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Just a quick thing to say that in Zoey’s Lucky Block challenge, Xephos confirmed his character is from the future, and that he’s human; he’s a spaceman because at that time everyone was in space.

Zoey also confirmed her character is from medieval times (in her dimension).

-Mod Peculier

HOOLEY HOO ok here’s thaumielclassbadass‘s DMs in Glorious Feastings Pixel Mode

i plan to do M-B’s tomorrow [and probably ani’s] which means before long we’ll actually have enough of these fucking things to make DM shipping walls, which was my plan all along

L to R: rowan inspector-matthews, inochitori hatsune, jasper crowley, madigan hightop, nate peculier, michaela mizuhashi, gabriel mizuhashi and zetta minamimoto


More Yogsketches :B. This time it’s the main players in Shadow of Israphel, including Daisy and Peculier. Did these during my warmup sketches this morning and decided to quickly color some of them in for Tumblr since you guys liked those old sketches I posted :].

I always imagined that Daisy, being a blacksmith, was actually quite strong and tough despite her fear of spiders, so that concept made its way into the sketch. Also, Israphel here may just be the creepiest thing I’ve ever drawn.

Still working on commissions! Everblue will start updating more frequently as soon as I finish those up.


Next, we have the Suit of Spades (get it?), with Simon as the obvious King, and his late love Granny Bacon as Queen.

The Jack of Spades, Knight Peculier, is also (most likely - I still have my doubts) no longer with us, though the Ace of Spades still remains as a threat to the entirety of Minecraftia!

…I wonder if Turps has replaced his regular Ace of Spades with this one…

Let the World Burn - Prologue

Hi all, after many months of lurking in various yogscast tags, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to post some stuff. This story is the first part of a series that I have published on Deviant Art, but I’ll put it here. Maybe if I see that people like it, I’ll put up another chapter tonight (I have about 8 already written :D)

Also I finally worked out what NSFW and SFW stand for… so this fic at the moment is SFW ish, (little bit of violence but nothing graphic).

So I hope you enjoy.

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dread pirate Norris :^) clearly I have an excellent understanding of how arms and clothes work… clearly

 edit wow okay that looks blurry as heck but if you click it looks better

Reposting this little guy to mark the 2nd anniversary of ‘Shadow of Israphel’ (mostly because I was completely disorganised and forgot to make anything new to mark the occasion). 

Knight Peculiar was always my favourite. I realised how attached I’d become to the character (and, indeed, to the series overall) at this moment in Episode 31: Stoneholm. At Peculier’s first line, I- a grown woman- screamed 'YES!’ and fist-pumped the air. The fact that I’d become so involved is a testament to the hard work and brilliant storytelling that went into every episode. 

It looks like SOI won’t be returning any time soon, and I’m fine with that- the Yogscast are putting out more than enough series to satisfy my entertainment needs. I just… I just need to know that KP isn’t really dead, okay? Just… tell me that he didn’t really die.