@ohmygrabovski answered: Omg is this set in Toronto, on the TTC

–> YES! So happy that someone recognized it! I am very familiar with the area so its best if I use that as my setting. If you recognized TTC.. maybe you’ll recognize the place I describe in the next chapter ;) 

@peculiarlyentrusted answered: YES!

–> Next update will be posted soon!

onlyechoes replied to your post: you’re 30!?

WORK IT, LOU. 30 is badass.

I hope it is, I sense a OMG I’M 30 crisis will hit when the day comes around ha

peculiarlyentrusted replied to your post: you’re 30!?

But definitely one of the coolest! You’re always one of my Tumblr crushes (No, I’m not the anon :D)

D'aww thank you, see people who were asses to me at school people on Tumblr think I’m cool now! ha