubts, or make mistakes. That wasn’t who I was, I wasn’t that person at least in his mind.

So when I ended up being that person, it was met with hostility. He would get angry, and disappointed, and plead with me while telling me how much he loved me, and how I was better than that. No matter that he partook in those things regularly. That was him, and he was not perfect. Not like I was. At the time, I bought into it. I didn’t drink, I didn’t take me friends up on the offers to go out. I let him dictate who I was, and what I did.

When you are put up on a pedestal like at, every time you do something that doesn’t fit into their ideal of who they think you should be, it’s met with guilt trips, and disappointment, and sometimes outright hostility. They try to force you into being that person they think you are, that they need you to be to keep you up on that pedestal. But you can never meet their expectations, no matter how hard you try. Because you are human – with flaws, and weaknesses –  and their ideal of you is not.

But even still you try to meet those impossible expectation. You try so hard to act the way they want you to act, just to please them. Even if it isn’t who you really are, or who you want to be. Because they love you, and you love them, and you don’t want to let them down. But you always do. And eventually you end up distancing yourself from that person emotionally because you start to fear not living up to their expectations. And you do your best to become that person, at least superficially - even if you aren’t. It becomes a role you play.

Which is what I think happened to Viktor, somewhere along the way.

Because the world isn’t in love with Viktor Nikiforov, it’s in love with the idea of him. No one knows the real Viktor, but everyone has this ideal of him perched on that pedestal with all the expectations that come along with it: the rival, the idol, the media darling, the legend. These are all identities thrust upon Viktor that may, or may not, fit who Viktor really is. And to cope, Viktor distanced himself emotionally from not only his public, but his fellow skaters, and probably everyone else around him. He has been, for years, doing his best to live up to the impossible expectations of perfection that the world holds him to because he is “a living legend”, he is untouchable. He is a figure for something greater than himself. He is no longer ‘human’ in the eyes of a lot of people. And not meeting their expectations would mean anger, and disappointment, and guilt-trips.

And I can understand how Vikor would get tired of being up on that pedestal, and having to meet all those expectations. Having to be perfect all the time is exhausting. And after you spend years trying to be what other people expect you to be, eventually you realize that while what they feel for you looks, and feels, a lot like love, it’s actually just shallow, and empty, and really really fucking fickle. And it leaves you feeling like shit.

I’m 99% sure that the Viktor we see early on in the season, in front of the cameras, with Yuri, and even Yakov - that isn’t Viktor. That is Viktor emotionally distancing himself. That’s the perfect, skating-darling face he puts on to deal with the expectations of the people that put him on a pedestal, whose expectations he can never meet. Because he’s not a legend, he’s not a god. He’s just a human being, who is flawed and makes mistakes, and has his own ideas of who he is and what he wants. And those ideas and desires might not align with the those the public builds up for him.

Which would explain why he didn’t formally announce his decision not to compete, and to instead coach Yuri. He just leaves. There isn’t a formal press announcement until after he’s gone, and he doesn’t make a statement. Minako says that Viktor’s retirement is a rumor:

Showing he doesn’t tell anyone important and just leaves, kind of a “ask for forgiveness, not permission” situation, he doesn’t even handle the fallout himself and leaves that to Yakov back in Russia because his location isn’t even known to anyone until after he starts posting to Instagram. Only then do reporters swarm Hatsetsu. Viktor definitely acted quickly when he left Russia, but he probably didn’t want to confirm anything or go to the press with his decision that a lot of people were obviously waiting for because he knew his decision would not be popular, it wouldn’t fit the ideal Viktor that people held up on that pedestal. His diversion from what people wanted from him would be met with a lot of anger and disappointment. He didn’t want to deal with the fallout from letting people down. 

And his decision is actually shown to be met with negative backlash from his fans, and Yakov, and Yurio, and the other skaters (mostly Chris, and JJ and those Russian skating ladies). Yuri has embraced the shade flying is way over the whole ordeal, but the reaction to Viktor’s decision is very clearly negative. He’s let a lot people down.

Viktor’s personality early on is an act he developed to keep himself emotionally distanced from his adoring public. Because if they saw the real Viktor, they might not like what they found. Not because Viktor, the real human Viktor, is a disappointment but because he wouldn’t fit their ideal. He wouldn’t be the perfect idol they’ve collectively placed on society’s pedestal anymore. He’d be a human: messy, and imperfect, and complicated.

That facade has loosened, recently. Viktor is no longer as emotionally distant as he once was. In the later episodes, Yuri has taken him off that pedestal and we’ve seen much more genuine emotion from Viktor (blushing, the entire carpark scene, the spontaneous run and kiss). Yuri has seen some of Viktor’s flaws, and weaknesses. He’s seen Viktor, the real Viktor. The one that doesn’t know how to handle a crying person, who screws up sometimes, who is balding and insecure about it. And his reaction hasn’t been negative, because while Yuri idolized Viktor, he also only ever wanted to skate alongside Viktor as an equal. And when he sees the real Viktor, he isn’t disappointed. He sees someone that is just as flawed, and human as he is. And that’s all Yuri wants. He just wants Viktor to be Viktor. The real Viktor. Not the one he plays for the cameras.

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Companions react to Sole Survivor wanting to sleep next to them so they're not alone.

Sorry you had to wait so long for this Anon…I loved the ask so much ;-;
I chose to do this as if the companions weren’t romanced but they are totally crushing on Sole… for extra fluff ^_^;

This isn’t a smutty ask but omg I loved it so much ♥  Thanks Anon  ♥

Cait: She frowns at them at first. Unsure if they’re joking or if they were hinting for a fuck. They seemed genuine though and that sad look on their face made her chest tighten. She grabs them both a beer and reluctantly puts her arm out, inviting Sole to nuzzle in. When she’s convinced they’re asleep she finally relaxes and adjusts herself so she can cuddle them properly. She didn’t want them to think she was going soft after all.

Curie: She starts flapping and pulls Sole into a massive hug before expressing profusely how absolutely fine she is with this. She cared about Sole deeply and was thrilled that they had trusted her enough to ask this. She gets them all comfy and talks about her latest research as she massages their hands, before long they had drifted off. She kisses them softly on the cheek before draping her arm over their chest and falling to sleep herself.

Danse: Gets really flustered and doesn’t know what to say. Half of him wants to tell them to not be so ridiculous, not to mention how inappropriate it would be, but the other half just wants to pull them into a bear hug and tell them that it’s all going to be okay. He decides that it wouldn’t hurt just this once and makes room for them in his sleeping area. He lays on his back pretty much frozen with how nervous he is as Sole drifts off next to him, blissfully unaware of his turmoil. His heart almost stops when they turn over and snuggle into him in the night.

Deacon: Starts making jokes about how this better not be a terrible ploy just to get him in the sack. Sole tries to hit him while struggling to hold in their laughter as he continues with his witty remarks. They eventually manage to land a slap, to which he completely over exaggerates and falls over, grabbing Sole in the process and dragging them on top of him. Sole was struggling to get back up but his grip around them tightened until they relaxed. He lays down with them still held close to him and tells them to get some sleep. He didn’t let go of them even as he dropped off.

Hancock: He takes them by the hand and pulls them into the biggest hug. Holding them close to his chest as he tells them they never have to feel alone with him around. When they first lay down he’s really nervous. He doesn’t understand why Sole would want to sleep next to him of all people but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He rests his head on theirs and strokes their hair absentmindedly as they drift off. He didn’t understand how a ghoul like him could be any comfort but he couldn’t deny how perfect it felt having them next to him in his bed…He didn’t like to sleep alone either.

MacCready: Is really taken aback. He totally gets it. He knows what it’s like to lose someone and how hard it was to get through the nights. He gave them a kind smile before patting the space next to him. He jokingly tells them that they don’t know what they’re in for because he tosses like hell in his sleep and he’ll probably keep them up all night. Sole tells them how they don’t mind before taking their place. He turns his back to them while he tries to nod off, not wanting to invade their personal space or privacy. He lets out a low gasp of shock when he feels their arm slip around him as they pull themselves closer. He certainly missed how this felt.

Nick: “Sure, Kid. Make yourself comfortable.” Was all he said…He gathered his files and made his way over to the sofa where Sole waited with an embarrassed smile. He ushered them to lay down and they proceeded to place their head on his lap. He didn’t need to sleep so he just rubbed their back gently while using his free hand to work as they slumbered. He was just glad that his rusty old body could provide them with some comfort and peace.

Piper: She cupped their face and gave them a big smile.  She tells them how they didn’t even need to ask. Piper has a strict ritual before bed…A hot drink and something sweet…she brings one of each back for Sole and they sit in bed talking while they devour them. She falls asleep first, making Sole smile contently as she subconsciously tangled her arms and legs around them not long after. This was just what they needed.

Preston: He agrees without hesitation. Though he had to admit he was surprised when Sole asked. He respected them more than anyone, always saw them as so strong and fearless, he definitely put them on a pedestal. It was times like this he realised how human Sole really was. He is the perfect gentleman. Keeps checking if they need anything, jumping up to get them water if they even slightly coughed. When he came back to bed for the third time Sole just grabbed him and pulled him close by his arm…holding onto it as if it were a teddy as they went to sleep, he made them feel so safe.

X6-88: He stared at them blankly for a few seconds. He didn’t really understand what they were asking of him. He reluctantly nodded before making room, he had a weird constriction in his stomach as they climbed in beside him…it wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, in fact it was one he came accustom to when he was close to Sole. He found it difficult to fall asleep, Fighting an unbearable urge to snuggle up to them, eventually giving in when they turned onto their side allowing him to loosely wrap one arm over their waist. Their contented sigh made him feel completely at ease. 

(Thank you so much to @glitchmorphmemes for reading these over and helping me end X6′s reaction :3 ♥)

No shade but shade

These dusty white men who have “Caucasian only” on their profiles clearly haven’t seen me and clearly don’t know how lit/amazing/beautiful/life changing WoC are. It’s almost 2017 and they still think white women are the crème de la crème. Wrong. Negative. Nope. No shade to white girls but for centuries y'all have been put on the pedestal and it’s time for women of color to shine. Especially the HoC ( heaux’s of colour). 💁🏻💁🏽💁🏾💁🏿👸🏻👸🏼👸🏽👸🏾👸🏿 . Get with the winning team. We are in the era of WoC slayage.

Viktor Nikiforov, character analysis

Hey episode 8 out in like 8h!

 [update: 1h!!!]


Howd’ya deal with that? Overanalyse. 

The shows buildup has led me to believe that in the next episodes we’ll be provided with a backstory and a proper look into the character that is Viktor. [update: praying for next ep] But I’m going to look into him without the context of future episodes to see what we already got, and maybe I’ll even be able to predict before the episode is out?

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Smoulder Chapter 11

Read the whole thing from chapter 1: ao3   FF.Net or tumblr 

Marinette slammed her phone onto the table, startling Nathaneal.

“Mari, everything ok?”

Her lips thinned until they almost disappeared, her brain had completely flat-lined. After a few seconds of stone-faced silence, she face-planted onto the desk, a high-pitched whine escaping her lips. Nathanael leaned over to peer at her screen. He chuckled.

“Huh. Looks like I get to say told-you-so to Alix,” he smiled to himself, returning to his work as Marinette sat bolt-upright. She hadn’t heard a word he’d said. A million questions flooded her mind, swirling like a vortex until she felt lightheaded. Her hands gripped the table, skin digging deep into the worn pine edges.

Why was Adrien sending her a direct message? He’d done it before, and it always threw her into panic-mode, but all he’d ever asked were questions about homework or school. He also had a habit of sending memes to people in a mass text. It was as endearing as it was annoying. She’d lost count of the amount of times she’d had a heart attack over what turned out to be nothing but a silly joke.

It’s probably another meme, it’s probably one of his mass texts, it’s nothing major…it’s definitely not because Adrien is secretly Chat Noir and he’s figured out I’m Ladybug. That would be totally insane. That’s never going to happen. Adrien isn’t Chat Noir. He isn’t.

Marinette repeated the mantra over and over in her head, aware that she was losing her mind, but unable to help the shiver that went straight through her. Trembling fingers reached for her phone. However, she left Adrien’s text unopened, deciding to consult the one person who she knew would help set her head right.

Marinette: Alya

No response. Marinette typed out another text. This time more forcibly, as if the added pressure of her fingers would increase the speed at which Alya replied.

Marinette: ALYA

After thirty seconds, Alya still hadn’t text her back, and Marinette was ready to hurl her phone into the sun.

Marinette: ALYA, either wake up or stop sexting your boyfriend for ONE SECOND! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!

At last, Alya responded.

Alya: I am doing neither of those things. I am a good and upstanding student
Alya: ;) ;) ;) what’s up?

Marinette: ALYA ADRIEN IS TEXTING ME! HE SENT ME A DM! I haven’t opened it yet I’m too scared to. What do I do?!??!?

Alya: ;) eyyy


Alya: Ok ok calm down. We’ve been through this before xx
Alya: Just open the damn text. It’s Adrien. It’s not like he’s sent you a dick pic or anything. It’s probably just another meme.

Marinette let out a low whistling noise from the back of her throat, which sounded rather like a puppy being denied his favourite chew toy. Honestly, she was having trouble deciding who was more likely to kill her first. Would it be Adrien, Chat, Alya, or Hawkmoth?

She made a note to give Nino extra cookies from the bakery. He never put her through this. Nino was like her cuddly, supportive brother. But she couldn’t text him about this. Adrien was his best friend. It was bad enough Nino knew about her crush to begin with. She didn’t want to put him in the middle of things, or risk Adrien finding out how much she was freaking out over him.

Deciding to ignore the dick pic comment (and the mental images it entailed- the very bad but also very good, but also VERY BAD mental images), she instead focused on summoning her courage enough to open the text.

Fixing the phone with a stare so intense it could have melted the protective case, Marinette inhaled through her nose. So much for being a good, focused student (she made a vow to make the time up later, boys be damned she was NOT going to screw up her final grade).

Well, here goes nothing-

She opened the text from Adrien, her breath baited, arms pinned to her sides.

He’d sent her a photo of cute little otter. That was all. Just an otter. A very sweet otter, but an otter nonetheless. Its tiny paws covered its eyes and its head was dipped low, as if it were shy about something. Marinette breathed a sigh of relief tempered with disappointment, and typed out a text to Alya.

Marinette: You were right. It was just a meme. I take it you got it too?

Alya: Nope. Guess it was a meme made specially for you ;) awwwww he likes you! See? I knew it! About time too cause I have SO many double date ideas planned you have no idea.

Marinette blushed, her heart racing as she went back to the image. In her haste to open the message, she’d missed the text at the bottom of the photo. A meme just for her? It was disgusting how happy that made her. Not for the first time did she consider seeking professional help. She was clearly out of her mind.

The text underneath the cute otter read: ‘Sorry I’m so otterly silly!’

Marinette puffed out her cheeks with the effort of trying not to laugh. At least now she knew why he’d sent her a direct message. To apologise again for the iced coffee on her shirt (which wasn’t going to stain thanks to her father who, after years of working in a bakery, was a master of removing various stains from clothes). It really wasn’t fair. He was too cute, making goofy puns, being gentlemanly and silly. She’d long ago decided to stop putting Adrien on a pedestal, during the first time she’d tried to forget her crush on him, and moments like this helped.

After all, she’d told him she liked dorks. She hadn’t been lying.

Humming to herself, pink tongue poking out in concentration, Marinette responded to Adrien’s text.


Five minutes.

It had been at least five minutes since Adrien had sent that text to her and she hadn’t responded yet.

Idiot, idiot, idiot! He cursed himself, you should have been sincere and offered up a proper apology instead of a joke- she probably doesn’t think you’re seriously sorry about ruining her shirt. Good one Agreste. Really top notch thinking there.

He tried concentrating on the tricky maths sum his teacher had given him, as an extension for finishing his other work, but it was impossible. The numbers and symbols switched places as he blinked heavily, focusing and unfocusing. He ran an irritated hand through his hair in frustration.

Truth be told he’d just wanted any excuse to talk to her. Marinette.

It could be her.

Marinette and Ladybug both went to his school. Both wanted to work in fashion. Both liked pink. Both were beautiful, smart, funny. Both had dark hair and blue eyes. There were a few other girls it could be, but his mind kept going back to her, and promptly melting into a puddle of goo when he recalled all of the kisses he’d shared with Ladybug.

…The idea that he could have been kissing Marinette.

Adrien felt heat rise in his cheeks and pressed his palms into them, squishing his face. He was thankful he’d had the foresight to hide in the back corner row of the class. At least there nobody could see the utter fool he was making of himself. No, only Marinette currently held that luxury.

Just as he was about to snap, and send a text apologising for his apology, his phone buzzed.

It was Marinette. She’d replied.

Adrien opened the text, bracing himself for the angry, the incredulous, the disappointed response. Really he deserved it.

Instead, she’d sent a photo of what looked like an adorable dolphin, but with a squishy face. A different type of dolphin-like animal maybe? It looked like it was smiling. Adrien frowned. This wasn’t what he’d been expecting at all. What did she mean by it?

His phone buzzed once more, another text from Marinette.

Marinette: That’s ok! I know you didn’t do it on porpoise ^_^

Adrien read the text. And re-read it. And read it again.

He slumped back in his seat, his face redder than ever. The phrase ‘soulmate’ popped into his mind.

Woah, calm down Agreste. You don’t know for certain that she’s Ladybug yet.

Adrien thought for a moment. He didn’t want to seem stupid. These texts mattered. Putting a road block on any fantasies of Marinette being Ladybug aside, he considered his next words carefully.

Adrien: Really? Well I’m turtley in debt to you anyway! I’ll buy you another iced coffee on the way to Nino’s, and Alya too!

The reply was almost instant.

Marinette: Really? Thank you! You don’t have to though. But owl be very grateful if you do!


Adrien: Wow Mari, I didn’t know you were such a punster. I’m pheasantly surprised!

He hoped he sounded casual in his responses, considering all he wanted to do was roll around on the floor and scream. Much like one of the fangirls who’d tried to mug him that summer he spent in Italy. Adrien’s cheeks were beginning to ache from how hard he was smiling, but he couldn’t rid himself of it if he tried.

He wasn’t accounting for Marinette’s response.

Marinette: Maybe there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me.

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Ok so because I’ve seen a few speculations about where BotW is in the timeline, imma put in my theory, and bear in mind I haven’t played it yet.
Essentially, when the timelines split, adult and child, in Oot, that was a full split in the cycle of the triforce. Basically, the timelines both happened simultaneously, but at different speeds, so that both versions of link could return the master sword to the pedestal of time at the same moment with Ganon defeated. When this happened, it was essentially the beginning of a new cycle, which explains references to the great sea, and kakariko village. This theory also explains why WW!Ganon couldn’t solve the slide puzzle, when he went to old hyrule, he was literally going into the other timeline, during his other selves invasion. He couldn’t risk existing with himself in the castle, link on the other hand, was sealed away, granting him free passage into the other timeline.
The simplest way I can put it is that when the timeline branches, it’s like they are laid on top of each other, and stretched so the return of the sword and Ganon being dead would happen at the same time. When they went back together there was some complications, and so we have some weird shit, but the new cycle gives us a new Ganon, the calamity Ganon.