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Hey, yeah, please remember that Kankri’s point as a character is not making fun of triggers or earnest, caring people, but is instead a parody of the self indulgent martyr complex (to contrast his life as the signless on Alternia).

He’s a parody of the concern trolls who use SJ methodology and terminology to bully people, and in the process, get off on feeling superior. In actuality he has a very poor understanding of what he’s talking about and very limited understanding that he’s talking over the people he claims to stick up for and ally himself with (porrim, mituna, etc.), not a joke aimed at making fun of very real caring and empathy.

the whole point of him is that he is supposed to contrast the “real sjw” he was as The Signless. It also plays in with the repeating pattern of Seers getting in too deep in their vices and losing their way, but unlike Terzi and Rose, Kankri has stagnated (as is much of the point of the dancestors in the dream bubbles) and cannot dig out of his Darkest Hour vice, he’s stuck too deep in it.

Kankri is the parody of “Doing it wrong”, while his counterpart on Alternia is the example of “doing it right”

remember that he has the personality type to want to care (he’s a vantas), but he’s spoiled, sheltered, naive and (given the culture of beforus), he’s had special treatment all his life and so DOES think he’s better than everyone. Getting into the social justice movement with those other traits was a disaster waiting to happen.

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Day Dream

I heard about you today.
I heard that you’re happy.
I’ve heard that you’ve come really far.
I heard she is really great.
I seem to be stuck here, you know.
Up until now, I blamed you.
I thought it was your fault we couldn’t be together,
but today I realized, that’s not true.
Up until now, I had you built up in my head.
Framed upon a perfect pedestal.
But you weren’t what was built up in my mind.
You never were.
But your smile wouldn’t let me see,
That you were actually just a dream.
You were never mine.
But yet I clutched to the hope you could be.
You were just some teenage guy.
Someone who I passed by now and again.
The idea of you though, was mine.
But the real you never was.
So when I heard today that you were happy,
My pedestal shattered,
Because you were just a dream,
And it wasn’t your fault.

Attention Span: Zero

The pedastal was never wanted,
not having the ability to fuck up once in a while,
leaves my potential stunted.
and in that moment,
I question the lessons of
“be all you can be as a kid.”
enslaving minds to a country
that was won with smith & wessons.
messages trespassing enemy lines
in times of oppression.
Reasons for penmanship is so people can understand the depth of what you write
Encites of life,
citing the people that you come across,
day and night.