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7 Day Fandom Positivity Challenge

There’s been an unusual amount of negativity on Tumblr lately. I get it. It’s almost October, everyone’s in school or working, and everyone’s stressed. 

I want to do something to help counteract it.

This doesn’t have any official start or end date. 

  • Day 1 –> Reflect on five things you like about your fandom and write them down. This can just be for you or to post online.
  • Day 2 –> Create a motivational poster or image using a character who inspires you. (This can be easily done through imgflip, picfont, etc.).
  • Day 3 –> Pick three of your favorite characters and think about what makes them laugh. 
  • Day 4 –> Send a nice message to five people in your fandom.
  • Day 5 –> Think of ten things your favorite characters would do while relaxing. Do they read? Take long walks in the park? If possible, try them yourself.
  • Day 6 –> Make a list of ten similarities you and your favorite character share.
  • Day 7 –> Try to create something fandom-related that you consider “positive energy.” Maybe it’s a drawing or aesthetic post, or maybe it’s a a delicious new anime-themed cupcake recipe. Whatever it is, have fun with it!

Day 2 Cuddling Somewhere

Day1 Holding Hands (Toumaki) – Day 3 Watching a Movie (Hisoillu)

hahahha omfg i’ve neglected the OTP challenge for like…. HOLY SHIT ALMOST A YEAR!!!! orzzzz

i will draw different OTPs of mine for this challenge since I have so many TwT (although it’s prolly gonna be mostly hisoillu and gonkilu nowadays >w> kagehina is so cute too…so is kuroken…and kurotskki…okay i will stop now)

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