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To Be Favored (Part 4)

The story goes a little rushed here, haha- I tried to keep it from being too long! Sorry, hope you still enjoy!! 


I started getting gifts on my windowsill. They were small things, at first. A small earring. A discarded bracelet. Little things.

I was not naive. I knew they were from the crows. I would see them in the trees not far from my dorm, a small flock of them. I did not touch them or take them, no matter what. Soon enough, there were gifts there every morning. After a few weeks, they became increasingly more precious- it was always jewelry, and often golden. Stunning pearl necklaces, golden rings and bracelets, inlaid with small stones. It was tempting, but I let them be.

And as I did, the flock of crows outside my window grew larger every week.


They were following me, now. They were bolder. They would perch in the trees on my route home. They would sit and watch me as I ate outside with Vector. During the mornings, they would fly outside my window and nearly scream until I awoke. They would squawk and shrill to get my attention, would fly near me and sometimes dive at my head as I walked to class. After a while, it became tedious- not yet terrifying.

“What’s up with these crows?” I asked Azriel, coming in from classes.

She looked up at me, suddenly serious. “What do you mean?”

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I keep Japanese Quail, (Coturnix japonica ) or Coturnix quail, and I honestly like they way more than chickens.  I have two hens currently, they are about two years old.  The brown hen in front is a Tibetan variety, and the other is a Texas A&M variety.

It is common to keep them in battery style caging, to maximize yield (eggs + meat) while minimizing space and cost, but I don’t.  Same for diet, most are fed a diet that is not species appropriate because it’s cheaper and they die young anyway so who cares, right?

I do.  So mine don’t get game bird feed either.  I have tried different things, so I figured I would share a little what I have learned about feeding Japanese Quail.

Generally I like to start out with a quality turkey feed, I am currently using Scratch & Peck Feeds’ Organic Turkey Grower as the base to my food mix.  I then add a lot of small grass seeds, as Japanese quails naturally eat a lot of grass seed in the wild.  They will pick out anything they don’t like or that is too big for them - I have a no-spill hopper to keep their food clean and to prevent waste via spillage so it takes effort for them to actively pick out things they don’t like and it makes me notice.  I have noticed they will never eat whole oat groats, but like rolled oats, and steel cut oats.  These may be too big for them, so I try to give them seed smaller than this.  They are especially fond of canary grass seed during all seasons.  During winter they love nyger (thistle) seed and broken (shelled) sunflower seeds, they eat less of both of these during the spring and summer.  They eat flax seed okay, but leave golden flax seed for last.  They like hemp hearts but those have to be fed separately as they will spoil is kept too warm.  Japanese quail eat a lot of insects ad larvae in the wild, so I buy freeze dried mealworms in bulk and use that as their major source of species appropriate protein.  There are more varieties of freeze dried insect available, but I am waiting until they are about halfway done with their current food before I try new insects with them.

Quail love fresh sprouts!  Broccoli and radish sprouts were their last sprout trays I got, and they ate every last one.  They will snack on small broad-leaves they find in the grass too; they like clover and will eat most microgreens.  I have offered different fruits and vegetables with mixed results, mostly they enjoy sprouts, small seeds, and insects I have noticed.

Of course, if you have hens that lay eggs, they should also have access to calcium just like laying chickens do, but they need smaller pieces.

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Hi! I was wondering, can u do a prompt " like 5 times Magnus makes Alec laugh, and one he time he does it in like a downworlder meeting," where everyone sees him dying of laughter, but they're happy to see him so happy and care-free This might sound a lot (sorry about that!) but I think you're an amazing writer and your writing is so beautiful!

5 Times Magnus made Alec laugh in private and 1 Time he did it at a Downworld Meeting

Malec Drabble #16


It was only a couple of hours after healing Luke and both of them were sitting on a sofa together, pleasantly buzzed. Magnus has already made them a third drink and slowly it seemed the invisible barrier between them started to fade. 

“So,” Alec spoke up, turning sideways to face Magnus and propping his arm on the back of the sofa. He was fiddling with the stem of his glass, looking at his hands and unconsciously bit his lip for a second. “I still don’t know what you told Jace in order to bring me here.” 

Only then, Alec looked up and connected their gazes. It was deep and somewhat flirty to Magnus’ surprise, but curious nonetheless. 

“Like I said before - It was a lie. A very bad one if you ask me.” Magnus finished his drink in one gulp with a smile on his lips. Alec watched as he crossed his legs and leaned forward, lessening the space between their bodies.  

“A lie? Jace isn’t exactly one to believe something that easily.” 

“Oh, he didn’t at first. But, let’s say, I loved to have another chance at wiping that grin off his face.” 

Magnus didn’t expect to hear a soft chuckle after his words. Initially, it was only a light rumble in Alec’s chest, but his smile grew wider and soon he turned his head as if trying to hide it.  

“You know that there aren’t many people who are able to do that, right?” he said, his laughter still sounding in his voice.  

“Oh, Alexander, you have no idea about all the things I’m capable of.” Magnus replied, his own smirk showing. 


Magnus loved mornings. Loved the rays of sunshine dimmed by the silky curtains, the tingly feeling of his body gradually coming down from a nice slumber and the heavy arm draped across his stomach, keeping him close. Yes, he loved it. Especially the last part. 

It was so amazing to wake up like that. Alec lying next to him, his face pressed against the sensitive skin of his neck, his breath sending shivers all over him.  

Except, that moment never lasted long enough. By the time Magnus fully opened his eyes, Alec was already pulling away from him to get ready for a full day of work. 

“Mhm, don’t.” Magnus murmured one morning, firmly holding onto the hand that rested against his heart just a minute ago. “You can’t go yet. I’m still sleeping.”  

He earned a quiet laugh and warm embrace that ensued. 

“I have to.” Alec whispered with lips close to Magnus’ ear, planting a kiss.  

“Traitor.” Another giggle and two mote kisses later, Alec’s arms disappeared again. 

“Sleep well. I love you.”  


“You must be kidding me, Alexander.” Magnus said, leaning onto the headboard of Alec’s bed with a smug smile. “The two of us alone in your room at night, while you family’s asleep. Who knows what could happen?”

“Yeah, very funny.” Alec snickered back, barely looking at Magnus as he tried to fish out some sweatpants from the bottom of his wardrobe. “You’re too tired to make a portal, which means we’re staying here.”

Turning around he continued, grinning: ”And get those ideas out of your head. I know what you were thinking!” 

“I didn’t!” Magnus exclaimed with a devilish glint in his eyes, raising his hands in surrender. “I swear, I had no plans at tarnishing your honor. Though, it’s very hard to resist when you’re wearing those jeans, dear.”

It made a blush crawl all the way up to Alec’s ears. Even after the time they spent together, Magnus had an ability to fluster Alec with a simple look or a comeback. 

“You’re impossible.” Alec tried to say, but his words were swallowed in the wave of laughter erupting from his lungs.  


“Another shopping date with my sister? C’mon, Magnus, you go out with her more that you do with me.” Alec spoke up, mockingly pulling out Magnus’ cellphone from his hand, not letting him finish the text he was writing. Magnus and Izzy grew fond of each other very quickly and it always took Alec a moment to realize how much Magnus became a part of his life. 

“That’s not true and you know it, Alexander!” Magnus said, stealing Alec’s cup of coffee in return, but scrunching his face at the taste. “No sugar? How dare you?! It shouldn’t even be legal.” 

Alec’s laughter filled the room and Magnus couldn’t help, but drape his arms over Alec’s shoulders and kiss those smiling lips, setting the cup aside.  

“I’m gonna drink my coffee the way I want, thank you very much.” Alec retorted, his arms strong around Magnus’ waist, pressing their bodies together.

“Bo-ring.” Magnus sing-songed and brought him even closer, feeling another chuckle vibrate through Alec’s chest. 


“I swear I’m dying.” Magnus exclaimed as he gracelessly threw himself onto the couch, face down on the pillow. He was helping Alec with finding a nest of a rare demon species, which basically meant that he had spent three days in a row drowning in old books, dead languages and paperwork. And as much as he loved a good read, going through dozens of reports each stating a different thing with different looking demons, was not his idea of fun. 

“I know you’re tired.” Alec said, sitting next to Magnus’ lying body and placing his hands on his shoulders. He moved them just slightly, massaging the tension in his back, and continued with a smile. “But you’re not actually dying.”  

There was a minute filled only with Magnus’ groans and huffs as his muscles melted under Alec’s gentle but firm touch. 

“You can’t know that.” Magnus breathed out, protesting. He turned his body around, leaving Alec’s hands leaning at either side of his head. “Oh, Alexander!” he said in a high mocking voice, tautingly spreading his arms and then placing a hand over his heart. “My archery prince on a white horse, save me from the tedious ordeal of filling all those Shadowhunter reports!”

Immediately, Alec’s lips were tugged upwards in a wide smile, laughing.  

“You’re such a drama queen sometimes.” he told Magnus, leaning down for a quick peck. “No, scratch that. You’re always the drama queen.”

+ One

“This concludes our topics for today. There is just one last thing I’d like to talk to you about and that is the new type of fire messages.” Alec was standing in front of the Downworld representatives, coming to the end of the meeting. “One of the main problems of fire messages has often been legibility. It didn’t matter how careful you were, there was a big chance of an enemy getting a message and reading sensitive information out of it.”

After Valentine’s war, there has been many questions about the reliance of indirect messages and impersonal communication in the Shadow world. Despite the fact that majority of the new generation came to terms with modern technology, there were still doubts and uncertainties from different parts of both the Downworld and the Shadowhunters themselves. Many of them considered magical communication as the only sure way of delivering important information without the chance of it leaking out. 

But fire messages - the most popular and easiest way of communication - seemed to have the least level of protection, leaving anyone to read the message freely before it disappeared.  

“In the past weeks we’ve been working closely with the New York warlocks in order to present you with a completely new way of sending fire messages. They can be read only by directly chosen person and will seem illegible to everyone else.” Alec finished and looked at Magnus, nodding his head. With the snap of his fingers a message began to form in front of Alec.  

“As you can see, there is no way for you to understand..” he broke off, catching an evil grin form the side as he quickly ran his eyes over the words in front of him. Instantly, his cheeks tinted red and he couldn’t help a laugh escaping his lips. 

“Damn it, Magnus.” he mumbled, trying to get his smile under control. Instead of some greeting words they agreed on, the message was filled with suggestive jokes, innuendos and very bad and lewd pick-up lines. Magnus really took his care to dig up the worst kind he could possibly find. 

Alec almost couldn’t breathe from the waves of laughter that racked through him. “I’m sorry, this is very unprofessional.” 

Dios, Magnus.” Raphael came in at last. “What did you write there to torment the boy?” 

“Me?” Magnus asked in a faked innocent manner, but smirking all the same. “I have nothing to do with that!”  

In the end, it was Luke that had to call the meeting over, tapping Alec on the back and giving him a warm fatherly smile.

First of all, thank you so much for those kind words! I literally screamed when I first saw them! (My mom now thinks I’m crazy, hh)

And sorry this is so late. And messy. I’m just not very good at doing 5+1 Things (T-T). 

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Promt Me/Ask Me. 

like during those time when erwin is thinking too much/too in his own head Levi Knows and he always knows how to gently bring him out of it by kissing him lightly or even just leaning against him is enough to ground erwin back to reality and thank him by kissing him back

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Maybe a little fan fiction of Tom and Marco with a first time make out session? Not like that super "intense stuff." Like lots of blushing and being so embarrassed they just end up giving each other gentle kisses, and some cheek kisses! (I hope this doesn't seem nsfw in anyway, I remember you saying you don't write ffs like that ^^')

Of course I can! This was so sweet and cute! I love it when those two dorks are so cute and nervous with each other! I really enjoyed writing this. Sorry it’s kind of short, it’s more like one of those little scene fics, I hope you enjoy it!

Marco blushed deeply and reached out to hold Tom’s hand. The demon jumped when he felt Marco give him a kiss on the cheek. Tom felt his face heat up and he look over at Marco who was smiling sheepishly. Tom held Marco’s hand in both of his and leaned forward a little bit, he gave the human a gentle kiss and then quickly pulled away, feeling himself ignite. “S-sorry.” Tom stuttered. “I just got a little nervous.” He admitted.

“It’s okay.” Marco assured. Tom took a few deep breaths and tried to put his flame out, but the fact that Marco was so close to him didn’t help. He gulped and shuffled around, hoping he’d extinguish soon. When his fire was low enough, Marco leaned in and gave Tom a kiss behind the ear. Tom purred and his ears flicked. Marco giggled.

“You like that?” He asked. Tom purred and nodded.

“It’s nice when you touch my ears.” Tom smiled, draping his arms over the human. He was leaning against Marco, totally limp, relying on the human to hold him up. He gave Marco another little kiss on the cheek and the human giggled, blushing deeply and pushing him away gently. Tom just fell forward back on Marco, and covered his face in kisses. Marco grinned and wrapped Tom up in a hug, rewarding him with little kisses on the head and behind his ears. Tom purred loudly as Marco drowned him with affection.

“You’re like a little kitty-cat.” Marco teased. Tom blushed and pulled away, but Marco kept giving him kisses and winning him over. No matter how hard Tom tried to resist, all Marco had to do was give him a small peck, or a scratch behind the ears and Tom was putty in his hands.

“I am not.” Tom defended. Marco frowned and pulled Tom in a little, he gave him a deep kiss and rubbed right behind his ear.

“Are you sure?” Marco asked in a teasing tone. Tom fell further under Marco’s spell and let himself go completely limp against him.

“I’m not… I don’t know.” Was all Tom could really say, he had totally lost his trail of thought as soon as Marco started his little gentle touches and signs of affection. Marco held the demon closer as he continued those horribly wonderful motions that left Tom totally defenseless against the human.

“You’re so easy to win over.” Marco teased. Usually Tom would have fought him on this, but he was too far gone. Marco smiled when Tom took his hand and began to cover it in kisses, up his arm and on his wrists and palms. “Te amo, mi amor.” Marco whispered to the demon. Tom laughed lightly and snuggled closer to Marco.

“I love you too, my queen.”

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Hi.~~ Aww, That would be lovely and I do remember that fic, it's one of my favorites. Thank you for continuing it! <3 -Cute Anonie. (So you can remember me. :p )

Here you go ^^ 

WonTaek (part 1, part 2)

word count: 1,589


Wonsik didn’t go to the restaurant for two days after that kiss. He stayed up all night long thinking of Taekwoon’s reaction, or rather lack of reaction. As soon as he pulled away, he noticed Taekwoon’s eyes fixed on the windshield in front of him. They both remained silent, their cheeks blushing in unison. It took Wonsik a couple more seconds to decide it would be better to just leave things there. He’d hate it if things got awkward between him and Taekwoon, not that things weren’t awkward already. He wished Taekwoon a good night and got off the car, waved at the still-dazed Taekwoon and went inside his apartment building. 

For two days he was worried about facing Taekwoon after that kiss. Hundreds of scenarios kept him awake at night, none of them pleasant. He finally decided to face his fate and go to the restaurant, mainly because he couldn’t spend an extra day without seeing Taekwoon. 

He entered the restaurant as his eyes roamed the place for Taekwoon. He spotted him in his usual place, behind the counter preparing a cup of coffee while Solji sat down to her usual table. He slowly approached Solji, thinking she’s the easiest to approach. However,

“Uncle Sik!”

She yelled as she jumped from her seat and hugged his leg tightly. Her yells triggered Taekwoon who turned around abruptly to find her tugging at Wonsik’s shirt, pulling him toward the table and forcing him to sit down with her. 

“Where have you been? I missed you!”

A smile broke into his face as he ruffled her hair and said: 

“I missed you too. I… I was busy.” 

“With what?”

Wonsik jumped in his place when he heard Taekwoon’s voice coming from behind him. He turned around to find Taekwoon staring at him with an unreadable expression on his face. Is he irritated by the memory of that peck?

Wonsik scratched the back of his head in embarrassment before saying: 

“I… I had a few errands to run… for my parents.” 

Taekwoon continued to stare at him suspiciously and then said: 

“Solji missed you… a lot. She kept asking about you and… I didn’t have your number… so I couldn’t call you.” 

Wonsik’s heart pounded in his chest with every word coming out of Taekwoon’s mouth. Is he talking about Solji, or himself?

Taekwoon interrupted Wonsik’s happy thoughts as he asked: 

“We’re going out for lunch after work, do you want to come along?”

Wonsik thought for a second and then said: 

“Sure… where?”


Solji jumped into the conversation with a happy grin on her face. Wonsik gawked at her and then asked: 


Taekwon’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he said: 

“Well, that was not the plan but… you know… kids.” 

It was easy to guess that Taekwoon couldn’t just say no to his little daughter. So McDonald it is.


Taekwoon and Wonsik sat to their table at McDonalds enjoying their happy meals while Solji played with their toy gifts. 

“So, what errands did you have to run for your parents?”

Taekwoon asked before stuffing his mouth with french fries. Wonsik hesitated for a second and then said: 

“Actually… I… I was just worried about… how… you felt…” 

He paused and then looked up to find Taekwoon looking at him, waiting for the rest of the answer. His cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he continued: 

“How you felt after that kiss. You looked uncomfortable and I…” 

“Uncomfortable? Why would it make me uncomfortable?”

Wonsik looked at Solji and then said: 

“I… I don’t know if… if you’re ready for a new relationship.” 

As usual, Solji’s surprised screams interrupted their conversation. She jumped from her seat when she saw a tall man walk into the restaurant. 


Taekwoon’s eyes followed his daughter’s until they fell on the last person he imagined to see at this specific moment. 

Jaehwan’s face broke into a cheerful smile as he picked up Solji and hugged her tightly before looking at Taekwoon. 


Jaehwan greeted Taekwoon as he put Solji down and then gave him a quick hug before saying: 

“I missed you.” 

“I missed you too.” 

Taekwoon answered, and Wonsik couldn’t miss the sparkle in his eyes as he looked at Jaehwan and completely forgot about him. A sudden feeling of sadness tugged at his heart as he hesitated for a second and then stood up, trying to remind Taekwoon that he was still there. 

Taekwoon looked at the man standing next to Jaehwan and waited until he walked away before asking: 

“Is he… your new…”

He stuttered, and Wonsik’s heart skipped a beat. Why is he stuttering? Is he not over Jaehwan yet? 

“This is Hakyeon. A friend from work.” 

A friend?

Wonsik swallowed hard at the word friend and then took a step toward Taekwoon. Jaehwan suddenly noticed Wonsik standing few steps away from them. He looked at him and then looked at Taekwoon before saying: 

“I see you moved on already.” 

Taekwoon turned around to find Wonsik standing behind him. He had completely forgotten about him when he saw Jaehwan. A wave of guilt engulfed his being. 

“This is Wonsik. Wonsik, this is Jaehwan.”

Wonsik reached for Jaehwan’s hand, shook it with a shivering hand and flashed him a smile as Taekwoon said: 

“It’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too.”

Jaehwan said and then waved at Solji who hugged his leg and looked up at him as she asked: 

“Aren’t you coming back?”

He knelt down and ruffled her hair before saying: 

“I can’t. I found a really good job in another town. But I’ll visit you whenever I can. Okay?” 

She pouted her lips and gave him a tiny nod. He pecked her temple and then stood up to face Taekwoon and Wonsik before saying: 

“Let’s meet again, when you have time?”


He waved at them and then followed his friend to their table. It took Taekwoon a couple of seconds to turn around and look at Wonsik.


“Your ex. I know.” 

Wonsik said and then went back to his seat. Taekwoon sat down facing him as he looked at him in concern. They ate their lunch in silence, while Solji hummed a song while trying to feed Wonsik her fries. 


Taekwoon had dropped Solji at his sister’s house before asking Wonsik if he wanted to go home. 

“I need to talk to you.” 

Wonsik said, so Taekwoon suggested going to his place instead. They climbed the stairs toward Taekwoon’s apartment as Wonsik’s heart pounded in his chest. They entered the apartment and Taekwoon asked Wonsik to have a seat while he got him something to drink. 

Wonsik looked around the place to find photos of Taekwoon and Solji hanging in the wall. One photo caught his eyes and tugged at his heart. He got from his seat and walked toward the frame to get a closer look. His heart skipped a beat when he recognized the man standing next to Taekwoon and Solji. 

“She insisted we keep this photo.” 

Taekwoon said as he held a tray in his hand. Wonsik looked behind him to find Taekwoon smiling at him. 

“Solji is still young and I… I didn’t want to break her heart and tell her he’s never coming back.” 

He said without looking at Wonsik, as if avoiding meeting his stare. Wonsik took a step away from the frame and then asked: 

“Do you still love him?”

Taekwoon glanced at him and then said: 

“What? What makes you think so?”

“I saw the way you look at him and… it felt like…”

“Like what?”

Taekwoon asked, urging him to finish his sentence. 

“Forget it.” 

Wonsik said and walked toward the couch but Taekwoon held his arm and pulled him back. 

“Is this what you wanted to talk about? The way I looked at Jaehwan?”

Wonsik swallowed hard before asking: 

“What am I to you?”


“You heard me. What am I to you?”

Taekwoon let go of his hand and Wonsik felt tears welling up in his eyes. Why can’t he answer such a simple question?

“It was probably uncomfortable when I kissed you, just like it was uncomfortable for you to introduce me to him.”

“What are you taking about?”

Taekwoon asked as he gawked at Wosnik. 

“I have to go.” 

Wonsik said as he walked toward the door, trying to leave before allowing his tears to roll down his face. Taekwoon ran after him and blocked his way before pushing him against the wall. 

“Do you really think you can leave after this?”

“Why do you even care?”

Wonsik almost yelled and Taekwoon was taken aback for a second. He stared at Wonsik’s red face for a couple of seconds before leaning forward and catching him off guard as his lips landed on Wonsik’s trembling lips. He pulled out slowly to meet Wonsik’s gaze. 

“I don’t ask random people out on dates.” 

A pink blush crept into Wonsik’s cheeks as he said: 

“I… I thought… Solji suggested…”

Taekwoon scratched the back of his head in embarrassment before saying: 

“Even if she did… I wouldn’t just invite you to come along… unless…”

“Unless what?”

Wonsik asked and waited patiently for Taekwoon to finish his sentence. Taekwoon leaned closer and Wonsik’s heart jumped at the proximity of their faces. Taekwoon’s nose touched Wonsik’s and the latter could feel butterflies in his tummy as Taekwoon’s breath tickled his lips when he said:

“Unless I really like you.” 

Imagine Taka hating Nahyuta whenever he comes around to hang out with Simon. 

Nahyuta isn’t used to it; animals usually love him and they’re usually drawn to him. 

But for some reason, Simon’s bird just doesn’t, no matter what Nahyuta tries to do. 

Whenever he goes to hold Simon’s hand, Taka is there pecking and scratching at him, and screeching to get Simon’s attention whenever Nahyuta moves to kiss him.  And it works every time because Simon is a huge birb dad. 

Nahyuta complains to Apollo about how Simon’s friend is always getting in between them and he’s not sure what to do and Apollo is just like 

“…are you talking about the hawk.”

And when Nahyuta asks for advice on how to get Taka to like him, Apollo just talks about how many times he’s been attacked by that bird.  Nahyuta figures he might ask Athena instead.

The Christmas We Never Had [Part 8/13]

I’m collaborating with @jinglesoldier this December to bring you a slightly interconnected daily drabble series from each of us. Taylen will be posting on the odd days and I’ll be posting on the even days of the month until Christmas day, so we hope you’ll enjoy this little present!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,104

A/N: I’m sorry, the parts have have been a little longer than I intended for a drabble series!

>> Read Part Seven | Read Yesterday’s Post <<

Just as you were going to introduce yourself to an older lady, you noticed Harrison weaving through the crowd. You glanced over at Valentine, who seemed perfectly content cozied up against Bucky as they flirted back and forth, so you assumed she must’ve passed the introduction with flying colors. With a lick of your lips and a mental pep talk, you carefully made your way towards Harrison.

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Boy meets boy

Pairing: Jikook
Author: blt_prf
Genre: non au
Words: 1474
Summary: Jungkook meets Jimin when he most needs him, more than once.

Jungkook’s first love is the sea.

Jungkook purses his lips together tightly and can feel his own tears about to spill. He wipes them with his forearm before anyone can see, in an attempt to make it look like he was only trying to get the wet ends of his hair out of his eyes.

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And you thought deathclaws were bad. No bigger than a bloatfly these Australian abominations swoop and swarm anyone and anything, pecking and scratching with their long talons, half the causes of death out in the Outback wasteland are more because of these bastards than Raiders. They are true monsters and fear nothing. Run and hide.

[Blows a kiss] For the Australians. Have a fallout abomination for your magpies. I know how much you fear them.

A Selfless Love

TITLE: A Selfless Love


AUTHOR: Wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine AU, where it’s Loki instead of Maleficent. He has watched you grow ever since you were little and by the time you were 16, he has fallen in love with you and regrets putting this curse on you, but he can’t take it away. When you fall asleep, he watches with broken heart as Prince Philippe kisses you, but when it doesn’t work and the prince leaves, he walks to you to apologize. In the end he kisses you on the lips and you wake up, his lips still on yours.

RATING: General Audiences


Okay, I really should explain something here.

I know for me, this is a ridiculous time between chapters, and I apologise. My partner has our laptop all day because of his job, and at night, I only get about an hour of it due to my obligations in the real world, meaning, that though I have this story done and dusted, I don’t get to update it as often as I would like, so I apologise.

Also, I gave up about 90% of my caffeine intake last week, like actually, I was over 700mg a day, which is apparently REALLY bad for you, so I am down to one coffee and one tea a day, which in Ireland, is SERIOUSLY below the national average so I have been super sick (caffeine and sugar detox) and very tired. (See above reason) so I have not had much energy to type.

As Time Passes Us By

Time continued to pass and when his life and schedule permitted it, Loki returned to the little cottage in the forests to check on the little girl. In his mind, he tried to convince himself that it was because she was his investment, so to speak. But part of him was curious about the child.

From a perch on the oak tree, he watched her as she practised her seidr on a flower, trying to get it to close from bloom. He chuckled slightly to himself as he recalled learning that spell many moons before; she lacked finesse, but had yet to even hit her most significant development age, so she would probably become more graceful as she grew.

“There you are.” He glanced down at the girl, who was staring up at him beaming in delight and relief. “I was worried about you. Stay there.” Loki watched as she darted into the small dwelling before arriving back outside again, with a napkin in her hand. “This is for you.” She looked up at him. Opening the napkin she placed some fruit bread and some meat scraps on the wall for him, looking up to see if they had caught his interest.

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Hitchcock cast an unknown called Tippi Hedren in the lead role for The Birds – presumably because he knew that a famous star wouldn’t be quite as receptive to having massive piles of crap unleashed on her. Bird crap, to be more specific: For five days of filming, Hitchcock would throw live birds directly at the actress, peck, scratch and shit all over her. Not satisfied with the resulting terror, he ordered that the birds be physically tied to her, and one of them just missed clawing her eye out.

All those scenes of the girl losing it in The Birds? She really is that scared, and since this was her big break, she didn’t dare saying anything. The whole thing reduced Hedren to tears.

And then things got worse: Hitchcock became infatuated with Hedren, which he demonstrated bypaying staff to follow her on her time off and sexually propositioning her (because chicks love guys who throw birds at them). When Hedren refused and demanded to be let out of her contract, the director vowed to ruin her career. And he did: For the next few years, Hedren remained under contract but made no movies. When she was finally released, demand for her had died down, and she spent the remainder of her acting career in relative obscurity.

12 Classic Movie Moments Made Possible by Abuse and Murder