● —— stand by me sentence starters.

’ alright, mickey’s a mouse, donald’s a duck, pluto’s a dog. what’s goofy? ’
’ goofy’s a dog. he’s definitely a dog. ’
’ if i could only have one food for the rest of my life? ’
’ there’s no way anybody could know that much about opera! ’
’ does the word “retarded” mean anything to you? ’
’ i don’t shut up. i grow up. and when i look at you, i throw up. ’
’ don’t call me any of your mother’s pet names. ’
’ fuck writing, i don’t want to be a writer. ’
’ god gave you something, man, all those stories you can make up. ’
’ kids lose everything unless there’s someone there to look out for them. ’
’ this is what we got for ya, kid. try not to lose it. ’
’ if your parents are too fucked up to do it, then maybe i should. ’
’ i’m in the prime of my youth, and i’ll only be young once! ’
’ yeah, but you’re gonna be stupid for the rest of your life. ’
’ how do you know if a frenchman has been in your backyard? ’
’ your garbage cans are empty and your dog’s pregnant. ’
’ didn’t i just say i was french? ’
’ do you think i’m weird? ’
’ no man, seriously. am i weird? ’
’ so what? everyone’s weird. ’
’ suck my fat one, you cheap dime store hood. ’
’ this isn’t funny! what am i supposed to eat? ’
’ come on you guys. let’s get moving. ’
’ by the time we get there, the kid won’t even be dead anymore. ’
’ you four-eyed pile of shit! ’
’ a pile of shit has a thousand eyes. ’
’ do you think mighty mouse could beat up superman? ’
’ he/she was carrying five elephants in one hand! ’
’ boy, you don’t know nothing! ’
’ there’s no way a cartoon could beat up a real guy. ’
’ maybe you’re right. it’d be a good fight, though. ’
’ i’m never gonna get out of this town am i? ’
’ you can do anything you want, man. ’
’ the main guy of the story is a fat kid that nobody likes. ’
’ friends come in and out of our lives, like busboys in a restaurant. ’
’ come on, choppy! bite my ass, choppy! bite my ass! ’
’ stop teasing that dog, you hear me! stop teasing him! ’
’ i’m gonna beat your ass, teasing my dog like that! ’
’ i’d like to see you climb over this fence and get me, fat ass! ’
’ don’t you call me that, you little tin weasel peckerwood looney’s son. ’
’ what did you call me? ’
’ i’m gonna rip your head off and shit down your neck! ’
’ i never had any friends later on like the ones i had when I was twelve. ’
’ nothing like a smoke after a meal. ’
’ yeah… i cherish these moments. ’
’ “suck my fat one”? whoever told you that you had a fat one? ’
’ i was twelve going on thirteen the first time i saw a dead human being. ’
’ what are you gonna do? shoot us all? ’
’ you guys wanna go see a dead body? ’
’ you wanna be the lone ranger, or the cisco kid? ’
’ shit no! what do you think i am? ’
’ is it loaded? ’
’ if you wanna get laid, you gotta get yourself a protestant. ’
’ did your mother have any kids that lived? ’
’ maybe you will, maybe you won’t. ’
’ i wasn’t that scared. i wasn’t. sincerely. ’
’ don’t pay any attention to those fools. ’
’ are you all right, young man/lady? ’
’ hey lardass, how was your trip? ’
’ that was the all-time train dodge! ’
’ you were so scared you looked like that fat guy. ’
’ you come on and try it, you slimy bastard. ’
’ you watch your mouth, smart guy! let him do his own fighting. ’
’ from the racks and stacks, it’s the best on wax! ’
’ we’re just here to take a couple steelhead out of the river. ’
’ come on, man, we’re gonna be famous! ’
’ we’re gonna be on every radio and tv show in the country! ’
’ now i’m gonna state mine: get in the fucking car, now! ’
’ okay… you’ve stated your position clearly. ’
’ when they gonna give up? the kid’s gone. ’
’ they ain’t never gonna find him/her. ’
’ would you hold still? you’re making me fuck up the snake part. ’
’ some hunter’s gonna go in the woods to take a leak, wind up pissing on his bones. ’
’ i bet you a thousand bucks they’ll find him/her before then. ’
’ hey, what’s the big deal? who cares? ’
’ will you two just shut the fuck up? ’
’ if either of you assholes had two-thousand dollars, i’d kill you both. ’
’ why couldn’t you have gotten breakfast stuff? ’
’ i guess a more experienced shopper could have gotten more for your seven cents. ’
’ the train had knocked him/her out of his/her keds. ’
’ you’re gonna be a great writer someday. ’
’ i’ll be waiting on the other side, relaxing with my thoughts. ’
’ you use your left hand or right hand to do that? ’
’ you let him/her beat you, you cock-knocker! ’
’ what am i supposed to do, think of everything? ’
’ what did you bring a comb for? you don’t even have any hair! ’
’ i’m sorry if i’m spoiling everybody’s good time. ’
’ we’re going to see a dead kid… maybe it shouldn’t be a party. ’
’ you know what that means. next year we’ll all be split up. ’
’ what are you talking about? why would that happen? ’
’ no, man. don’t say that. don’t even think that. ’
’ i told you we should of stuck to the tracks. ’
’ is it me, or are you the world’s biggest pussy? ’
’ i suppose this is fun for you? ’
’ i still think we should call the cops. ’
’ it’s best we just keep our mouths shut. ’
’ we could make a ‘nonymous call. ’
’ they trace those calls, stupid. ’
’ you’re a real asshole, you know that? ’
’ i know you didn’t mean to insult my friend. ’
’ why don’t you tell me something i don’t know, asshole? ’
’ any of you guys know when the next train is due? ’
’ the kid wasn’t sick. the kid wasn’t sleeping. the kid was dead. ’
Prison recipes

Peckerwood Fudge: serves 2-3

2 cups of regular cocoa drink mix (powder)

1 jar of chunky peanut butter

24oz of plain (crunchy) oatmeal cookies

1 small bag of mixed nuts

Put the cocoa powder in a bowl (all of it), add entire jar of peanut butter. Crush up all the oatmeal cookies into dust, add oatmeal dust to bowl. Mix well. Add a little bit of water and mix until it is a muddy paste. Once that it done put on a cookie sheet and flatten it all out. Add mixed nuts over the top and cut into squares.

Woods Breakfast Bagel: serves 2

2 wheat or plain bagels (sliced through the middle)

1 hot summer sausage (cut into thick slices)

1 block of provolone or mozzarella cheese

1 bacon bits or full bacon slices

2 eggs (1 each)

Take a bagel and open the slices so you have two halves. Cut the hot sausage into thick slices and lay them domino style around the bagel. Take the cheese and cut big thick slices and lay them also domino style around the bagel. Melt the cheese on the bagel in (oven) or with a stinger in prison :) Take and put the bacon pieces on top of the cheese, add 1 egg to the top of the bacon and lastly put the bagel halves together and enjoy!

Recipes sent to me by Kody Patten

anonymous asked:

Is u name short for something ?? Like maxwell or maxamillion or maximum? Lol

yeah its short for maximillion-fontelroy- peckerwood-suckafuck

Some white slurs and why they're actually harmful

First: This post is not meant to equate racial slurs against white people with racial slurs against any other people. In the western world, white people are not oppressed, we never have been (as far as I’m aware), and I absolutely recognize that. 

Second: I am not using this post to justify using racial slurs against people who throw slurs at you first. I did make a post about that before, but I’ve come to realize it’s a pointless endeavor. Using that sort of language just escalates racial tension. From here on out, I’m basically done using racial slurs against anyone.

This post was made purely to explore the kind of racial prejudice against whites that people justify by dehumanizing white people. By thinking of white people as the oppressors, white people become the enemy. After awhile. white people are viewed as monsters. 

Hatred towards white people begins to seem justified, as white people are seen as inherently morally inferior. Even those who contribute nothing to racism are seen as beneficiaries to something that their race is directly responsible for. Many even believe that white people created racism specifically to put racist systems into place.

Here is a list of racial slurs that I have personally experienced being used against white people with explanations as to why they are harmful and not simply rude comments.

  • Cracker: A shortened version of whip cracker. It implies that the person in question is an oppressor. This can be used to easily dehumanize white people by recalling slavery in the west.
  • Mayo: A slight against white people’s pale complexion. Also used to imply that white people are bland, boring, and have no culture. This can also apply to various other food related slurs including cracker (food), white bread, whipped tub of butter, and just about any other white food/condiment. This one is harmful because it justifies attacking white people for participating in any various cultural activities.
  • Honkey: A shortened version of honkey tonk, a musical genre. This one is meant to imply that white people are all unsophisticated, country hicks. Possibly inbred. A way of making whites seem inferior, similar to the slurs whites used against blacks during slavery.
  • Peckerwood: This one is used less often. Specifically refers to red headed white people and their resemblance to woodpeckers. The rarity of this one and the fact it mostly refers to appearance probably makes it one of the least harmful, but still worth noting due to Irish and Scottish people commonly having red hair.
  • White devil / demon: Used to imply that white people are evil or of the devil. Probably the most convenient way to dehumanize white people.
  • Pasty: This one is purely a comment on white people’s complexion. I could see this one being more harmful towards white-passing people who are non-whites. 
  • Crusty: Unwashed, trashy, dirty. This one is not necessarily reserved for whites only, but I’ve seen it a lot. Similar to honkey, it’s used to make white people seem lesser, inferior. 
  • Becky or “stereotypical white person name”: This one is seemingly the most harmless, but is deceptively harmful. Similar to when a white person calls a black guy “Tyrone”. It’s meant to enforce stereotypes about white people. All white girls are “Becky” because they are spoiled, uncultured, preppy bitches. I’m sure a feminist shouldn’t have a problem seeing why this one is harmful.

I know a lot of people are going to disagree that these are slurs. That’s okay! I’d just like an explanation as to why. Also, if they are not slurs, are they somehow justified to use by that measure? Is it justifiable to use specific racially charged words against white people because of past events that current millennial whites had nothing to do with?

Also, I’d imagine many people will object to this because they do believe even millennial whites to be oppressors of their people. I’m just wondering if it’s really fair to call someone an oppressor who is not only not actively participating in your oppression, but also very often is directly opposed to benefiting from your oppression.

To close, I know I’ve made mistakes. I honestly don’t think my old post about white slurs was wrong, but it was written in an inflammatory way. Part of me wanted a negative reaction and I got it. Hopefully we can put that behind us and move on to what I actually intended to say as outlined in this post.

Maybe this time we can find some common ground. There’s no reason whites and blacks can’t live together in today’s liberal society.

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So how did mercy look before ghoulifcation?

Nearly a half hour has passed since you’ve been seated in Mercy’s office, the Ghoul Medic already preoccupied with another patient’s rather urgent injuries. 
The silence was only cut here and there by the passing of footsteps outside the door, but it never opened, and you let out a nearly frustrated sigh every time the footfalls waned. 

You were bored out of your fucking mind. 

Spying his terminal, you get this uneasy jolt of curiosity. What did the Grump doctor have on there anyways?

Taking a moment to steel yourself, you slip from your chair, and seat yourself in Mercy’s desk chair. The Terminal was unlocked, highly surprising. 

Even more surprising, is that the highlighted words indicated a Holotape was still loaded into the terminal.
Okay, curiosity really had you by your fucking guts now.
You hit enter, screen loading up and You see a man, wiping blood from his hands, jovial chatter littering the background.  

“Aww come on Doc! M’folks sent this baby over so I could get some good ol’ war memories for alluva us to laugh over when the War’s over.”

“Jeez Morales, give ol’ Doc Monroe alone! Can’t you see he’s trying to work?”

“Ha ha, I can fight my own battles, Rickman. now quit moving or that bullet is going to be a permanent asset to your left cheek.”

“Does that mean we can Call Rickman ‘Private Lead ass?’”

“Sure,” The Medic retorted, looking over his shoulder at ‘Morales’. “If we can call you Specialist Peckerwood.” 
The men howled in laughter, the camera shaking slightly as Morales threw the bird at the Medic, whom returned, cigarette smoke trailing over his shoulder while getting back to work on his current patient.  the video continued, quips and laughter kept on until the recorder cursed, saying he was about to run out of memory for the holotape, and they group waved, some to humor Morales. 

“Until next time, folks! Give the folks at home a smooch, will ya Doc?”
The Medic smirked, and rolled his eyes, before tossing a wink at the camera.
“Whatever, Morales. Merry Christmas.” 

You almost feel weird, invading the good Doc’s Privacy. But was that Mercy? it had to be. They had the same scar on the neck, the same lip gash. 

it isn’t until you hear the door close, and see that the Ghoul medic had removed his aviators with an uncharacteristically morose stare that you realize that maybe the Doc needs to actually have a chat with you, not vice versa. 

I was raised to hate white folks. Not like they intentionally wanted me to hate them, but they made sure I knew my history and was aware of how they portrayed us on the news and on tv. That was the result. I I hated them. I spent years on some lenience benefit of the doubt type shit. And for what? To be disrespected? To be disregarded? To be dehumanized? To have my fucking life endangered by the people I’m trying not to hate? For what though? Who and what would I be hurting ? Shit ‘cept maybe a feeling or two and, Good Bob get ya feelings hurt while I’m worrying stressing about my lil brothers riding they bikes cause the cops love stopping black folks on bikes around here. Yes Sally  get your fucking feelings hurt for an hour while every 8 hours another one of us is murdered another life lost that can never come back, another human dead without justice. Jake, get your feelings hurt for a day cause I called you peckerwood while my baby cousin gets called hoodlum, thug, on muthifuckn sight every muthifuckn time they leave the neighborhood. Words they use to justify violence against us. Na fuck all that I don’t want hate in my heart, shit. This isn’t even real hate, It’s justified anger.

Disrespectful Speeding Ticket

First off, I’d like to thank everyone for their concern after I initially posted that I was pulled over. Secondly, I apologize for the scare. I know shit gets real on these mandatory traffic stops. I am ok. My sister is ok. 


My sister and I spent the past few days in Dallas. We attended the graduation of her best friend from nursing school. We partied in uptown. It was lit. I got to spend some much needed time with the kid and we definitely did a lot bonding on the ride back to our parents’ house in San Antonio.

When we were a little outside of Austin, driving south on 35, a cop started driving erratically through traffic, hit his brakes, then proceeded to get behind me. He tailgated me for a good two songs off the Pusha T album before he put his lights on.

I pull over to the shoulder and we sat in the car for a while before he asked for my info after telling me I was doing 80 in a 75. I gave it to him because I didn’t want any problems. It took dude a little over 20 minutes before he came back. He went to the passenger side window and began to berate us. He asked all of these questions.

‘Where the fuck are you going driving that fast?”
“Whose car is this?”
“What are you doing in Texas with Florida plates?”
“Why do you have so many bags in the backseat?”
“What are you hiding?”
“I don’t trust that you’re telling me the truth, who do you know here?”

He also accused me of cutting him off. I didn’t. He said that I was tailgating him at one point. It never happened. My kid sister doesn’t like driving fast so I was pretty mindful of my speed. Also, slow car. But, whatever, if I was speeding then I was speeding. No need to be so disrespectful about it. Do what you have to do so everyone can move on with their lives.

Here’s where things almost went sideways…

Peckerwood told me to pop the trunk. Wait… what? “I do not consent to any illegal searches of my car, officer.” I said that three times until he got mad and left. Another car pulled up. They talked for a while until he came back with all of my info and had me sign the speeding ticket.

 He followed me on the highway until I got to Austin. Every time I changed lanes, he changed lanes. I slowed down and he stayed on me. It could have been worse. We good though.

Fuck that guy.

Day 101: Ozark Animal “Tokens”

In Ozark speak a token is an omen or sign, often taken from the activity of certain animals or sometimes the weather.  Here are a few Ozark animal tokens to keep an eye out for.

An albino deer is often seen as a sign of some impending doom or witchcraft afoot, usually related to crops or the movement of game. Seeing an all white deer in the spring is a token for a bad planting season to come. While I’ve often heard that the white buck is a harbinger of death it’s also generally believed that a white deer is a sentry of the otherworld and are often associated with spirits of the land.

Owls are another death token. Seeing an owl on the road is a sign that a witch is working against you. A dead owl in the road is a sign that the witch is working against someone you love. Hearing a screech owl outside your house is often a death or sickness token. A sure way to ward of the impending illness is to shut off all the lights in the house when the owl is heard. The owl, seeing no one at home, will leave and go bother someone else. There’s a myth among hillfolk that you should never imitate the call of the screech owl from inside your home for the owl, hearing a response to his call, will hang around the home until it sees the opportunity to fly down the chimney, spread the coals out onto the floor, and burn the house to the ground.

A redbird tapping at your window is a sure sign that someone’s working against you. If the redbird returns more than three times it’s a sign that sickness and death are on their way to you home.

Crows have multiple tokens associated with them. Seeing a “sentry crow” or a crow lookout is a sign to be on the lookout for danger coming your way. A crow in flight is a sign of good health. Flying to the North shows that someone you love is thinking about you. To the South and someone knew will come into your life. To the East and moveable success or money is on its way. To the West and you’re sure to receive good news soon. Seeing a crow dead on the road is a sign of good luck, but seeing a dead crow next to the road-kill it was eating is a sign that the luck will be short lived.

The great pileated woodpecker, or “Lord God Peckerwood” as it’s sometimes called, is said to be a bird of the spirit world, with some kind of supernatural powers often valued by witches and goomer doctors.

A single horsehair placed in a pond in the winter is said to grow into a snake in the spring.

The Hoop-Snake, or what I’ve heard referred to as the Black Racer, is an interesting legend in the Ozarks. Vance Randolph has a nice entry about the beast:

“The old story of the hoop snake which puts its tail in its mouth and rolls downhill is believed by many; in most cases this creature pursues some poor hillman, misses him, and strikes the horn on its tail into a growing tree; the hoop snake’s horn is deadly poison, and the tree always dies within a few days sometimes the green leaves wither and fall within an hour. Otto Ernest Rayburn repeats the story of a woman who was attacked by a hoop snake, but the sting in the snake’s tail barely touched her dress. She washed the dress next day, and the poison ‘turned three tubs of wash water plumb green!’ I have met reliable and honest farmers who say that they have seen hoop snakes rolling through the tall grass, and there is no doubt in my mind that they are telling what they believe to be the truth. But the scientific herpetologists are all agreed that the hoop snake is a myth.”

It’s said that the cottonmouth snake puts its venom onto a rock before taking a drink of water, and then when it’s finished it sucks the venom back into its fangs.

The common green tree snake is also called the “snake doctor” because it’s said that they are able to heal other snakes of wounds and illness. If you want to do battle with a rattlesnake make sure to find and kill its doctor first.

A goomer doctor that I once knew who did much of his work in the local cemetery, would pour some whisky into what he called the “King’s Hole”, which appeared to be an old abandoned snake hole, before starting his project. The idea was that in paying the rattlesnake who ruled the cemetery his work would surely be successful.

Randolph has an interesting entry about snakes and babies:

“There are several old tales about an odd relationship between snakes and babies. According to one story, well known in many parts of the Ozark country, a small child is seen to carry his cup of bread and milk out into the shrubbery near the cabin. The mother hears the baby prattling but supposes that he is talking to himself. Finally she approaches the child and is horrified to see him playing with a large serpent usually a rattlesnake or copperhead. The baby takes a little food but gives most of his bread and milk to the big reptile. The mother’s first impulse is to kill the snake, of course, but the old-timers say that this would be a mistake. They believe that the snake’s life is somehow linked with that of the child, and if the reptile is killed the baby will pine away and die a few weeks later. I have heard old men and women declare that they had such cases in their own families and knew that the baby did die shortly after the snake’s death.”

Hillfolk are sometimes cautious when using the word “snake”, and will often use epithets like “our friends” or personally I’ve also heard “the devil”, “no legs”, “pents”, and “those things” used in reference to snakes.

There are of course many more animal tokens and myths that aren’t mentioned here. All of these signs show the importance of the natural world to Ozark hillfolk, and the fact that while it might seem that we don’t have much culture, there is a hidden foundation of traditions and beliefs here that are just waiting to be reborn or revived in the modern world. We shouldn’t see these beliefs as just uneducated superstition, but as a rich oral mythic tradition, influenced by many different sources, that still affects the lives of people in the Ozarks today.

Day 13: Birds

FBA: “Folk Beliefs from Arkansas” by Mary Celestia Parler

OFM: “Ozark Folklore and Magic” by Vance Randolph

Devil Birds:

“Blue Jays are evil birds. They fly to the devil everyday and report the doings of the world.” ~FBA

“Blue jays are supposed to be very rare on weekends, and children are told that these birds go to hell every Friday to help the Devil gather kindling. Another story is that the blue jay spends Friday breaking off twigs to be burned by wicked people here on earth. There is an old song with the chorus:
Don’t you hear that jaybird call?
Don’t you hear them dead sticks fall?
He’s a-throwin’ down firewood for we-all,
All on a Friday mornin’.” ~OFM

“To kill a buzzard is bad luck because it is kin to the devil.” ~FBA

“If you see a jaybird carrying sticks, he’s going to build a fire for the devil.” ~FBA

“Snakes, frogs, snails, buzzards, and blue jays are in league with the spirits of darkness.” ~FBA

“It appears that many old settlers have a peculiar feeling about the wren; some of them really believe it is different from all other birds, and that there is something supernaturally evil in its habits. The bite of a wren is supposed to be deadly poison, perhaps because wrens eat so many spiders. I have known country boys who were accustomed to rob every birds’ nest they could find, but had never even seen a wren’s egg, much less touched one, although wrens were nesting all over the place. Several of these fellows told me that it is very bad luck to kill wrens, the best course being to let them severely alone.” ~OFM

Death Birds:

“When a person is dying and a whippoorwill starts calling outside the house, that whippoorwill is trying to catch the soul of the dying person to keep it from reaching heaven.” ~FBA

“Whippoorwills seldom alight on buildings, but if one (Joes come to rest on the roof of a house and gives its characteristic call from this position, there will be a death in the neighborhood within twenty-four hours. Any sort of a bird rapping on a windowpane, or trying to get into the cabin, is a very bad sign; a man from St. Paul, Arkansas, tells me that when a turtle dove flies into a house, somebody is sure to die soon.”

“The Ozarker does not like to hear a screech owl near his cabin, since it is always an unfavorable sign and may indicate sickness or approaching death. But above all he cautions his children never to imitate the call of such a bird under these conditions. If an owl hears its cry answered from within the cabin, it will return again and again and sooner or later descend the chimney and scatter the fire out on the floor, so as to burn the whole place down.” ~OFM


“When a rooster crows in the dawn, all spirits depart for the spirit world.” ~FBA

“There are several magic tricks to protect domestic fowl from birds of prey. Mrs. Lillian Short, of Galena, Missouri, tells me that one of her neighbors used to take a smooth stone from a runnin’ branch, just about big enough to fit the palm of the hand, and keep it in the oven of the cookstove this was supposed to prevent hawks from killing the chickens. Most hillfolk of my acquaintance use a horseshoe instead of the stone, and some think that a muleshoe is even better. It is frequently fastened in the firebox of the stove rather than in the oven. In the old days the muleshoe was hung up in the fireplace, or even set into the mortar at the back of the chimney.” ~OFM

“Some chicken grannies pull one feather out of each chicken in their flock and bury these feathers deep in the dirt under the henhouse or henroost. As long as the feathers remain there, it is believed that those particular chickens cannot be carried off by hawks or varmints, or stolen by human chicken thieves.” ~OFM

“The great horned owl is often called a witch chicken, perhaps because of the belief that owls can charm a chicken off its roost.” ~OFM

Seasons and Weather:

“One often hears frogs piping very early. Mr. Kufe Scott, attorney at Galena, Missouri, has noticed for many years that during court week (the second week in March) the frogs holler for the first time. In this locality it is commonly believed that the frogs always come out too soon, and are ‘froze back’ three times before spring really arrives. The birds known as killdeers are much more reliable than frogs, but even killdeers are sometimes mistaken about the weather. One certain sign of spring, however, is the return of the turkey buzzards; the old-timers all agree that there is never any freezing weather after the first buzzard is seen.” ~OFM

“If a big owl hoots in the daytime, or calls loudly and persistently near the house at night, there will be a heavy rain within three days.” ~OFM

Magic Birds:

“The great plicated woodpecker, rare in most sections of the country, is still fairly common in the Ozarks. Most Ozarkers call it a woodhen, but it is also known as 'God Almighty’ or 'Lord God Peckerwood,’ doubtless because of its large size; it looks as big as a teal duck, or a crow. This bird is supposed to have some supernatural powers, and I am told that various portions of its body are highly prized by witches and goomer doctors.” ~OFM

“The body of a buzzard is somehow used to treat cancer, but this must be done secretly, for the killing of a buzzard means seven years of crop failure for the whole countryside, and the man who shoots one of these birds is naturally unpopular. Dr. Oakley St. John, of Pineville, Missouri, tells me that a farmer who killed a buzzard some years ago, to treat his daughter’s cancer, so enraged his neighbors that they threatened him with bodily harm, and several people came into town to see if he could not be punished by the county officers.” ~OFM

“In some places one finds people who believe that the blood of black birds or animals has some special virtue as a treatment for any sort of skin eruption.” ~OFM

“At many points in Missouri and Arkansas country folk treat chickenpox by bringing a black hen and chickens into the sickroom and making them walk over the patient’s body as he lies in bed. Near Bentonville, Arkansas, I knew a woman who brought a black rooster into her house and placed it again and again upon the bed where a little boy lay sick with chickenpox.” ~OFM

“Every old woman has heard that owls’ eggs are a sure cure for alcoholism. Owls lay their eggs in March, and it is said that many Ozark children are kept out of school and sent by their mothers to search for owls’ nests in the tall timber. Many a hillman has been fed owls’ eggs, scrambled or disguised in one way and another, without knowing what he was eating.” ~OFM

“A man in Fort Smith, Arkansas, told me that his father placed the entrails of a big horned owl over the door, to keep witches away. And Otto Ernest Rayburn tells of a man on trial for hog-stealing who wore 'the dried gizzard of a hoot-owl tied round his neck for good luck.’” ~OFM

Love Birds:

“Some girls hunt birds’ nests on May 1. If the first nest a girl finds on that day has eggs in it, she’ll be married soon; if the nest is empty, she will be an old maid. 'But what if there are young birds in the nest?’ I asked the girl who told me about this. She cast down her eyes, blushed, and made no answer. Her mother overheard the question, and called the girl into the house at once. I have never been able to learn what happens to the girl who finds young birds in the nest.” ~OFM

Bird Signs:

“Various sorts of birds are believed to carry warnings. A woman in my neighborhood whipped her grown daughters unmercifully, until one day 'the redbirds come an’ ha'nted her’ by tapping on the windowpane, which gave the woman a terrible fright and caused her to mend her ways. Another of my mountaineer friends was greatly disturbed when a "rooster redbird” hovered about his door; he said that it was a warning of death, and sure enough, one of his daughters died within a few weeks.“ ~OFM

"It is said to be very bad luck to count the birds in a flock. Nevertheless, Ozark children have a little jingle to sing when they see crows flying:
One’s unlucky,
Two’s lucky,
Three’s health,
Four’s wealth,
Five’s sickness,
Six is death.”

“If an owl hoots or a wolf howls in the vicinity the watchers are seriously disturbed, because these sounds signify that one of the group will die before the year is out.” ~OFM