Cheer Up Post #4508 - Miss Peregrine Edition

For the anon requesting the titular lady from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, enjoy!

Women Masterpost

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The old knight had originally planned to make a quick stop before simply passing through. However, with all the talk of bandits in the village he wouldn’t get to enjoy that luxury. The streets were vacant of life, it appeared everyone was hiding inside their homes whenever possible. However, a peculiar women caught his eye. Whether she was unaware or unafraid of the local events it didn’t matter to him. Approaching her, Gunter halted his horse before speaking aloud,

“You look quite capable with that blade, any chance I could get you to help me out?”

« On this trip to England I happened on an old pal, Clark Gable. We stayed at the same hotel and spent two or three days together.
If anyone should ask, “What do two actors talk about when they meet?” the answer is, “Themselves.”
But Clark also discussed ranching, women, the peculiarities of our mutual friends. No profundities, though I guess we didn’t get around to them. I said to him, “Listen, sport, I have a great story about two brothers. Why don’t you and I make it.”
Clark laughed his head off.
“Me? Do a picture with you? Are you kidding?”
He laughed again.
I must have looked befuddled. “Why not? This is a good yarn. Look what you did in Boom Town with Spencer Tracy.”
He laughed more. “I would do a picture with him any time—but you—you sonofabitch—you’re too young!” » 

—Errol Flynn – My Wicked, Wicked Ways