One time I was eating at sonic with my boyfriend and this father and son park their car at the carhop menu but instead of ordering there, they walk inside. The dad was carrying a car brake pedal and marched into the restaurant with purpose but like five minutes later they come back out to see that their weiner dog locked them out with their keys still inside the car. So here I am, watching this father and son trying to coerce their dog to jump onto the unlock button for like ten minutes and it finally works. They get into the car with their brake pedal, without ever ordering food, and leave forever. I wouldn’t believe it happened if someone was with me to see the whole thing happen too

BTS Reacts to Teaching You How To Ride A Bike

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“That’s it Jagiya! Ye-” He shouted as you rode down the street on your bike for the first time.

You swerved and hit a parked car and Yoongi stopped his praises.

“How do you hit a parked car, jagiya?! Parked?! You know what, I don’t know you. Nope. Nah. No clue as to who you are.”


You stopped the bike with a huff and glared back at Jin.

 “Come on jagi! You have to stay straight!” He shouted.

“You couldn’t balance yourself during War of Hormone, so don’t talk to me about staying straight.”

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You couldn’t balance yourself out so you kept wobbling and putting your foot down.

“You have to put your feet on the pedals in order to go forward, Jagi.” He smirked.

“You keep being sarcastic and you’re not gonna have any feet to go forward with, Park Jimin.”

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You successfully made it down the street and back up again.

“YOU DID IT! JAGI YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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*Insert gif here*

“Are the training wheels really necessary, Kookie?

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“Wait wait wait… you don’t know how to ride a bike?” He asked, dumbfounded.

“Yes, I don’t know how to ride a bike Taehyung.” 

“But like… childhood…..???”

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Rap Monster:

“Aish, are you okay jagiya?” He asked, leaning over you.

You blinked and squinted at him, “Yeah I’m okay, just a little fall.”

“Come on, cutie.” He smiled and helped you up.

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Hey TKOG! Here's a quick question; Is Thom still using the MXR 10 Band EQ for his guitars?

Nope. He seems to have only used them for the 2013 Atoms for Peace tour. The Electro-Harmonix POG which he had on that tour hasn’t been used since either.

With Atoms for Peace, Thom often played lead guitar in addition to rhythm, or played parts which functioned both as rhythm and lead (“lead” meaning parts with a primary and melodic role in a song). He likely used the EQ pedals in order to make his tone fit there different roles, and may have stopped using the EQ pedals since he almost exclusively plays rhythm guitar with Radiohead. It’s also possible that one or both of the EQ pedals was used in conjunction with the POG in order to better control the POG’s sound.

A picture of Thom’s auxiliary guitar pedalboard for main portion of the 2013 Atoms for Peace tour (Thom’s auxiliary boards are kept near his amp and operated by Plank). The board features two MXR 10-Band EQ’s, an Electro-Harmonix POG, a BOSS TU2 (used by Plank for troubleshooting purposes), a Lehle Little Lehle 2 True Bypass Loop Switcher, and an unknown black box (possible just used for cable management).

everyone you know is struggling

the popular girl at school? Your mailman? Your crush? Angelina Jolie? Every actor, leader, or creator you’ve ever looked up to? They have all cried themselves to sleep at one point or another

sometimes we put others up on pedal stools in order to put ourselves down, but that is unfair to them and ourselves. They are suffering, we are suffering, life is suffering, be kind to yourself- your pain is not an anomaly, you are not alone.

 every good and bad person has felt this way, and gotten through it

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Very excited to start messing with pedals. I've been playing for about 10 years and never really used them, but just recently started to buy some. I have the Tech 21 RK Fly5, Wampler Spring Reverb, Wampler Nirvana Chorus, EHS Freeze, Devi Ever Hyperion, and a few cheap pedals. Getting an '99 Fulltone Fulldrive 2 at the end of this week! I'm going to have to figure out how to put them in chain, but it'll be fun.

There are plenty of “standard” ways to set up a signal chain but there are no real rules. I always start from the typical Tuner > Pitch > Dirt > Volume > Modulation > Delay > Reverb > Tuner  standard and then deviate from there. 

For instance, sometimes Reverb going into Fuzz rules. Sometimes I like a dirty analog delay into dirt. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I use phaser before Dirt. I also play with where my Wah pedals sit within my dirt pedals. Sometimes pitch shifting pedals are better suited somewhere in the time based effects. Some people like volume pedals before dirt. 

Just play with it and find what gives you the best sounds with what you have. That should be a damn good place to start. 


Fanzine de Yowamushi Pedal disponible en la AEX también!!! 
28 páginas, portada a todo color, interiores en blanco y negro.También contiene guest art de la maravillosa artista Millionfish.

Stand 10B “Del Bosque” Anime Expo Santiago, 21 y 22 de Junio!!! Subiré toda la info este sábado. 

**Will open preorders for these by the end of the month (?) for international orders ^_^ 

Pedalboard Update April-2012

If you didn’t already know, Im in a band called Skyhawk Drive.

We play to a click track in our IEM’s to keep us in perfect time. 

The problem occurs when you have time based effects that depend on a rarely-accurate tap tempo. No matter how much you think you can tap the tempo accurately, It will infrequently match the BPM. 

It WILL be noticeable when your doing time base stuff like a dotted eight note delay. 

So as you can see, I exchanged some pedals for LCD screen displays so I can set my BMP precisely. 

I also sold my wah pedal, I only used it for when the band goofed around during rehearsals to jam band style things. 

I also added an Analog Delay- this really helps me achieve some classic delay tones as well as oscillation magic. 

My new volume pedal is nice and smooth, the pot inside of it will last forever!

(In Order)

PedalTrain PT-Pro

JHS Astro-Mess Fuzz

Boss TU-3 Tuner

RockBox Boiling-Point OD

Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay

Goodrich 120 Volume Passive Pedal 

Boss DD-20 Delay

Analog Endeavors Mini-Tap Tempo (to us with DD-20 for on the fly inspirations)

Guyatone Ultrem Optical Tremolo

T1M Effect Mini-Expression 10k (to use with the Ultrem)

Strymon BlueSky Reverberator

JHS Little Black Buffer

All Powered by a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2

I bought the PT-Pro with the ATA case

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You seem to be extremely anti OQ. The nail in the SQ coffin is the sudden explosion of CS. It's clear that A/E know it, based on the seating arrangement at the last super table at the con. CS vids and pics get ten times the views and hits of any Once ship. I am not a OQ fan but man do I love seeing those smiles. That's how I can tolerate it. The Savior can do no wrong in the eyes of SQ. They take all the anger they have out on Regina/Lana. Evil Regal and ex SQ fan

So, you’re an Evil Regal and an ‘ex SQ’ fan? What exactly is an ex SQ fan, though? I hope you’ll excuse us for being a bit skeptical here, but you seem to be plugging the two ‘ships’ that were constructed in order to distract from the popularity of the ‘SQ’ idea. Also, the likes of you sound hella funny to those familiar with certain pseudocelebs’ agenda of brainwashing their sheep ER following (because SQ is only fanon, and they write oh-so fworghsome OQ fics too — and that is canon?) and Emma Swan’s horrendous S3 character assassination being the main reason for y’all “not wanting her near Regina” and (because doh, you “ship Regina with happiness”) wanting her to be with this dude who has been given NO characterization whatsoever?

But let me move on. So. We just took a poll. Just now! On our computers, across this glorious globe of ours. It’s like that old Angelina Jolie movie around these parts. We’re roller skating and hacking and making out with Jonny Lee Miller in swimming pools, and all to get you the most current statistical information possible. So. Then we filled out a large questionnaire, ran it all through parallel and vertical psychometric testing of a horizontal measurement instrument whose efficacy has not yet been validated but which has been used to measure the color spectrums of a range of deep sea jellyfish! And what we found was that here at the OUaT metacommentary blog is that we are in fact split on the question of who is worse, Robin Hood or Captain Hook.

But wait! There’s more! When we ran the data through our Commodore 64 emulator stimulator capsulator? We realized that our original findings were erroneous and that in fact, we all, here at the OUaT metacommentary blog, find equal fault with both characters and with any notion that they should even remain on the television show known as Once Upon a Time (aren’t there copyright issues with that title? No? No, ok.)

There are no nails in any coffin and there is no coffin with a ‘SQ’ inside of it. There are only ideas, swirling around, and the idea of ‘OQ’ is really a silly set of ideas. Also, this ‘sudden explosion’ you speak of? Of something called ‘CS’? It was a manufactured set of publicity moves (inclusive of seating arrangements) and deliberately created storylines that did not fit previously existing storylines and seemed instead purposeful in undermining the intelligence of a large number of people who were really quite supportive of the product known as OUaT and its producers. There is something in all of this, that reminds me of the capitalist imperative. Most people yammer on about consumption, right? As though the consumer’s choices—to over or under-consume—are what the capitalist system requires for ongoing stability. What capitalism actually does, is to create an imperative to over-produce, and to create a market of consumers for whatever junk is being pedaled that day or week or year, etc. They used to make vacuum cleaners to last, so this argument goes, but then they realized that they’d sell less vacuum cleaners if the damned things actually worked really, really well.

Heterosexism on OUaT was constructed and marketed in order to pedal a product that few in the existing audience actually wanted. Someone wanted it though we just don’t know whom. Did they need the new demographic for ratings and money and advertising? Not really. In fact Captain Swan, as you kids call it, began to sink ratings. Then came the manufactured semi-automatic, totally non-functioning dust buster known as Outlaw Queen. Marketing for both products began long before audience demand really made any kind of blip. And the ‘explosion’ you speak of has really just been an explosion of negativity from members of the audience who have wanted to ‘stick it to those Queers’ from the start. Excuse my use of triggering language, but we’re dealing with a real messed up demographic here. Imagine the vacuum cleaning companies suddenly deciding one day that they just didn’t want the ‘homosexuals’ to buy their products but wanted only ‘good white heterooos’ to buy their vacuums. Not logical, right? Especially if their previously loyal customers actually had money to spend and were now moving on to that crazy Dyson line of vacuums, all of which cost a billion dollars.

But I digress. You’re basically arguing that a femslash ship is dead and that some sort of survival of the fittest moment occurred. Well it isn’t and it didn’t. And now, OUaT is in danger of being labeled a cesspool of bigotry. Here at OUaT metacommentary, we work to understand the systems that encompass these kinds of crazy fads. And for the record, we really do dislike the sexist underlying idea most of all—that stories cannot be told about strong women unless they become dominated by men who just can’t take no for an answer.

We sure do hope that the company changes its policy on this one.