You know what would really help also? A STUDY BUDDY. Sitting in front of my computer with a notebook for an hour is impossible because The Internet exists. I can’t focus, and even trying seems futile and demoralizing in a weird way. Wish I had someone to keep me on track ffs.

█ ▌ ☽ ☾ ┈┈ ❝ Yer officially goin’ in me emergency 
                            contacts lis’. ‘f a wasp’s after me, I
                            s’pect ye t’come save me life li’ yer
                            some knigh’ ‘n shinin’ armour or… 
                            saink li’ tha’. 

                            There’ll be a rewar’ fer ye each time
                             ye do i’ ‘s well. Soun’ fair? ❞

D –> Why do I continue to follow seadwellers 

D –> What do I e%pect 

D –> Perhaps I have it out for myself 

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slurred words

Sirius is used to leaning against the glass walls of the greenhouses with Mary. He’s used to smoking or drinking and making stupid decisions that often ended with their clothes scattered across the floor. But he’s not used to personal conversations quite like this. How would he describe her? Seriously? What the hell? 

❝ You aren’t s’posed to get a bloke drunk just for compl-liments. Caught me off my game. ‘Cause what else would I think o’ you? I adore you, farm girl. No one s’like you. You don’t expect anything from anyoneelse. Just let ‘em be. An’ you have the good stuff. ‘Sides, who else can I jus’ call up in the middle o’ the night like this? Probably a l o t but you’re the best. S’what I’m gettin’ at, anyways. Now stop your diggin’ and pass the bottle, yeah? ❞ 

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유 [Hiya!]

meme // 유 my muse trying to seduce information from your muse

Perhaps it is lucky  I never wed his older brother,
thinks Cersei, unamused as Viserys brushes her
hair  back with sweet hands unbefitting his  true
nature.  If this is what being married to a  Targar-
yen  would have been like, Robert  never  would
have had the chance to kill Rhaegar,  because I
would have done the deed myself. 

     Tales  of  the younger prince and his  sister  had
     reached her ears, of course,  but she had not ex-
     pected them to actually reach  King’s Landing in
     their   pursuit  of  the  throne.  They  might  have
     posed  a threat once, true, but half the  Dothraki
     they  planned  to  bring across  the  sea  did  not
     make  the  voyage, and half again of  those  who
     did  had  not lasted the journey.  Now,  it  seems
     ill-advised  attempts at seduction are  their  best
     chance at the crown,  or so Viserys’ actions may

“What  are  you trying to achieve?”  asks  Cersei,
brushing  his hand away from her hair as if  shoo-
ing a pestering gnat.   “Whatever it is, it is n o t a
successful endeavor.”

So we dissected eyes today in my AP Bio class and it was quite the eye opening experience. Iris-pect people who study eye anatomy. I’m so happy to be one of the pupils who got to partake in this lab. It did sclera some people to dissect cow eyes, but I think I can retina the information. Sorry if this story was too cornea.

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