doing some personal painting, i finished a little something for myself!

i never do anything that doesn’t have organic shapes, and i dread guitars, so i figured………….why not something in between

so i drew billy moran’s guitar pedal board! super complicated for me, but excellent practice. i also think this would look cool on a shirt. so. that’s also a thing


How To Set Up a Pedal Chain | Elderly Instruments


Photos by me

Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal / Notre Dame Basilica

From wikipedia:

The church’s Gothic Revival architecture is among the most dramatic in the world; its interior is grand and colourful, its ceiling is coloured deep blue and decorated with golden stars, and the rest of the sanctuary is a polychrome of blues, azures, reds, purples, silver, and gold. It is filled with hundreds of intricate wooden carvings and several religious statues. Unusual for a church, thestained glass windows along the walls of the sanctuary do not depict biblical scenes, but rather scenes from the religious history of Montreal. It also has a Casavant Frères pipe organ, dated 1891, which comprises four keyboards, 92 stops using electropneumatic action and an adjustable combination system, 7000 individual pipes and a pedal board.