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How To Set Up a Pedal Chain | Elderly Instruments


(via Flying Scot View | Tommy Chambers looks through the spokes o… | Flickr)

“Flying Scot View: Tommy Chambers looks through the spokes of his beloved Flying Scot. He had 10 of them, all painted black ‘for easy maintenance.’ He started out in the Kinning Park Clarion before moving on to the Douglas Cycling Club. His diaries state he wore out 354 tyres, 33 pedals, 76 chains, five saddles, 126 fixed cogs, three freewheels and 10 bikes during his 800,000 miles lifetime journey! He calculated every 1000 miles cost him £1. His diaries are in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow, and his gold watch and Albert chain in the People’s Palace, Glasgow Green, to which he left a substantial sum of money in his will.”