pedal drums


when u don’t have a band so u have to make it work with foot pedals, a drum box, and a looping machine. 👨🏼‍🎨

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How would you describe the color red to a color blind person?”
“It’s the heat in your cheeks when you think about the person you love, the slow burn of alcohol running down your throat. It’s that loud crash of fireworks, the rasp of fur spiking the wrong way, the feeling of skin rubbed raw against cloth. It’s the quick step of a drummer’s double pedal on the bass drum, that guitar lick you heard and can’t quite remember. The sultry sound of a woman’s laugh in your ear, the sticky gooey thrum of a Ferrari’s engine. It’s abrasive and brash and altogether too much, but sometimes it’s the essence of life itself.
—  s.a., of angles and colors

Metallica BTS: Now That We’re Dead - we should all march to this part!

Prompt #49

He’d seen her drum her fingers on the desk endlessly. She’d tap her feet as if she was hitting a bass drum pedal and he’d thought about it a lot. She never spoke to any one, yet when she arrived on the first day, he swore he recognised her…


My latest crazy drum kit. Crazy Drum Kit! 14" vintage Zildjian hi hats, 10" Remo Buffalo snare, 10" Agop Xist closed hi hats, 8" Remo Buffalo snare, 16" vintage mystery ride, 8" Ziljdjian Avedis splash, 4" homemade bell/splash, 22"x5.5" home made wood resonant head bass drum, 10" Remo Buffalo tom, 14"x14" vintage Majestic MIJ floor tom. Vintage Ludwig 1123-1 hi hat stand, vintage Ludwig Speed King bass drum pedal. A couple different configurations of the same gear. Only one stand… The hi hat stand.

Muse Things that will always give me chills:

• The solo to Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist

• The solo to Invincible

• The Solo to Reapers

• When all the instruments start playing during the intro to Plug In Baby

• When all the instruments kick in during the main riff to New Born

• Matt’s G#5 in Showbiz

• Anytime Matt uses the Fuzz Factory pedal live

• The drum fill in Assassin

• The “Aim, Shoot, Kill your leaders” part in Assassin

• The solo in Guiding Light

• Anytime Matt hits a higher note than a G#5

• When the main riff starts in Map Of The Problematique

• The main riff of Bliss

Feel free to add on anything that gives you chills or something like that’s Muse related.