Today I got together with schrodingersdelaypedal and thetroubledstateside and we recorded some stuff. The Orange gear was compliments of Northernmost, We only played with Jesse’s AD140, and that is the QUIETEST amp ever, zero noise… But also the gnarliest and loudest sounding amp ever. It’s in my top three of best amps I’ve ever played and heard. Paired with John’s Arcanist amp build we were destroying planets. It sounded incredible in that room. 

Pedal city is brought to you by (left to right in the middle photo) Jesse, John( schrodingersdelaypedal), myself, and Adam ( thetroubledstateside)

This was a fun fucking day. 

John picked up the Minifooger earlier today too and we compared it with his other Moog delay and they rule hard. Given the option, I’d probably just take the Minifooger. The modulation on the big brother is beautiful though. 

Check out my Instagram, but we also tried out a Strymon Dig, Super Pulsar, and a DBA Ghost Echo in addition to the MF Delay. I’ll be buying myself a Dig. But if you look closely to the boards above… In front of my board on the floor is an Eventide TimeFactor. I got that today. 

Hopefully the recording we did turned out okay. It was the first major run with all my gear and I’m not sure it did great for audio, but I’ll do my best with the edits and get them out asap. 

Boss SG-1 knockoff. Not exactly a clone, since it’s significantly improved over the original design: lower noise, wider range of attack time, external trigger input, true bypass, better components, etc. Controls are attack time and gate threshold. It’s basically a gate with a swelled-in attack, variable in this case from 10-600ms.

The reason that a lot of homebrew builds of this circuit don’t work is that you need to be able to gain-match the NPNs in the envelope circuit, and the FET that controls the gate needs to be selected for Vgs-off (guess what: I didn’t use a 2SK30A here).

The external trigger input is awesome and has many applications. My favorite way to use it is to connect the pedal after a compressor, but route the uncompressed signal to the trigger input. So you get the sustain/squish of the compressor but the swell follows the guitar’s natural envelope, and noise is reduced.

This isn’t a replacement for a volume pedal, but is amazing when used WITH a volume pedal that has delays both before and after it.

Insides here.

so far this what i have + olympia fuzz.

Im looking for a new chorus & distortion; is there anything you can recommend ?

also your thoughts on a JC-120. I hate the Hot-Rod III that i have, so i;ve been thinking of replacing it with a jc120. 

My “Tone” is jazz clean with a shit ton of verb and lots of multi delays. 

Submitted by vhs-nightmares

Distortion is hard to recomment with a Twin Reverb, honestly. When I had my reissue and when I had my original 1965 I had a hard time loving distortion sounds with those amps. They tend to make them sound scooped, harsh, or both. Though the OCD is a pretty solid pedal, with a Jazzmaster I might recommend you grab a Fuzz like the Musket or Jupiter Fuzz. I loved the Jupiter into Christopher from Mansions Twin Reverb. And he was using a Jag. It really depends on the actual sounds you are after though. Dirt is hard to recommend. 

For chorus I would probably try a few, because there are super lush choruses, very digital sounding choruses, and everything in between and people prefer either for different reasons. 

For cheap I always love the DOD Ice Box Chorus. The Catalinbread Callisto Chorus rules. The EQD Sea Machine. On the upper end, the Cosmichorus. 

BUT, if you’re gonna scoop a JC120, use that chorus. Because it’s excellent. 

I had a Roland JC-120H. I should have never gotten rid of it but it was right at the beginning of my TRADE EVERYTHING EVER career. It was rare in that form and I didn’t even care back then. hah. 

But they are great amps, take pedals great, it’s solid state so there is slightly less maintenance involved. That and a Twin should be awesome in stereo. 

Hope this helped.