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Hi Everyone ! 

 Japan Expo is finally over !! It was hella nice ! I could brought & exchange stuffs with artists ! & spent each afternoon with the cutest yowapeda cosplayer ever ! ( @empty-chameleon

Also I met the yowapeda stage actors ! & took a pic with the whole cast who were there ! It was truly a blessing TT TT !! Thank you @shizu-yume for took my hand & run after them to take a pic !! I did a dna art trade with her ! Her Sawamura Eijun was SO CUTE ! HE’S SHINING ! 

I added some sketch for my really sketchybook ! I still have 6 book left ! Thank you really much ! I won’t print more than this ! I will open my store really soon ! With new stuff ! please stay tuned !

I also did some watercolor & ink commissions ! It was nice to meet anime sport fan !! (Even if I couldn’t find so much daiya no a fans orz, I met like 3-4 during the whole JapEx ?? CAN YOU FEEL MY DISAPOINTEMENT??? Anyway I’m glad to meet some too ! It would be terrible if there were no fan in France x’D )

Hope you had a good time during JapEx 2017 ! See you next time ! I will attend Y/con this year too ! With Maybe a comic book ! Full of color & band aid !! 

Thanks again for passing at our booth Megane Kingdom ! 


The song: Hime Hime (from Yowamushi Pedal, AKA that anime about… biking…) DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SONG IT WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD AND HAUNT YOU IN YOUR NIGHTMARES 


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Everyone thought Sugawara actually hated the show, until he showed up in full-out magical girl cosplay.

PSA - Reposter to avoid

Dear fandom, the user v-i-v-i-e is a reposter who is constantly posting arts without permission and proper credits (it’s all sourced from Zerochan website…).

I already contacted them once because they posted an art against an artist wish. They replied at first positively by deleting it, but even after asking them to not continue to post without permission and good credits, they still do it and even blocked me in the end….
So they really don’t care and since contact is not possible, it became impossible to avoid these reposts…

I’ve noticed sadly that many of the unauthorized reposts have many reblogs, that’s why I write this post so people could be aware of it and avoid the reposts!

Please, help me to stop these reposts by spreading the word! Let’s respect the artists! Signal boost please!

Here, just with the first pages of their blog, you can see how many times they went against the artist wish :

ect….it’s just a part of it. So please, respect the artists and be careful with the arts you reblog. Thank you for reading!