hey everyone!! aa so i’ve somehow hit 4k?? and i recently got an ask asking for blog recs so i’ve decided to make a ff with all the people that i love seeing on my dash and all the friends i’ve made with this blog, you’re all amazing tyy ♡

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Hey guys!!! So I recently hit 500 followers on this blog and I cannot believe it! It’s been quite the (almost) two weeks on this blog and I’ve been so fortunate enough to meet so many lovely people and have so many amazing followers!

The Spider Man & Tom Holland fandoms have been so welcoming and have been one of the most nice fandoms I’ve been in. You’ve made me laugh, smile, and just straight up happy. 

I have decided to make a follow forever to show a bit of appreciation for all the people I’ve come to know and love here!!

Let’s start off with my lovely Underoos. I honestly couldn’t be part of a better group chat!! Even though we’ve only talked for about a week I feel like we’ve all known each other for much longer. You truly are the greatest hype squad anyone could ask for. I love y'all so much and thanks for all the chicken pot pies, spiddies, movie nights, and cards against humanity nights. I hope to have many more!!

Now onto some other awesome people I follow. I love you all so much as well and appreciate you always filling up my dash with amazing content!!

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admiretom, aestheticallypeterparker, agentholland, anathemaparker, auntmaye, babyparker, batalon, bimichelle, bitchholland, boyfriendtom, buckybarned, butilovedyoufirst, captains-left-boob, clrkesbellamy, cmonpeter, dailyspiderman, daisyridlay, darlingholland, delacourr

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Thank you! I’m very sorry if I messed up your URL or anything. Love you all lots!!

- Amanda


Hey demons, it’s me, ya boi Hllands (a.k.a Luna). I honestly don’t know how I got this far but guys we made it! I know 500 isn’t such a big deal but its the only exciting thing i’ve accomplished in life. Just know even though i’m not the best at communicating, I really do appreciate everyone. This is my first Follow Forever so if I forgot to but you in or mess up your name I’m sorry

The following people here are a few of my favorite accounts/people ever! I recommend for everyone to check them out. Thank you for keeping my dash alive!!

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@anathemaparker @admiretom @auntmaye @bittersweetholland @babyparker @batalon @bimichelle @cmonpeter @homecunnings @hcllland @hawkiye @https-blossom @imsorrymrstark @likespidey @observantmj @ohparkers

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@peterspiders @parkerpter @pctcr @peters-mjs @petrparkered @peters-webs @pederparkers @peterjpg @parkerwho @peteypxrker @parkrpeters @pxrker-peter @parkerofpeter @spideyslinger @spidermans @spider-hollands @spdrkid @softspidey @stevenrogrs @stanleythomas @tomllholland @tohm-holland @tomhollandy @winterparker

Since I’ve pretty much reached an incredible follower goal, I decided it was time to remake my follow forever! Thank you all for putting up with me, and continuing to follow me even when my blog seemed to change fandoms so fast. I’ve made some amazing friends on this website and it makes me really happy I decided to start this blog

And a shout out to Kris for the awesome graphic! 

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