one of my favorites things about my significant other is that they know i’m flawed and love me, flaws and all - most people i’ve dated in the past put me so high on their pedastal and it just wasn’t realistic. it made me afraid of falling from so high and appearing any less than perfect, the fear of disappointing them and myself was real. no matter what i said to show that i wasn’t this perfect illusion they were creating for themselves, they didn’t listen.

i’m flawlessly flawed and i love it. it’s part of life and it’s normal. my significant other loves it too. i love that i can be myself with them.

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Omg, the way u draw Zen is so pretty. Can u draw more of him? All your art is really beautiful💜💜💜


Honestly thank you so much. I’m glad you think I draw him pretty. I really don’t think I capture Zen’s beauty well enough O_O;; I mean look at the man! He’s the King of 2D Korean Perfection!!

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March Horoscopes

Aries: friends and family are important to you. You’re having trouble reaching out and getting help with your problems right now. Don’t be afraid to open up and focus on your priorities

Taurus: You’ve been stuck in a rut lately. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. A secret is making you nervous. You’re prone to small accidents right now, so be careful when handling sharp objects.

Gemini: now is a good time to start a new project, especially something out doors. Remember to stay positive as the seasons change and don’t let the negativity of the past few months hold you back. You’re vulnerable to stomach upset right now, so avoid salads.

Cancer: things are looking up! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many commitments, focus just on one thing at a time. It’s ok to be selfish sometimes. Your lucky numbers are 9, 35, and 83.

Leo: the thing you’ve been dreading will soon come to pass. Do not shy away from the road ahead, and embrace adversity as you’ll only grow for it. Unrelated, but now would be an excellent time to plan a short vacation somewhere new.

Virgo: Chill Virgo. Virgo you have got to relax. The problems of close friends and family are not your problems, let other people take care of themselves. It’s a good time to take bold action and personal risks. Break up with him Virgo.

Libra: Things are going positively in your career. Now is the time to make long term commitments and big purchases. Some wind chimes would be nice.

Scorpio: despite everything, you still cannot legally marry a spider. Maybe that’s for the best. Stop taking wild gambles and think before taking action. Consult a close friend for advice on important decisions. Your color this season is teal.

Sagittarius: now is the time to start focusing on your health. Start a diet and workout regime, do a juice cleanses, quit vaping. Really just get down on a bowl of that sweet sweet kush. Be careful when running outside though, as you’re more likely to encounter petty bad luck this month.

Capricorn: I don’t know if I want to be you or marry you. You’re in the spotlight this month- enjoy the attention you deserve. Fortify relationships with Aquarius and Taurus, they’ll help you to further greatness. Be sure to push food away from the edge of the counter this month and be wary of ants.

Aquarius: you did it! The period of strife is over, so enjoy your well earned break. Remember balance work and pleasure. A Virgo is very important to you. Don’t start any big projects until you have all the small things you’ve been letting pile up handled. Avoid gluten. You literally cannot digest wheat gluten like stop eating so much pasta. Aquarius come on.

Pisces: it’s your month! Don’t let jealousy get the best of you. If you feel you are being outshined or ignored, just build yourself a bigger pedastal. Fuck Capricorn it’s your month. Bitch. You’ll have a fateful encounter at a smoothie stand this month.

Straight White Boy Problem #980

i HATE pressuring my bros to do things but when Luke lost my Raybans, I made him venmo me like two hundred dollars so I could buy a new pair lmao what a bro Luke lost them at a football game but I’m thinking his gf stole them bc it’s something she would do… honestly DANIELLE is an absolute bitch and doesn’t let Luke hang out with the boys. what’s worse is that Luke puts Danielle on a pedastal but she doesn’t even reciprocate half of the affection Luke gives her! I feel bad…Luke is madly in love with this girl but she doesn’t treat him the same way…should I tell my bro I have a problem with his gf or should I just let my bro be happy? I want him to be happy in the end but I don’t want my bro to get hurt down the road ….

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What about shance, your choice of platonic or not, where lance collapses from exhaustion or fever on a mission, and shiro feeling guilty for not noticing sooner?

Opted for shance because I’m trash, leave me here to die. 

“Lance, please keep up,” Shiro hisses over his shoulder. “We have a long walk ahead of us but it shouldn’t be much further now.”

Lance huffs. He was stupid to think that Shiro would go easy on him just because they were together. But Shiro never has–he goes just as hard on him as he does the others during their training sessions, pushes him as he always does while they’re sparring, and nags almost more than his mother if they both end up being awake too late. Lance just wants a breather, or water, or a nap, but Shiro’s hand pressed in his own only proceeds to tug him forward as they trudge through knee-deep sludge.

This planet is disgusting. It’s so hot even their suits don’t seem to have the capability to cool him down fast enough, and the sweat rolling down the neck of Lance’s bodysuit makes him cringe. They’re trying to find a supposedly-abandoned base to get a family heirloom and power source belonging to the people, but the more Lance walks, the less he wants to. Everything is warm and uncomfortable, and he just wants to go back to the castleship.

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  • what i want to say: Shuichi is refrenced throughout the entire game to have serious co-dependecy issues, and as it shows signs of getting better as the game goes in, his development completly sinks in the end. In a situation like the killing game, you'd expect the SHSL Detective of all people to keep to himself, even if someone was trying to befriend him. Instead, he latches on to the person that seems the most reliable, Kaede, and sticks to her side like a dog and goes as far to give her vital information about a secret passage. While it would make sense for a guy of his personality, him being a detective should put more emphasis on the fact that he should be at least a little bit untrustworthy or reluctant about just giving someone information like that, ESPECIALLY someone he just met, ESPECIALLY since everyone was panicked and clouded with anxiety from being thrown into a killing game. After Kaede is found guilty, she asks everyone to become friends and get out. However, despite her wish being for EVERYONE, everytime she's ever mentioned, it's only about that she cared about Saihara. Kaede and Shuichi revolve so much around eachother despite knowing one another for only a few days it quickly becomes irritating. In the previous games, the characters all knew eachother before they lost their memories and unconciously retained their feelings towards their peers. Like Kiyotaka and Mondo, for example. Meanwhile, Shuichi seemingly falls for a girl despite his trust issues and detective instincts, and Kaede coddles and motivates him up to the moment of her death instead of focusing on, seemingly, her reason for committing murder; helping everyone escape, completely disragarding their character arcs. Instead of everyone being more avoidant or awkward around him after Kaede's death, as you would when around an introvert who spent 90% of his time with one person, AND especially after that same person goddamn murdered a guy, everyone, for some reason, starts being overwhelmingly supportive of him and take his side no matter what kind of bullshit might be transpiring. Despite knowing eachother for such a short amount of time, everyone and their mother act as if Kaede was his goddamn wife and comfort him about every time he's the least bit sad. He is given the literal title of a precious cinammon roll who could nver do anything wrong, just like Kaede was. When Ouma presents the truth that while she wanted to save everybody, she still planned to commit murder and shouldn't be forgiven for that, he's lashed out at and everyone keeps defending her anyway. After Chapter 1, Saihara tries latching his insecurities on to the person most similiar to Kaede, Kaito, who helps him work out his fears for... some reason. Given that Kaito seemed to care a lot about Kaede and was pissed at Saihara after the trial, you'd think he'd be more avoidant, at least for a longer time, given how stubborn he is. The game makes the mistake of implementing a gary stu who refuses to accept that Kaede had flaws, and we're forced to see his rose-tinted view of Kaede. In chapter 6, this is only made worse as it's revealed Kaede never actually killed anybody. While she still tried to perform an actual murder, she isn't faulted at all for it and Shuichi's view of Kaede as a perfect angel who did nothing wrong and only tried to protect everyone is fuled. Kaede and Shuichi's relationship is heavily idealized, with Shuichi putting Kaede on a higher pedastal with every chapter, not seeing the flaws of his actions in trusting someone in a killing game as a detective, nor does he accept that Kaede herself had flaws and backstabbed him. The only thing he was angry about was the fact that she wanted him to prove she was the culprit. People act as if Maki and Kaito's relationship was forced, but at least they had weeks to talk and learn about eachother, instead of Saihara and Kaede, who grew to wholeheartedly trust in eachother in the span of no more than three days. The fact that their character was so badly handled is the main thing why it makes v3 such a bad game for me and leaves a bad taste in my mouth, among other things.
  • what i actually say: i fucking hate shuichi kaede should've stayed the protagonist
why antis do the thing: being an anti with problematic canon

why do antis stay in fandoms where the canon material itself is problematic? Relatedly, why do antis stay in fandoms where the creators support - or fail to denounce, at least - bad ships and nasty shippers?

Most antis seem to have a funny little disconnect between mass media creations and fandom creations.  Despite insisting on purity in their fandom spaces, antis will consume mass media-created works that canonically contain terrible things that they regularly fight against: incest, adult/teen relationships (‘pedophilia’ in anti parlance), noncon/dubcon, etc.

How can they do this?

In my experience: Antis hold fandom to a higher standard than the mass media on which fandom is based.

Fandom tumblr and social justice tumblr heavily overlap because fandom is where many queer, marginalized people go for acceptance and refuge. Additionally, much of English-speaking fandom comes from regions where LGBT and women’s histories are very undertaught. The direct result is that many antis have received the large majority of their social justice education in fandom spaces.*

That makes it only natural that antis would expect fandom spaces to be better at things like maintaining safe spaces, prioritizing queer/LGBT stories, prioritizing PoC stories, etc. than the very media that caused a fandom to exist in the first place.  In the eyes of an anti, fandom should be fixing the canon problems by cleansing fandom space of the canon problems and patching those problems with good fanon.  Fandom certainly shouldn’t be taking the bad parts of canon and running with them to ship or create things that are less than wholesome and positive.

Fandom should, as a collective, know better.

Of course, reality is that fandom - like the media it’s based on - is made up of fallible humans who are steeped in the same culture as the media creators, and therefore fandom is generally just as prone to the same problems, both real (cultural misogyny and racism/bias towards white male characters, etc) and imagined (dark themes and fanworks, heavy focus on romance/sex, not always shipping the Most Correct ship, etc). This infuriates antis, who then set about fixing it by yelling at the bad parts of fandom until it shapes up, and often to the exclusion of creating or encouraging fan content that would meet their standards of correctness.

In contrast, mass media creators generally get a pass for reasons that are likely as varied as the antis that cut them the slack, but in general, mass media creators - particularly white, cis, male mass media creators - just aren’t expected to know as much about activism. Antis don’t bother to try to fix them because they won’t even understand what antis are getting up in arms about in the first place.

Other prominent reasons for cutting mass media creators relative slack:

  • they don’t respond as strongly as fan creators do, if they respond at all, to anti pressure/harassment, and calling people out isn’t as interesting/doesn’t feel productive if the target doesn’t react
  • antis, like all humans, are prone to double-standards, and mass media creators are put on a pedastal that fan creators are not
  • antis feel that as long as they recognize the problems with the canon work and don’t interact with them in fandom it’s 'safe’ to be in problematic fandoms

It is, however, worth noting that if a creator shows the slightest awareness of social justice issues but in some way falls short of anti-shipping purity standards, antis will frequently go after the creator as brutally as they go after fellow fans. Additionally, antishipping tends to be more prominent in mass media fandoms where the canon content is socially aware, like Steven Universe.

*in 2013-2014, social justice education on tumblr took a very hard, very sudden turn directly into REG territory. About the same time, anti-shipping culture sprang up. Coincidence? I think not.

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thoughts on the dazai + atsushi interactions in this latest chapter?

…I initially didn’t pay much attention to it actually. Too busy raising my brows at the latest chapter’s headscratching plot progression and resolution. Then again, I never took much notice of Dazai and Atsushi’s interactions because I’ve always thought it was natural for them to confide to each other and share most of the series’ most genuine and heartfelt moments. They are, after all, the protagonists of BSD. Or protagonist and deuteragonist, if we wanna be technical about it. They’ll always be at the focus, for better or for worse.

Dazai has many faults, and suuuure one can argue he’s using Atsushi too, but no way anyone can claim he doesn’t  care for Atsushi. In this chapter alone, we see him gently looking over Atsushi after said protogé shared what transpired between him and Akutagawa. Probably with pride in his eyes even, like some pleased father… Hard to hit this with an apt description because I’m only going with how I interpreted the scene. At this point, Atsushi is hands-down the closest after Odasaku to truly understanding our man of mystery. But he still sees Dazai atop a pedastal, much like how Odasaku did, which was the reason the latter never actively reached out to Dazai before it was too late. In 55 minutes we see a glimpse of Atsushi wanting to know more about his mentor, but hopefully we get to a point where Atsushi can frankly see Dazai for what he is: terribly, terribly human. Or at least, have him call out Dazai for what he did to Akutagawa. That would be a start.

As an aside, Asagiri compared Dazai and Atsushi to Arthur and Merlin in an old interview, so that’s how I view them~~!

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What would the batboys be like when their s/o ex is around Ps I luv your account

Awwwww thanks Hun <3 (Sorry I haven’t been answering headcanons recently i’ve been pretty busy to write recently) Anyway -here you go :)

How the Batboys react to meeting/ seeing thier s/o’s ex:  


-he’s low key salty but tries to be nice 


- “Yeah well it was nice meeting you Gary” “Its Gabriel- “COOL BYE GREG.” 


- (the shittier your ex was the more likely Dick is going to just fuck with the guy) 


-THIS BOY BE SALTY AF (to the point where you almost feel bad for your ex) 

-(Makes constant “jokes” about the dude *SLAYS, ROASTS, D R A G S* the guy both in his face and when he’s not around) 

-you had to tell him to stop wearing his hood to go terrify the guy *He only laughs harder since the dude pissed his pants* 

- “Babe c’mon he deserves it for the hell he put you through” (The one line this boy always gives that makes you allow it) 

-he always makes sure to be a little extra with you when the dude’s around (kisses you, hugs you, holds you closer to him while glaring and smirking directly at the guy) *mINE* 



-but will literally put you even higher on his pedastal (HE SENSED A THREAT HE MUST SECURE THE MERCHENDISE) 

-you always re-assure him that he’s the best thing that ever happened to you (He stops worrying but it doesnt stop him from BEING HELLA PETTY.) 

-*Ex (to you): “oh you’re still with him?” Tim (to your ex): “oh you’re still on child support?” (DID SOMEONE SAY P E T T Y?) 

-he just loves to rub it in the dude’s face that he has you  



-when he literally meets the guy he just looks the dude up and down before turning to you and saying “i’m guessing he was chosen out of lack of options?” 


-he’s so possessive and constantly enforces your closeness in front of the guy 

-when your ex insults you he practically loses it and knocks three of the guy’s teeth out (But you couldn’t help smiling that he did so *god you felt so loved*) 


Somebody just got some new masks!!!! @cyber-hand‘s PHENOMENAL Mask of Time (pedastal) version is easily my favorite of the two, evoking a Glatorian “mouth” shaping with the g2 faceplate. His Mask of Fire is SO classic! It looks ten thousand times better on him than the original mask! I couldn’t be happier with these products, and look foward to buying more in the future!

If you feel inclined to share these images anywhere else in the community (instagram, ttv, bzpower, etc.) please make sure to include a link to my blog, or at least a “photos by Cabbieboy” caption please!

Ya like i think they could have done a lot better at the character design in the TAZ comic but also i think we are getting into dangerous territory where like, people started putting the mcelroys on a pedastal of *pure unproblematic content* and are going to start viciously tearing them down for betraying that idealized image people built up of them.

also i think it could be fixed if they just hired different artists every issue for different character designs (like sandman but with more racial diversity)

ofdragonsanddreams16 replied to your post “LMFAOOOOO WHAT did this show seriously just find a way to make the…”

The adoration of Betty on this fandom is one of the biggest thing that stopping me watching this show. Like I saw one gifset of a character making a joke about her ponytail and everyone was like SHOOK and a guy jumped to defend it, basically saying it was iconic or something like that and I was “REALLY?”. Someone actually wrote and recorded this ridiculous scene??? And the fans defending it was so wild.

I once read a description of a Mary Sue that explained it as not even being about the character itself, but about the way everyone treats/interacts with the character, and I think that’s 100% my issue with Betty. The way she’s pedastaled is mind-boggling. She does shady shit constantly and it’s written off as ‘dark betty’ like that’s just some spicy alter ego that ‘pure betty’ doesn’t have to be held accountable for, it just makes her ‘complex’. Except it doesn’t because it literally just comes and goes like a lightning strike and is never actually explored or dealt with. Everyone else is (accurately) depicted as morally questionable and prone to making mistakes and bad judgments, but for some reason when it comes to Betty, anyone who points out her flaws is depicted as a villain or being wrong. Consequences don’t really apply to her, and people forget everything fucked up about her when they talk about her like she’s this beacon of all things good. Nothing makes this more hilariously evident IMO than the fact that a serial killer is literally out there murdering people in her honor because that’s how pure this show’s convinced she comes across as. It’s stupid. Let her be called out as self-centered and self-righteous and hypocritical, and let the criticism stick - don’t make Toni or Kevin the bad guys for doing it. Stop portraying her as this sometimes doe-eyed, sometimes BAMF-eyed character who can do no wrong, who things just keep happening to because woe is her - let her fall when she fucks up. Let her actually face consequences. Let her grow so we have something to actually root for. And for that matter, pick a goddamn characterization for her, because as of now she’s literally whatever will save the day - you need a mechanic? Betty’s a master mechanic! You need a lockpick? Betty’s a master lockpick! You need a codebreaker? Betty’s going to remember a code from a book from when she was in fourth grade! You need a sunshiney go-getter to save Pops? Betty can do it with charm and pluck! You need an ice cold manipulator who’s not afraid to blackmail someone? Betty’s your girl! It’s a lot. And the irony is they could’ve avoided so much of this if instead of making Betty the Black Hood’s inspiration, they actually made her his target. Imagine if the show could crawl out of her ass enough to make the Black Hood write Betty a letter saying that the town is full of degenerates, but the worst kind are the ones who think they’re above it all, that get praised for being good when they’re just as bad if not more morally corrupt than everyone else. Then we can root for Betty, because yeah, she’s self-righteous, but she doesn’t deserve to be targeted by a goddamn serial killer for it. Instead, lmao, even a friggin’ serial killer is convinced she’s the pinnacle of humanity. It’s ridic. I’m over it. In a remotely realistic show, not a single character would’ve referred to Betty as a perfect girl next door after the Chuck debacle, like that stereotype would’ve been squarely put to bed, and yet here we are.

We must be honest with others about our sadness

We must pick each other up from this sadness and throw each other into joy

But we must not put our sadness on a pedastal, wallowing in it like there’s no light in sight

Afterall, joy comes after sadness

We all have to remember that

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Could you do headcanons for Reaper and McCree with an angel s/o? (S/o would have wings, I'm pretty sure that's an angel)


  • Everyone around him would think this was a mismatch, including him
  • He would keep wondering how on Earth a gracious creature like his angel s/o would’ve fallen for him
  • But yet, every time they would say something sweet about him, he couldn’t bring himself to argue
  • Each time they would tell him to stop putting them on the pedastal all the time, he couldn’t really bring himself to do so
  • For him, they would be something pure, something that if he managed to taint, he would hate himself for all eternity
  • Yet, he would be so thankful they would continue to stay by his side – if those beautiful wings ever turned black like his soul, he wouldn’t know what to do


  • Jesse would adore them, much like Reaper
  • He wouldn’t want to ever put them in the way of danger, in the way of bad people
  • He would always compliment their appearance, just all the time, in that flirty tone that one would think was not good enough for a blessed creature like his s/o
  • Jesse would run his hands through the pure white feathers and cause them to giggle, steal kisses whenever he could
  • He wouldn’t care if people thought he tainted this angel, because they had come to him of their free will
  • If anyone were to ever hurt them, he would be the one to personally hunt them down

–Mod Evie

I Knew I Shouldn’t (Part 6)

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Loki x OC

Warnings: Language

Loki POV

“The tea was a nice touch, Amora.” I commented casually, watching her from across her table as she dabbled with her vials. “Trying out your potion on Dreyna and I.”

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I’m still kind of upset because Ruby actually had times where she and Penny talked and Penny had gained her trust enough to tell her about the robot secret. Penny was such a complex character, she was made to be a soldier but had her own desires. She had some mystery surrounding her as well. Who was that man who clenched his fist when she died? Her creator? Maybe. We don’t know for sure.

Alright now lets take a look at Pyrrha. If I had to describe her, honestly, all I can think of is her pining over Jaune and being a good fighter. “oh but she had problems because she felt so isolated from everyone and put on a pedastal’. Is…that it? I just couldnt seem to find why everyone was so torn over her death, you can have a favorite character, but we hardly saw any bonding between Pyrrha and her teammates, maybe a scene or two? And why were Ruby’s eyes triggered when she saw Pyrrha die? The most interaction ive seen between these two were maybe a ‘hey’ or 'thanks’.

So we go into volume 4, and Ruby is having nightmares about Pyrrha. Not a SINGLE mention of Penny until chapter 10, which is brought up by Jaune. And Ruby doesnt seem to show any grief for her other than maybe that once where she didnt even cry, she just had a sad look on her face that lasted maybe 15 seconds. Oh yeah lets have nightmares over Pyrrha but not anything towards Penny…or her, yknow…TEAM. Maybe shes holding it all in and will eventually burst, but if Ruby goes on like this, cheerful most of the time, her grief being spoken by other characters, pfft.

Great. Writing. Guys.