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Okay but in the Jedi docu series au people totally catch onto the fact that the lineage line is like a family and dissecting interactions between former master-Padawan teams and the other members of their line. Everyone is stunned to realise Dooku is yoda's 'son', ObiWan's 'grandpa', Anakin's 'great grandpa' and Ahsoka's 'great great grandpa'. There are soon petitions for the group to undergo family therapy if Dooku is ever captured. That goes as well as can be expected

So let’s talk about Dooku in this AU. I feel like at first he’d be like, “A holo-series? Ugh, how gauche they must really be desperate” before going back to reading History’s Fanciest Swords

But then, one night, he’s sitting in his wingback chair, and the holonet is on, and The Jedi Order Show starts…and he gets totally sucked in. First, it’s because he’s taking great Evil Guy pleasure in watching his enemies make idiots of themselves on a galactic stage. I see everyone there is still full of themselves, he thinks. And they still haven’t paid their electric bill. By the third episode, though? He starts to hate himself. Because damn it, that was his family for most of his life! And they’re…well, sort of endearing, he thinks angrily. 

Maybe they weren’t all bad, he finds himself thinking by the episode where Anakin helps children on a remote planet learn how to build robots that will help their families’ small farms. Young Kenobi seems like he’d be a nice teatime companion, maybe, passes through his mind as he watches Obi-Wan talk excitedly about why a lightsaber is so much more dignified than a blaster

He shuts it off: meditation. He needs to meditate, and focus on the evil tasks at hand. His Master would be furious if he knew he was having these thoughts. 

Basically what I’m saying is that there’s like a 50% chance that Dooku ends up re-upping his Jedi contract after a Very Special Episode, complete with crying and family therapy sessions. Sidious is beside himself. He cannot believe how badly this plan has backfired on him. 

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Is the clone war's announcer part of the jedi doc.?

Hahahaha, like the Jedi have him come along as part of the package? 

The Documentary Director: Who’s that guy? Is he a Jedi, too?
Mace: No, that’s Phil. He’s our narrator.
Director: Oh. Wait, what?
Shaak Ti: He queues up our next adventure for us.
Director: What…all the time?
Phil: [trailing behind Yoda, who is walking down the hall] DAYBREAK! Master Yoda, awakening from a restful night’s sleep, walks towards the dining hall in search of badly-needed caf! Meanwhile, JEDI KNIGHT ANAKIN SKYWALKER and his Padawan AHSOKA TANO, have just spilled all of the remaining caf on the floor while doing an ill-advised handstand competition!
Yoda: [groans] 
Phil: As the two desperately try to cover up their mess before Master Yoda arrives, JEDI MASTER OBI-WAN KENOBI approaches with towels to assist the frazzled Jedi – unaware that he is about to accidentally back up into a large stack of glass mugs!
[the sound of breaking glass and Obi-Wan’s swearing can be heard]
Mace: [to the Director] Phil’s very good at his job. 


Trying to improve my handwriting, mostly so i can read other people’s handwriting more easily. I never learnt stroke order (i really recommend doing that) and never wrote much by hand. But as you can see in the first picture my english handwriting is also like a child’s, so thats probably the reason my korean is too. 1) my handwriting 2) my boyfriend’s handwriting 3) my english. The rest is me practicing writing quickly and trying to copy my boyfriend’s writing but it looks awful. Then i got bored and just tried to write big. ㅁ, ㄹ and ㄷ/ ㅌ are the characters i struggle with most. I still cannot figure out to make the correct stroke order for ㄹ naturally. Someone teach me how to read handwriting (like my boyfriend’s here, i would never know that says 운명) without having to improve my own?

@wingletblackbird commented on this post debating whether or not the Jedi were paid saying: 

If the Jedi really were entirely unpaid, even after they were knighted, why would Anakin have the toys and trinkets and posters he has in his room at the temple? They were likely paid a little. In many ways they were like a pseudo military–quarters were provided, as well as food if you wanted it, you could also buy your own, and you took your orders and were deployed. Than you came home.

It’s true that Anakin has a bunch of stuff in his room, but Anakin has something the other Jedi don’t: an independently wealthy wife who can buy him stuff. We don’t know how or when he acquired that stuff. It’s also important to note that Anakin has a long personal history of fishing stuff out of the trash and fixing it up. 

Plus, Jedi clearly had access to operating funds while on missions. Qui-Gon has Republic Credits in TPM. Obi-Wan has cash to buy drinks in AotC. Anakin and Ahsoka stop for dinner at a diner in the Outer Rim and presumably pay for it. Still, having a company card to use for work-related or even personal expenses isn’t the same thing as having a pay check you can save for later in the event that you decide to leave your job.