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when keith has already confessed his big ol gay crush for lance to shiro, shiros dad/brother instincts kick in and he does everything he can to be as embarrassing as possible around lance when keith is nearby and one day hes like completely out of ideas so he just takes keiths bag of chips he was abt to open out of his hands and places it between his pecs and pops it open by flexing before handing it back to keith and goes “there u go buddy :)”.

harry: asterisk asterisk asterisk space asterisk asterisk

simon: i don’t know what that means

harry: you heard me. now do it before i pop your pecs right here in this crowded restaurant.

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I know it's only been a few hours but where is our cockles arm wrestling fic, with some witty banter and the winner gets a blowjob

“Babe, check Misha’s Twitter,” Danneel calls from the kitchen.

“I’m a little busy right now!” Jensen shouts back as he buttons a onesie over Arrow’s belly. 

“It’s really important!” Danneel argues.

Jensen rushes with Zeppelin’s diaper and onesie and then sets the twins in their cribs. They’re good sleepers, so they don’t require too much attention at bedtime. Still, Jensen sits close by while they fuss, and pulls out his phone. 

He scrolls aimlessly through Misha’s Twitter wondering what he’s supposed to be looking for when suddenly his thumb freezes right over a picture of his friend in a tight black t-shirt. Jensen immediately brings the phone closer to his face and zooms in on Misha’s chest. 

“Fuck,” he says under his breath.

His eyes nearly bug out of his head when he sees the video of Misha wrapped around a poll with his pecs popping. He just saw the guy a month ago, how could he have possibly gotten so jacked in that short of a time.

Once the twins are out cold, Jensen sneaks out of the room and finds Danneel and J.J. in the kitchen. He goes up behind Danneel and puts his hands on her hips.

“Did you know he looked like that?” he whispers in her ear.

“He told me he’s been working out a little more, but I guess he was underselling himself. Are the twins down?”

“Yeah, they’re good.” He pulls the baby monitor out of his back pocket and sets it on the counter. “I’m not gonna see him until San Diego.”

“Aw babe, I’m sorry. That’s a long time to wait before you get to squeeze those biceps.”

Jensen moves away from Danneel, leans back against the counter and watches J.J. filling in a coloring book at the kitchen table. 

“Oh my god, Jensen, we can have sex tonight if it’ll make you feel better.”

He rolls his eyes. “I’m fine. I just–he just–he should’ve told me he was working out. It would’ve been nice to, you know, be prepared or whatever.”

Danneel bursts out laughing but quickly covers her mouth to keep quiet. Their house might be big, but the twins always wake up at the sound of their parents’ voices. 

“What’s funny, Mommy?” J.J. asks, turning around in her chair to look between the two of them.

“Nothing, sweetie, Daddy just made a funny joke. It’s almost time to get ready for bed, OK?”

“A month. A fucking month,” Jensen mutters under his breath.

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someone show us his emotes/highlight intros i need to know if doomfist pops his pecs, jiggles his boobies, flexes his tits, shakes h–


‘Why the hell am I at school on a Saturday?’  you groaned as you walked into the weight room where Stiles texted you to meet him.

‘Because we need a girl’s unbiased opinion.’ Stiles said.

You looked around and saw Scott, Liam, and Theo were in their work out clothes and all sweaty.

‘For what?’ you asked as you put your hands in the pockets of your over sized hoodie.

‘They wanna know who is the most ripped out of them all, you know, see who’s bigger?’ Stiles joked.

‘It’s totally me, you know, the alpha.’ Scott boasted while flexing his arms.

‘You might be stronger, but that doesn’t aromatically make you the most ripped. Besides I haven’t stopped exercising since I got bit.’ Theo informed while taking his shirt off popping his pecs.

‘Well I was already working out before so…’ Liam quipped while flexing both arms like a super hero.

‘What about you Stiles, don’t wanna be in the strong man contest?’ you asked your fellow human.

‘Oh I want nothing to do with the meat head contest.’ Stiles grinned.

‘Whatever, so who wins?’ Scott asked.

‘Well looking around I’d say the winner is…me.’ you said before removing your hoodie and taking off your track pants revealing your own ripped body.

You looked up and saw all jaws on the floor.

‘Wha- how-when-huh?’ Liam said dumbly.

‘My dad is the lacrosse coach, I was raised in gyms, Dad makes me wear baggy close so dirty boys don’t get dirty ideas.’ you explained.

Still the whole room was stunned into silence.

‘Oh and as far as strength goes I’m no werewolf but I am decent I think.’ you said before walking over to the weights and lifting two of the seventy pound dumbbells and raising them high with ease.

‘Anyway I was in the middle of working out with dad at our gym so I’m out of here.’ you smiled as you put back on your clothes. 

‘Peace out weaklings.’ you said as you left them all stunned and kinda aroused.

‘She totally won.’ Liam whispered.

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BrewDog Hello My Name is Vladimir, 8.2% abv double IPA

With all the interest in Sochi for the Winter Olympics, attention has thankfully once again been drawn to Russia’s staggeringly backwards anti-gay propaganda law, a deliberately ambiguous piece of legislation routinely used to crush the freedom of speech and personal expression of Russia’s LGBT population. The recent protests against this law and the support of those victimised by it have been at times both heart warmingly moving and painfully funny. The Scottish beer punks at BrewDog reacted as only they could, with a new beer, some prize worthy piss taking, and the donation of fifty percent of the beers profits to charities that represent oppressed minorities. 

Hello My Name is Vladimir is a double IPA brewed with limonnik berries and a good splurge of irreverence, that shocking pink label depicting an eyeshadow and lipstick wearing Vladimir Putin is a thing of wonder, and even better, they got Russia’s chief Dobby the House-Elf impersonator himself to write the bottle blurb! Honest. It’s absolutely not a parody, no siree…

So, am I hetero enough to tackle this bare chested brew? I shred my vest with a flex of my swoon inducing pecs, pop the bottle cap with naught but a glare, and get ready to find out.

The pour is a beautiful dark amber, the head as white as snow. I inhale and I’m met with an assault of full frontal aromas, mixed citrus, gummy bears, tropical fruit juice, peach cobbler, and plenty of floral notes (but from manly flowers, like GRRR-aniums!)

I take a sip. It’s sweet, juicy and fruity, a tropical fruit punch (but a manly tropical fruit punch, an uppercut to the taste buds) full of grapefruit, lemon zest, mango, peach, pineapple, and dew laden grass on a bright spring morning. There’s a big caramel malty backbone running through this that brings a great balance, and the finish is long and bitter. The silky smooth texture together with the soft carbonation and full body deliver a delightful mouthfeel, like an oil massage for your mouth. 

Now I wouldn’t know a limonnik berry if one was dancing around on my laptop keyboard, but this beer seems to follow the trend of it’s fruit infused cousins in the “Hello My Name is… ” series in that the fruit isn’t meant to be the dominant flavour, but rather add an extra layer to the already complex profile of those gloriously aromatic hops. It’s a lovely beer, and very much a BrewDog style DIPA. If you like hopped up, malty, and bittersweet brews bursting with tropical fruit flavours give it a go if you can find it. And as long as you’re totally not gay or anythin’.

A beer may not change laws or attitudes, but it can help raise awareness of those living in a poisonous political climate. A place where homosexuality is something the state deems perverse and corrupting. A beer can also help fund organisations that aim to give hope and help to oppressed minorities, and to let them know that there are people out there who support them and wish them all the luck in the world in finding the happiness and acceptance they deserve. Cheers.

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Imagine Steve napping with Natasha and Sam and Bucky. Everyone fights to rest their head on his pecs. Steve just likes feeling warm and cuddling everyone

Just because Steve doesn’t have to sleep as much as any other person would, doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy the gloriousness of a nap once in a while. Sometimes, on a lazy weekend afternoons, after everyone is full of Sam’s wonderful brunch fixings, Steve will sprawl on his bed, languid and loose-limbed. He keeps his room door ajar, both as a sign of trust and an open invitation for anyone else in the house to join him.

Sam usually meanders in first, laying his head on Steve’s chest and resting his arm across his abs. Steve really should be offended that Sam uses his pec as a particularly warm and soft pillow, but he can’t find himself to, and he’ll curl up his arm (which ever side Sam chooses) around Sam. Natasha’ll take the other side, nosing up against Steve’s pulse and all but wrapping herself around Steve protectively.

Bucky normally slinks in like a temperamental cat once he notices both pecs are taken (and yet he never learns to come earlier) and proceeds to startle everyone into vague alertness when he flops on top of Steve and pokes a metal finger at everyone’s faces. Nat normally kicks at him while Sam will groan in exasperation and try to bury himself further in what he aptly describes as “Steve’s magnificent bosom”. He’s managed to convince Steve to pop his pecs back and forth probably 5 times out of the 50 times he’s asked, because whenever Steve does that, in tandem with Bucky, Nat, and Sam wiggling their eyebrows seductively, everyone starts giggling and it degenerates into a full-out tickle fight not soon after.     

After they’re exhausted through forced laughter, then, they’ll finally all pile up on each other again and nap. They’ll all be a bit sweaty and flushed with mirth and warmth from the fact Steve’s a complete furnace when it comes to body heat, but it’s lovely, anyway. It helps keep their minds off the times when a bed alone feels too soft and too cold.

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ask box prompts, you say? how about hanzo in normal clothes and mccree being confused, yet strangely aroused? :3c

The first time he sees Hanzo rip his sleeve off, he’s downright infatuated. Because it isn’t just one sleeve. It’s two.


Ho-lee shit, is McCree’s first thought, He did the thing! He did the dragon thing! And he’s running away from said dragons, because he knows they have the turning radius of a continent and Hanzo’s flank will be wide open. Metaphorically and literally. He knows his lover is strong, but that was a brand new jacket and the shirt underneath and–

–aw hell, he’s gonna end up paying for a tailor, isn’t he? If Hanzo even keeps them. Both items were worth less than two hundred dollars, which straddles the line in Hanzo’s eyes between disgusting thrift store trash and perhaps he will consider wearing them once a year.

It’s some dumb sting operation that anyone could have done. They were in the area, however. And that seems to be for the best, since matters have accelerated from zero to sixty in the space of five minutes and now the air is full of arrows, bullets, and whatever the hell those dragons are made of. Moonlight, maybe. They’re certainly pretty enough. Blue as an alpine lake, destructive as a tsunami.

And Hanzo has to have that tattoo exposed, and if his pecs pop out too, well, it proves there is a God and He’s smiling on Jesse McCree.

“I have this quadrant!” Hanzo shouts, “Move out! Contain the area!”

The cowboy laughs. “Contain yerself! Or do I hafta buy you a bra?”

“Not now, McCree.”

That’s the fuck-with-me-and-I’ll-rip-your-head-off voice. The many-people-will-die-tonight voice. McCree’s a killer himself, but these guys are just stupid bastards who need an intervention. Hanzo can have the monopoly on bloodshed this time. “All right! We’ll go shoppin’ later then!”

The archer doesn’t respond, and when Jesse looks over, it’s because Hanzo’s preoccupied with filling thugs full of shotgun – oops, scatter arrow flechettes, and he shouldn’t find his boyfriend so goddamn attractive when he’s ankle deep in corpses…but he does.

This post is for Emily catching-dandelions, DJ dianaflynn22, and Val drivebyanon who all share a birthday today. I’m sorry i’m making a group post, but i’m running out of gifs. I hope you three have a fantastic day!! Here is some sexy jhutch. Enjoy!

Blowfish Josh

“That’s What she Said” Josh

Raise the Roof Josh

Brooding Josh

Cricket Noises Josh

“Pop Your Pecs” Josh

Prankster Josh

Heart Eyes Josh

Dorky Josh

Concerned Josh

“Millions of People Want to Sleep with You” Josh

Sexy Lip Bite Josh

Blooper Josh

“Hey” Josh

“You Straddle that Bike” Josh

Crotch Graze Josh

Arm Porn Josh

“It’s About this Big” Josh

And last but not least…

“Hopefully we’ll see his o-face in the Long Home” Josh

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